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Insanity by EverDiggory
Chapter 3 : Problems
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 Author’s Note: I apologize for the oddness of the last chapter,is is beyond me why the spacing was odd and it was white so…again my apologies. So,I have a good direction where this story is going,but I am very,very willing to put your ideas into the story,given I can make it work. So,if you have a couple of ideas, give me a shout in that lonely review box! Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my story! So enjoy,and give me the gift of a review! Oh, and one last thing while I have your attention, I’m sorry for the odd shift in POV’s . I’ll work on it.






Sunshine was shining brightly on my face.  I groaned loudly,stretching my muscles. I fell out of bed when I made contact with somebody. “Merlin!” I yelled. I saw Draco roll over to face me. “Go back to bed Granger. It’s way too damn early for this!” he mumbled, pulling the blankets over his head. “Oh shit”I yelled. He sat up and shot me a glare. “What is it now?” he asked,obviously annoyed. “What happened last night?” I snapped, while going on the hunt for my clothes. “Hmmm.nothing.” He yawned. “DRACO MALFOY! We had sex last night! I was so hammered.and you took advantage of me! How dare you! I’m going to hex you into—“ I screamed, but he put a finger on my lips, and for whatever reason I hushed. “No we did not. I took you here because you told me you lived in Candyland. You showered, and we kissed after you practically threw yourself at me. Then we fell asleep.” He smirked. “Oh…” I said awkwardly. “Don’t look so disappointed. If you want me so bad all you have to do is say so” he sneered. “In your dreams Malfoy.”


            “Do you want breakfast?” he asked after I yawned loudly.  “No…I should really be getting home. Ginny…” I replied. He nodded in response. “Um, one last thing…do you mind telling me where my clothes are?” I asked, feeling the heat spread across my cheeks. “Bathroom” he replied, not looking at me. I put on my clothes and prepared to leave.  “Erm Granger… do you mind if I try something?” he asked. I turned around to face him, trying to reply but was cut off. He pressed his lips to mine, and at first I fought him. Then I started to kiss him back. He pushed me away gently, and I shook my head slightly. “Wow” he mumbled. My fingers grazed my lips then I apparated suddenly.


            I stood in front of the Burrow, gasping. Why did he kiss me like that? More so, why did I like it? My whole life we had despised each other. And and he just kisses me like that? How dare he! How dare I… I did kiss him back. I was just as guilty as he was. I calmed my breathing, and opened up the door to the Weasley house. “Hermione!” Harry smiled, and hugged me tightly.


            “Hermione” a grump voice growled. Ronald sat on the couch, throwing daggers with his eyes. “Ronald” I scoffed. “Guys…now is not a good time to act like gits… there are children around” Harry warned,motioning to Teddy and Victoire. “Aunt ‘Mione!” Teddy yelled, and hugged my legs. “Hey munchkin. Where’s mommy?” I laughed uneasily, feeling Ron’s eyes boaring into me. “Kitchen”


            I smiled one last time at Harry, and left for the kitchen. Ginny sat at the table, holding a coffee mug . “Why the worried look Gin?” I asked. “Hermione! Oh merlin! Where did you go last night?” she said, her voice filled with relief. “Funny story. I ended up at Draco Malfoy’s manor last night” I said nervously. “You’re kidding!Now where were you, honestly?” she scoffed. “I’m dead serious.”


            “Oh my! What happened?” she questioned. “I don’t really remember, but he said I just showered, and well…Ginny you cannot tell anyone but he said we kissed! “ I confessed. “Hermione. You kissed Draco Malfoy? Okay, you got me! Now tell me truth”she replied. “Ginny,I really did kiss him. And we kissed again before I left…and I liked it,even if I shouldn’t” I sighed, putting my head in my hands. “You have the hots for former Slytherin Prince!”


“Merlin…I do not… Merlin save me”



I paced anxiously in my small flat, biting my nails. I kissed Draco Malfoy. Well, he wasn’t bad looking. And that kiss… oh goodness grief that kiss. Never before have I been kissed like that. He is attractive. And he seemed genuinely nice…


Hermione Jean Malfoy. I grinned to myself.


Merlin,get yourself together! You do not Draco! I mean Malfoy. But he seemed…amazing? Incredible? Gorgeous? No! I do not like Dr---Malfoy. I wasn’t allowed to like Draco. I was a part of the Golden Trio. Gryffindor princess. Know it all. A mudblood.


He obviously doesn’t despise you now.


I pulled out a parchment and a quill.



I—as much as I hate to admit it—find myself without a date for the M0inistry Ball.

If you too are without one, we can attend together.





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