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Screw Loose by Spaz
Chapter 4 : Lily 'Miss Perfect' Evans
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After the incident with Severus, I became much more cautious. I always made sure I wasn't being followed or anything like that.

I also slowly stopped avoiding the Marauders, I had finally realized they knew nothing of my schizophrenia. Therefore,I stopped avoiding them, and started stalking them again. And I was talking to Remus more during patrols.

"Joeye?" Remus asked nearing the end of the patrol one night.

He knows! the voice said. "He does not." I said back.

"Yes, Remus?"

"Have you been avoiding me?" He asked.

"No." I lied. "Why would you think that?"

Remus shook his head. "No reason, sorry, I was just being stupid." He said.

"Oh, Remus, you could never be stupid." I said admiringly.

"Thanks." He said smiling modestly.

"You're welcome." I said batting my eyelashes.

Get closer. the voice instructed. So, I stepped closer to him. Remus looked shocked, but he didn't back up, which was a good sign, I think. His eyes were even more gorgeous up close.

"Joeye?" Remus asked again, taking a step closer.

"Yes, Remus?" I whispered. Was this it? Was I going to kiss my first Marauder right now?

"I, uh-" suddenly we heard footsteps. "Someone's out of bed." He said.

Brilliant, now the moment is ruined. We stepped away from eachother, and turned to look at whoever was breaking curfew. We saw a pretty red headed girl coming towards us-Lily 'Miss Perfect' Evans. I tried to refrain from rolling my eyes.

"Lily, what are you doing wandering about the castle?" Remus asked.

"I'm sorry," Lily said, "I was at the Black Lake, and lost track of time."

Likely story, I thought. Then a delightful thought came to me, I could take away points from her! I was filled with glee at the thought.

"That's all right," Remus said, "Why doesn't Joeye escort you back to the commom room so you don't get into any trouble?"

They both looked at me expectantly. Why couldn't we just take points from her, and call it a night? "Sure." I said. I waved to Remus,and we started walking.

"How have you been, Joeye?" Lily asked.

"Spectacular." I lied. "How have you been?"

"Great, great. How was your summer?"

"Pretty uneventful. Yours?" I asked, even though I couldn't give a hippogriff's arse about how her stupid summer was.

"It was all right." She answered. "But someone sent me a box of freshly caught cornish pixies, and they made a horrible mess in my house."

"Really? Who would do that?"

I would. And I did. Weirdly enough, it was my own idea, not the voice's. I know that's kinda mean, but I really don't like Lily. Not even just because James likes her, there was just something about her that bothered me to no end.

"I don't know." Lily said. "I expect it was just someone playing some sort of joke."

I shook my head, "Some people." I said with a hint of sarcasim that I'm sure Lily didn't catch.

"I know." She sighed.

Then we were silent. The voice kept telling me to curse or trip Lily, but I felt that was just a little unecessary at the moment. But in Potions? Oh, yeah, that's the perfect time. Show everyone she's not as perfect as she seems.

"Joeye?" Lily said. Ugh, what did she want now? Why can't we just walk in silence?

"Yes, Lily?" I asked, somehow managing to keep the annoyance out of my voice.

"You're really pretty." She said, blushing slightly.

I was completely caught off guard. Why would she say something like that? I mean, it's not like we're enemies or anything, but we're not that friendly. Mostly because I don't like her.

"Um…okay, thanks." I said slowly, and very confused.

"I mean you're like really pretty." Lily said looking at me intensely. "You're gorgeous, in fact."

"Uh, okay?" Was this her attempt at us being friends? Because it's not working, it's freaking me out.

"Why did you break up with Severus?" Lily asked. Oh, now I see, she was just sweet talking me so she could do Severus's dirty work. She was his best friend, after all. Another good thing about no longer dating Severus, I didn't have to be around Lily so much.

I sighed, "Because, I felt like we were in completely different places. And things just weren't right between us anymore, everything felt forced." Mostly because it was, I had to force myself to snog him every day.

"Oh." She said quietly. "He loves you, you know."

"Well, you can tell him that I'm sorry and I don't feel the same way." I said.

Lily looked confused. "Why would I tell him that?" She asked.

"Well, that's why you're asking about why I broke up with him. So you can tell him what I said, right?"

"Of course not!" Lily exclaimed. She sounded very genuine. And her bright green eyes showed innocence.

"Oh." I said.

"Look, Joeye, I know we're not exactly friends but I would never trick you into telling me something, just so I could report back to Severus."

Don't believe her. The voice said.

Why not? I asked.

Just don't!

Since the voice couldn't give me a legitimate reason why, I believed her, for the time being. "I believe you." I said quietly. "Sorry." I could not believe I just said sorry to Lily Evans.

Lily smiled, " It's okay." She said sweetly. We were now at the portrait hole. "And I really want us to be friends, too."

She was smiling at me expectantly. For the first time, I didn't want to be mean to her. "Me too." I said plastering a smile on my face.

"Yay!" She said stepping foward and hugging me tightly. Too much, too soon. But I hugged her back. The hug lasted far too long, and then finally she let go, smiling broadly.

"That's so great to hear, at first I was under the impression you didn't like me." She said.

I scoffed, "Of course not." I lied.

Lily giggled girlishly, and I took the oppurtunity to say the password. "Fizzy Whizzy." The protrait hole swung open,and I entered,with Lily right behind me.

"Well, goodnight, then." I said to Lily.

"Goodnight, friend." She winked walking up the stairs.

What have I gotten myself into?

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Screw Loose: Lily 'Miss Perfect' Evans


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