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A Dying Legacy by ForgottenFace
Chapter 10 : Trapped
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Moscow, Russia

26 June 2024

The room was old, but well kept. That is, if it wasn’t for the mess that Rose and Albus had made of it. Papers and photos were scattered on top of the twin beds, wrappers of food were littering the floor and pinned to one of the light green painted walls were dozens of letters, a map and some post it notes.

Rose was staring intently at the map, trying to make out something of it. In it were marked Solovyov’s Lab, Solovyov’s house and some other landmarks. Rose took her wand and marked the place named Solovyov’s house with a big red X.

They had just returned from the Dr.’s house empty handed. The house was practically turned upside down, windows were smashed. Not a single corner of the place was left untouched. They figured that the man they had seen on the Lab had gotten there before they could. A small safe had been almost blown into and all its contents were gone.

“We have to find that man,” Rose finally said, looking at her cousin who was almost falling asleep on one of the beds. “We have to get whatever he found in that house.”

“How are we s’pposed to do that?” Albus cleaned a bit of drool from the corner of his mouth and rubbed his eyes. “We don’t even know who he is.”

“There must be a way,” Rose started pacing back in forth between the twin beds. Her brain was working at a thousand miles per hour. She suddenly stopped and snapped her fingers. “Has you dad ever told you the story about how he and my parents got into the Slytherin Common Room, during their second year?”

“Yes. What about it?”

“I couldn’t see the man’s face clearly, but I remember that he had a scar on one of his cheeks, we can use that to find out who he is,” she started studying the map, more closely, again. “We need to go undercover and ask around.”

“Are you talking about taking the Polyjuice potion? That stuff takes a month to brew!” Albus leaned onto the wall, next to Rose. “Not to mention it’s regulated.”

“Maybe we won’t need to brew it,” Rose turned to Albus and raised her eyebrows. “We can steal it.”

The two cousins looked at the Invisibility Cloak and the same thought ran through their heads.


The Ministry of Magic, London, UK

26 June 2024

There was a knock on the door, followed by his assistant’s voice. “Excuse me, Minister. Mrs. Hermione Weasley is here to talk to you.”

What the hell does she want? Charles asked himself. As of late a lot of people wanted a meeting with him, but he was able to dodge every one of them. But Hermione Weasley wasn’t just someone; she was one of the most important public and political figures of the last 50 years.

“Let her in,” he replied, sitting behind his desk.

The door opened and in she came. The Minister got up to greet her and gestured to one of the chair in front of his desk, for her to seat. They stared at each other for a couple of seconds.

 “What do I owe the pleasure?” he started, faking a smile.

Hermione raised her eyebrows at him. “You can’t fool me, Charles. Stop with the pleasantries and the sarcasm,” she shifted in her chair and cleared her throat. “I want to know what you have been doing against this ‘White Disease’.”

“You know, just because you help defeat Lord Voldemort, it doesn’t give you the right to come into my office without an appointment,” he said through gritted teeth.

“Answer me!” Hermione slammed her fist on the desk, in frustration.

“Haven’t you read the news?” the Minister asked, pointing at the newspaper on the desk. “I started a blood donation campaign.”

Hermione laughed. “Do you really expect me to believe you arranged that? The St. Mungo’s Director must have come up with the idea, you aren’t that smart.” She looked around the room, with disapproval. “It’s a temporary fix, nothing more. People keep dying and nothing has changed.”

“I can’t stop it from happe-“

“YOU CAN TRY!” she cut him off. Her eyes started to get watery and she quickly cleaned the tears before they could fall. “I’m meeting with the St. Mungo’s Director in an hour. I expect you to start doing something soon.  You can come with me to meet him if you want. You might want to hear what I want to discuss with him.”

With that she rose from her chair, gave another disapproving look around the room and left him.

“Blimey!” Charles leaned back on his chair.


Moscow, Russia

26 June 2024

Albus and Rose apparated into a very crowed street. In a way the street looked just like Diagon Alley, except everything was different, from the people to the signs on the doors of the shops. It was also bigger than Diagon Alley.  Someone crashed into them and started yelling at them in Russian. They tried their best to say sorry, but to no avail, they couldn’t understand him and he couldn’t understand them.

Trying to find an equivalent to Knockturn Alley proved to be difficult. Every street looked the same. When they finally found a street that looked like it could be the place they were looking for, it was already starting to get dark and the people in the streets were fewer. They decided it was time to put on the Invisibility Cloak.

The street was cobbled black and the shops looked dirty and old. There were some stalls, here and there, that sold all kinds of dark magic items and potions. The shop keepers were always looking over their shoulders, afraid that some Ministry officers would be roaming around.

Albus grabbed Rose’s wrist, to stop her. “Doesn’t that look like the Polyjuice potion?” he whispered in her ear, pointing at a bottle of a thick and muddy substance.

Rose nodded and signalled for them to get closer. They started walking slowly towards the stall, trying not to make a sound. Rose stopped suddenly and Albus almost crashed into her, making him loose his balance for a second. He looked at her wide eyed. Rose gestured towards the man behind the stall. Albus looked for a few seconds and looked back at Rose puzzled. Rose ran her index finger through her left cheek and pointed to the man again.

“Is it him?” Albus whispered.

Rose nodded.

They decided to hide and wait until the man closed his stall and started walking away. They followed him, trying not to be discovered.

The man started talking angrily to himself.

They followed him for what looked like an hour, until he stopped and turned towards the place where they were.

Stupefy!” he pointed his wand directly towards them.

Rose felt the Invisibility Cloak slip from over her at the same time her cousin hit the floor motionless. She made an attempt to grab her wand, but with a sharp word from the man, her wand was flying away from her hand. She looked at their attacker, her heart pounding on her chest.

“Do you actually think I couldn’t hear you?” the man asked. His accent was thick but easy to understand. “One thing you have to learn from professional thieves and smugglers is that we are trained to hear anything and everything.”

He started walking towards Rose. He was twirling his wand on his fingers casually. When he finally reached her, he grabbed the Invisibility Cloak and looked at it curiously.

“What have we got here?” he ran his hand through the fabric. “This looks like one of a kind.”

Rose started breathing heavily. That cloak was a family heirloom, not something for a common thief to be using; actually it wasn’t meant for any kind of thief.

“Just imagine what I could do with this,” he wrapped the cloak around his body, leaving his head uncovered. He looked at her and wiggled his eyebrows. “Do I look good?” he chuckled. “But I’ve got other things I’ve got to attend to, first. Like you two.”

He took out the cloak, folded it neatly and hid it under his jacket. Rose tried to get away from his grasp, but she couldn’t leave her cousin with him.

“You’ll be coming with me,” he grabbed Rose’s wrist firmly and Albus limp harm and apparated away from the dark street.

A/N: I'm so sorry for the wait, again. =( I was busy with Uni, the queue and TDA and my muse was still missing. But expect a new chapter soon ^_^ Hope you enjoyed this one, even though it's a short one.

If you liked this story, maybe you would like to nominate it to the Dobby Awards, on the forums ^_ ^

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