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The Time I Kissed Draco Malfoy by DahliasQuill
Chapter 1 : Lemons and Liquorice
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Something icy cold brushed against my forearm, leaving my skin burning like fire. Goosebumps rose on the back of my neck as that disgustingly silky voice whispered in my ear.

"Calm down Granger. Not afraid of the dark, are you?"

Draco Malfoy was way too close for my liking.

"Hardly," I brushed him off, walking into the darkness.

I heard him laugh behind me. Must he always make things difficult? It was just a simple patrol. One hour. Couldn't he not be Malfoy for ONE HOUR?

"No!" I heard him chuckle beside me.

How long had he been there?

"Excuse me?"

"No," he repeated.

"What in heaven's sake are you going on about Malfoy?"

"Whatever you're thinking, no to it!"

"I beg your pardon?"

"Oh, c'mon Granger! I know you're thinking about me."

It scared me that he was right.

"I am not!" this came out more childish than I intended.

"Yes you are Granger! Don't deny it. You always make that face when youre thinking about me," he held up a hand to silence me as I opened my mouth in protest, "You always ask me a question when you make that face. So whatever your question is, no."

"Believe it or not, Malfoy, I wasn't going to ask you anything, and I certainly was not thinking about you!" I scoffed.

"You can't lie to me Hermione," he hissed my name, "I see through it all. You were probably about to ask if I always have to be so difficult. And my answer to that is: no, I just enjoy bothering you."

My face twisted in rage.

"Hey!" he held his hands up as in surrender, "It's not my fault you're predictable, Granger!"

We had reached the clock tower. Moonlight shone through the many gears and made Malfoy's pale face glow silver. He was so beautiful it was frightening. Wait! What? I must be losing my mind to think Draco Malfoy is beautiful!

"You disgust me!" I spat.

He stopped in front of the back of the clock and slipped a hand in the crook of my elbow. He jerked me towards his body, forcing me to turn around and face him, illuminating light patterns falling on his face. A gap in the shadows left light resting on his eyes, making them sparkle. My knees buckled and I was almost glad he had hold of my arm.

"Do I now?" that infamous Malfoy smirk growing on his face all too quickly, "Then tell me something?"

"Hmmm?" I breathed trying hide my curiosity.

He swooped his head down to mine faster than I realised his intentions. It took me a few moments to feel his lips pressing aggressively against my own. I tried to resist, but despite my best efforts, I melted into the kiss. I feebly tried to push him away, my heart not truly in the action. He had too much control over my body. I left my hands on his chest, feeling beneath them the muscles I didn't know he had. He took notice of my hands roaming his nicely toned chest and abdomen, and moved his own to my back. He had my body pressed tightly against his. One hand twisted in my hair, the other glided up and down my spine. They left a path of molten lava where they touched me. He shoved his other hand in my mass of hair and grabbed it in fistfuls. He pressed my face even closer to his and kissed me with crazed hunger.

Then, without warning, he pulled me back by my hair. My lips tingled and craved more.

"What do I taste like?"

I looked down, trying hard not to answer the question I so desperately wanted to blurt out. I licked my lips subconsciously, the sweet taste of Draco Malfoy still lingering on them. He stroked my hair, his hands still tangled in it.


I could hear the smirk in his voice, "Well, you taste like lemons and sugar little lady,"

I glared at him.

"Not so disgusting, am I?" he sneered.

"I hate liquorice!" I lied through my teeth. Who am I kidding? I love the stuff!

"You know Granger," he taunted, playing with the ends of my hair, "you're about just as good at lying as you are at being dumb,"

I could feel his breath, hot on my face. My stomach lurched and I could feel the colour rising in my cheeks. Thank Merlin it's dark!

Malfoy glanced down at his watch. "So Granger, what do you want to do for the 56 minutes?" He licked his lips and winked.

I whipped my head around, smacking his face with my hair, "Finish the patrol," I started walking toward the stairs but was pulled back by Malfoy. He left his long fingers wrapped around my arm as he spoke, "Honestly, Granger, you need to learn to live a little,"

"And you need to learn to not break rules. But I don't think either of those things are going to happen any time soon," I shook his hand away and started walking again, "Honestly, Malfoy, I don't even know how you got this prefect job in the first place!"

I stormed away and he followed in silence.


I sat at breakfast the next morning, pushing my eggs around my plate with my fork. I had a hard time focussing on the conversation Harry, Ron, and Ginny were having, and even harder time keeping my appetite. The memory of liquorice still danced on my lips and I desired it desperately.

I found my eyes wandering around the room, as if I were looking for something. My amber eyes got stuck on a pair of silver eyes that were staring in my direction. My breath caught in my throat and my heart fluttered. I couldn't look away, my eyes were locked. My stomach lurched and I thought I was going to be sick. But still, I couldn't remove my eyes.

One of the silver eyes winked, pulling me out of my trance of hopeless longing. I glared at those magnificent spheres of glory.

What the hell was happening to me? I couldn't possibly have feelings for Draco Malfoy?

I felt a strong hand wrap around my upper arm and tug me away from my eggs. I could hear Ginny's voice off in the distance even though she was walking directly beside me, "Come on Hermione, I have to use the little girl's room."

Her harsh tone contradicted her emotionless statement, but the boys didn't seem to notice. They were too heavily engrossed in their conversation about Quittage.

Shed pulled me through the large oak doors of the Great Hall. People stared as she dragged me up stairs and through corridors, brows furrowed. She was leading me to the Prefects' Bathroom.

I uttered the password and the gargoyle lept out of the way. The moment the door closed behind us, Ginny viciously whipped her head around, her flaming hair smacking me in the face.

"What the hell was that?!"

I stared at her blankly. In that moment I knew the truth.

"I am in love with Draco Malfoy."

"Are you now?"

The slithery voice did not come from Ginny but from behind me.

I slowly turned around, afraid to confirm my suspicions.

Leaning against the door frame was none other than the white-haired boy with the smirk that stopped my heart.

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The Time I Kissed Draco Malfoy: Lemons and Liquorice


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