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The Flower by Elizabeth Lucia
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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                Lily was sure she was pregnant.  She had taken every test she could think of.  She had even taken a muggle test that James had sent her from London (at her special request).  The only people who knew were her brothers, Rose, Hugo, and Adi.  Her belly was going to start showing soon.  She had to tell Scorpius and Collin.  And what’s worse, she had to tell her parents. 

                She didn’t want to put it off until Christmas.  She had to do it now.  She had finally plucked up the courage to do it. 

“Scorpius I need to talk to you.”  The girls had already revealed the truth about what happened that night, about how everyone had slept with the wrong person.  But Lily hadn’t explained about her pregnancy.  And Scorpius and Rose had started dating, and Collin had finally asked her out, and everyone was so happy that she just couldn’t bear to ruin it for everyone.  But sadly, all fairytales must end.

                “Scorpius, Collin, I’m…I’m…I…AH!”  Lily collapsed to the ground in the hallway on her way to dinner one night.  She had quit the quidditch team, letting Adi take her place instead, and she was about to tell the boys, when suddenly she was in so much pain that she couldn’t even stand.  Scorpius and Collin helped her to the hospital wing where madam Renolds, in a panic, called her parents.

                Lily was bleeding everywhere.  When she came to and Madam Renolds told her, she felt a wave of different emotions.  The baby…her baby…was possibly gone forever.  On the other hand, if that was the case, her parents would never have to know.  Of course Rose had taken the liberty of telling Collin and Scorpius about the baby, and now that Harry and Ginny were on their way to Hogwarts, expected the two of them to keep quiet about it. 

                But that didn’t stop madam Renolds.  She had determined that the baby was gone, and, assuming that Harry and Ginny already knew that their daughter was pregnant, told them. 

                “You’re pregnant?”  Harry screamed. 

“Dad, I can explain!”

“Try then!” shouted Harry “Just try!” 

“I was in love with him!  But, but it was the wrong him, and I didn’t mean to dad, and now I’ve lost it, I might be maternally challenged, and all you can do is scream at me because I got pregnant?”  Lily was really a mess.  She had grown attached to the baby, and as much as it was nice to be free of the burdon, it was as though a hole had formed inside her, and could never be filled again. 

“Who’s the father then?  Who was it?” Lily looked to Rose and Adi for help.  They just shook their heads quickly, as if to say ‘don’t say it.’  “Lily” said Harry “Do I need to get the veritesierum?”

“more like the firewhisky” said Al under his breath.

“Al Shutup”

“What’s he talking about dear?” asked Ginny. 

“Lily.  Now.”  Rose nodded her head slowly, giving her a look that said ‘just do it.’  Adi shrugged her shoulders.  Scorpius and Collin peaked into the room.  Harry tapped his foot impatiently, and Ginny squeased her daughter’s hand as if to say ‘no matter what happens, we will always love you.’ 


“Scorpius Malfoy?”

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