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Just One of the Boys by MusicOfTheNight
Chapter 8 : Chapter Eight
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 Disclaimer: I own nothing but my original chracters and the plot. Though the plot was insipred by the manga Hana Kimi.  Banner by me!


Just One of the Boys Chapter 8


I am so frickin happy! Around me there is a bubble of happiness that no one can pop! It’s Friday! I get to get out of the hospital today! Tomorrow is Hogsmead! And I have my wand back!!  

My wand is actually very rare. It is a 9 and a quarter inch cypress wand with a chimera scale as the core. Chimera scales are really rare and quite powerful. My wand has been kept in my family for centuries and only two of my ancestors actually were able to use the wand. The wand picking me was a big deal in my family. And I love the fact that it picked me, because my wand has served me well.


As I basked in the happiness that my wand is back, I went down to breakfast. Classes today went by slowly. I didn’t miss much in Charms but Ancient Runes was terrible. I missed a lot in that class, and didn’t understand much of what was going on during that class. However I talked to Professor Kinlan, and he explained a lot of what was going on, and assured me I would be fine as long as I don’t miss anymore days of school.  Which I’m not planning to! Because I refused to get injured! Ever!

I had tons of fun in Transfiguration because I got to use my wand the whole time, practicing conjuring spells! It was so awesome!


And then finally it was Saturday and I can spend a nice day in Hogsmead. Just like Amy predicted I woke up at six and walked down to the Great Hall, with Sirius like always.  I met up with Amy and Jared at 8 and we walked outside toward the village of Hogsmead.

“Holy s-sweet English tea and muffins! It’s cold!” I said as I walked out into the cold Britain air. France was so much warmer.

Jared started laughing and Amy just looked at me questioningly. “Sweet English tea and muffins?” She asked.

“I’m trying not to swear.” I stated. “I’ve been swearing too much since I got to England so I’ve decided to stop!”

“I’ve never heard you swear.” Amy said.

Jared, who finally stopped laughing said “Yeah, me neither.”

            “In my mind. I’ve swore in my mind. Which I have never done until I came here.” I said.  Well I haven’t sworn that much, but I would like to stop before it becomes a habit.

            Hey!” Jared said with a sudden inspiration, “Do you know any good French swear words?”

            “Of course I do. I’ve lived most of my life in France!” I said, knowing where this would be going.

            “So do you want to teach me some?” Jared asked innocently.


            By the time we reached Hogsmead, Jared knew a decent amount of French swear words.

            “So why don’t you like swearing?” Amy asked curious. She’s probably never met a guy who doesn’t swear. Maybe I should keep swearing- it’s manlier. But I really don’t want to.  So I told her the truth.

            “My mum said it’s a bad way to express yourself. And that sort of stuck with me.”

            “Oh,” Amy said, “But I warn you, I’m going to swear as much as I like in front of you.”

            “Yeah, I figured.” I had experienced Amy’s really colorful language when she stubbed her toe last week. I did not even know half the words she said. 

            “So where do you want to go first?” Amy asked.

            “Uhh…” I said. I wanted to go everywhere.

            “How about we go to Honeydukes?” Jared said, “I need some chocolate.”


            So we made our way into Honeydukes sweet shop. It was filled with every sweet you could imagine. I knew some of them, but a lot were very different than the ones sold in France.

            “What are Acid pops?” I asked, looking at the red lollipop, which seemed to be sizzling.

            “You don’t want to eat that.” Jared said, “I tried one and it burned a hole into my tongue.” Jared shuddered at the memory of it.

            “Ha, I remember that!” Amy said laughing. “You were so stupid! We all told you not to try it!”

            “But I wanted to.” Jared said laughing with her.

            “Maybe you should have been in Gryffindor, with your need to put yourself in stupid situations.” Amy said.

            “You realize you are making fun of our own house?” Jared asked smiling at Amy.

            “And that’s why I’m not in Ravenclaw!” Amy said joyously, and the she turned around to grab some Peppermint toads.

            Jared stared at Amy with a smile in his face until he realized what he was doing and then he turned hastily around and grabbed some chocolate off the shelf. I smiled to myself, certain that Jared liked Amy. It would be sweet if they got together. But then they would all be paired off, Frank and Alice, Jared and Amy, and I would be alone. And of course it’s not like I could get a boyfriend or anything, because I am a “boy”. I would be all alone, when they all decide to do their couple stuff.

            But, I am getting too far ahead of myself. Amy probably doesn’t even like Jared. Though she did say she liked someone else, it might not be Jared. Which would also suck, because then Jared gets his heart broken. Life is so much more complicated when you have friends…though it is more fun.


“Hey Nate?” Amy called.

            “Yeah?” I asked, pulling myself out of my thoughts.

            “You ready to buy your stuff and get out of here?” She asked.

            “Yeah.” I said walking toward the cashier with Amy and Jared.


            After we left the sweet shop we made out way to see the Shrieking Shack. Jared, who seemed to know every fact about this place, kept telling us bone chilling stories about the ghosts who lived there.

            It was creeping me out so much. The shack was old, and seemed like it would fall down any moment. According to Jared, at night you could here the ghosts screaming in pain, as if something was torturing them.

            After all the scary talk, we decided to get something warm, that will hopefully get rid of the shivers Amy and I acquired after hearing Jared’s ghost stories.

            We walked into the Three Broomsticks, which is a pub, filled with Hogwarts students. It seemed like everyone who came to Hogsmead was in the Three Broomsticks. We had to struggle to get a table. We stalked people (not in a creepy way, except it was totally creepy!) until they got up, so then we could take their table.

            “I’ll go get drinks,” Jared said, “You like butterbeer, Nate?”

            “I’ve never tried butterbeer.” I said.

            “You got to try it! It’s so good!” Jared said.

            “Ok then.” I said, excited to try more new stuff.


            Jared disappeared into a crowd of people, and walked toward the drink line. Which, from what I could tell, was very long. I suppose I’ll be alone with Amy for a while.

            “Do you like Hogsmead so far?” Amy asked.

            “Yeah, it’s fun.” I said, enjoying the village.

            “Oh, that’s good.” Amy said smiling. She probably still felt bad about yelling at me. I should probably tell her that I’m really happy she made me come. But I already told her that I’m glad I’m going yesterday, so it might be weird to tell her again. I’m not exactly sure what I should say. I’ve never really had a friend who cared enough to force me to hang out with her…


            Just then the Marauders walked into the door. Of course, everyone knows when a Marauder enters a room… they basically light it up. Sirius was at the front, laughing at something. (Doggie laughter, that’s what I’ve named Sirius’ laugh.) Amy seemed very aware of this, and refused to look at Sirius. I laughed at her attempt of hiding herself.


            “You really shouldn’t hide from him.” I told Amy, “You go to the same school. You can not avoid him forever.”

            “It’s just so awkward around him!” Amy said, ditching her attempts to hide. She looked at me again and said, “I mean, it wasn’t supposed to be like this. I shouldn’t have gotten mad at him for not mailing me all summer. Then he wouldn’t have thought I wanted to get back together.” Amy sighed and continued,

            “Really, why would he even think I’d want to get back together? We made a terrible couple.” She said a little bitter sounding.

            “Terrible couple?” I asked confused.

            “Yeah! I don’t even know if I liked him while we were dating. And I doubt he felt anything for me. I don’t even know why we were dating.” Amy said thinking back.


            That doesn’t make any sense to me. Sirius seemed like he really liked Amy when he came to me for advice. But then again, he was pretty quick to get over her, and only tried to win her over because I told him to.


            “I’m sure you felt something for him.” I said, “Why would you date Sirius if you didn’t even like him?”  She was probably just annoyed at him right now, and forgot the feelings she had for him.


            “No, seriously! I don’t even know why I dated him!” Amy said staring at me desperately. I get the feeling that she has been wanting to tell someone this for a while but did not know how to say it.


            “I suppose…” Amy said thinking, “It’s because…” Then she looked up at me, making sure I was paying attention. Or scrutinizing me, to make sure I was trustworthy enough to know whatever she was going to say.

            I tried giving an encouraging smile. Well I hope it look encouraging, I’m sort of new to this whole, ‘having friends entrust you with secrets’ thing.  Then again, I do know Remus’ secret…and Sirius asked me for advice…And James asked me for help…so I do know a little…but I should stop thinking about that stuff and focus on Amy. So I tried giving my undivided attention to Amy.

            “Well, I suppose…it’s because I was lonely.” Amy said, biting her lip.

            “Huh?” I asked confused.

            “Well Frank and Alice had gotten together, and Jared was dating that stupid Hufflepuff…I was a little lonely. And I suppose that’s why I went out with Sirius. And he went out with me because of the same reason, I guess.”

            “Sirius’ being lonely!” I said shocked. Sirius was always the center of attention in school, so how could he be lonely. He has so many friends…


Amy smiled sadly. “Oh gosh, I suck.” Amy said, putting her hand on her forehead and leaning on the table.  “I can’t believe I dated Sirius because I was lonely!  That’s such a stupid reason to date someone!”


“That’s not a stupid reason.” I blurted out.


 Oh crap, why did I say that? I mean, if I thought dating someone would cure my loneliness then I probably would have done it, back in France. Also I would need someone to date…which I didn’t have. But if someone, anyone asked me out, I would have said yes, just because I was lonely.


            “I meant it is a stupid reason, but when you are lonely it doesn’t matter what reason you decide to date someone. It’s because they noticed you, and they might be able to cure your loneliness.” I said


            Amy stared at me shocked, and I blushed. I can’t believe I just said that! Just as I expected Amy to start laughing at me she said,

            “You are way to smart to be a guy.” She said smiling.


            Oh merlin, did that blow my cover? No, she was just…that’s just what she thought. I don’t think she realized…but what if she did? But I need to stop freaking out! She’ll notice and know something’s up. I just have to act like always. What would I say normally?

            “Uhh, I’m not sure whether to take that as a compliment, or as an insult.” Yeah, that sounded good.

            “Well girls are four years smarter than boys.” Amy stated, like she knew everything. 

            “It’s actually maturity level. Girls are four yeas older in maturity than guys. However, I think your maturity level is way below mine.” I said laughing as Amy stuck out her tongue at me.

            “I still think girls are smarter.” Amy said.  So do I Amy, so do I. But it’s not like I can say that. I must defend ‘my gender’.

            “Says the one who begs to copy my homework.” I said laughing.

            “Hey! I got good grades way before I started copying your homework!” Amy said in mock outrage.

            “Yeah, back when you copied Jared’s.” I said still laughing.

            “I still copy Jared’s!” She said in the same angry tone, though she was fighting back a laugh. Finally giving in, Amy bursted out laughing. Which, of course, only made me laugh harder.

            Every time I was close to stopping, Amy would burst into another fit of giggles, which would make me laugh too. Finally we stopped laughing.

            “What we were laughing about wasn’t even that funny.” I said, wondering how we fell into a fit of laughter over that conversation.

            “It doesn’t really matter, laughing makes you live longer!” She said enthusiastically.

            “Really? Where did you learn that?” I asked wondering if that is true.

            “Jared. Being the good Ravenclaw that he is, he tends to know the most random facts.” Amy said.

            “Speaking of Jared, why isn’t he back yet?” I asked, turning my head into the crowd of people. 

            “You think he got lost in there?” Amy asked.

            “Probably. It looks deadly in there.” I said, eyeing the crowd.

            “Hey, Nate?” I turned to face Amy. “Could you…not tell Jared what I told you? I don’t really want him to know.” She said looking down, her face turning red.

            “Why don’t you want him to know?” I asked, “He’s not going not judge you.”

            Amy turned redder, and mumbled something. Then I realized, “You like Jared!” I said loudly.

            Amy jumped up so fast and put her hand on my mouth. I stared at her in disbelief.

            “Shhh! Stop talking so loud! It’s not like I want the whole pub to know!” She said angrily taking her hand off my mouth.

            “Sorry. I was just…shocked.” I said, though actually I was happy. Amy likes Jared who likes Amy! That’s just great!

            “Yeah, well keep it quite! I don’t want the whole school to know.” She hissed.

            “Yeah, so, why aren’t you guys dating yet?” I asked grinning.

            “Dating?” Amy asked incredulously, “He doesn’t like me. He just thinks of me as a friend.”

            Have these two not noticed each others feelings? They both like each other. I am almost certain that Jared likes Amy. But I shouldn’t really interfere, should I?  I should let them work it out on there own.


            I nodded and let her rant about how Jared defiantly thinks of her just as a friend. I don’t think she’s told anyone else this from the way she was ranting. I suddenly felt bad for Amy. Amy has no female friends, besides Alice, who the only reason they became friends was because of Frank. Alice probably figured all of this out without Amy having to tell her, and it’s not like Amy could tell Alice much because they’re in different houses and constantly surrounded by us guys. She probably hasn’t had a chance to tell anyone how she feels.

            It sort of sucks for her, but then again I’m in the same boat. It’s not like I have anyone to talk to. I have friends and stuff, but I am a girl. Which no one but Remus knows. And, while I do like Remus, I am not going to tell him about how much I hate their ‘guy talk’. It’s a good thing I haven’t really had friends to tell my issues to in the past, or else I probably wouldn’t be able to deal with this.

            But I’m getting off topic again. I really should pay attention to Amy. She’s in the same boat as me. I really need to stop getting sidetracked by my thoughts.


            “And really, Jared and me…as a couple! Can you imagine it?” Amy said half laughing.  “I’ve known the guy so long, and while I do like him, I don’t know how it would be if we were dating. I don’t want to be all mushy like Frank and Alice. But I’m getting ahead of myself; Jared has to like me for us to be dating.” She ended sadly.

            “Amy, first, you and Jared would make a good couple, but if you get as mushy as Frank and Alice I swear I will sla-punch Jared or something. And you don’t know if he likes you or not, so stop saying that. Stop being so…pessimistic.” I said.

            “I am not pessimistic!” Amy argued.

            “You are a totally pessimist.” I said back.

            “Am not!”

            “Are too!”

            “Am not!”

            “Pessimist! You are a Pessimist!” I said in a sing song voice. 

            “Why’s Amy a pessimist?” A voice said behind me.


            I turned to see Jared standing behind us; I hope he didn’t hear the whole conversation. But it seems he just got here…

            “Because she is!” I said, “And where are our drinks?” I asked noticing Jared’s hands were not holding bottles in it.


“I refuse to go back in there.” Jared said pointing to the crowd.  “It is torture!!! I waited in line for 20 minutes, pushing and shoving people out of the way! Finally I get the drinks and someone bumps into me, spilling everything all over me!” He said looking scarred for life. Amy and I, on the other hand, were enjoying the story very much. “So then I go and dry myself. By the way, my clothes smell like butterbeer. I go and attempt to get some more, but everyone wanted me to wait at the back of the line again! I refuse it! I refuse to get the drinks if I have to wait in that accursed line again.”

            “It’s ok. I do not really need a drink.” I said, feeling sorry for Jared and wanting to laugh at him at the same time.

            “Yeah, let’s just go to Zonko’s.” Amy said happily, “We need to show Nate the Self-Exploding Slime Balls.”

I smiled and followed Amy and Jared to Zonko’s. 


So school just started! Joyus fun *insert sarcastic tone here* This just means I'll either get really lazy with my writing or I'll be really energized. I'm hoping for the latter and I'm sure you are too. Anyways, I entered a challenge so I'll be writing another fic soon, and I'm re-writing GMWM, so i refuse to be lazy. So check out me new fic whenever i get around to writing it! Which, hopefully should be soon!

Anyways, what did you think of the chapter?  

What about Amy/Jared.

I know, you are dissappointed in the lack of Sirius/Nate/Naomi...I never know what to call her...Sorry about that, more Sirius/Naomi/Nate to come!

Anyways, I keep calling Amy, Audie. Audie was a character i wrote for a fic along time ago and i based Amy off of her. So i was wondering, would you guys rather i keep the name Amy, or change her name to Audie? 

So i just wrote a really long Author's note, which must mean you all are going to leave me nice long reviews! (Actually you can leave me a short review if you want!) 

=) R&R

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