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Change of Heart by 19 whitehorse
Chapter 5 : It's a Small World
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A/N Sorry for the long wait. School started and my days are filled with stress and homework but here is the next chapter. Enjoy :)




Draco’s P.O.V




I groaned and opened one bleary eye to the small ugly creature looking at me fearfully.


“Master, the people from the Council of Magical Law have arrived.”


I glared at the elf in disgust. His skin was drooping slightly and the ears looked deformed. I had always wondered why father kept such ugly creatures in our Manor but the complete power one had over it was satisfying and truthfully they were useful.


“Bring them in,” I ordered to the elf who jumped to the command.


Escorted by my newly acquired house-elf, two men ambled in; one unfazed by the grandeur and chill of the Manor, the other advancing at a slower pace, his eyes darting around the room, whether in admiration or fear it was unclear. I motioned to the unoccupied seats in front of me and casually leaned back in my armchair. The first man cleared his throat.


“As you know,” he began “Your father Lucius Malfoy has been sentenced to a life-long imprisonment in Azkaban. Your mother being currently…unfit to take on the Manor and the Malfoy business, all inheritance will be passed on to you. This includes all assets as well as your family business, which includes your sector in the Ministry of Magic.”


I cocked my head to one side in understanding. The second man opened his briefcase and handed me a file.


“Please sign on this dotted line and include your name in print on the right hand side. Simply a formality.”


I skimmed through the document and signed the paper. The first man stamped a red mark on the file and gathered his things. I snapped my fingers to the elf.


“My house-elf will escort you to the door.”


They nodded towards me in polite thanks and left. I sighed deeply and closed my eyes. I could feel a smirk forming on my lips as I thought of my new found control and power. I could do anything I wanted; nothing could stop me. Opening my eyes at a knocking sound on the window, I furrowed my eyebrows as I considered an owl I had never seen before. Languidly I rose from my armchair and stretched. The owl continued taping impatiently.


“All right, all right”


The owl lifted its leg proudly and nipped my finger. I opened the letter and read a very short message.


Meet me in front of the Leaky Cauldron at 2pm tomorrow.



Caitlynn!? As in the muggle who made me look like an idiot and acted like she was better than me.


Like hell I’m going to go.


What does she want with me anyway? I guess the most likely reason is that she wants me. Not to be self-obsessed but what other reasons are plausible? Ripping the paper to shreds I threw it away and entered my bed chamber. Falling on to my bed I pondered the letter.


Does she really expect me to just show up after reading that half-torn paper and waste my precious time? I am the youngest heir to take on the Malfoy inheritance. Control and power are at the tip of my fingers and this muggle girl expects… I scoffed. Unbelievable. Who would have thought some people really didn’t know their social standing in society.


I could hear the clock ticking irritatingly loud. On second thought I could grace her with my presence. Not to listen to whatever she had to say but to teach her proper etiquette when addressing a superior. Yeah I guess I could do that.


A strange feeling passed over me as I remembered her face, her smile. I could feel a fluttery sensation in my stomach as I thought of her, of meeting her.


Never has a girl made me feel so disgusted that I felt physically sick, even nauseous.


Muggles really are detestable.




I arrived right on time with a few questions on my mind that I hadn’t thought of last night. How does she know about the Leaky Cauldron and since when do muggles use owl communication? Perplexed I scanned the crowd for her. When I spotted he walking warily towards me I assumed a stony, blank expression.


“Let’s go somewhere more private,” her voice trembled slightly. “Please,” she added on afterthought.


I almost reeled in shock at her change in attitude.


“Here I thought you were physically incapable of being polite, you aren’t completely thick-headed after all,” I told her nastily.


Instead of a snappy comeback she simply stared apprehensively at me and walked off, making sure I followed her.


In any other circumstances I would have never followed her obediently but I was feeling… perturbed by her sullen attitude. If it wasn’t for a muggle I would have thought I was worried.


She continued walking down a darker alley and gestured for me to sit at an empty coffee table by a restaurant. It looked empty and cold, the menus fluttering in the wind. A heavy silence settled upon us as I contemplated our surroundings. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see Kaitlynn fidgeting.


“I don’t have all day, get talking,” I ordered.


She breathed in deeply.


“Are you…” she bit her lower lip in hesitation “Are you a… wizard?” she whispered so that I could barely hear her.


My eyes widened in shock.


“How do you…?” I blurted before I could think through what I said.


“So you are?” Her voice contained a mixture of fear and admiration.


“You didn’t answer my question.”


“You never finished asking your question,” she smirked.


I sighed in relief at the return of her usual, sarcastic self.


Not that I was worried or anything.


“But to answer your unfinished sentence, I have… relations in your world I wasn’t previously aware of.”


I narrowed my eyes slightly.


“And what does this have to do with me?”


“You fixed my tooth didn’t you?” she asks “At the amusement park. Just wanted to make sure you hadn’t cursed me and my future generations while you were at it.”


I looked at her with unmistakeable hatred.


“I wish I had, although with the way you look, you were obviously cursed at birth. It is unlikely anything I do could make it that much worse.”


She glared at me, but as I stood up to leave I saw a flicker of hesitation cross her face. In a moment of sudden generosity, I sat back down and exasperatedly asked,




She glanced at me then stared at her hands and answered in a rush,


“I might have maybe, gotten a little angry at my previously mentioned magic related relations for not telling me any of this sooner and stormed off and now I can’t really go back without an apology and I will apologize just… I need a little time. The thing is I am insanely curious about your world and I thought of you and maybe you could tell me more about magic.”


I looked at her in disbelief and laughed.


“First thing you need to know is that in the Wizarding World there is a hierarchy. I am at the top, the chosen few. Then they are the average wizards followed by the the muggle lovers, and beneath those they are the mudbloods. You are a muggle and are so inferior to the rest of us that we hardly consider you human. You should feel honoured that I am even talking to you right now,” I said cruelly. “Please tell me you did not actually believe I would sit here and babysit you.”


A blush spread across her cheeks and I almost felt guilty. “Almost” being the key word.


“Okay so there is a hierarchy… what else can you tell me about wizards?”


The hurt in her expression was practically undetectable compared to her curiosity. For some unknown reason I wanted to see her excitement, her eyes brighten as she took in everything about my world or really any reaction from her, so against my better judgment I started recounting stories; the founding of Hogwarts by Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin, the invention and rules of Quidditch, the Triwizard tournament, the ministry of magic, the existence of ghosts and finally a brief description of the second Wizarding War. I could see her look at me questioningly at the short report of the most recent, and arguably my most knowledgeable area of history but she did not question me further. Realizing how much time had passed since I had arrived, I stood up and stretched.


I felt angry at myself for telling her these stories and getting caught up in the moment. Exhaling loudly I made to leave when Caitlynn grabbed my arm.


“What?” I asked rudely, shoving her hand away.


“Thank you.” The sincerity of her thanks and her wide grin made me blink at her in shock. No one had ever thanked me so genuinely; I felt embarrassed and was at a lost as to what to say.


Without answering I stormed off.


So much for being in control.




Caitlynn’s P.O.V




Honestly, he’s the one who is physically incapable of being… what’s the word? Oh right human.


As I strolled back down the main street, I wondered what made him tell me all the stories in the end. Probably my natural charm and charisma, hahaha.


I amuse myself.


And now people are staring at me. Look at the woman shielding her son from me. God, just because I can have a good laugh, I am deemed mentally unstable!?


I saw a man look disapprovingly at me so I shout,


“Oi, so what if I randomly laugh, at least I still know how to, which is more than I can say for you lot. I can enjoy myself even when I’m alone, okay?”


Oh. That sounded wrong.


Naughty, naughty.


I smiled to myself. Okay so that’s not true, it was more like a laughing fit that sounded like this:




Which was embarrassing to say the least.


I sighed and hailed a taxi.


I really do hate this world of judgmental pigs who pretend everything is happy dandy (the fact that they say happy dandy is worrisome in itself).


I mean at least Draco was honest about hating me.


And I was honest about hating him.


So see, we are on the same page and get along just fine.


“Lady, we’re here.”


I paid the taxi driver quickly and walked to the TWB. Before I had time to knock Hermione open the door and ushered me in.


“I’m sorry,” we both blurted out at the same time while we walked to Hermione’s room as I was to sleep there for my stay in this house. We smiled at each other and I knew that it was okay between us. Forgiven and forgotten. When I walked in I noticed a gorgeous girl with red hair lying on one of the beds.


“Hi, I’m Ginny Weasley,” she introduced herself.


“Caitlynn Granger. So how do you two know each other?”


“Oh that,” Ginny grinned “Hermione is dating my brother so…”


“Hey, I knew you long before I started dating Ron.”


I smirked.


“Well, well Hermione,” I said “You have been busy.”


She blushed and opened her mouth to retort when I interrupted her,


“So what’s he like? Smart yeah, I mean if he is your boyfriend, hard-working? Handsome? Tell me everything.”


“None of the mentioned,” said Ginny rolling her eyes.


Hermione looked at her affronted and said, “He is actually very funny and handsome. He has a certain charm…”


I laughed and announced,


“I think somebody is in looooove.”


“Don’t ask me why, she could do so much better,” Ginny remarked, “but I’m glad you’re happy. And my brother looks happy enough,” she added on afterthought.


“Give me more detail Hermione,” I begged. “First kiss? First time you met? Anything.”


“Look, please describe that after I have left the room. I really don’t need a detailed explanation of my brother’s… skills in that area.”


I smirked.


“Fine. But make no mistake I will make you tell me everything later.”


“Great, I’ve been dying for someone to talk to who would listen to me,” Hermione said looking pointedly at Ginny.


“Hey, don’t get mad at me. Whatever you had to say would have definitely scarred me for life. Although with my brother you probably haven’t done much.” Ginny smirked.


“Because with Harry you have?”




“Wait a sec. Am I the only one without a boyfriend here?” I asked.


“Seems like it,” Ginny said.


“For real?!”


I sighed exasperatedly.


“Let me ask again, because with Harry you have!?”


Ginny looked at Hermione then me and sat up.


“Okay,” she started. “So remember that night I came back really late and asked you to cover for me?”


Hermione nodded.


“Well that was because I was meeting up with Harry. He gave me this.” Ginny raised her arm to reveal the most beautiful silver bracelet with small diamonds engraved in it. “He took me to see his new flat and we talked there for awhile, about the war and Fred,” She shook her head as if to rid herself of sad thoughts. “I didn’t want to rush but we were alone, which rarely happens in this family.”


“True.” Hermione laughed.


“And anyway, I’ve been in love with him since I was 10.” Ginny sighs “Plus it was perfect. There was nothing superficial like candles or flowers. I just knew it was the right moment.”


“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Hermione said and looked at me. “How about you Cait? Is there anyone you are madly in love with?”


“Well there is one guy. Chase.”


Ginny made a “go on” gesture.


“He’s actually my best friend but… I don’t know, there is just something about him I love.”


“Well Ron and I were best friends for years before anything happened so there is still a chance you…”


I shook my head.


“I think I am just going to forget about him. I tried everything; I even pretended I had a boyfriend.”  I shrugged. “So I will just become a good friend for him when he needs me. That’s all. You know, move on with my life.”


“We can set you up. The best way to forget a guy is to get another one,” Ginny said. “It doesn’t always work but we could try.”


I grimaced.


“No thanks. I am not that desperate.” I laughed. “But I would love to meet this Harry and Ron, give you my honest opinion about them as a completely unrelated third party.”


Hermione rolled her eyes. “If you must.”


“I insist,” I said smirking.


“Not advising you to be picky but when you try to find the love of your life try, get yourself a wizard.” Ginny told me. “And then when we have children they can all go to Hogwarts.”


“Unfortunately I really can’t afford to be picky,” I said grimacing “And the total number of male wizards I know amount to… um let think… 3, two of which are dating you lot so…”


“Wait you know another male wizard?” Hermione interrupted.


“Is he good looking?” Ginny asked.


“I guess…”


“Have you talked? How far have you gone?”


“Well I guess we did kiss but honestly it wasn’t anything…”


Ginny and Hermione looked at each other, then at me and smirked.


I’m worried.


“Then it’s settled.”


Wait what??? What’s settled?! Am I the only one who is not following this conversation?


“You and this mystery wizard,” Hermione said.


I looked at her blankly.


“Together… As a couple, it would be perfect.”


I’m not liking where this conversation is going.


“Oh, come on, tell me you are joking.” I asked exasperatedly. “It’s not going to just work out because you say it will.”


“Yeah but it might.”


I raised an eyebrow.


“Trust me as long as he isn’t a Pureblood there is a lot of potential.” Ginny said.


“Wait what’s a Pureblood?” I asked.


“A handful of wizards who are stuck up and should go die in a hole.”


“Ginny.” Hermione reprimanded her.


“Well it’s true. I mean if he is a Pureblood I would tell you that you deserve so much better and he would only hurt you, especially if it the ferret.” Ginny looked at Hermione and laughed at some inside joke. But he isn’t right?” Ginny looked at me expectantly.


“Nope he is definitely not a ferret.”


Ginny rolled her eyes and explained. “In Hermione’s fourth year there was a teacher who turned one of the Slytherin students into a ferret as punishment and we now call him the amazing bouncing ferret. But honestly he isn’t a Pureblood right?”


“I don’t know… He didn’t mention it.”


“He isn’t then.” Ginny shook her head. “If he was it would be the first thing he would tell you. But first thing first, we need to find him and make sure you are the only one he can think about after he sees you.”


“Oh, oh. I know a good a good pick-up line,” I said acting overly cheerful and clapping my hands. “How about, ‘Are you tired because you’ve been running through my head all day’” I said sarcastically.


Ginny rolled her eyes at me. “Anyway let’s see what you outfits you have and go from there okay.”


“Help,” I mouthed to Hermione but she just smiled at me and shook her head.




“Can I open your bag?” Ginny asked.


“If I said no, would it stop you?”




“Then go right ahead.”


She opened my bags and looked through each of them, looking more and more horrified as time passed.


“Did you bring any clothes?”


“What do you mean?” asked Hermione before I could answer her.


“She has two huge bags,” said Ginny. “One contains a guitar, a small electric piano and music sheets. The other some random pieces of metal that…”


“Okay those are not random pieces of metal. In fact…” I started.


“What in the world is this?!” Ginny interrupted me.


“It’s an alarm clock” I said defensively.


“Why is it so… abnormally big?!”


“Because it’s special.”


Both Ginny and Hermione sighed and shook their heads.


“We might as well go shopping together tomorrow. If we go to Diagon alley we might even spot this mystery guy. What’s his name again?” asked Ginny.


“Drake, you know I really don’t know why we are going through all this trouble. I really don’t need your pity.”


“We are not doing this because we pity you.” Hermione said.


“Then why?”


“Because,” Ginny smirked, “This is going to be so much fun.”


Oh boy.



A/N Important question:


Anyway thanks for all the reviews and reads :) I hope you like my story so far and I will be interested in whatever you have to say.

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