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The Return of Miss Potter by Zyii
Chapter 5 : Let Me Take You Shopping
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I only own Hannah and my plot and I'm good with that (:

Let Me Take You Shopping

Hannah stepped into an early morning routine, one designed to avoid the bitches ofschool. One way or another Hannah had made some enemies. There was a large group lead by the ever dim Lavender – the crazed bint – whose favourite ‘hunting’ ground was the Great Hall, throwing insults at Hannah while she ate breakfast with friends or alone, this seemed the perfect way for Lavender to seek her revenge. Secretly the better half of the school, the ones that supported others no matter what willed Lavender to stop. Thus all the additional pranks played on Lavender were blamed on Hannah and the accosting, the bullying got worse.

The other group to avoid was Parkinson’s little posse, the ones that hid in the shadows and waited till Hannah was alone before shooting her down with their remarks, Parkinson’s current favourite insult being ‘look at you, you don’t even have any decent clothes’. For Hannah this treatment was far different from her life in captivity, with Voldemort, you always knew what you were getting but with these bitches it was uncharted water. Neither Harry nor Draco or the rest of the gang knew of Parkinson’s tirate, it would only be worse if they knew figured Hannah.

The days had flown by and it was nearly November and Hannah was not half as happy as she made out. She spent a lot of time in her room with Harry – getting to know each other, and a lot of time with Draco when he tried to comfort her unshed sadness. Hannah had just reached a point where she felt so low and all the unkind whispers were really getting to her.

One cold Monday evening, Hannah decided enough was enough and wrote her sorrows out on paper to two separate people.

The first read:

Dear Cissie,

I miss you, I wish you didn’t have to leave me. I’m losing all hope, I hate all the vicious words that are thrown my way. This one girl Lavender torments me everyday and some girl called Parkinson bullies me when she catches me alone. She’s the worst. She tells me I’m ugly, I have no clothes and that Draco will always be hers. I know I shouldn’t take notice of these words but I do. It hurts Cissie, so bad. Draco and Harry have been wonderful so have Harry’s friends and Luna but they aren’t always there…

I love you, always,


Hannah never worried about sounding needy or childish when talking to Cissie, she just told her how it is, how she felt and that would be enough. The letter she sent to Mrs Weasley was harder because there wasn’t a background of trust or knowingness

Dear Mrs Weasley,

Things at Hogwarts aren’t good for me and I feel in need of cheering up. I was wondering how the Christmas plans were going.

Love always,


Hannah thought that was ok, short and polite, she used Draco’s owl to send the letters then got started on some homework. The group as a whole usually did their homework together in the heads common room, though Hannah rarely joined them. Just as she was finishing her potions essay, Draco’s beautiful owl returned with two new letters. Mrs Weasley’s looked thick and exciting so Hannah thought it best to leave it as a treat to read tomorrow.

Cissie’s letter however was quickly ripped open.

To my sweetheart,

Don’t worry baby, those girls will rule the day the decided to mess with you. I have a treat for you, I spoke to Dumbledore and he’s agreed to let you out of school on Friday to come shopping with me! Why don’t you invite Luna and the girls for lunch with us in Diagon Alley around 1pm?

All my love little one,


Hannah’s heart was beating fast, she could scarcely believe what Cissie had organised. Not so much the shopping – though it did sound exciting – but the fact that she got to spend a few precious hours with someone who she so dearly loved. She quickly slipped through the hidden doors, thankful that Draco was absent from his room and prayed that the others would still be up. Her heart beat with heavy nerves every step she took.

“What’s wrong? Are you ok?” the words that greeted her as she stepped into the room, Harry of course.

“N-Nothing” stuttered Hannah confused.

“Oh your expression just..” Harry trailed off.

“Urh I actually wondered if I could have a quick word with Luna, Ginny and Hermione” Hannah stated.

The girls mumbled a collection of ‘sure, why not’ and followed Hannah back to Draco’s room, a safe haven where the boys would not hear them.


“WHAT?!” exclaimed the girls, having not understood a word of that hurried jumble.

Hannah sighed, was asking people always going to be this hard? “I was wondering, would you like to come for lunch with Cissie and Me on Friday in Diagon Alley at 1pm” Hannah held an awaited breath, uncertain of the responses she would get.


“Of course”

“I’d love too”

The responses she’d secretly wished for came tumbling from the mouths of the girls before her, she beamed, a new excitement running through her. She had her moments in the last few months, and certainly adjusting was hard but in this moment she truly felt she had a place to keep.

“The Floo network will be open in my room from midday onwards, we’ll meet you outside Weasley Wizard Wheezes just before 1pm” Hannah told the girls.

Friday came faster than Hannah thought possible, but perhaps it was merely the way it seemed. The only prize keeping her going was the promise of Friday and the detailed filled letter she’d received from Mrs Weasley – it hadn’t revealed much though as this Christmas was being kept under wraps as a surprise for both Hannah and Teddy Lupin, but there was a warm family comfort clear in the letter that kept Hannah’s spirits up.

Waking up on Friday morning was the first time Hannah had felt happy in a long time. She hated feeling sad, who was she to claim all the attention from others, when they’d suffered just as much in the war. Of course no one but Hannah saw it this way, but it was a constant worry on her mind nonetheless. Hannah was giddy with excitement, up and dressed well before she had to leave. She flooed early, just before 9:30am, arriving early made Hannah worry for a moment thinking that Cissie wouldn’t come and she’d be left on her own again, it was an unnecessary worry, proved false by the apparition of Cissie not long after Hannah arrived and she ran gracefully towards Hannah.

“Ahh mon petit chou. How I’ve missed you” she whispered in my ear as she took me into a long awaited hug.

“I’ve miss you too Cissie” Hannah muttered as her body clug to her, a hug that never wanted to end.

“Come little one, first we head to muggle London” she said with an excited glint in her eyes.

Hannah was quietly in an unknown happiness, shopping had never been something she’d done and she’d certainly never had the opportunity with her ‘false’ Mum, back then clothes just appeared for her. With the personal connection she had with Cissie she didn’t have the amusement of seeing Cissie flourish in a muggle setting. Actually unbeknown to others, Cissie was never really opposed to mugggle’s and bitterly missed the lost friendship with her sister Andy, but when you are married to such a power hungry evil machine, you learn to choose your battles. Now that the bastard was dead perhaps things would change.

Cissie had thought ahead and booked a personal shopper but one that also allowed the customer to walk around the store and pick out clothes of their own choice as well. Cissie had thought of everything to try and make Hannah feel as comfortable as possible but Hannah would have been happy anywhere as long as she was with Cissie. By the time they left muggle London, they were laden with bags and bags of new clothes and a new image for Hannah to feel more comfortable with. As Hannah mentioned to Cissie in a small voice, it was hard to feel comfortable when you were covered in scars.

Cissie was thoughouly enjoying herself, having never really been shopping with another girl in this kind of scenario. There was a time when she’d had to shop with Parkinson but now that that connection was severed, she never had to do it again! They were heading to Diagon Alley to buy some new school clothes before having lunch with the girls. Afterwards Cissie was going to take Hannah to buy some evening gowns. She said Hannah would know when the time was right to wear them.

Getting fitted for school clothes was a moment no one relished, it was boring and tedious but Hannah found it oddly refreshing to have another thing that was truly hers. Meeting the girls came around far too quickly for Hannah, who was now nervous that they wouldn’t come despite Cissie’s comforting words.

“Look! There they are” exclaimed Cissie pointing to the three witches, “See, I knew they would come” she stated affectionately at Hannah before ushering her forward to meet them.

“Wow Hannah, you’ve been busy!!” cried Luna pointing to all the bags.

Cissie giggled, shocking the girls, “I do have to admit some of those bags are mine” she smiled.

“You look very happy Hannah” said Ginny while Hermione nodded in agreement, Hannah merely blushed at the comment.

Cissie lead them all to a small but new restaurant specialising in Italian food called Memento. The place was in high demand and considered one of the more privately expensive places to eat, as such, reservations were hard to come by.

Lunch moved slower than Hannah would have liked, but it lacked the awkwardness she feared would be present. Luna, Ginny and Hermione talked freely between themselves and Cissie and refrained from putting too much pressure on Hannah to join in. Hannah wanted to talk, she really did. She just found it hard, this whole situation was hard but that’s understandable for a person whose spent the last three years captive in a dark windowless room. Hannah was more angry at herself, she put more pressure on herself to get back to something relatively normal, while the others were just content to let her heal with time.

When lunch was over Cissie told the girls what her and Hannah were going to do, and when asked to join the girls respectively declined – not wanting to intrude on Hannah’s time with Cissie – but offered to take all of Hannah’s shopping bags back to her room for them. Cissie thought this a fabulous idea, so off went the girls, laden with bags, leaving Cissie and Hannah almost bag free.

“Come now, I know just the store” Cissie winked childishly at Hannah tugging her down the street. The shop they ended up at, a beautiful little boutique, was obviously a place that Cissie frequently shopped in as she was welcomed in by the store owner most graciously. As the owner whisked herself away in search of clothes for Hannah, she distinctively heard Cissie mention that everything must go on her tab. Hannah felt guilty but was uncertain of how to act towards this form of kindness.

Hannah began perhaps the longest process of trying on dress after dress. With each failed dress she tried on Hannah got more and more annoyed, yet still no dress was good enough for Cissie. Of course there were a couple that were deemed adequate enough to be added to the tab but Cissie seemed to be looking for something in particular, though Hannah couldn’t fathom what it might be. As Hannah emerged from the dressing room for the 100th time this day, something in Cissie’s eyes finally changed.

“There stop!” announced Cissie, “That’s the one”

“But Cissie I-“ too late, Cissie had already disappeared to converse with the store owner and Hannah was left to change completely confused about things.

Upon leaving the shop, Cissie was practically radiating head to toe with complete happiness “Are we done?” she asked.

“Urh no” replied Hannah, aware that she was now under scrutiny from Cissie, her silence question forcing out Hannah’s answer, “Gringotts” Hannah replied.


“I have my key” said Hannah.

Cissie was momentarily stunned by Hannah’s remark but made no move to question it. She tried to avoid Gringotts if she could, she didn’t really like the atmosphere, gave her the creeps.

The ride down to Hannah’s vault was quick and easy, having only really been caught up when Hannah passed her key over to the goblin in charge, producing – if possible – an even more curious look than the one given to Harry when he first entered Gringotts.

It was when the doors to Hannah’s vault finally opened that Cissie finally realised something, “You inherited Severus’s fortune didn’t you”. It was a question that didn’t really need an answer, but Hannah nodded in response all the same. Her vault also contained half her parents fortune, the other half obviously residing with Harry.
Hannah didn’t appear interested in the money lying around, however she let Cissie pick some up for her all the same. She did however show great interest in a small brown wooden box and two wrapped up albums, which she carried out close to her heart letting no one see what they were.

The journey back to Hannah’s floo point was a quiet one, Cissie recognised Hannah’s need for silence and the silence that grew was a comforting one. The departure of ways brought tears to the eyes of both Cissie and Hannah, but Hannah was filled with a renewed hope when she left Cissie knowing that there was always someone to come for her when she needed it most. 

Some of you may think of this as a filler chapter, but its really just nessecary to my story  :) 

++ my laptops fixed, so I'll be able to update quicker and easier now.


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