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Lucky Thirteen by Emily Potter
Chapter 26 : My Seventeenth
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The Potter Mansion was huge.

I gazed in awe at it.

It was decorated with lights and streamers, and one large one in the garden, saying, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARTEMIS!”

There were fairy lights on the trees and everywhere else.

Beside me, mom was impressed, “Good job, the Potters did.” She said.

I grinned as James’ mom, Ginny came up to us, “Happy birthday Artemis! Seventeen! Congratulations!” she said, giving me a hug, then turning to my mom.

“You must be Artemis’ mum. I’m Ginny.” She said.

“I’m Rachel. Nice to meet you, Ginny.” mom said.

“Come on in. The kids are upstairs.” Ginny said.

“Bye mom.” I said.

“Have fun. I’ll see you later.” Mom said.

I walked to the door of the house and went upstairs. I had no idea where everyone would be, so I just checked every room I found.

Then two arms slid around my waist.

“Happy birthday.” James whispered.

“Hey. Thanks.” I said, kissing him softly.

“I got you a present.” He said.

“Yay!” I said.

“I hope you like it.” he said, handing me a long, thin purple box.

When I opened it, I gasped. Inside the box was a silver necklace. It was simple, with one pendant on a silver chain. The pendant was a heart inside a heart, both of which were embedded with shiny diamonds. It was small, but beautiful.

“James, it’s beautiful.” I said.

“I’m glad you like it.” he said.

“I love it!” I said, “Can you help me put it on?” I said.

He nodded, and took the necklace from my hand.

I pulled my hair to one side as he fastened it on.

“Thanks.” I said.

“Shall we go down? The others have gifts for you too.” He said.

I nodded.

When we went back down, Rose, May and Lily crowded around me, talking at once and very loudly.

“I only have one pair of ears.” I said.

“Sorry.” They muttered.

I grinned.

“Presents!” Lily said.

I rolled my eyes. We were opening presents. Great. My friends had already given me their gifts. I hadn’t opened them yet, but now I will.

Anu gave me Quidditch Through the Ages. I couldn’t wait to read it! I had developed an obsession for the Quidditch League.

Dom gave me earrings.

Kris gave me a bracelet matching those earings.

Cam gave me a necklace matching those.

Emma gave me a matching ring.

So from my friends, I got a jewellery set.

Vids gave me a really cool T-shirt with a lot of captions and symbols.

Jake gave me a new music album, mixed with his favourite songs and mine.

Mom gave me Grandma Artemis’ old watch. It was a tradition to give a watch when someone came of age.

Aidan and Tara bought me a new I-Pod, since mine broke over winter.

Rose and May gave me a portable DVD player. I don’t know how they knew that existed.

My other gifts include chaser gloves, a sneakscope, a cookbook (I liked cooking and baking) and a diary.

There was dinner, and cake of course. All the Potters and Weasleys were present, the Diggorys, and the Scamanders. There were other people from school.

My friends' boyfriends and their families were also invited.

Mum had invited some friends from the ministry and friends from California, so it was a pretty rough crowd and a big party.

“Time for firewhiskey!” James said, coming out with Albus, arms loaded with boxes of the wizard alcohol.

“How did you get those?” Harry asked, looking astonished at his stock of alcohol.

“We hacked into your vault and took them out. Big deal. Now let the drinking begin!” Albus said.

Harry, still dazed, said nothing, as everyone moved forward to take bottles of firewhiskey.

“Kids! Its time for ‘The Last One’ game. Gather around!” I heard George say.

George was obviously the most fun of the uncles, as no one hesitated to join him.

“The rules: Drink as much as you can, as fast as you can. Don’t fall. Don’t get sick. That’s all.” George said.

“Seems interesting.” Jake said.

“You each come to a counter up here. Keep dropping the glasses, and we’ll keep filling them. Children under sixteen strictly banned.” Ron said, joining in.

“No fair!” Lily and Hugo said. Lorcan, Lysander, Molly and Roxy agreed.

“Sorry kidos.” Ron said, “but we have butterbeer. You can always play with that.” He said, grinning.

Everyone above sixteen stood at a counter, where about twenty shot glasses were already lined up and ready to be consumed.

I was no dipsomaniac, but I could definitely handle alcohol. True, I’ve tasted firewhiskey several times before the age of seventeen, but I was supervised by Aidan and Tara, and a few others. I could handle my liquor. Bring it on.

“Begin!” George said.

Everyone picked up a shot glass and drained it, one after the other.

We had gone about ten glasses in when the first person fell. It was Rose. Ron, was quite glad she was the first one. Had she continued any further, he would have been wondering how she handled it so well.

After Rose, more people started tipping. Emma went next, vomiting into a bucket and passing out for several moments.

Soon it was only James, May, Cedric, Albus, Tara and me.

I had gone about forty glasses. Merlin knows about the rest.

May was the first to go from us, followed by Tara and Albus.

“Come on guys!” I giggled. “One of you has to fall!” I said.

My mother would have been ashamed. Thankfully, the grownups had indulged themselves in the same game.

Cedric fell next and it was just between James and I.

He’d probably let me win, even if I was losing.

And he fell.

I held up a hand in triumph, and helped my very drunk boyfriend up, where he had passed out.

For at least another hour, people were either recovering from the alcohol, or looking for a more private place to indulge in certain activities.

My mom had already left the part early, and was sleeping in the Potter Guest House, where my brother managed to drag her.

Bless him for getting her out of the way.

Speaking of Aidan, he and Tara were nowhere to be seen, as where many other couples.

I had a pretty good idea as to what they were doing.

Yup, seventeenth birthdays are always the craziest, loudest and the most awesome ones of the lot!


A/N: So what do you think? Sorry I took so long to update. Been having a writer's block. Any Questions? Comments? Reviews? Please read my other stories as well.

By the way, there's a little box at the bottom that's just waiting to be fed. Do a little magic and dont keep the box hungry. It's not very nice to keep someone hungry, you know? :D :P

XOX Emily

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