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Brightest Star for the Brightest Smile by sophie_elle_malfoy
Chapter 1 : Hello, I'm a Freak and Everyone Hates Me
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 CHARACTERS (and who portrayed them):

Napralina Isilee : Sara Paxton


Sirius Black : Ben Barnes


James Potter : Aaron Johnson


Lily Evans : Karen Gillian


Anidori Isilee : Alexis Bledel


Remus Lupin : Andrew Garfield


Peter Pettigrew : Jesse Eisenberg


Robin Botesdale : Toby Hemingway


Mary McDonald : Evan Rachel Wood


Severus Snape : Tom Sturridge


Mallory Norden : Talulah Riley


Abigail Nicola : Kaya Scodelario


Bellatrix Black : Katie McGrath


Andromeda Black : Keira Knightley


Narcissa Black : Tamsin Egerton


Regulus Black: Taylor Kitsch


Elvira Victery : Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Frank Longbottom: Jim Sturgess


Alice Sangster (Longbottom): Carrey Mulligan




PAIRING (from the most important):


Sirius Black - Napralina Isilee (main pairing)


James Potter - Lily Evans (semi-main pairing)


Sirius Black - Anidori Isilee


Remus Lupin - Mary McDonald


Sirius Black - Mallory Norden




DISCLAIMER: We own nothing except Napralina Isilee, Anidori Isilee and Elvira Victery. The remaining characters belong to the ingenious J. K. Rowling ;)



I waved at my parents and jumped into the train. It was the first day of September in the year 1975. I was due to go back to Hogwarts to finish my fifth year. My sister, Anidori, had gone with her snobby friends since long ago. Being Head Girl and stuffs, made her barely noticed me. Besides, what kind of sister wanted to admit that she had a sister like me? I was a freak and would always be a freak. I wore big glasses, I rare platinum-blonde hair, and I was born with heterochromia and polydactyly.




Well, if you didn't know what heterochromia and polydactyly is, I could tell you. Heterochromia happened to people when they were lacking of pigment. It could be from genes or disease. In my case, it was from my mother blasted genes. I d different eye colour from one to another. My right eye was tosca-green while my left was baby-blue. Polydactyly was congenital physical anomaly that made human had more than five fingers or toes. It was usually from genes – and that one, I got it from my screwed father. I had two pinkies on my left hand. Those additional fingers were usually only a lump of meet and looked like fingers. So, if I wanted to cut it off, I could do that without any harm.




My sister, Anidori, also had polydactyly. She had two thumbs in each hands. But, I was the one who got all the mocks. Ani (that was what everyone called her) had always been a perfect human being. Though she had extra fingers, no on seemed to mock her. She was beautiful, smart, sociable, and many things that I wasn't. While me, on the other hand, was a complete freak. My parents loved Ani more. I was more like an unwanted child. Pathetic.




I was a half-blood. I got my magic side from my father. He was a German Pureblood. My mother was a British Muggle, a hematologist-oncologist; a leaukemia doctor. I loved my parents dearly though sometimes they acted like arseholes.




"Move it, freak!" snapped Sophie Dobbs, a Hufflepuff. I rolled my eyes and walked toward the compartment where my friends had been waiting. I entered the compartment and put the trunks on its place before my friend, Mary MacDonald, hugged me.




"Been so long, Lina! I miss you," said Mary. I chuckled and hugged her.




"Miss you too, Mary," I said. I saw my other friends had been waiting to hug me. I let go of Mary and hugged my most beautiful and kindest friend ever; Lily Evans. Lily was one of the cleverest student in my year, a level before me. I was second best after Lily. Fortunately, Ani was not the only one who got the brain.




"Hello, Lillian," I said, mentioning Lily's full name. Lily pouted.




"Didn't I told you to not call me by that name? Do you want me to call you by Napralina?" said Lily. I laughed. That girl sure know how to play. She knew that I hated being called Napralina. It sounded so weird; like me.




"Alright, alright. I won't call you that again. Cross my heart," I said. Lily smiled and hugged me back. After that, I hugged the other two girls; Mallory Norden and Abigail Nicola. Mallory was the second rank after Lily in the 'Top 10 Most Beautiful Girl Hogwarts Had Ever Seen' – with Abigail followed her on number three.




We sat on our seats and talked about many things. One of the topic we were talking was Lily being a Prefect, along with Remus Lupin. Remus Lupin was the friend of the most handsome, rich, naughty and smart boys – James Potter and Sirius Black. There were four of them; James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. James and Sirius were the leader. They led the other two to do all kind of mischief. Remus was the kindest of all, barely ever talked. Peter was a clumsy boy who followed Sirius everywhere like a pig. But, despite being an arse, James and Sirius have sooo many fans – girls fans. Especially Sirius.


Sirius was a drop-dead gorgeous boy with a nape-long hair and extremely tall for a kid his age. He was known for being a world class playboy, liar and actor. No, he was known for many things – but being a gentleman was not included. There was this fans-club for Sirius, which consisted almost all girls of Hogwarts. Sirius himself hated the attention. But, the more he showed his hatred toward his fans, the more his fans loved him.




James was another story. He loved attention, especially from Lily. He had a crush on her since a long time. He always tried to get her attention, even though it only made Lily hated him more – somehow, Lily chose that greasy git Severus Snape than James Potter. He was also everything what Sirius is – except he only got second best. His hair was thick and looked messy all the time. His eyes were the most perfect brown ever, hidden under his round-glasses. If glasses made me looked like a freak, it made James looked more attractive.




"Lina? Lina! Napralina!" shouted Mallory. I snapped back from my trance and looked at her.




"What, Mal?" I said. She pouted, but soon it replaced with a huge smile.


"Sirius just asked me to be his girl last week! Isn't that great?" she bragged. I smiled for her, though I didn't have the slightest idea of that being great. Honestly, what was the great thing of being someone's possesion? I wasn't jealous, hell no – I hated that jerk. But, I just didn't get it why bunch of girls loved him.




"Well, that's great, Mal. I'm happy for you," I said as I tried to hug her.




"I'm starving," said Abigail suddenly. "Let's get some food from the trolley."


Mary rolled her eyes. "Goodness, Aby. I wonder why you're so small while you always eat."




Abigail shrugged as she joined us to find the trolley. "I don't know. Genes from my mother maybe."




We walked down the aisle, passing a few compartments. Many girls glared at Lily and Mallory. I couldn't blame them. Lily had a boy who confessed his love for her nearly every hour of his life; and Mallory who dated the school's most wanted boy.




"Hey, Evans!" shouted a boy. Without turning our heads, we already knew who called Lily. It must be James Potter. Who else? James walked calmly toward Lily with Sirius next to him and Remus and Peter behind him.




"What, Potter?" snapped Lily with her back on him. I noticed that James had different voice when he was around Lily. It was deeper and sounded more mature.




"I was thinking to say hi to you, that's all," he said. Lily, with her back still on him, just shrugged.




I glanced at Mallory, who was busy sending flirting looks at Sirius. Sirius himself was busy looking at a Ravenclaw's long legs. Her name is Susanna Hesleden and she was a one awful bitch. Sirius whispered something to Peter, who nodded rightfully with a sneer. Sirius took his wand and pointed at Susanna's skirt. Suddenly, there was a blew of a wind and her skirt lifted. She shrieked and trying to regain some dignity by tidying her clothes, her fresh resembled a tomato. Sirius and Peter guffawed, James made a small chuckle while Remus just smiled vaguely. I rolled my eyes.




"Dimwits," I muttered as I pulled Lily away from the others. Intentionally, I bumped Sirius hard as I walked toward the trolley.




"Isilee!" yelled Sirius. I whipped around and found his grey eyes were burning deadly on me. Oops, I'd been messing around with the wrong person.




"You can't run away from me after you just insulted me and bumped me," he said coolly.




His cold voice sent chills up to my spine. Before I managed to say anything – let alone conjure a Protection Shield – I was already up in the air, turned upside down. Luckily, I wore jeans and not skirt. I heard Lily shouting stop to Sirius and I fell with a thud on the floor. I took my glasses and glared at Sirius, who glared back at me.




"Next time," he said. "I'm not only going to make you fly to the air; I'm going to make you fly to Heaven."




I smirked. "Thanks a lot, because I know you belong in Hell."




Lily quickly cast the Protection Shield before Sirius managed to send a curse on me and dragged me to go with her. My three other friends followed us as we entered an empty compartment. I was still boiling in hatred and anger toward Sirius. I sat with my hands crossed on my chest and refused to talk for the rest of the journey. I swear I would make Sirius pay.



I stared at the ceiling, which was now a bright sky with stars. The Sorting was just passed and we were now having dinner. I caught my sister's dark-brown hair amongst the Ravenclaw snobby girls. Thank goodness, Ani wasn't a member in James' or Sirius' fans club. If she did, I would pitch myself from the Astronomy tower. I'd rather die than having my sister tailing after those two bastards.


"You still have a business with me, Isilee," hissed someone. I turned my head and found Sirius Black was sitting on the spot where Abigail just sat before next to me. Remus was sitting next to him while James was sitting next to Lily – in front of Sirius. Peter himself was sitting on the other side of James. I felt a bit uncomfortable with Sirius sitting next to me. But I braced myself to answer his dare.




"Oh really? And why don't I feel bothered at all?" I said coolly. Sirius looked at me and, shockingly, he was smiling. He was bloody smiling to me!




"Isilee, you will bother later," he said calmly, but I could still see a hint of coldness in his voice.




I knew his reputation for being such a good actor, but I never experienced it. I had to admit, he was bloody amazing. Still, it scared me so much at how his emotion could change in a snap. He took a blood-red apple and went away. Damn, I felt so scared. I knew he wouldn't do anything so cruel. But, I also know that he could do something humiliating.




"Lina? You alright?" asked Mary. I blinked a few times before nodding slightly.




"I'm fine," I mumbled. I finished my food and waited until all my friends were done. At least, if I was with them, Sirius couldn't do anything more humiliating than I thought. Right?




I walked with my friends to the door, watching any signs of a unhumanly-tall boy. Lily even asked me twice why I acted so weird. I ignored her questions and focused to look for Sirius. I found him nowhere, so I sighed in relief. Just as I walked on, I was flying again in the air. This time, I was wearing skirt and I bet everyone could see my knicker.




"BLACK!" screamed Lily and she took her wand. She sent a direct light on him. Sirius, being an incredibly talented wizard, flicked it off easily. Fortunately, it made his spell on me dispersed. I would fall quite hard if Abigail didn't catch me. Now, Lily was storming toward Sirius, who was just looking at her in a bored expression.




"You can't hit my friend with such humiliating spell like that, Black!" yelled Lily. She was now standing in front of him with her wand pointed right on his chest. Sirius, towering in front of her, looked at her wand and snorted.




"You think you can defeat me, Evans?" he mocked. He got the point, though. No one ever defeated him in a duel before. Not even James.




"I don't care. You humiliated my friend, you humiliated me too. And I don't like being humiliated."




"Like I care," mumbled Sirius mockingly. Lily raised her wand.








"Evans, stop it," said James calmly but cold enough to freeze everyone. Lily looked at him and snorted.




"Quit the hero action, Potter. I don't need it," she answered.




"You don't, but Padfoot did," he said politely. Sirius glared at him.




"I don't need your help, Prongs. I could handle a Death Eater if I wanted too," said the pompous boy. I frowned. Where did those names came from?




"Lily," I said as I walked toward her. Lily turned her head and looked at me – her wand still pointed at Sirius. "I think Potter was right. You have to stop that."




Sirius smirked. "That's right, Evans. Listen to that freak you called a friend! She knows everything – including good knickers," he said. I was tempted to hit his perfect nose that I envied a lot. But, I knew it would only cause more trouble. I took Lily's hand softly and dragged her away from them.




"Her knicker is really good, I tell you Prongs. I wonder what will she look with that knicker only," said Sirius to James. I hoped that no one heard it, but apparently, Lily heard it.




"ALRIGHT, THAT'S ENOUGH!" yelled Lily and she sent Sirius a shot of red light. James quickly cast a Protection Shield that I bet was stronger than any adult could make. The red light went back at Lily, who ducked from it.




"Moony, do something!" barked James to whoever the hell he was talking with. Surprisingly, Remus was the one who was called Moony. He cast a Full-Body Bind Curse at Lily, and rushed toward Sirius. The pompous git looked like he was trying to attack Lily. Remus cast another Body Bind Curse at Sirius, who flicked it off easily. James and Remus finally decided to hold Sirius and Peter ran to call McGonagall.




"Let go of me, Prongs!" yelled Sirius to James.




"Like hell I would! You are not attacking Evans, Padfoot!" yelled James back.




"I give no damn! She was just going to attack me and you still defended her?"




"She's a girl, Padfoot! Of course, I'll defend her!"




"Oh yeah, like would ever believe that bullshit."




"Finish, gentlemen?" said a flat, cold voice of Minerva McGonagall. Sirius and James and Remus stopped wrestling. Dumbledore was standing next to her, with his twinkling eyes and kind smile. I wondered why he was not angry. Maybe the man really had no anger.




"Headmaster," muttered Sirius and James. They lowered their heads, avoiding Dumbledore's gaze. Dumbledore eyes were looking at the whole room. He moved slowly toward the two boys.




"If you ask me, I won't be cutting any points, not after I just had that delicious strawberry pudding," said Dumbledore, blatantly ignoring McGonagall's look. "I just want you to apologize to both girls right away," he added shortly before he went back to the Hall. McGonagall looked at Sirius and James, probably secretly hating Dumbledore for not punishing the two insufferable prats.




"Ten points from Gryffindor. Now, go on, apologize to Miss Evans and Miss Isilee," said McGonagall sternly. Sirius opened his mouth to protest.




"But prof-"




"I'm no Albus Dumbledore, Mr Black. Puddings aren't enough to stop me from cutting points, and there's no arguing with that. I want to see you two saying sorry to both girls." James was already walking toward me and Lily, but Sirius, the stubborn arsehole, didn't move a muscle.




"I won't apologise," said Sirius stubbornly. "Not in a million years." He turned around and stormed toward the stairs – maybe right to our common room. McGonagall shook her head and went back to the Hall.




James moved swiftly toward Lily, who was still filled with anger. "Evans, Isilee," he started slowly. "I'm sorry for Padfoot's behaviour. And, I am so sorry for letting that happened."




Lily snorted and pulled me away from him before I had the chance to say something. I noticed the hurt and offended look on James' face. But, he'd probably get over it in a few minutes. He received far worse than that for years.




"Lily," I said as we walked. "I think you should give Potter a chance least being your friend."




Lily shook his head. "After what he and Black did to us? Hell no."








Lily whipped around and looked to my eyes dangerously. If looks could kill, I might be dead right now. "I'd rather die than giving Potter a chance to be my friend," she hissed and walked ahead.




I sighed and walked behind her. I knew there was no arguing with Lily. She always thought what she did was right. And Little Miss Evans didn't want to be proven wrong. She was far too stubborn for her own good.


Author's Note:

I need to tell you some details here. First, the casts are not all of them are British actors/actresses. Most of them are Americans - like Sara Paxton who portrays Lina. I found it hard to find British girls that suit my characters' criteria. But most of the boys are British - like Ben Barnes who portrays Sirius. Second, Lillian isn't really short form of Lily Evans' name. I just made it out.

 I'm really welcomed for suggestions. Thanks a lot for those who stop by and read this story - moreover reviewed my story.


Sophie ;)

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