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Maiden of the Moon by septemberstars
Chapter 1 : The Legend of the Moon
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13 years ago... [when Luna was 7 years old]

"Luna, let grandmother tell you a story before you sleep. Listen carefully. This is how the story goes..." Luna's grandmother, Lysithea, whispered as she tugged young Luna into bed.

Many centuries ago, a beautiful woman arrived at a small town called Moonlight Valley. It was the place where the moon shone the brightest when the moon waxes and the darkest when the moon wanes. At its peak, the town would be showered in moonlight, casting an eerie glow to the place. However, when it wanes, darkness would engulf the town. No one would be seen on the streets when night falls. It was almost as if the town was deserted. It was also known that it was a sacred place for the Goddess of the Moon.

The woman was Luna or so people called her. Her beautiful blond hair shone as pale as moonlight. Her sapphire blue eyes the colour of the midnight sky. Her voice was soft, gentle, the voice of an angel. Her smile so beautiful that people stopped on their tracks to look at her. Her heart so pure it touched the lives of people.

However, whoever fell in love with her falls ill and dies. Luna knew this and disappeared as quickly as she arrived. People called her 'Luna, the mysterious maiden of the moon'. She hardly spoke to anyone, almost as if she was on the run. Her eyes held a wild edge, her hair often disheveled when she returned back to the small village. There were always interesting stories on her adventures. Her stories captivated the villagers and they had sometimes wondered if those stories were true.

Despite her attempts to avoid 'love at first sight', she herself fell in love with a dragonologist named Draco when she had returned back to the town. There was no doubt Draco fell in love with her as well. Her desire to love and be loved back drove her to took the gamble, his life at stake. Maybe, just maybe, this would be her only exception. Or so she had thought.

Weeks later, Draco found himself too ill to work, inches away from death. That was when reality hit Luna hard. She could not watch the love of her life slowly give in to the clutches of death. Each second pass was a torture to her as well as Draco. As his life slowly slipped, her pain increased tenfold.

Unwillingly, she told him of the curse and that she was truly the Maiden of the Moon that ensures the balance between good and evil, light and darkness and had came down to Earth to experience human life. Her desire for freedom had not been free though. It came with a prize - the curse. No one was to fall in love with her. Not one single person. That was her gamble with her mother.

Draco was not afraid of dying if he could be with Lucas even if it was for a short while. He’d rather spend the last few days of his life with her than the rest of his life without her. Heartbroken, Luna went back to moon, her home, to beg her mother, the goddess of the moon, to lift the curse and let Draco recover. In return, Luna was to remain on Earth, never to return to the moon. Her soul was to leave her body once every full moon to restore balance between dark and light, good and evil for her absence had led to an inequality in light and darkness and good and evil. Furthermore, her descendants would continue this cycle forever. Not only that, her absence has the world to suffer from evil. That was her prize to pay, everyone’s lives for her own happiness.

From then on, she lead a peaceful life with Draco but risk her soul being stolen every full moon. They had three beautiful children. On Luna's death bed, she explained everything to her eldest daughter and passed her position as maiden of the moon. As her heartbeat slowed down, her body shimmered and disappeared as dawn came. Draco soon died after Luna's death and their children thought they saw a beautiful maiden and a dragon flying towards the night sky...

"Grandma, was why does she has the same name as me?" Luna asked.

"You were named after her as you resemble her more than other people. My name, Lysithea, was the name of one of the Jupiter's moons. Luna, the moon. You will bring justice just like the maiden of the moon," Lysithea kissed Luna's forehead and smiled sadly.

“But Grandma, this isn’t true, is it? That was a terrible thing to do,” the young child whined, not ready to fall asleep just yet. Sighing, her grandmother’s fierce blue eyes landed on Luna’s, shrugging lightly. “We don’t know just yet. The legend may be false but remember, Luna, nothing in this world is always good. There’re many people out there, looming on the edges of death as we talk. Isn’t that a terrible thing too?” Lysithea murmured gently, rubbing the temples of her grandchild.

The gentle pressures lulled Luna to sleep after a few moments. The moonlight shone into the room. As the moon reached its peak, the old woman’s wasted body shimmered and stiffen. “It is a terrible thing to do, Luna. But the world needs us.” Those were the last few words before she fell limp, motionless like a corpse.

Her soul had left her body. Out doing her role as the maiden of the moon. By her body, Luna slept on, oblivious of her future she would eventually face.


a/n: UPDATE I’m so sorry for the extremely late update but I’m back to writing and have made some changes to the story so that it will flow better. Bear with me for the time being while I get the first few chapters sorted.
Author's note: This is my first story and it's not perfect but I hope you enjoyed it. The next chapter is coming soon. This is just an introduction and the next part would be better (I hope).


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