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Insanity by EverDiggory
Chapter 2 : Unexpected
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 I scooped the last swallow of chocolate ice cream in my mouth, and tossed the carton on the floor. That would be my twenty-seventh quart of ice cream in the last 72 hours that had been consumed. I could practically feel myself getting fatter, but if it made me feel better, so be it. 






“Men!” I scoffed at the muggle movie that had captured my intention, and padded off to the freezer in search of more ice cream. “Hermione Jean Granger!” a fiery voice yelled. I spun around slowly to see my red head best friend with her hands on her hips. “Yes Ginny?” I asked her, with a mouthful of ice cream. “You’re pathetic! Honestly! I have never seen you like this! Are you really gonna let my bloody ass of a brother bring you to this?!” she ranted, throwing an armful of ice cream cartons away.  Guilt immediately washed over me.  “And really his tee-shirt? And sweatpants? Come on ‘Mione! This is truly your all time low! “ She continued to lecture.






“Take it off!” she yelled, the fire in her blue eyes intensifying even more.












“What did you just say to me? I said take it off!” she hollered, and attempted to pull off the shirt. “You—can’t—make—me!” I argued, trying to stop her from taking his shirt away from me.  With one last powerful tug, she had succeeded in literally ripping the shirt off of my body, causing me to stick my tongue out at her childishly. “We are going out. Go shower and get ready.” she ordered. “Yes ma’am” I mocked lamely.






I started off towards my room when I heard a knock on the front door. I ran to the door before Ginny could, and I smiled in triumph while yanking the door open.  My face fell instantly. “Lavender…what do you want?” I growled, fighting with myself to hex her into oblivion. “Well, I just wanted to tell you there’s no point in trying to get Ron back, so don’t even bother. I’m pregnant. He’s mine now” she snorted at me in her fake baby voice.  I was now fighting with the urge to cry. 






“You stupid little whore” Ginny yelled, but I silenced her by holding up a hand. “Didn’t plan on it. I’ve got someone new.” I retorted. “Oh really? Who?” Lavender laughed. “And I would tell you…because? So you can steal him to? I don’t think so. But you’ll see him at the Ministry Ball. Oh, and congratulations on your little ‘bundle of joy’. I sure hope Ron loves you, because he is stuck with you now!” I yelled, and slammed the door in her face. “That felt good,” I laughed weakly. “I bet it did. Now go get ready!” she replied. “I am going to get totally drunk tonight!” I laughed, walking away. “That makes two of us,” she mumbled under her breath.






“That’s like my 13th shot,” I slurred, almost falling off my chair. “Me too” Ginny agreed.  “I’m going to get some more” I mumbled and laughed at the same time, stumbling away.  Suddenly, icy liquid was running down the front of my shirt.  I yelped and fell backwards. “Jesus Granger!” a sexy voice yelled. “Draco Malfoy” I giggled. “You are really wasted aren’t you” he laughed. “Absolutely not!” I laughed oddly and tumbled to the side, resulting in another drink down my shirt. “Christ! Red drink, white bra! Hello! Merlin… “ I sniped with as much venom in my voice as I could.  “Let me take you home. Where are we going?” he asked. “Candyland!”


“Alright my house it is. You can sober up a bit”






Unfortunately, apparating was my only choice. When it was finished she looked very, very pale. “Oh shit”I cursed. Next thing I knew she was throwing up all over my shoes. I awkwardly held her hair out of her face. She stood up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “I’m so hammered,” she whispered roughly. Even as drunk and ragged as she was, she was still rather attractive. 






“Um.Shower.Yes! Right.Shower”I stammered, tearing my eyes off of her. After I showed her to the master bathroom, I sat on the bed and ran my hands through my hair.  I know my father was rolling in his grave over the fact I had just checked out Hermione Granger, most famous muggle born of her generation. He would have disowned me had he not been dead. But I was no longer his little minion. I didn’t believe in blood status. I no longer made the same mistakes that my father was burning in hell for.  I was no longer the terrible man I one was.






Then Hermione walked out, wearing nothing but my quidditch shirt and underwear as I forced myself not to stare. “Better?” I choked out. “A little.” She replied, and sat down next to me on the bed. I pulled my eyes off of her again, but this time, she noticed my staring.






She leaned in slowly, ever so slowly. I swallowed hard and braced myself for what was coming. I gently collided my lips with hers. A jolt of electricity passed through me. We both pulled back, smiling. “Let’s um…get some sleep” I said, looking away. “Can I stay in here with you tonight?” she asked quietly. “Um yeah. Sure.” I stuttered, and we layed down. With a clap the lights were off, and listened to her breathing.  I felt her scoot closer to me the unexpectedly put an arm around me then rested her head on my chest. I hesitantly played with her hair as she fell asleep almost instantaneously. For the first time since I was fifteen I fell asleep with no worries or fears plaguing my mind.




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Insanity: Unexpected


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