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Her Sight's on Sirius by EnigmaticEyes16
Chapter 4 : Sirius
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“Cadence!” I called after her.

What the hell was that all about?

Just this morning, she was telling me she loved me, like she did every morning, afternoon, and night, and now she’s breaking up with me?

What in the bloody hell changed?

“Did she really just break up with me?” I asked as I turned back around to face my mates.

“I think she did, Padfoot,” James spoke up from beside me.

“But… why?” I questioned, feeling dumbfounded.

“She didn’t say, mate,” Remus answered, from across the table.

“Should I go after her?” I asked, still stunned.

“She said not to bother,” Peter replied from his seat next to Remus.

“I don’t understand,” I finally stated, looking down at my plate.

“Maybe you should just let her go, mate,” James offered. “We all know you didn’t love her.”

“Yeah, but what did I do?” I asked angrily, hitting my fist on the table as I glanced up at the three of them.

“Maybe you should ask her, but I would give her some time to cool down first,” Peter suggested, he was never one to confront a girl, especially one who was pissed off.

“Or maybe you should just leave her alone,” James stated, pointedly. “Let her go, Sirius. You were going to break up with her anyway.”

“Not anytime soon!” I argued.

“But eventually,” James continued. “This is our last year at Hogwarts; you would have dumped her by graduation, if you even lasted that long.”

I guess he did have a point, but he didn’t have to be so heartless about it.

I didn’t break up with girls because I thought it was fun. Sure, I liked to have fun with them, but I break up with them because they never turn out to be the one.

You know, the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

But James wouldn’t understand. He knew he was meant to be with Lily Evans from the moment he first laid eyes on her back in first year. Even though, after six and a half years, she still hasn’t said yes.

But for the rest of us it’s just not that easy!

I wish it were, but it’s not.

I managed to stay with Cadence longer than any other girl so far this year… but James was right, I didn’t love her. I just tolerated her because she was hot and fun in the sack.

Plus, being with someone, even if you don’t love them, is a hell of a lot better than being alone.

And now it’s over, and I have no one…

“Hey, Sirius.”

I looked up to see Ivette Stone eyeing me just as she was walking by. She and her blonde friend were headed toward the other end of the table.

“Hey,” I replied, unsure of myself. Ivette had never acknowledged me before.

She smirked at me suggestively, and continued on her way.

I watched after her, dumbfounded.

That was certainly strange.

“Padfoot, that was Ivette Stone!” James exclaimed once she was out of earshot.

“I know who she is, Prongs,” I stated, annoyed.

Everyone knew who Ivette was.

She was the hottest girl in our year. She would be the most popular girl in our year, too, but no matter how much all the other girls had ever tried to be friends with her, she turned them all down. For whatever reason, the only girl she chose to befriend was that blonde girl. Chelsea, I think her name was.

“Yeah, but she just said ‘hey’ to you,” James continued.

“So?” I asked.

So?! So, she’s the hottest girl in school and she just said ‘hey’ to you! She never says ‘hey’ to anyone!”

“Your point being?” I asked, still not knowing why this mattered.

“My point being that this is exactly what you need to get your mind off of Cadence!” James exclaimed.

I looked down to where Ivette and her friend had sat down.

Seconds later, I was gazing into her dark eyes again as she looked right back at me.

I quickly looked away, embarrassed for being caught staring.

I chanced a glance back at her. She was still watching me. I blatantly gawked as she gave me one last sly smirk before turning away.

Was she purposefully being suggestive with me?

If so, I suppose James was right.

She could take my mind off of Cadence. The girl was beautiful with flawless olive skin; silky, dark brown hair; and those deep, unfathomable, dark brown eyes. I suppose I could give it a try.

What’s that muggle saying? Once you fall off your horse, get right back on it.

Cadence wasn’t the one, but this girl could be.

There was only one way to find out.

“Come on,” I spoke up. “Let’s go sit with them.”

I stood up and waited for the three of them to follow before I headed over to the end of the table where Ivette and her friend now sat. I took my seat next to her. Remus and James quickly sat down on either side of Chelsea, ready to distract her while I wooed the brunette beside me. Peter, afraid to sit next to either girl, sat on the other side of me. The boy really needed to get over his irrational fear of women if he ever wanted to get a girlfriend.

“Hey,” I greeted Ivette smoothly the moment I sat down.

“Hey,” she repeated, still smirking at me.

I found myself becoming more and more attracted to that sexy grin, but at the same time I felt as if she knew something I didn’t.

Although, whatever that could be, I didn’t know.

She was just a girl.

A really hot girl.

One who knew nothing about me.

So, what could she possibly know that I didn’t?

“You know, James and I have a big match against Slytherin tomorrow,” I started, attempting to create a flirtatious conversation. The goal was to let her know I was interested without coming on too strong. “I was wondering if you and your friend would like to come and watch.”

“Oh, really?” she asked, looking devilishly smug. “Are you inviting me to the game?”

“Maybe,” I replied with a smirk.

“You know, I’m pretty sure I don’t need an invitation to watch a quidditch game,” she said. “Last time I checked, everyone is allowed to come and watch. And it’s free, too.”

“True,” I stated, trying hard to keep my cool. “But I’d love it if you’d come and cheer us on anyway.”

“Hmm,” she seemed to ponder over this. “I’ll think about it.”

“That’s all I ask,” I said smoothly with a wave of my hand.

Author's Note: Sorry again, guys. I keep losing focus for this story but I am trying to keep it going. I even outlined what I want to happen in the next couple chapters! So be excited. Next chapter is James' chapter, so keep a look out for it, although I doubt it will be up very soon.

Thank you so much for reading! Please feel free to leave a review and let me know what you think!


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