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Fairy Tale by _marauder_chick_5_
Chapter 1 : Snow White
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A/N: Hello, everybody! This is my new story. (Well, duh, it's the first chapter. Of course it's new) It's kind of based off of Snow White--not really. I was just reading Snow White to my three-year old cousin, Maggie, when the idea came to me.

This wont be udated that often, because I'll be pretty busy. Schools about to start, and I have other stories, and I just got a new puppy. But I'll do my best.

Now you can stop reading this ridiculously long Authors Note and start reading!

I, Lillia Cohan, am proud to say that I am not Snow White. Never have been, never will be.

So what in the name of Merlin possessed me to move in with seven boys, including my brother and his best friends, Scorpius Malfoy and Al Potter?

Insanity, I tell you. Insanity.

But I’m already here, waiting to live out the stupid fairy tale character’s nightmarish life.

“What do you think?” My brother asked me.


“I think it needs some serious redecorating, and it looks like shit.” I informed him.


“Yeah, it kinda does, Logan.” Scorpius said as my brother pouted. “Is this the best you guys could get?” I asked, staring at the dilapidated house. Scorpius nodded sullenly. “Our parents wouldn’t give us money, or else we would be crashing in a mansion with house elves at our beck and call.” He told me. Scorpius and Al’s family are filthy rich, and so is Owen Shacklebolt’s, but their families refused to help them in buying a ‘man cave.’

“So, what do you think?” Al asked, coming up with our suitcases. “I think—” I started to say, but Scorpius cut me off. “That it looks like shit, yes.” I glared at him mutinously. He shot me a cocky grin.

“Well, it was the best I could find.” Al said, running a hand through his already messed up hair. “Right,” I said. “Really, Lillia, it was.” He said.

I held back a girly sigh when he said my name.

Yes, I may or may not be in love with Al Potter.

That might have been part of the reason that I condemned myself to a house full of horny teenage boys.

But if anyone asks, I just wanted to stay in touch with my brother.

Really. That’s the only reason. I promise.

“Uh huh,” I said. “I believe you, Al.” He sighed, but plastered a smile on his face and walked up the stone path that was framed with weeds. Scorpius and Logan followed him. After a couple more minutes, I followed them.

As I was walking down the path, my left leg grazed a clump on weeds, They rustled, and a second later I saw a blue streak of fur fly at me and I was on the ground.

“Lillia!” The boys ran back to me. “What was that?” Logan asked, fingering his wand. “I don’t know,” I responded, looking around. As I scanned the clump of weeds that I had brushed, I spotted the clump of blue. I slowly took out my wand. “There it is.” I whispered to the guys.

They nodded, looking determined. Al and Scorpius took out their own wands, and I pointed my wand at it. I held up three fingers and slowly brought one down. The boys got ready. I lowered a second finger, and carefully got in the position I wanted to be in. I brought down the third finger, and a bang emitted from my wand. The blue thing started and ran away from me—straight toward the boys. Scorpius and Logan cornered it and Al yelled “Petrificus Totalus!” The blue thing froze.

I approached it cautiously. When I was close enough, I poked it with my slightly smoking wand. It didn’t move.

Duh. It was under the full body-bind curse. It couldn’t move.

Scorpius flipped it over. I stifled a scream as I saw the biggest pair of green eyes I had ever seen. The rest of it was covered in blue fur.

“What is it?” I asked. “Rose might know.” Scorpius said. He took out his WizPhone and dialed her number.

I was never too friendly with Rose Weasley. I mean, I liked her all right, we were just never close. I was in Slytherin and she was in Gryffindor. I only saw her when I visited Logan. We weren’t in any of the same classes (McGonagall finally had the sense to not put the Slytherins and the Gryffindors together in almost every class), and we never talked. End of story.

Scorpius talked to Rose for a couple of minutes before he hung up. “What’d she say?” Al asked. “She doesn’t know.” Scorpius said, looking a bit smug. It was rare that Rose Weasley didn’t know something. “She’s kind of grumpy right now, so I wouldn’t talk to her.” I nodded. If Scorpius, the girl’s boyfriend, didn’t think it was safe for him to talk to Rose, it certainly wouldn’t be safe for any of us.

“Well, I’m keeping it.” I said. The guys stared at me. “What?” I asked defensively. “We have to keep it! It’ll go to a zoo or something if we don’t! Please?” I brought out the Puppy Dog Eyes TM. I could see the boys softening, looking between the creature and me. I made my blue eyes bigger and my bottom lip trembled.

“Fine,” Al finally said. “You can keep it.” I squealed. “Thank you, Al!” I said, and threw myself at him, hugging him around the middle. He stiffened, and then relaxed, patting my back awkwardly. I almost died. Al Potter. Touching me. Voluntarily!

Finally, Logan cleared his throat, and I released Al, turning red. I grabbed the blue thing and ran inside the house before I could see the disgusted expression on his face that I knew was there.


“What does it eat?” Scorpius asked, looking pointedly at the blue thing. “It is named Frisco.” I sniffed. “And I have no idea.” Logan stared at me. “You named it Frisco?” He asked incredulously. “Why?”

Screw you, Logan Cohan, Frisco is a great name.

“Screw you, Logan Cohan, Frisco is a great name.” I said.

I have a bit of a problem with saying exactly what I’m thinking. It’s gotten me into a lot of trouble over the years.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Then a crash. Scorpius, Logan and I ran to the foyer (I think Al was taking a shower) with our wands out, ready for trouble.

Instead, we found Fred Weasley, Owen Shacklebolt, Sean Wood, and Daniel Bushel standing with surprised looks on their faces just outside the doorway. The crash was evidently made by Freddy knocking on the door, and the door falling off its rusty hinges. I cursed and pointed my wand at it, trying my luck at a nonverbal spell. After five seconds, Scorpius sighed and pointed his wand at it. The door flew back onto its hinges.

“Hey, Blondie.” Freddy said, stepping over the threshold. I glared at him. Blondie was the stupid nickname he came up with. Want to know why? You guessed it. Because my hair is blonde.

Fucking tosser.

“Shut up, Freddy.” I said. As the other four boys walked through the house, they became visibly more disappointed with it. When I told them they wouldn’t all be able to have their own room, there was uproar.

“What?! I can’t share a room!” Freddy yelled.


“I need space!” Owen said.


“Why do we only have two rooms?” Danny, or Bushy, complained.


“Why do you get your own room, Lillia?” Sean asked. “Because I’m a girl, tosser.” I said. “So?” Bushy asked stupidly. “So I need my own room.” I said slowly. “No you don’t!” Freddy said. “Yeah, we need all need to share!” Owen declared. “Freddy, Logan, Al and I will share, and Lillia, Scorp, Sean, and Bushy can share!”

“That solves nothing, Owen.” I told him. “We’re still only using two if we go with your plan.” And the Minister is proud to call this guy his son. “Well, then….” He paused to think. “Oh Merlin, don’t hurt yourself.” I said sarcastically. He glared at me, but said, “Got it! Lillia and Logan will share!” This time, I glared at him. “I’m not sharing with Logan.” I said. “But you two are twins!” Bushy said. “It works!” I shook my head. “No!” Freddy looked frustrated. “Then…you and Al can share!” He said. “What?” I asked. “You and Al can share a room.” Freddy repeated. “Why Al?” I asked.

“Yeah, why me?”

I turned around to see Al in only his boxers, standing in the hallway. I squeaked quietly, but he didn’t hear.

Man, did that kid have abs. I mean, I’ve seen his brother without a shirt on, and Al’s got nothing on him, but he was still a pretty good catch.

Is it too clique to say that I’ve died and gone to heaven?

I think it is.

“Because no one else wants to.” Freddy said dismissively. “Thanks, Freddy.” I said dryly. “What makes you think that I want to?” Al asked. “Thanks, Al.” I said dryly.

Déjà vu, anyone?

They all ignored me. Freddy raised one eyebrow at Al. Al raised one eyebrow back. Freddy’s eyebrow went higher. Al’s went higher. Freddy’s went higher and his eye looked like it was about to pop out of its socket when Al said, “Fine, fine, I’ll share with her!” Freddy grinned and clapped him on the back. “Way to take one for the team, mate.” He said. The other boys did similar as they went to the kitchen. I was perfectly content to run to my—me and Al’s—room and bury my head in the covers, but I heard, “What the fuck is that?”

“Frisco!” I exclaimed, and ran toward the kitchen. I skidded to a stop in the doorway, and saw Owen cornering poor Frisco in a corner.

“No!” I yelled, and I launched myself in front of Frisco. Time seemed to move in slow motion as I flung myself through the air and intercepted—

Nothing, because Owen didn’t even have his wand out. I crashed into a set of cabinets and slid to the floor. Everyone rushed to me, and Al skidded to a stop in the doorway, much in the same fashion that I did. “What happened?” He asked. Sean explained to him while the others fussed over me.

“Dammit, Blondie, why’d you do that?” Freddy asked me. “You were going to hurt Frisco!” I said, pointing an accusing finger at Owen. “I didn’t do anything, Lils. I was standing in the corner.” Oops. That was Bushy. I felt a bit dizzy. “Guys, she’s bleeding.” Sean said. He had come over with Al. “Ouch,” I said, feeling the back of my head. Something warm and sticky was oozing all over. I pulled my hand back and saw it was covered in blood.

“Hang on, my dad taught me how do heal stuff like this.” Al said. He pointed his wand at my head and said, “Episky!” The wound healed itself.

“That felt so weird.” I whimpered.

Everyone was silent until Freddy said, “Well, interesting start to this.”

A/N: How'd you like it? Review, please!!!



UPDATE 9-26-11: I'm abandoning this story.  Sorry, guys.  I might pick it back up if I have a great blast of inspiration, but until then, I won't be updating this.  Sorry.

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