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The Potter Boys and the Enchantment of Redheads by Everlasting Faerie Light
Chapter 9 : Chapter Eight: The Weasley Catfight Round Two
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Going back to the burrow was hell because the thing is…the storm is far from over. There’s still a lot of drunken anger to observe and people to scream at. So much for my freaking sweet sixteen. Who the hell cares for those anymore anyways? To be honest, I actually was a bit frightened. I mean, who wouldn’t be? I didn’t want to face James, nor did I want to see Lily and Rose duke it out like two pissy football players. And I’m talking about American football…not soccer.


Another thing I’m not liking is how out of character everyone is right now. I normally am okay with drunk people. In fact, I find them very entertaining, but I just realized that I prefer the Weasley family one hundred percent sober. Especially Rose and Lily. The two of them hungover is just as bad.


I raced back to the house, gulping as I saw the tall rickety building. It has never looked more ominous in my life. The scene before me looked like an artistic painting or a scene from a movie. The morning mist and sun, the huge crooked house, and motionless bodies strewn all over the grass.


I tripped a few times over some of the bodies. At least I know that some of them are still alive when I heard a groan. I couldn’t help but do a double take when I saw Sarah Corner lying in nothing but her bra and scanty underwear. Or as the Brits would call them…knickers. Oh, the joy of being the only American surrounded by drunken wizarding Brits.


I burst into the house, and I knew that it was already going down. I heard Lily’s screaming resonate throughout the house. That girl is freaking loud. I cringed and raced in the direction of her voice. I needed to at least try to do something before there was a huge massacre.


I plummeted up the stairs, as usual…tripping like Hermione Granger in high heels. My head was throbbing uncontrollably, but I ignored it. The mixing of Rose’s and Lily’s yells were getting louder and louder as I ran down the hall toward the room that Rose and I shared.


“WHAT DID YOU DO? TELL ME NOW!!” Screamed Lily at the top of her lungs. It caused the door to the room to vibrate. Before Rose could yell back, I yanked the door open to see the two girls, their hair still messed up and tangled from last night, sporting awful cuts and cruises, and looking like they wanted nothing more than to run at each other. I could actually feel the death rays exchanging between them.


However, they were prevented from throwing themselves at each other because a very irritated and red eyed Albus was holding Lily back while a shocked and taken aback James held on to Rose. The two boys were struggling against the angry girls, who were both squirming like crazy.


James looked over at me, his eyes catching mine. I felt a surge of anger build up in me as I quickly looked away and back at the girls. This is seriously so stupid and I’m not in the mood for this shit.


“STOP IT! NOW!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. I felt dizzy and nauseous as I yelled, but at I didn’t care one freaking bit. It caught their attention. Both Rose and Lily looked at me, seeming to just notice my graceful presence. They looked a bit frightened as their eyes grazed over me. I don’t blame them. I probably looked like a pissed off little goblin who would bite your ankles off.


I spoke again, my voice wavering with rage. But at least I lowered the volume. “Okay, let’s sort this shit out. Lily…what’s the problem now?”


Rose glared at me and opened her mouth, “How come you ask her…”


“Shut the fuck up, Rose. I’m talking to Lily.” I spat venomously at her. I didn’t care in the least bit that she seemed insulted and hurt.


Lily took a deep breath, her eyes still glaring venomously at Rose. “Scorpius won’t be with me because of her.” She growled like a monster as she said this.


You seriously would have to be there to realize how pathetic this whole situation was.


I had to restrain from rolling my eyes as I turned to Rose, my insides clenching. This is the moment of truth. Rose was a smart girl. She knew that she would have to tell everyone what happened between her and Scorpius. Even if the three people she dreaded telling the most are in the room.


“…And he won’t tell me why. She did something.” Lily finished, her voice trembling with anger and pain. Boy, I never knew that she was so hormonal. It’s probably the alcohol.


I looked back over at Rose, who was avoiding eye contact with Lily. The whole atmosphere in the room was tense and still. It was a dramatic difference from a few seconds ago when it felt like dragons were spitting fire.


I sighed and said in a strained whisper, “Albus, James…just let go of them for a second.”


Are you mad?” Fumed James, his eyes narrowing at me. He seemed to clutch on to Rose tighter, who was slowly but surely getting more and more agitated with her older cousin.


I glared right back at him. I felt my blood boil as I looked at him. The images of he and Elisha at the party swam through my head again.


“I don’t want to hear anything you have to say, so shut it.” I spat at him, feeling like I was spewing basilisk venom. A small sense of satisfaction welled up in me as I saw him recoil at my biting remark. It was a bit of a strange feeling. I have never spoken to James like this before. I never had the need to…but I guess there’s always a first time. And that time comes when everyone’s freaking pissed, cranky, and hungover.


Albus eyes me warily before letting Lily go, James following in pursuit. Both Lily and Rose stood there in the center of the room. It looked like one of those Texas show downs or something. All we need is the badass ranger music.


“Rose? What have you got to say?” I asked carefully. She looked like she was going to burst into tears. It looked extremely dreadful, judging the already damaged state she was in. She shuddered before opening her mouth, and then closing it. I could tell this was torturing her.


But she knew that there was no turning back. Not with all three of her cousins staring her down, waiting for an explanation. I felt my own heart beating in anticipation for my friend.


“I...w-well…S-Scorpius and I….” She took a shuddering breath, avoiding everybody’s eyes. I could feel the fire already building up in Lily. I kept my eye on her, getting prepared to hurl myself at her if she decided to strike.


Rose was now in tears. They were spilling down her cheeks and she was choking miserably as she continued in broken fragments, “p-party….black l-lake….h-he….m-me….shagged.”


The last word seemed to resonate throughout the room like a permanent record breaking echo. I bit my lip and avoided all of the other faces of her relatives. I just had eyes for Rose at the second, not exactly sure on how I felt. I watched her stutter and cry as she unsuccessfully tried to collect herself back together.


You shagged Malfoy? What the fucking bloody hell!!”


I moved my eyes over to James, who was glaring thunderously at his cousin. He looked like he was about to explode, and I actually feared for his blood pressure. Rose bit her lip and covered her face with her hands, so that we saw nothing but her thick mane of uncontrollable frizzy red hair.


“I don’t think I can even look at you right now.” Snapped Albus, who looked just as pissed as his brother.


“I’m going to murder that slimy git and eat his guts for supper.” James continued. I knew they would react like this. It was actually getting very agitating and irritating. Yes, Malfoy was a git…but he seemed sincere enough when it came to both Rose and Lily.


Rose lifted her head from her hands and focused her bloodshot eyes on her younger cousin. My heart jumped to my throat in fear as I realized that Lily hasn’t said anything yet. I turned my gaze over to her.


Her expression was blank. It was so blank that it was eerie. Her eyes were locked on Rose in a steely stomach clenching gaze.


“L-Lily?” Choked Rose weakly, her shoulders trembling as she tried to contain her sobs.


Lily just continued her eerie stare, looking as if there was no one else in the room but Rose. I stepped forward a few steps, getting extremely worried and a bit frightened to be honest. Then it snapped. The storm had come raging full blast.


I couldn’t react quick enough as Lily hurled herself forward like a boomerang, straight at Rose. I was stunned as I watched her mercilessly throw a punch straight at her temple. Rose stumbled backwards, clutching the left side of her head in pain…but she couldn’t recover much at all, for Lily continued to hound at her mercilessly. I watched as Rose’s fury level rose to its peak at an alarming rate after she got over the shock of being pounded on. She grabbed a fistful of Lily’s red locks and pulled with all her might. Lily was squirming, and screaming in rage…trying to break free.


That’s it. This is being blown way out of proportion.


I hurled myself into the chaos, attempting to pull Rose off of Lily. She still had a murderous grip on a huge chunk of her hair. I knew that James and Albus were now trying to pull Lily away from Rose’s evil grasp…but she was just squirming so much that it was impossible…no matter how strong they both were.


That’s when Rose lost all of her rational thought and threw head back at me on purpose. I felt a crushing pain as it hit my mouth, my teeth gnashing against my lips and gums…and I knew immediately that the blood was flowing like a waterfall. I staggered backwards, heaving and groaning. But as strong as the pain was, my fury escalated to a tenfold. I’m going to go in there and I’m going to own this stupid ass catfight.


I jumped back up and hurled myself back into the mess, ignoring James’s and Albus’s calls of protest. I stood in between the two, struggling not to get hit as I blocked both of them. That’s when I arched my fist back and let it fly straight into Rose’s face. Then, I used my other leg and launched it at Lily’s gut. The two fell backwards. James and Albus managed to catch a gagging Lily while Rose landed with a painful thud on the ground.


You don’t know how satisfying that felt.


Rose sat back up, clutching a fistful of Lily’s red hair that she managed to pull off. It was a lot. Her mouth was streaming blood from the place that I punched her, but she wasn’t glaring at me. She only had eyes of hatred for Lily. I watched as she stood up on her feet. Albus immediately came to my side, both of us ready to take her down if she tried to go after her younger cousin.


Instead, she just charged like a madwoman toward the door. When she passed Lily, she threw the thick chunk of red hair at her face with a burning spite and ferocity before walking out of the room, and slamming the door shut behind her…causing everything in the cramped room to rattle. I looked around and realized that my cot had completely broken and the dresser was knocked over from the fight.


It was silent in the room. Dead silent.


I looked down at Lily who was being held up and supported by James. Her lip was trembling while she clutched a very raw and painful looking bald spot on the right spot of her skull.


“Lily…” I started, walking toward her. I bent down on my knees, aware that Albus was standing right behind me.


Then, I saw the tears stream down her face as she clutched to the huge chunk of her hair that Rose had pulled out and thrown at her. Her face was red and swollen…and she looked pissed as hell.


“It’s o-okay, Lils…we just have to put a simple hair growing charm and in a few seconds…” Albus started weakly.


“I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She wailed at the top of her lungs. She was sobbing uncontrollably. “I HATE HER, I HATE HER, I HATE HER!!!!!!!”


We just stood in silence while we watched her continue her I hate her mantra. I felt absolutely awful. I just wanted to curl up and take a long nap. I also felt a surge of pity for Lily. If I were in her position, I’d hate Rose with a burning passion as well.


I mean…she may be irritating as hell sometimes , but Rose hasn’t been treating her well at all this whole summer. She didn’t even try and justify herself by giving an explanation for her behavior. Now she just found out that Rose screwed her crush and then ripped out a huge chunk of her hair. As I thought about this, I realized how pissed I was at Rose.


She may be the classifiable smart and perfect student, but she is no longer. Yes, Lily was very guilty in this as well…but Rose treated her cousin like crap without an explanation…and I couldn’t get the look of hatred and pure spite out of my head when she walked out, tossing a huge chunk of her Lily’s hair back at her. That’s just cruel. That’s vile.


Knowing Rose, she would probably feel awful about this later…but I’m not sure if I know Rose anymore. I mean…I never thought that she’d screw Malfoy, and I never thought that she’d be willing to beat the shit out of her cousin over a boy. You’d be surprised on what you learn about people.


James looked absolutely distressed as he tried to comfort his hysterical sister. It was a pitiful sight. Lily didn’t look like the beautiful sexy and feisty redhead right now. No, she looked like a small frightened fourteen year old girl. A fourteen year old girl who bit off more than she could chew. As fiery as she is, there is a point where she can’t take it anymore.


Before I could do anything to help, I heard the door burst open. In charged a distressed looking Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger. Both of them still looked cranky and a bit hungover, but they were definitely in their right minds.


“Bloody hell! What the hell happened here?” Ginny yelled. She looked at the state of all of us, but she started to panic when she saw her daughter.


“Lily! What happened to you?” Her voice was a bit hysterical as she moved in on her daughter, shoving James out of the way. I couldn’t help but snicker a bit as James grunted and shot his mother the stink eye.


Hermione looked shocked as her eyes trained over all of us. She started explaining, “We just heard screaming up here a moment ago…sounded like someone was being murdered….oh my goodness! Elaquay…what happened to your face?”


Oh god…she just reminded me that my mouth is freaking spilling blood. Speaking of that, I also realized that it hurts like hell. I winced as I touched my swollen and bleeding lips. Rose had a hard head.


“Lily…please…tell me what happened.” Ginny demanded her daughter gently, stroking her back.


Lily shuddered a bit more before spitting out, “R-Rose.”


Hermione bristled up, her bushy hair seeming to frizzle and her eyes becoming slits, “Rose did this to you?”


I groaned inwardly and wished desperately that I wasn’t here.


She then turned to me and I flinched. “Did she do that to you as well!” She screeched.


I gulped and nodded lightly, afraid to lie to Hermione. It’s impossible to lie to her when she’s angry.


“When I get my hands on that girl…”


Lily started to wail louder, “N-No…No…i-it’s also my fault…I-I…”


I looked over at her in surprise. Never did I think that she’d actually defend her cousin after all of this. It made me realize that Lily hasn’t completely disowned Rose…there was still hope.


Ginny sighed warily and said, “We’ll sort this out later. What we need to do is get Lily and Elaquay downstairs so that we can fix them up.”


Hermione still looked like she wanted nothing more than to murder her daughter. She was sputtering, her face red, “Disgusting….No Hogsmeade, I’ll make sure of it….”


I dared to look at James, who had an expression that was mirroring mine…one of fright and slight shock over everything. When he caught my eye, a little crooked smile slipped onto his face. I almost smiled back, but then I remembered that I was still pissed at him. I narrowed my eyes and looked away, following Ginny and a sobbing Lily out of the room.


Hermione was automatically at my side. “Oh you poor dear. Does it hurt really badly? Did she break any teeth?”


Her maternal worry almost made me chuckle. I shook my head and responded, realizing that it was actually really hard to talk due to the blood still pooling in my mouth, “It’s fine. Just need to clean it up a bit.”


As per usual, I tripped down the stairs quite a few times. And every time…I found that James had caught me, his hands on my waist as I stumbled. My heart fluttered uncontrollably at his touch, but I quickly pulled away and kept the façade that I was still pissed.


Once we were in the main room, I saw the instant irritation of Ginny’s face again. There were still people laying around on the ground and all over the couch. She gritted her teeth and announced, “It’s official. I am in full support of never throwing a party like this again. I don’t give a damn what mum says.”


At this point, I couldn’t agree more with her. All the previous parties were pretty wild…yes…but this one was just off the freaking planet. Everybody was way more smashed, there were a whole lot more people, I ended up heartbroken and with a bloody mouth, and both Rose and Lily were only a few steps away from murdering each other.


Ginny and Hermione sat both Lily and I down on stools when we reached the kitchen. Lily was still shaking with sobs, the tears spilling out of her bruised eyes. I realized that she had claw marks all over her skin as well. Rose really did beat her up.


Hermione used her wand to summon a healer’s book called, “Fail-Safe Way To Heal Bruises, Scratches, and other Wounds.”


She first siphoned all of the blood off of my face.


“I’m sorry that this all had to happen on your birthday, Elaquay. We really didn’t expect all of this to happen.” She said sincerely.


Ginny looked over at me while she was fixing up Lily, “Yes. We’re really sorry. We’ll make it up to you. You still have your presents to open anyways.”


She seemed devastated and ashamed. I just waved it off, feeling touched at their sincerity.


 Hermione then muttered an incantation under her breath while making a rather elegant swishing movement with her wand. I felt my lips and gums start to burn, and then slowly numb. After a while, I reached up and realized that my mouth was as good as new…like it didn’t even happen.


Hermione gave me a forced smile while I thanked her. I knew that she was still pissed at her daughter. Speaking of which…I needed to find Rose. Not only could she use a little fixing up and healing herself, but I really needed to talk to her and figure out what the hell is going through her head. I looked over at Lily, who still head tears streaming down her face, but she seemed to have calmed down tremendously. Her mother was healing her daughter’s raw bald spot…which was slowly starting to close up. Then, she started working on the hair growth charm, which worked really well. The hair grew back, as good as new. But Lily still had a ways to go. Her mother had to remove her bruises, her gashes, her bloody nose….


I turned away from her, determined to look for Rose…but instead, I caught the eye of James. My insides started to jump around and I felt my heart pump furiously. He was staring intently at me, and this time…I didn’t break his stare. He mouthed the words, “I need to talk to you outside.”


I stole a glance at Hermione, who was now helping Ginny with Lily and Albus had already sulked off to his room most likely. I looked back at James and nodded. I needed to talk to him. Plus, I don’t like being mad at him. It just feels unnatural.


He gave me a slight smile before heading out the backdoor. I followed after him, opening the door to the crisp air. It was still early morning and the sun was starting to truly fight its way through the clouds. I caught up with James, who was only a few feet away from me. He looked rather ashamed as he looked at me.


“Elaquay, I owe you an apology. I’m sorry for being a right tosser to you, especially on your birthday. I was being a bad friend…I should’ve spent more time with you last night. I should’ve told Elisha to go hang out with her other mates for a while….but I didn’t. And for this morning, I was being a hypocrite. I know that you’ll be happy with Finnigan and I had no right to bash you two like that.” He gave a sad smile as he said this, and my breath was taken away. He looked so perfect under the sun…it made my heart ache.


I smiled happily and responded, “You’re forgiven. I also apologize for being a bitch about you and Elisha. I was just irritated and freaking hungover. She’s a nice girl and I will let you know that you two have my approval.”


He gave a chuckle as I said this. My heart ached quite a bit, but it’s true. As much as I may want to jump his damn socks, first and foremost…he’s my best friend. I’d never trade that for anything. If he really likes Elisha…then so be it. Hell with me. He should be with the one who makes him happy. Plus, I am now officially taken. I’m with Derrick Finnigan now, and I need to get over myself and give the boy a chance. He’s kind, sweet, and is willing to put up with me. (Which is seriously a challenge at times)


James gave me another smile and said, “Yeah, Elisha’s amazing. I really fancy her…but nothing compares to my Els. You’re bloody brilliant.”


A warm feeling flew through me as he said this. I felt like I was floating on air…knowing that I had my friend back. I gave him a cheeky laugh and responded, “Yes…I am bloody brilliant as you Brits would say.”


He enveloped me in a hug and as per usual, his scent was just as amazing as ever. My insides were on fire and I relished in it. At least I still can get his hugs. That’ll be enough for me…for now.


 “You’re so American. It’s ridiculous.” He said through a laugh.


After about a minute of just standing there, enjoying the feeling of his arms around me, I slowly broke away and realized that I really had to find Rose. I needed to talk to her.


“Well, James…as much as I know how much you enjoy my awesome sexiness…I have to go find Rose. I need to talk to her.”


His face turned stony, but he nodded. “I don’t know what’s going through her head. I…I just can’t believe it. Having both Rose and Lily fight over the git is one thing…but to find out that Rose…our Rose Weasley…shagged him…”


He shook his head and growled menacingly, “I’m going to avada kedavra his arse.”


I sighed and responded, “I don’t think he deserves that. I know that he’s a greasy bastard, but his intention isn’t to play around with Rose or Lily. He’s just confused.”


“I’m still going to run my fist into his bloody mouth.” James responded darkly.


I sighed. Those boys will never cease to be overprotective. I guess that’s a good thing.




Finding Rose wasn’t much of a challenge. I mean, where do most Weasleys go when they’re upset or want to be alone? I mean, I followed their example last night! I headed toward the little landing where the attic was. I looked up at the ceiling, trying to contemplate how I got it open that night. I can’t use magic and if I did, the ministry would’ve noticed it…I think I might’ve thrown something out of a fit of rage…but I really wasn’t in the mood.


I just knew that Rose was up there. So I did the most rational thing I could think of.


“Rose…I know you’re in there…so move your freaking ass and open the goddamn…” I yelled rather loudly.


“Merlin, Elaquay. Has anyone ever told you irritating your voice is?” Rose snapped as I saw her appear after she opened the latch. She looked absolutely awful. Her mouth was all swollen and crusty with blood…most likely do to my punch, she had several bruises on her face, including a black eye from last night, many fresh gashes on her skin, and she still hadn’t changed from last night…leaving her dress dirty and ripped. Wow…Lily did manage to rough her up rather well as well. For some reason, it sent a sense of satisfaction through me. I know that sounds awful…but at least I knew that the fight wasn’t extremely uneven.


I sighed and responded in a soft yet demanding tone, “Rose, please let down the ladder. I need to talk to you….and no, I’m not going to yell at you or anything.”


I sure wanted to, but I knew it wasn’t the best option. I just hope she feels damn awful.

Rose glared at me for a few more seconds, before sending the ladder down gently. I climbed up it until I was in the dark room full of holes and cracks where the sunlight streamed through.


I pulled up the ladder with as much force as I could until the latch shut behind me, leaving only Rose and I alone in the attic. Wow, I was in here twice today. At least the first time consisted of kissing. I don’t think that that will suffice this time. First of all, that would be really awkward, and second…I don’t swing that way. Any way…off the subject.


Before I could open my mouth to say something, Rose burst into tears. I stared at her in bewilderment as she cried, her shoulders shaking with wracking sobs.


“I-I’m a h-horrible p-person.” She wailed miserably.


I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t very good when it came to crying people. I’m a bit of a tactless person to be honest. I awkwardly patted her on the back as she wailed.


“I c-can’t believe t-that I let m-myself s-stoop to that l-level. L-Lily….she’s m-my b-baby cousin...o-only f-fourteen…DAMN SCORPIUS!” She was hysterical.


I should’ve known. I knew that the Rose I knew was here all along. She was always one to lose her head when she got pissed, and then she wallowed in her own penance later. Rose Weasley was a girl of control, but one thing she cannot control is her temper.


After a few more minutes, her wailing sobs became shuddering sniffs. She gave a shaky sigh and said, “Oh…I-I’m so pathetic. Mum will be so disappointed in me…no that’s an understatement, she’ll be shitting unforgivable curses.”


I had to hold laughter back at that statement.


“Lily is my cousin….and I…I….Oh Merlin! I should’ve backed away…or told her a long time ago.” She shook her head and buried her tear stained bruised face in her hands.


I opened my mouth and dared to speak. “Rose, no one hates you. Sure, they might be a bit shocked…but they’re still your family. I don’t think even Lily hates you. She can never hate you.”


She looked up from her hands with a watery determination on her face. “You’re right. They are family. No matter how bonkers they are, family comes first. I…I need to go apologize to Lily, or at least try. She’s my younger cousin and I t-truly love her. To hell with Scorpius.”


I felt relief and a sense of pride as Rose came to terms with her faults. She really is a clever girl.


I opened my mouth and dared myself to ask, “If you don’t mind me asking Rose… do you really like Malfoy that much?…I mean…you did beat the shit out of your cousin because of him….”


Rose’s determined smile slacked and she responded in a wary voice, “I-I do like him. I like him a lot…and I feel awful. He’s probably extremely confused right now. But that’s not the full reason. The thing is…Lily is amazing. She’s beautiful, a damn good quidditch player, has this down to earth attitude that I wish I had….and t-to have her go for Scorpius…it made me think that I don’t have a chance at all. I’m jealous, Elaquay.”


That actually makes a lot of sense, and confirms my earlier suspicions. Behind all that clever confidence and perfected exterior, Rose is insecure. She is jealous of her cousin…and who wouldn’t be? Lily is extremely beautiful and has many characteristics that make her a boy magnet. But for Rose, admitting that sort of thing is equal to making out with Voldemort.


I sighed and rubbed her back. “You don’t have to be Rose. You should know that you’re pretty epic yourself.”


She gave me a watery smile, and it was actually pretty despite her gruesome facial injuries. “You’re the best, Els. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”


“Go clinically insane and then murder Lily with a steak knife, while enjoying every last second of it?” I responded smugly, watching her scoff at me and roll her eyes.


“I have to go back down there.” She said, cringing. Jesus, if I were in her position…I’d be up here for the rest of my life…becoming the famous Burrow hobo who talks to the ghoul all day.


I nodded in encouragement as she opened the latch to the attic, letting the ladder slide down. I climbed down after her carefully, my stomach clenching in anticipation for Rose. I know there will be some fire spitting when she gets down there, but they are her family. They will listen to her.


I seriously hate it when the Weasley/Potter family fights. Even the smallest one makes me depressed. So…as you can imagine…this fiasco is just killing me. I guess I just can’t let go of the set picture I have of this family…that quirky, crazy, and warm family that’s mostly made up of gingers. Nothing’s perfect.


We both walked down the messy halls and the many rickety staircases (or in my case, tripped). I could tell Rose was getting more and more tense by the minute. But I also knew that she was determined to face the consequences of her actions and attempt to make things right. Once we reached the bottom floor, I realized that the main room looked a lot cleaner. It seems that people were actually starting to get up and leave. Some probably even offered to help clean the house.


But the scary thing about the living room is that they were all there. All….of….them. Harry and Ginny both sat on the sofa, both looking tired and definitely hungover. Hermione looked uptight and downright pissed, while her husband had a bewildered look on his face while he awkwardly patted his wife’s shoulder. Percy and Audrey looked the least intoxicated, but they looked more ruffled than usual. George was dead asleep on his wife’s shoulder, whose eyes looked like they would shut at any moment. Then, there was Charlie…whose bloodshot eyes and lopsided smile greeted me. He sat on the ground right at the feet of his brother Bill and his flawless wife, Fleur…who didn’t look the least bit hungover. Of course, scattered among all of the adults were the kids. James was lying on the floor, his arms crossed behind his head…Albus looked like he was going to pass out, for he was leaning against Hugo, who looked like he wanted to die. Molly and Lucy both looked drunk out of their minds…and the sight of them would’ve made me shit laughing unicorns if I wasn’t with a distraught Rose. Dom’s eyes were trained on Rose, and to my worry…they were filled with resent and anger. Louis was leaning against his sister fast asleep. Then…there was Lily…who was sitting criss crossed on the floor, leaning against her father’s legs. She looked up at us, her eyes red and swollen. She grimaced and looked away. At least she didn’t have her scary bruises and wounds anymore…and her hair seemed completely perfect again. No bleeding bald spots.


The only ones not present were Mr. and Mrs. Weasley senior, and Victoire and Teddy.


Why they were all here in one spot…I seriously don’t know. But I had an eerie feeling that they were waiting for us. I sighed warily. Of course the whole family just has to be involved.


“Rose Weasley, you get over here right now.” Spat Hermione, her eyes menacing slits. She pointed to the spot in front of her, which was in the center of the family circle. I watched as Rose gulped and trudged over to stand in front of her mother.


“Now, tell me what happened.” Hermione said dangerously.


Rose opened her mouth, but no words came out.


“Young lady, if you don’t tell us what happened…I will sincerely...”


“I beat the living camel shit out of Lily. Happy? I thought that you would’ve already made that assumption. It’s not like it wasn’t obvious.” Rose snapped angrily at her mother. I watched her fists clench.


I held my breath. I have never heard Rose speak to her mother…or any authority figure like that for the matter. I noticed that Dom scoffed and Lily looked down at her hands, determinedly avoiding everyone’s eyes.


I noticed that both Ron and Hermione were riled up.


“You don’t speak to your mother like that.” Growled Ron.


“That’s it….I will personally write to Professor Tetra and have him ban all of your Hogsmeade privledges…” Hermione sputtered wildly.


I then noticed that Ginny cleared her throat. “Erm…will you two shut up? Your daughter is trying to explain herself. I suggest that we listen to what she has to say before you throw any punishments.”


Rose shot a thankful look at her aunt…although she looked ashamed. She was probably mortified at facing Ginny and Harry when she just crudely admitted that she shamelessly beat her daughter up. Then again, I wanted to protest and remark that Lily was just as guilty in that… she also managed to demolish Rose mercilessly.


However, Ginny shot her niece a knowing smile. I love that woman.


Hermione narrowed her eyes menacingly at Ginny, but she crossed her arms and closed her lips. She turned her gaze back to her daughter, looking like she got a knife shoved down her throat.


Rose took a deep breath and said, “Lily and I have been fighting for a while…over…a boy.”


To my relief, no one pressed the subject of who the boy was. James, Albus, and I exchanged knowing looks. I’m also positive that Dom is knowledgable on the subject as well.


“…and we took it too far. I know it sounds petty and stupid of me to sink this low…but…t-there’s more to it…” Rose looked extremely uncomfortable, and I knew that she wouldn’t be able to admit to everyone about her insecurity and jealousy she has for Lily.

I heard Lily give a loud sigh as her eyes narrowed at Rose. But when she spoke, it surprised me. “I also sunk low.”


Judging by her voice, I knew that it was killing her to say this. She sounded like she wanted nothing more than to stab herself with the stinger of a blast ended skrewt.


“Aunt Hermione…don’t think that she is the only one who beat me up. I also managed to kick her precious arse.”


Well said, Lily.


Oh well…at least she did stand up for her…in a way.


There was a flicker of a smile that spread over Rose’s face, but it quickly vanished. She turned to Lily and spoke, her voice trembling…but confident. “Lily…I-I’m sorry. I was a right bitch, I admit it…. and…”


Lily held her hand up, causing Rose to shut her mouth mid sentence. I watched the young fourteen year old girl stand up, a flame in her brown eyes. But it wasn’t a fiery anger flame. It was a mischievous flame…the classic Weasley glint.


“Just shut it Rose. I don’t want to hear it.” Her voice was fierce and defiant. Knowing Lily, she probably won’t accept the apology. She’s a stubborn bitch…that’s just the way it works.


“I don’t accept your apology. At least not now.” She finished, glaring at her cousin.


Rose’s face fell, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw an irate James reluctantly hand over ten galleons to a smug Albus. Of course they’d be betting on this type of thing.


“…But, I do offer my own apology. And I don’t expect you to accept it either. Just keep it in mind because I’ll be keeping yours in mind as well.” She shot one last hard look at a wide eyed Rose before turning around.


“I’m going on a walk if you don’t mind.” She told her parents.


Ginny rose an eyebrow at her and Harry looked like he was trying to fight a smirk.


“Alright. Your punishment will be discussed once you get back.” The red headed woman said to her almost identical daughter.


“Fair enough.” Lily answered indifferently before heading out to the backdoor in the kitchen, not once looking back at her bewildered family.


Again, I will repeat. So much for my freaking sweet sixteen.


Author's Note: Hello Everyone :D. I'm just letting everyone know that this is the last chapter at the Burrow. The next one will mostly take place at Hogwarts...which will mark the second half of the story.

And I'm just asking as an opinion, who do you think Scorpius should end up with? Rose or Lily?

Just curious to see what everyone else thinks.

I already know how it's all going to play out ;D

So stay tuned

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