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Nine Lives? by Zora Weasley
Chapter 4 : A lake and strange creatures
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Chapter 4: A lake and strange creatures


A loud voice was suddenly rising over the masses of human kittens.


“First years to me. First years to me”


There was a human that was even bigger then the rest of them. He had fur all over his face, I guess that is strange for a person, but I think it made him look nicer than all the other big fur-less people.


Rose walked in the direction of the furry person. 


“Hey Hagrid” she said to him 


“Hello Rosie. ” he answered. Then he bowed down a bit. I think he spotted me.” Who is tha' little fellow?” 


Rose looked down on me as if she just remembered I was in her arm. “That is Alianna. Mom and dad got her for me in Diagon Alley”


“She´s a very nice kitten, but yeh shouldn´t take her on the boat, she might fall in the water.” he said whilst petting my head. 


“Oh please, please. I don´t want to go to Hogwarts without her, she already ran away on the train and didn´t travel with me for most of the time.” 


“All right but watch out fer her an' don´t let her fall, yeh don´t want her drownin' in the black lake”


That was the last thing spoken and we climbed into things made out of wood, that were on a big water.  I hate water. Especially if there is much of it. It is good for drinking, but why the hell did we have to go in this little wood things on the water. Anything could happen on this little things.


We really went in them. Four human kittens and me. I could see the water from the place in Roses arm. It was dark and I couldn´t see anything in it. It reflected some stars from the sky. It looked like hundreds of eyes looking at me and telling me not to come to near.


I was so scared of all that water that I quickly climbed back into Roses cloak pocket. It felt a lot safer in there. Although I could still feel the wooden thing sway on the water, I could no longer see it. 


But suddenly Roses hand reached into the pocket and she pulled me out. “ I want you to see the castle too.” she said while trying to get me out of the pocket. As if I want to see anything while being on the water.


Rose finally got me on her lap and turned me around so that I could see a big house with a lot of lights shining through the windows. But the water was still dark and seemed to look angry at me.


I tried to climb back to somewhere, where I couldn´t see the water, it really does freak me out. But then the wooden thing suddenly moved and I was pushed to the edge of the thing. I tried to hit my claws into the wood but I couldn´t stop the fall. 


I landed in the cold water. Everything was black, water was everywhere. I heard a scream from above, but then all the noise went away. I couldn´t breath. The water seemed to push me down. I moved my legs, desperate come to the surface of the water. Once I reached it I was able to gasp some air but then sank down again. 


I managed to get to the surface a few times, but not for long. Then suddenly there was a hand next to me, just when I sunk down again and I was lifted out of the water by someone. I was in one of the bouts again and wrapped into a piece of material. It was a part of a cloak. 


I was dried by that someone, who was wearing the cloak and had saved me from the evil lake. I just hid in in the dark material, so that I couldn´t see the lake anymore. I didn´t look up to see which human it was.


After hours on the water, that was what it felt like, the boats came to an halt and all the human kittens climbed out. I noticed that we weren´t swaying anymore. The kitten removed the cloak and I saw that it was the one with the blond fur from the train.


 He handed me over to Rose, who looked at him as if she wanted to say something, but he just walked away from her and the kittens standing with her. 


She looked at me and whispered “Sorry.” and put back me in her pocket, the place I shouldn´t have left in the first place. I´m pretty sure she was sorry about removing me from there.


Minutes later we arrived at the biggest door I had ever seen, not that I had a lot of experience with doors. It was opened by a female human. She had short fur for a female human and was about half the size of the furry human, who brought us over the water.


“Here are the first years, Professor Zeller”


“Thank you Hagrid. I´ll take them from here”


The kittens went in through the door, but Rose was stopped by the furry human. 


“Rose, let me check on the kitten, while yer at the feast, jus' to make sure she is alright. A house-elf will brin' her to yer dorm when yeh are sorted.”


Rose looked up to him, I was once again removed from the cloak pocket and she placed me in the big hand of the furry person.


“She is goin' to be fine. She has still got eight lives. yeh know tha' every cat has got nine lives. don`t yeh?”


He patted her on the had and walked with me away from the big house, while Rose followed the rest of the kittens to go inside.


The Big One walked with me over to a smaller house. When we had entered I was put and inspected by the furry one. He seemed to be happy with what he saw and said. ”I guess yeh are alright little fellow, jus' don´t fall in the lake again.” As if I would do that on purpose, it was terrible enough one time. I´m going to stay away from that evil lake as much as I can.


He got up and called “Tibby!” 


A strange creature appeared out of nowhere, I had seen that happen before, but never such a creature. It was smaller than the kittens and had ears that were not as small and round as the human ears. They were longer and a bit pointy, so more like normal ears than the humans. 


“How may Tibby assist you Master Hagrid?” it asked.


“Take the cat with yeh to the kitchen, feed her an' brin' her to the right house Rose Weasley gets sorted into. Please.” 


The creature came towards me, while I was still busy examining its ears. Then I was picked up by the long fingered hands and the creature turned on the spot. I felt squished from all directions, being not very pleased with that feeling I hit my teeth in one of the hands holding me. I heard a little squeak and then we were standing in a big room, where other creatures, similar to the one who brought me were walking around.


The most interesting things the room was the bowl filled with meat that was put in front of me seconds after my arrival. 


The meat was really nice. It was better than the food at Roses home, of which I had already thought was the best food ever. A nice mix of different sorts of meat and organs. 


When I was done eating and cleaning myself I started inspecting the place more closely. The creatures were still walking around in the room, a lot more hectic as before. They moved things  to eat on the big tables in the middle of the room. I had seen some similar things in Roses family.


Then suddenly they all stepped back from the four long tables. The food disappeared and the table was suddenly filled with left overs of other food and dirty dishes. That came as a surprise. The strange creatures started to remove the things from the tables and places it in big things that were filled with water. I wondered for a while where the food  had gone and why the strange creatures didn´t eat it themselves and were the other stuff had come from.


My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by one of the creatures coming back to me. I think it was the same as before, but I was not sure of it.


“ Come here little cat. Let Tibby bring you to your new home” it said, while extending its arm to me and moving its long fingers against each other. When I didn´t come to its hand, I mean why would I come just because that Tibby creature told me to? It came to me and picked me up again. I think this evening mainly consisted of me being picked up and brought somewhere.


We were once again squished form all possible directions. This time I didn´t bit the creature in the creature in the hand, I already knew that it wasn´t going to take a long time. To get to whatever place it wanted to go.


Seconds later we were in another room. It was round and there were five big beds around each of them was a lot of read material, so that you couldn´t look in.


The Tibby creature pulled one of them open, with the hand that wasn´t holding me of course and sat me down on the soft blanket. Then it disappeared.


I noticed only because of the softness of the blanket how tried I was. I stretched myself and then dozed of.


I woke up when Rose and other kittens entered the room, but they seemed pretty tried too. Rose moved me a little bit and went into our bed as well. 


Then I really fell asleep. Only to awaked by a bird, sitting on the window board the next morning.





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Nine Lives?: A lake and strange creatures


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