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Mary MacDonald by mugglemania
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8
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“Party time!” Mary screamed, jumping up and down on Lily’s bed.


Lily groaned into her pillow, “It’s too early. The sun isn’t even up, yet.”


Mary jumped up in the air and came down sitting next to Lily’s head, “Lily-flower, we barely have twelve hours until my spectacular Halloween party. If you don’t get up in the next few minutes, we won’t be ready in time. That would be very disastrous.”


“TWELVE HOURS!!!” Lily screeched, sitting upright, “Why didn’t you wake me sooner?”


“I know,” Mary said, “But I overslept, too.”






“I was being sarcastic.”


“I know, but you’re up, aren’t you? Lezzgo.”




By nine thirty, the girls were dressed and soon to be on their way to set up Mary’s Halloween bash. Mary insisted that they stop by the owlery on the way so she could send a letter to her parents. She was very good about keeping up with her family. She wrote to her parents at least twice a week and her grandparents and aunts, uncle, and cousins no less than once a week.


“Well, well. Look who it is, Cissy,” a cold, harsh voice sneered from behind the two Gryffindor fifth year girls. They turned to see Bellatrix and Narcissa Black, two Slytherins. Bellatrix was a sixth year and Narcissa was a fourth year. Possibly the meanest girls in the school, they were hated by all true Gryffindors.


“The muggle and mudblood, aren’t they Bella?” Narcissa Black scorned them.


“Well if it isn’t Dumb and Dumber,” Mary commented.


Bellatrix and her sister just scoffed. Though Nacissa truly was an airhead, Bellatrix at least knew her way around the wand.


“As much as we’d love to stand here and trade insults, we must get going. We were just about to mail letters to our boyfriend, Rudolfus Lestrange and Lucius Malfoy,” Bellatrix smirked at her thinly veiled threat.


“You know, the ones that graduated last year and are very rich,” Narcissa bragged, putting emphasis on very.


Marry nodded, “Oh right, I heard that they were gay.”


“You take that back, muggle,” Bellatrix growled.


“That’s right, Lucius and Rudolfus have some…powerful friends,” Narcissa added, smirking as though she knew a secret that Mary and Lily did not.


“As if I care,” Mary rolled her eyes. She took Lily’s arm and continued on her way to the owlery, ignoring the multiple threats that were being thrown at her.


“You’ll regret this, MacDonald!” Bellatrix growled as the girls turned the corner.


Inside the owlery, Lily walked around to find her owl, Duchess. Chloe, Mary’s barn owl, flew over to her immediately.


“Hello, baby,” she cooed, “Will you send a letter to Mom and Dad for me?”


The owl nudged Mary’s arm with her beak and stuck out her leg. Mary tied the letter to it and watched Chloe spread her wings and fly off into the distance.






It was 10 o’clock at night and everyone was supposed to be in bed. Professors were patrolling the hallways, but Mary had put a spell on this particular corridor, making it unnoticeable by any adults. Mark had agreed to assign some people to decorate and set up, so the girls had no idea what it would look like. Every single Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff occupant was invited and not a soul would dream of missing one of Mary’s renowned parties. Numerous Slytherins had even tried to sneak in, but been forcibly thrown out by the rest of the partygoers.


Mary had insisted on their being the last ones to arrive, adamant in saying she and Lily must be ‘fashionably late.’ Therefore, there were already hundreds of dressed up, disguised teenagers at the gala by the time they had gotten there. When Mary flung the doors open wide, everyone in the school turned to stare at the two beautiful girls. There seemed to be a single intake of breath, followed by an impossible number of impressed mutterings.


Mary had been right once again, and the girls had spent all day working on their looks. Lily look amazing, dressed as a mermaid. Her curled, red hair flowed freely to halfway down her back; she was wearing a green-blue dress that shimmered in the light whenever she moved. Her skin was dyed a pale blue, just a shade lighter than her dress. Mary, the fire fairy was breathtaking. She wore yellow tights and a tutu-like dress that flickered between various shades of orange, red, and yellow, resembling a burning fire. Her hair seemed to have been replaced by flames and her skin sparkled gold with glitter.


Not a mouth in the room was closed. A person could have heard a pin drop; the girls had caused such a stir. Lily blushed at the interest, but Mary was obviously glowing with the notice. She loved to be the center of attention.


Kyle, dressed as a bull fighter, took Mary by the arm and led her off to dance on the enormous dance floor. There was a shiny disco ball hanging from the ceiling and the wireless was hooked up to enormous speakers that stood in the corners of the room.


“Evans, do you want to dance?” James asked, clearly in awe of Lily’s radiant beauty.


“No, thank you,” she replied, coldly polite.


Mark marched over to help Lily out. He wore the uniform of a Buckingham Palace guard. Bowing, Mark offered Lily his hand and solemnly asked for a dance. Giggling, Lily accepted. Glaring, James watched them dance and watched Lily dance with, in his mind, too many boys all night.


The next time the two Gryffindor girls saw each other was over one and a half hours later. Lily had been about to get a drink of punch when she noticed a figure leaving the Halloween celebration. It was her best friend. Lily hurried over to Mary, worried because her friend would never have turned down an opportunity to have fun. Ever. Not if You-Know-Who himself had crashed the party.


“Mary, what’s the matter? Are you OK?” Lily asked, anxiously.


Mary slowly shook her head, “Ouch. Sorry, I have a really bad headache. I, ohhh, was just going back to the common room. Maybe if I get some sleep I’ll feel better.”


“Do you want me to walk you back?” Lily inquired, looking sympathetic.


“No, it’s fine. You go have fun,” Mary said quietly. She was clearly in a lot of pain and not really herself.


“All right, sleep tight,” Lily murmured.


Lily resumed the party and danced with quite a few more people, turned James Potter down repeatedly, and chatted with all of her friends. The whole time, she had a bad feeling in the back of her mind, about Mary. Just as Lily was about to go search for her, Mark let out a bloodcurdling scream from the center of the dance floor.


At the same exact moment, out of earshot of her friends, Mary screamed too.





CLIFFY!!! Never fear, you will find out what happened in the next chapter. I’d love to hear your guesses, though. I'll give you a hint: Mary did not just find a Sickle on the ground.


You must remember two very important things:


I don’t own Harry Potter or Hogwarts. I do, however, own the computer I am typing this on and some of the characters


Review, por favor!!!

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Mary MacDonald: Chapter 8


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