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The Truth by Phelia Fraz
Chapter 9 : Ending the Day
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Ginny couldn't stay focused on her divination homework. As if the class wasn't boring enough she was distracted by Ron and Lavender making out in the common room. Harry was doing such an awesome job of running a hole in the floor she was sure she would soon be hearing Mrs. Norris meowing from the first floor. He hadn't been able to really talk to Hermione since right before she was called up to the headmaster's office Tuesday morning. None of them had. Dumbledore had told everyone at breakfast Wednesday morning that her parents had been killed in America. He said that is was the work of death eaters. Ginny decided to give up her homework and take Harry upstairs to comfort him. Maybe she could make him forget about Hermione for a few hours.

Draco was not sure how to react to Hermione so he walked away. When he heard the apparation crack his startled. Though they weren't friends he at least thought that they could be friendly. After spending the night at his house he believed them to be beyond such hatred. Hell he had even come to the funeral for her. Before Draco left he made up his mind that Hermione would have to make the first move if they were ever to be civil to one another again. Who in the hell does she think she is? Nobody has every declined a Malfoy family invitaion.

Severus tried not to act stunned when he saw Hermione's reaction to Draco's invitation, but remembering back to the way he was as a teen he didn't believe that he would have accepted an invitation from Potter either. Severus was able to apparate them to the Grange long before the others were able to arrive. He allowed Hermione some time alone in her room while they waited. He even placed a charm on the front gates so he would know when they entered. Severus sat in the Orange room waiting for her to show up.

When Minnie walked through the door Severus still couldn't believe that he was seeing her again. After she had showed up at the meeting and told them about where she had been hiding, and who her child was, they all understood her reluctance to return back to them. Hermione was safer where she was. Being Harry Potter's friend she was in with the other side. Not that they were expecting to use this just that she was in very little danger from them. Also few knew about the Grangers, and who they were. The family's very existence was kept from Albus. Otherwise his sister would have been one of the wives years ago.

"Severus, how is she?"

"She is holding up. But I am not sure for how long. If Albus presses her to chose Minerva then I am sure she will. If he tells her it will help Harry."

"Then all may be lost?"

"No. I think not. You are known to her as her nanny, Minnie. Why don't you go and talk to her?"

"And tell her what?"

"I don't know. You are her mother you will have to figure that out."

As Minnie walked in to the room she could hear Hermione walking back and forth. Hermione didn't seem to notice her until she had to cough to get attention.

"Jane. did you need something?"

"Hermione you don't have to play the Head of house for me. I am still your nanny. I was there when you skinned your knees. I was there when you found out that you were a witch. And i am here now when you find out that the Grangers are not your biological parents."

"How. how did you know that?"

"Hermione I am your nanny. i know many things about you. Your mother decided that when you were a child that I should know this. I have no idea why. Maybe mother's intuition? I think that she knew you would need someone who would knew. Please don't be mad at me."

"Jane I could never be mad at you for something that isn't your fault. You were more than a nanny to me growing up. You always seemed to really love me and care for me. Now i guess you are the closest thing to a mother that I have left."

"Hermione you must know that i do love you. And that I will always be there for you. Sweetheart why don't you tell me why you have been so deep in thought?"

Hermione thought about telling Jane that it was nothing, but she knew that she needed a third party to talk to. One that didn't have something to gain one way or another. Hermione really did think of Jane as a mother figure, and now that she knew her mother wasn't her real mother thinking of Jane this way didn't feel so bad. "I have to chose who to make as my guardian. I have two options. The Professor Severus Snape, the one that has been with me this week. Or Professor Minerva McGonagall my head of house at Hogwarts and the deputy headmistress."

"Which one do you like more?"

"Well. I used to hate Severus, but this last week he really has been great. Minerva I really don't know but I think that it might be easier on Harry if I choose her. Though Mother said in her letter that she wanted me to choose him. But harry will be so upset..."

"Hermione, I know how much you love Harry, but don't you think that this is a choice that you should make on your own? I mean I believe that you need to think about yourself instead of Harry. Plus you just found out that you have different parents out there. Is there a way that you can hold offf on adoption until you find out who your parents were? Maybe you could keep professor Snape until you find them?'

"As much as it hurts me to say this I think that you are right. I know that Harry would choose Minerva, but at the meeting she and Molly were discussing keeping me out. Severus was saying that it was his choice and he would let me choose. Also mom wants me to keep him. And I can come to an agreement with him about this only being till I can find my real parents. Oh but Jane you don't understand about HIM. HE could cause problems for me and for Severus if he finds out that I am staying with him."

"Umm Hermione who is HE?"

"HE is the Dark Lord. And Severus has to follow him."

"I see and has he done anything yet?"

"No but he could be biding his time."

"Till when? When you have time to no longer be in Snape's custody?"

"Good point." Hermione took a deep breath to steady herself. "I think that I am ready to speak with the Professor now." After saying this Jane opened the door and as they were about to walk out to find Severus he walked up to the door.

"Oh good you are ready. They have just entered the gates. Ms. Granger you may want to change. This could take awhile."

Twenty minutes later everyone was gathered in the study.

Mr. Johnson was a bit reluctant to allow the strange man with the long beard in his car, but he didn't want to upset one of his biggest clients. So he agreed to allow Hermione's Headmaster in his car. Along with the really uptight woman he assumed would soon become Hermione's guardian. Oh well no point in riding in silence. If she was soon going to be speaking for his client then he might as well get on her good side. If she had one.

Albus thought that Mr. Johnson was a bit odd. Clearly the man did not like him nor Minerva yet he kept trying to talk to her. I guess that muggles don't have to try hard to hide what they feel because nobody can read their minds. But then again he was just reading about those muggles in the American Branson that do it, and the one that follow around the carnivals. But of course he believed them to be gypsy. Though gypsy magic isn't what a wizard would preform it is a rare gift. Not everyone born in a gypsy camp can use gypsy magic it is kinda like...

Minerva was having the hardest time in the car. Albus was far to busy in his own thoughts to help her out and she was being hounded by questions from Hermione's muggle lawyer. She really didn't like the man and was trying hard to show it without being to rude. I mean really what right does he have asking her where she grew up. And where her permanate residence was. How found she was of Hermione? I mean honestly wasn't Hermione going to be the one to choose? And what did it matter if she was Flinch. Hermione was going to choose someone right away to get her from Severus. That man is a double crosser if I have ever seen one. Why Albus trust him i don't know. he must have something on him. Everyone knows that he enjoys being a Death eater and loves to harm my Gryffindors every chance he gets. Oh poor Hermione.

Lucky for her they had just reached the gates.

Once everyone was in the room Hermione made a move to allow everyone to see her. They all knew that she had made up her decision and that she believed it to be final. Of course she never was an emotional girl when it came right down to it. Except when Ron was concerned, but he wasn't around right now then was he? Once Hermione started to talk everyone held on to her every word all of them knowing but not quiet understanding that her decision would change the way that the war would be played. The Order would have more money. A lot more money. But Severus could only think about Hermione being reunited with her parents. Which of course he would find a way to make happen either way.

"Professors and Mr. Johnson, in light of some news that Mr. Snape and I have recently come upon I am ready to make my decision. Professor McGonagall I know that I am already one of your children because I am in your House. I also know that if you were my guardian you would do what you and the headmaster believes is right for me, Harry, and the Order. I understand that with you I would have the Order's protection. I want you to know that I already feel like your daughter." Minerva was sure that this meant she was being chose. She plucked herself up like a motherhen. Then she was plucked down.

" Professor Snape. I know your position within both groups. I understand that two roles that you play in both worlds. I am sorry that you have been made to put yourself at risk for me. I am also sorry that I almost hexed your Godson. I want you to know that I have become quiet fond of you, almost like an older brother this past week."Severus didn't know what to think about this. it kinda reminded him of that American reality TV Hermione had bade him watch what was it called again? The Bachelor. Where the undecided dude can't make up his mind so he see how each contestant acts. He wasn't sure if he liked it or not.

" Mr Johnson about that letter that was left for me. What was written inside of it has had a great effect on what I am going to choose today. You see the Grangers are not my real parents. I am their heir and so everything that was theirs is now mine, but I am not their biological daughter. Mrs. Granger has expressed her wishes that I might find my birth parents before I chose a guardian. Therefore I wish to choose a guardian that will have just as much access to my stuff as Professor Snape has had. I also want you to draw up the legal documents that will not allow them to so much as breath at my estate until I change my mind. And if something were to happen to me for some reason or another that my entire estate goes to my staff at this house to split equally. Can that be done?" When he gave her a nod Hermione began to speak again.

"Alright now is the moment we have all been waiting for. I choose Professor Snape as my long-term temporary guardian until I can find my birth parents. I do this simply because I want to be able to look for them without anyone breathing down my neck. I also want to become a member of the Order and understand that you are against it Minerva. I am the manager of my estate so I should be able to choose what I get to do. Don't get me wrong Severus I know that you won't just let me get away with it all, but i am betting on you being to busy to stop me. Now if you all don't mind it has been a really long day and I feel the need to sleep. Professors I am sure that Jane and Severus can see you out, and you as well Mr. Johnson." With this Hermione turned around and walked back to her room. Effectively giving no one a chance to argue with her. She knew that they were going to take it out on Snape but that was his problem for now. At least until morning.

Once Hermione left no one said a word for minuets. Mr. Johnson was confused about why she choose the angry looking man but then again when he looked at the now pissed looking woman he guessed Hermione didn't have much to choose from. Severus was sure that Albus and Minerva were going to kill him as soon as they were alone. Thank whatever God it was that those muggles prayed to that Minnie and Mr. Johnson were with him. Minnie was very excited with these events. Her daughter admitted that she felt like she was a mother to her. Hermione had chosen Severus so she might soon be able to meet her father. We could all be one not so very happy family. Minerva was ready to fight never in her life had she felt so embarrassed. Her own student. A member of her house had chosen a Slytherin. How would she face daylight again? Albus had to do something he just had to. Albus was at a loss though. He didn't like the way things had turned out, but he didn't want to lose Hermione either. If he told her that her decision could help the Order. That she could look after Snape then he might be able to salvage this. He knew that she would never betray Harry. He also knew that this was probably the first thing that she had ever done putting herself first before Harry. He really couldn't blame her, she was so young. This week has to have been very hard on her. With Severus being a mere half-blood he might be able to help her search for her parents. They were, after all, still muggles even if they weren't the Grangers. With these thoughts everyone walked to to entrance hall. The others left leaving Severus and Minnie behind.

"So what do we do now?"

"Once again, you are her mother, you tell me?"

"Should we tell her father? Right dumb question. I will be a flew call away if you need me?"

"Umm Minnie this is a house filled with muggles."

"Good point. Just go to the Orange room and apparate. It is sound proof for that reason." Once they got to the room in question Minnie apparated away to see her husband. She wasn't gone for ten minutes before Hermione came in.

"I thought that you were going to bed?"

"I can't sleep. I really just wanted to get away from them before they blew. How did it go?"

"Well since we weren't alone they couldn't kill me."

"Not funny."

"Wasn't trying to be. Really no one said a word except for goodbye. I think we were all to busy with our thoughts. Choosing me must not have been an easy decision Hermione. I understand that this will be hard for you up in Gryffindor tower. If you would like to I can..."

"No. I want to stay with them. Harry might get angry but he really doesn't have anything to worry about. I can get in the order now, and tell him things that he needs to know that they won't tell him. Don't even try to tell me that I can't."

"I understand that you will just ignore be but for my safety i must ask that you don't tell him anything. There now if Albus asks we can both tell him that I asked you not to."

"Fine. I think that I am ready to go to sleep now. Severus. How hard will it be for me. As your ward?"

"You won't be considered so much a ward but as a daughter. That is how Purebloods are Hermione. You will be expected to attend certain parties with me. The Dark Lord may even be at some of them, but don't fear him. He will not harm you. He will not use you either. He can't. Children are off limits unless offered up by a child's parents. You are considered my child but since you know that you have parents alive I can't offer you up. Not that I would." Severus knew that he was lying to her but what else could he say. Oh bye the way since old voldie is your daddy he isn't going to put you in any danger. Somehow he didn't think that would turn out very well. "Goodnight Hermione."

"Goodnight Severus."

Tomorrow would be a better time to talk about everything that would change. He knew that she may not want to but perhaps Minnie should let her know that she is a witch. Then later perhaps let her know that she is her mother? Oh he was way to tired to think. Bed sounded nice.

Tom Riddle was extremely happy for once in his life. His wife was back with him, and his daughter was on the road to coming home. Though she may not know it yet.

Hundreds of miles away Harry woke from his sleep. He knew that Voldemort was happy. He also knew that for whatever reason this was it didn't bode well for him. It never did when he was happy. He got up and put on his robes and grabbed his cloak. He needed to speak with Dumbledore. He needed to know what was going on with Hermione, and with Voldemort.





So how did you like it? I know it wasn't great and the wait was so long but I keep working like 16 hour shifts and i need sleep badly. Will post this as soon as i get to a location with internet. And remember if you like it OR hate it you can always leave a review. This is my first story so helps me please! Bye yall


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