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Harry Potter and the New Lord by rhysus2008
Chapter 12 : The Quidditch Cup Finals
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Chapter Twelve
The Quidditch Cup Finals

Harry and Ginny woke up early the next morning. Dawn had barely broken over the day. Ginny looked up at Harry and smiled, ‘Did you sleep well?’

‘I did.’ Harry replied, ‘What about you?’

‘Better than ever.’ Ginny smiled, ‘I’m looking forward to the final later, it should be alot of fun.’

‘It’s early...’ Harry said, able to see the sunlight from outside, ‘Wanna watch a film?’

‘You mean from that MES thing?’ Ginny said, recalling the purchase from Weasley Wizard Wheezes.

‘Yeah... what do you want to watch? George said that everything is on there... there must be like, thousands of films.’ Harry said.

‘I don’t really know... what is there too watch?’ Ginny asked.

‘Well, what genres do you like? Like, in books for example, what type of book would you read?’ Harry asked.

‘Um... I read alot of romance books... but you don’t wanna watch one of those.’ Ginny said.

‘I want you to discover the amazing entertainment that is Muggle film, so a romance film it is. There was a film I watched... one of Petunia’s video tapes...’

‘Video tapes?’ Ginny asked.

‘They are things you put in a Video Player to watch films.’ Harry explained, ‘Well, during my last visit there, before the seven Potters came to save me, that summer I watched a video. It was like brand new but Petunia said it was too sloppy and disgusting for her and gave it to me. I wouldn’t usually watch it but I had nothing better to do in the holidays and so I watched it... I think you’d like it.’

‘Oh yeah?’ Ginny said, ‘What’s it about?’

‘That’s just the thing, I can’t remember.’ The MES was in his hands, not showing anything at the moment. ‘I remember it was released in 1996... and the VHS was just released... It was a reinvisioning of a Shakespeare classic.’

‘Shakespeare?’ asked Ginny.

‘He was a famous english writer in the Muggle world.’ Harry said, ‘I’m trying to think what the film is called... it was definitely Shakespeare, and there was a man and a woman... something about being Star-Crossed Lovers...’

Suddenly, the MES beeped. Ginny and Harry turned to it and a holographic image appeared on the screen. A voice read what was on the screen.

‘Star Crossed Lovers... 1996... Triggers 1 Result... Romeo & Juliet, released in 1996, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes... is this the film you were looking for?’ The voice asked.

‘Yes!’ Harry beamed, ‘I didn’t know there was a search function in this thing.’

‘Great, it’s starting!’ Ginny gasped, as the screen showed the opening scene of the film. Throughout the film, there were several Muggle things Ginny didn’t understand.

Harry felt like he spent more time explaining Muggle things to Ginny than he did watching the film, but he didn’t mind. He enjoyed spending time with her, even if it was trying to watch a film under such circumstances.

After the film had finished, Harry looked over to Ginny to see she had watery eyes.

‘Aw... are you crying?’ Harry asked, delicately.

‘What? No!’ Ginny said, hastily wiping her eyes, ‘Don’t be silly! Why would I cry at something that’s not real?’

‘It’s fine, Gin.’ Harry said, ‘These films are meant to bring out emotions... the actors would do a terrible job if they didn’t.’

Ginny let the tears roll, ‘It’s just so sad and beautiful... t-they loved each other so much but were destined never to spend their life together! It’s so tragic!’

Harry laughed, ‘Yeah, it did suck for them, I guess.’

‘Don’t laugh!’ Ginny said, hitting him playfully, ‘That was a beautiful film.’

‘Yeah... but this was a sort of reinvisioning... the actual play is nothing like this... it’s set way before cars were used, for example.’ Harry explained.

‘Well,’ Ginny said, wiping her eyes, ‘That was certainly an interesting way to start the day... it’s 9:30am though, so we’d better get ready.’

‘There are thousands of those films... there are probably hundreds of romances alone.’

‘Can we watch them again?’ Ginny asked.

‘Sure, let’s watch another one tonight... I have a few films I liked myself. None of them are romances though.’ Harry laughed.

‘That’s fine, those films truly are magnificent... I’d love to see any of them.’ Ginny beamed.

They both got dressed rather quickly with Harry discussing all of the different kinds of films out there. When they had both dressed, they left their tent and met everyone else at Mr and Mrs Weasley’s tent.

‘So, what’s the plan?’ Harry asked Mr and Mrs Weasley when everyone had arrived into the tent.

‘Basically, the same as last time.’ Mr Weasley said, ‘The woods to the left of this campsite will lead to the stadium. Should take us about twenty minutes to walk through.’

‘When are we leaving?’ Ron asked.

‘Well, the game kicks off at 11:30. That gives us an hour and a half. We’ll be leaving in about fifteen minutes, I’d say, so get everything ready.’ Mr Weasley warned.

Twenty minutes later they entered the wood and were fast approaching the stadium.

They followed a clear path through the trees. Mr Weasley, Charlie and Bill led the group, followed by George, Mrs Weasley, Andromeda with Fleur and Teddy, followed by Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny.

‘So what did you two get up to this morning?’ Ron asked, abruptly, ‘I could see lights and all sorts coming from your tent.’

Harry put his arm around Ginny’s waist, ‘Ginny watched her first Muggle film.’

‘What’s that?’ Ron asked.

‘Oh, come on, Ronald!’ Hermione interrupted, ‘I’ve told you before.’

Ron was taken aback, ‘Well, excuse me for not remembering everything about Muggles...’

There was a short silence.

‘So, what are they?’ Ron asked.

‘Films are like... an act, or a performance, that are recorded on to a film, and you watch them for entertainment purposes.’ Hermione said, explaining the best she could, using as little Muggle terms as possible.

‘Like a theatre performance?’ Ron asked. Hermione nodded.

‘Yes, only you don’t go to a theatre to watch it. And it’s not on a stage. It’s really hard to explain. Maybe we can all watch a movie sometime?’ Hermione replied.

‘Well, I’m using the MES to watch a movie with Ginny tonight, if you two want to join us?’ Harry asked.

Hermione beamed, ‘That would be fun! Oh, we’re not intruding, are we?’

‘Of course not.’ Ginny answered, ‘It’s been too long since we’ve done something fun together properly. The party didn’t really count.’

Harry smirked, as did the rest of the group. Ron looked fairly smug recounting the events of yesterday. George fell behind to talk with the four of them.

‘Was it just my ear imagining things, or did I hear mention of my finest invention yet?’ George asked smirking.

‘We’re all going to watch a film on the MES tonight, you can come too.’ Harry replied.

‘Be my honor.’ George muttered, ‘I have a couple of recommendations, if that’s OK with you?’

‘You’ve watched a film?’ Ron asked.

‘Hundreds.’ George replied simply, ‘Once you get into them, and ignore most of the Muggle terminology, it’s actually quite fun. Especially the films where they pretend to be wizards and witches. It’s fun to see how they think we work.’

Harry laughed; he had never looked at it from a Wizard point of view before, but he guessed it would be very weird.

Before he knew it, Harry and the rest of the group had come out the other side of the forest and were looking up at the magnificent Quidditch World Cup Stadium. If it was even possible, it looked even more amazing than it did back in 1994.

After a short while which including entering the stadium, showing the tickets, buying some items such as Omnioculars (Harry bought three pairs between the group, much to the group’s disagreement) and some food, they made it up to their seats. The time was now 11:00, so Harry knew that they had half an hour before the match would start, but most of that time would be spent with the opening ceremonies for both teams. Five minutes after they took their seats, the booming voice of Ludo Bagman surrounded the arena.

‘WELCOME TO THE FINAL OF THE 423RD QUIDDITCH WORLD CUP!’ Bagman announced, his voice carrying over the 100,000 filled stadium. ‘And to start things off, here is a rundown of each of the teams!’

Ron clapped his hands together, muttering something about hoping we have our best team out, while Harry and Ginny, and Harry supposed the rest of the group, although he was too far along the row to talk to them, were all listening intently.

‘The team for the United Kingdom. In goal, Oliver Wood. The beaters, Mark Smith and Larry Fortune. The chasers, Thomas Jones, Gordon Frank and Hannah Richards, and finally, the seeker, is William Williams!’

‘What?’ Harry said, laughing, ‘Williams’ first name is William?’

‘Well yeah.’ Ron muttered, ‘Didn’t you know that?’

Harry laughed even louder, ‘But that’s ridiculous!’

‘It’s not his fault. But he’s a great seeker, so I’m not complaining.’ Ron said, but before Harry could reply, Bagman had spoken once again.

‘And the team for Germany. In goal, Gunter Adolf. The beaters, Fritz and Frank Heinrich. The chasers, Adam Inge, Johan Alexis, Kai Gottlob and finally, the seeker, is Abigail Gabi.’ Bagman announced.

‘Only two female players between both teams.’ Ron commented, ‘We’re in for a rougher game then.’

‘The players will perform their opening ceremonies momentarily.’ Bagman called over. Harry decided to spend the next five minutes or so watching the pitch and arena with his Omnioculars. He was interrupted by Ginny.

‘Oh, babe, look!’ She shrieked. Harry looked on to the pitch to see several fireworks zoom into the air and explode, the British flag emblazoned from the resulting sparks. Then, the British team, one by one, flew through the fireworks flag and all of them raised their wands into the air. White sparks came from all of them and met above them as they flew in a circle. The resulting white sparks meeting created a large white ball of sparks. The team flicked their wands and the white ball of sparks spread out across the sky, glistening beautifully.

‘Can I use the Omnioculars, Harry?’ Ginny asked. Harry nodded and handed them to her. There was then a large amount of fireworks zooming through the air from the left and right. They met in the middle, exploding into the colours of the german flag. The beaters and keeper flew through the black section of the flag, the chasers through the red and the seeker through the yellow. The flag them dispersed around the arena.
A man in black and white, also on a broom met the teams in the air. He was obviously the referee. Harry watched as he explained that he wanted a nice, clean game and the captains shook hands. Seconds later, and the blurs of white (the British team colours) and blacks (the German team colours) were zooming all around the stadium. Harry could barely catch up with that was going on, as Ginny was using his Omnioculars.
Harry watched a white blur throw a miniscule red Quaffle into one of the hoops of the German goal.

‘And Britain score the first ten points thanks to the talented and absolutely gorgeous Hannah Richards!’ Bagman commentated.

United Kingdom looked to go 20-0 as Richards passed to Frank, but Germany all of a sudden had the Quaffle and were speeding fast towards the British goal. Wood did his best to save the Quaffle, but it shot past him at breakneck speed, making it 10-10.
An hour passed, the fast paced action not daring to slow down, Ginny and Harry switching between one of the three pairs of Omnioculars, and Mr Weasley occasionally leaning over to discuss the game with Ron, Harry, George and Bill. At the end of the first hour, the score stood even at a hundred points apiece. Harry had never seen such an even game in his life.

‘Richards is looking to break the tie – but the Heinrich brothers take her out with two bludgers! That’s nasty stuff!’ Bagman commentated, ‘And Alexis is on a roll as he scores his eighth goal with the Quaffle!’

Another hour passed. The game was incredibly even. Teddy Lupin was enjoying every minute of it, or so it seemed from what Harry could see, as he did nothing but stand on Andromeda’s lap, clapping his hands excitedly.

The score was now 200-180 to Germany. In the two hours of play, there had not been one sign of the Snitch at all, but then –

‘Williams has seen the Snitch! Williams has seen the Snitch!!’ Bagman was screaming down the microphone, and surely enough, Williams was speeding as fast as he could, straight down, to the Snitch, even though Harry couldn’t see the Snitch himself. He saw Williams go down and down, until Gabi, the German Seeker, pushed in and tried to get the Snitch for herself. The two were neck and neck, heading faster and faster towards the ground.

Harry had stopped listening to Bagman’s excited screeching that he called commentary as he saw the two magnificent seekers speeding down, both on Lightning Bolts, and before he knew it, the pitch had almost reached them and neither had given up.

Harry watched as both of them within feet of the ground pulled up as hard as they could, swinging the broom 180 degrees and shooting them both up as they continued to fight for the Snitch. And then – it was gone. Both seekers stopped, having lost the Snitch.

Harry turned to Ginny, who was using the Omnioculars, ‘Did you see where the Snitch went, Gin?’ Harry asked.

Ginny nodded, ‘It took a sharp turn left – but I’ve lost it now.’

Another hour passed. Three hours of magnificent Quidditch playing had taken its toll, and the speed of the game had slowed down somewhat, the players getting very tired. The score was 320-300 to Germany. Germany had been at least twenty points ahead at all times for the last hour. Germany began to open the gap a little to fourty points, as Alexis put another two Quaffles behind Wood.

‘We’re slipping behind!’ Ron complained, ‘I’ve not been sitting here for three hours for us to lose! C’mon, you Brits!’

Bagman commentated, ‘Smith and Fortune on the attack of Alexis – oh but that was a wonderful Swirling Dragon!’

Harry watched in amazement as Alexis did a 360 corkscrew in the air, avoiding both bludgers, or as Bagman called the manoeuvre, the Swirling Dragon. Alexis put another behind Wood.

‘It’s now 350-300 to Germany!’ Bagman announced.

‘C’mon Wood, Stop being poxy!’ Ron was yelling, top of his lungs. George and Bill were watching intently. Ginny was once again using the Omniculars. Mr and Mrs Weasley were watching excitedly while Fleur and Hermione were watching but chatting rapidly at the same time. Andromeda looked a little tired, but happy nonetheless, and Teddy had also sat down, but was still clapping his hands excitedly at the pitch.

But the game did not improve. Ten minutes later, and Alexis had scored another three behind Wood, making it 380-300 to Germany.

‘Alexis should be tested.’ Ron muttered to Harry, ‘No-one plays that well without being enchanted!’

Harry laughed at his friend’s accusation but stopped immediately and looked at the match as Bagman yelled, ‘THE SNITCH IS IN SIGHT! THE SNITCH IS BACK!’

This time it was Gabi who had spotted the Snitch and was zooming down to it at an amazingly fast pace. Seconds later, Williams was right behind her. Gabi was getting closer and closer to the Snitch – Harry could swear she had a fingertip to it.

Williams flew underneath Gabi, flipped 180 degrees, so that he was looking up at her and flying upside down. Williams then flew upwards and forwards, flying right in front of Gabi and swiping the Snitch from her grasp.

A nanosecond of silence and then an ERUPTION filled the stadium. Williams flew through the air, Snitch in hand! It was over! He’d caught the Snitch!

‘UNITED KINGDOM WIN IT 450-380! WILLIAMS, MAY YOU BE FOREVER FORTUNATE, DEAR BOY!’ Bagman barked down the microphone.

‘Come On!!’ Ron shouted, jumping to his feet, as did the rest of the group. Ginny put down the Omnioculars and embraced Harry in a hug and then a very approving kiss! Britain were the Quidditch Cup Champions and the crowd let them know that they were proud!

Williams landed on the pitch, only to be bombarded with hugs by his team mates. Harry took the Omnioculars and looked at the replay. It truly was a magnificent manoeuvre that Williams used to grab the Snitch. He watched it a few times over before celebrating with the rest of the group once more.

‘The 1999 Quidditch World Cup Champions – United Kingdom!’ Bagman announced once more, much to the pleasure of the British fans, who cheered louder than ever before.

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