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Life As We Know It by slytherinchica08
Chapter 3 : chapter three
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AN: nothing you recognize is mine, it's all J.K.R.'s. Hope that you enjoy the third chapter to Life As We Know It!

I woke up the next morning feeling groggy, as I usually do after crying so much. It took me a moment to remember why I had been crying. When I did remember I just wanted to stay in bed all day but I knew that I had to face them. I wouldn’t let them do this to me. I was going to be strong. Did that mean that I had to talk to them? No, it didn’t.

While I got ready I looked around the room and noticed that the other girls had already headed down to breakfast. It wasn’t often that they got up before me but apparently I had needed more sleep then usual last night. I took my time getting down to the Great Hall, not wanting to see all the people laughing at me for being the poor lonesome girl. I was sure that Malfoy was going to tell them everything. As I pushed open the wooden doors I took in a deep breath and then exhaled, calming myself for what I was sure was to come.

But it never came. A few heads turned to see who was coming in but other than that they continued on their normal morning habits. There was no laughter, no pointing at me, no nothing. I was so confused. I was sure that he would say something; as it was another thing that he could use against me. Quizzically I looked over towards the Slytherin table looking for the blonde in question. There he was, just a few spots over from the middle of the table. I decided to stop looking at him before someone figured it out and called me on it. As I walked towards the Gryffindor table I looked for the messy black hair that would tell me where Harry was sitting. I found him right away and sat down next to him.

“Hey Hermione, how was the rest of your night?” Ron asked me from across the table. If I had known he was there I would have sat somewhere else especially since his new girlfriend was sitting right next to him, practically on top of him.

“Hello Harry. Did you have a good evening?” I asked turning to him, ignoring Ron’s question.

“Um, yeah it was alright Hermione. How was yours?” Harry asked back, looking between me and Ron, a little confused.

“Oh, you know, it was alright. I did a little bit of homework but other than that it was nothing special.” I responded grabbing a piece of toast and some eggs for breakfast.

“My night was pretty good as well.” Ron tried to throw in but I continued to ignore him.

I could tell that he was confused about what he had done to merit this type of behavior from me and honestly I was glad that he didn’t know, as that would be more embarrassing for me. He kept giving me glances throughout breakfast but I wouldn’t make eye contact with him I really felt bad that I was treating him this way but it was just too much for me right now. Maybe someday I would be able to look at him again but every time I did now I could only feel the ache in my heart.

Nobody else could really tell that anything was wrong with me as I still acted as I normally did. My hand still shot up in class when a question was asked but that was actually more out of habit then my wanting to. I would have been fine with just taking notes and silently aching over a boy that was never mine but I just was not able to leave the questions unanswered. It seemed that my classmates had grown accustomed to me answering the questions because nobody else even tried answering them, not even when I waited a minute before raising my hand.

A few weeks later I was still ignoring Ron and Lavender though I had returned back to my normal study habits. I was sitting at a round table towards the back of the library, by the restricted section working on my Transfiguration homework, when a thought suddenly occurred to me. Ron was supposed to go to Slughorn’s Christmas party with me. Remembering this fact made me once again bitter at Lavender. This was supposed to be my chance to show Ron that I could be like the other girls and actually take the time to look nice but now there was no way that I would be bringing him along to the party. I wanted to get back at them both for taking this chance away from me, but how could I make them both jealous at the same time?

I felt petty and stupid that I had sunk this low to get Ron’s attention - but really if this was the only way to get his attention and make him jealous then it was sure to be worth it in the end, at least I hoped it would. I knew my safest route would have been to ask Harry but that wouldn’t help with my plan to get Ron’s attention and to get him and Lavender jealous. Well, maybe it would get Lavender jealous as he is considered “the chosen one” but I didn’t want to just get back at Lavender so I instantly crossed Harry off of my mental list. I knew that I could also cross Dean off of the list; I didn’t want to add any more fuel to the rocky relationship that he and Ginny were currently involved in. I tried thinking of what type of guy would annoy Ron the most, someone who was good looking and full of himself.

Slytherins were out of the question that was for sure so that left the sixth and seventh year Gryffindor’s, Ravenclaw’s, and Hufflepuff’s. I thought about the different classes that I had and who seemed to fit the criteria from them. One name finally popped in my head, Zacharias Smith! He seemed to annoy everybody, especially after he commentated for a Gryffindor Quidditch match weeks ago. I just wasn’t sure if he would really get me the results that I was hoping for though. Feeling frustrated I put my head down on the desk. There had to be someone that would go with me to Slughorn’s stupid party that could make Ron jealous. All of a sudden the answer came to me! Why hadn’t I thought of it before?!

I quickly got up from my spot towards the back of the library and left to go find him. Madame Pince gave me a sharp look as I rushed out of there but I didn’t pay much attention to her. I only hoped that he would be in the common room so that I could get this over as quickly as possible. Getting back at Ron and Lavender was going to take a toll on me. As I rushed towards the portrait of the Fat Lady I quickly said the password so that I wouldn’t have to wait once I reached the entrance. She opened the door for me and as I walked in I tried to smooth down my bushy hair so that it didn’t look as much of a disaster as it normally did.

I spotted him right away, sitting with a couple of his seventh year friends on the couch laughing at something that was probably stupid. They were all still in their school uniforms but had their ties slightly undone and their shirts untucked from their pants. I knew that he would make Lavender jealous because she was always talking with Parvati about how dating older guys was better than being with guys our age, or younger then us. I took in a deep breath, trying to gather my courage to walk over to him and ask him to Slughorn’s party in two days. Finally, I worked up the courage and walked over to the couch and stood in front of him. It took him a moment before he looked up but when he did a confident smile graced his face.

“Cormac, I have been invited to Slughorn’s Christmas party in two days and was wondering if you would care to be my date for it?” I asked him quietly. Now that I was standing in front of him and his friends I rather hoped that he would say no.

“I would be delighted, Hermione.” He said in his overly confident voice, his grin growing wider and gave me a wink.

“Great, well, I will see you then.” I told him and turned to go up to my bed.

Cormac McLaggen. I knew out of all the guys Cormac was probably the one that would make Ron the most jealous. Ron had been annoyed with him during the Gryffindor Quidditch team tryouts earlier in the year and still seemed to shoot him a scowl from time to time. I only hoped that I would make it through this disastrous date with him. Cormac seemed to have more arrogance then most of the other Gryffindor’s combined and probably thought that all of the girls were waiting for a chance with him.

I laid down on my bed as soon as I got into the bedroom and stared at the plain grey ceiling. The day had been very taxing for me and there was still dinner and the rest of the night left. I don’t know how long I laid there staring at the ceiling before I ended up falling asleep but the next thing I know I’m waking up and can see that everyone else is tucked in their beds and the sky was a nice pink color. Looking over at my clock on the bedside table next to me I noticed that was 6:30 am. Since I knew that I would never fall back asleep I figured that I would get up and get ready for the day. Other then a few minor run ins with Ron, in which I completely ignored him, nothing else happened that day or the next. At least not until it was time to get ready for Slughorn’s party and my sure to be disastrous date.

AN: Hey all hope you liked the third chapter to Life As We Know It! Please leave a review even if its just says liked it, or loved it, or whatever!

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