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Scarlett by LadySarahMalfoy
Chapter 5 : Unbreakable
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Yo! Scarlett looks like her now permanent self (Nina Dobrev) as in the girl on the banner! SHANKS see you at the bottom

Raining, it always did in London. Scarlett laughed to herself at a memory; it had been two weeks since she faked her death. She had used her abilities as a Metamorphmagus to create a wound in her stomach that didn’t hurt her, not was inflicted by the shard that she had pretended to use to stab herself with. She also admired her own acting skills in faking the pain and her own death to have Draco actually believe that she was gone. She needed to have it done, so that Voldemort would give up hope as using her as a weapon against his enemies, and so she could be away from Draco. She had seen what his missions were and his own initiation; it was part of her ability in divination.

Scarlett watched another future play out in front of her eyes and yelled “Wormtail! Get the door!” She heard scurrying on the main floor of her father’s small home in Spinner’s End. Scarlett looked out the window into the dark street below where two women were walking towards Snape’s door. She listened as they entered and were guided into her father’s library. Scarlett silently moved down the stairs and glared at Wormtail, who was listening at the door. Turning her eye color a blood-red Wormtail ran into the kitchen. Scarlett put her ear to the crack and listened.

“Severus, please he’s just a boy, my only son. You know what it’s like to lose a child” Scarlett heard Narcissa Malfoy plead. Scarlett held in a scoff. She heard a woman pacing, she could tell by the sound of her high heels.

“You should be honoured Cissy as should Draco” Bellatrix. Scarlett filled with hatred to the woman who had tortured her. She listened to the rest of the conversation. Then she heard the words that would start her on a long and painful journey: “Swear to it. Make the unbreakable vow” Scarlett’s head filled with images

 Fire burning a tall but skinny home in the middle of a meadow, a star filled sky, kisses, tears, the dark mark in the sky, Dumbledore dead, the glass in Hogwarts’ great hall smashed, Grimmewald place, Godric’s hollow at Christmas, Malfoy Manor, Voldemort’s face, Snape dead, Harry Potter dead, a spell flying towards her with high speed and complete darkness fading to white and Lily Evans walking towards her.

She heard the women head towards the door; Scarlett changed her appearance to that of Wormtail and opened the two doors for the sisters bowing as they left. Morphing her appearance back into her own. “Dad, don’t even think about sending me to Beauxbatons, I’m going to Hogwarts  no matter what, I won’t stand by and let the future unfold in front of me when I know I can stop it” Snape nodded and Scarlett thanked him and retreated to her room.

Scarlett looked through her bookshelf for a book to read, and then she came across her old diary from the year previous. She pulled it out and turned to the first page

August 20th,

I’m staying at headquarters right now, trying to avoid Harry and his friends. I hang with Fred and George most of the time; they are both such jokesters always so funny. They keep my mind off things, I hang out with Ginny even more she’s so calm and she sees how I’m feeling and my point of view on things. Tonks on the other hand is just like me! She’s a Metamorphmagus too! She’s teaching me some tricks that she says will be extremely useful. I love it here at headquarters, so many good memories here! The day I joined, playing tricks on Ron with Fred and George, talking with Ginny, Sirius showing me the Black family tree and Tonks giving me tips. Today we went to dinner, getting ready took three hours! All us girls, being Mrs Weasly, Tonks, Hermione, Ginny and I, we started to get ready really early. Tonks and Ginny were fussing over me; they decided that I should wear this silk, light blue halter neck dress and that I should curl my hair in a brown colour. I wore my usual necklace though; I wouldn’t let them take that one off. Tonks wore a purple mermaid dress that clung to her curves and kept her hair the usual poker straight bubblegum pink. Ginny wore a black velvet dress that made her hair and eyes stick out like mad.

When we got to the restaurant (which we had booked, the whole thing) Harry took Ginny’s arm, Ron took Hermione’s, Lupin took Tonks’ (and if I might add they look dazzling together) Mr Weasly took Mrs Weasly’s, Fred and George took one of each of my arms, grinning like idiots we skipped past the others to the front. Dinner was hugely long and took forever, but the food was good and the room was filled with laughter the whole night. I couldn’t help but think about what would have happened if Draco was here, I miss him allot but I’ll never show it!

Scarlett coughed a laugh and slammed close the book but a letter had fallen out. She put the book back on the shelf and picked up the letter. Walking down to the downstairs library, she turned the letter over and over. She sat in the chair opposite her father. She ripped open the top and pulled out the letter “Wow” She whispered, it had five pages of writing. Sitting down on the chair in front of the fire place Scarlett began to read.

The letter detailed on someone missing her and wishing that she was there. It told of the writers adventures in the Hogwarts “Gang” Dumbledore’s Army. The writer wrote on about how it would be better if she was there and that Fred, George and Ginny were upset about her going to Beauxbatons again and how all four of them hoped that she would be able to come to Hogwarts. They also told of Dolores Umbridge and her medieval forms of punishment and how her supposed delightful “Reformation” was actually not teaching them anything. That was why they had formed Dumbledore’s Army. The writer wished Scarlett the best and signed their name: Neville

Scarlett gasped and smiled, Neville had always been the sweetest person she knew and one of her greatest friends. She read the letter over and over again grinning even more every time, then she placed the paper back in the envelope. “Hey Dad, I’m going to Diagon Alley to get my stuff. I’ll see you later!” Scarlett waved and started to walk to diagon ally


Fred and George were watching over their new store, which was abuzz with people getting all their joke material for the upcoming school year, Harry and friends were looking around the store. Fred nudged his twin and pointed to some girl who had just come through the door. Fred and George smoothly popped up behind the girl who turned and smiled “Fred! George! It’s Scarlett!” They all laughed and hugged she gave them both kisses on each cheek.

“How’s life been?” George laughed; Scarlett nudged him

“Great! Business seems good! How’s your family?” Fred playfully punched her

 “Mum and Dad are good, Gins doing well, Charlie’s almost done in Romania, Ron’s just started to notice girls, and Percy is, uh, working as the minister’s little pet” Fred explained, Scarlett chuckled and looked around the store and smiled

“Impressive place you guys got here, I’m going to take a look around” George laughed and motioned to everything around him

“You inspired us to make this store! Everything for you is 50% off!” Scarlett hugged them both and started to look all around the store.

Scarlett set to work looking at every single thing in the whole store. She picked up everything she found interesting, Peruvian instant darkness powder, almost all types of the tablets to make you sick and a couple love potions. Fred and George laughed when she dumped it all on the counter “How are going to pay for all that?” Fred chuckled and picked up the love potion and eyed it “Love potion, eh? As if you’d need one. You’ll get all the guys head over heels when they see you. And I thought you could brew one of these babies in less than ten minutes. Or was I mistaking my eyes when I saw it” Scarlett laughed and grabbed the love potion back

“I might need one for the grad party, and it saves me my time”

She winked and pulled 20 galleons out of her pocket. Fred and George’s eyes widened

“You carry that kind of money in your pocket?”

Scarlett laughed and placed it down on the counter “Spend six months working in a wizarding Paris salon and you get a large income of cash” She smiled Fred and George paid her the change and put all her new items in a package and attached it to a red owl and sent it off

 “See you at Christmas Scar!” They called as she left waving back to them



Scarlett walked down empty and dark Diagon Alley; the death-eaters had been causing terror all over London and Diagon Alley. Suddenly something knocked into her causing the other thing to fall down. Scarlett looked down at Draco Malfoy who stood up and brushed himself off, not recognizing Scarlett he stood right in front of her confronting her. “Watch where you’re going girl!”

Scarlett smirked and looked him straight in the eyes “You’re one to talk” Draco’s eyes blazed as he started to reach for his wand, but Scarlett had already done that.

Draco left his hands at his sides “Watch yourself, should the death-eaters come knocking” He muttered as he started to walk away

“You would know” Scarlett laughed. Draco turned on her with his hand raised, Scarlett didn’t flinch.

He put his hand down “Who the hell are you?” Scarlett made her face expressionless

“No one to be trifled with”

Draco confronted her again “People who play with fire usually gets burned” Draco smirked. Scarlett shrugged

“I have experience, I know when to bring on the water” Scarlett turned and walked away. Auburn hair blowing behind her.



Returning home, Scarlett chuckled. Wormtail sneered “what are you laughing about?” Scarlett shook her head and waved her hand “Get out of my face Wormtail” She skipped three stairs at a time, and slumped down on her bed when she reached the top.

 Too tired to think about the days event’s Scarlett fell asleep instantly, but not peacefully


A/N: Draco just got singed!!!!! Smart girl Scarlett, Smart girl. So what do you think about this one?????? I hope you liked it! Sorry for the shortness next one will be longer! Please read and review! And Stay tuned for the next chapter......... Invisible............. I am an insanely fast typer... with no life.... so it’ll be up soon! ~Sarah

Citation: Way up there near the top, from the movie Harry Potter ad the HBP scene 4 whats there starts at 16:30 or around there

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