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It Was Supposed to Be... by Sairahi
Chapter 6 : A bit of understanding.
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            Summer is defiantly here Hermione thought as she got out of bed feeling sticky. “I’m going to have to put this blanket away and dig out the summer quilt” she said aloud to the empty room. She then walked over to the closet, stood on her tippy toes to reach for the quilt, wobbling back and forth. “Fuck this” she thought as she walk to the night stand and grabbed her wand, acieo quilt. It flew down with a swooshed her wand, then the bed linens changed themselves. As watched the sheets be pulled themselves off from the corners of the mattress and roll themselves up into the laundry basket; next came the pillows one by one the pillow cases came off, followed the sheets and the blanket. She walked into the hallway to the other closet and pulled down a new set this time she had no problems reaching them, but she still used her wand to put them on with the new summer quilt. “Doesn’t that look nice?” She said aloud again.  In that moment she heard the front door making her run to the railing and peer over to see Ron walk in.




“Long night”




Ron looked up with haft a smile “Yes, really long; bunches of raids and stuff.”




Hermione hurried down the steps “They are having you do too many nights, lately. Are you hungry? Can I make you something?” she was out of breath from running down the steps, but still wanted to do something for him to ease her slightly building guilt




“No I’m good; just want to take a shower”




Hermione smiled “Can I join you”




“Um…. Not this time. I just too tired” He gave her another weak smile and walked up to their bedroom. Hermione just stood there stunned. He was never one to turn her down before.




            Ron undresses and locked the bathroom door behind him; turned on the shower and just stood there staring in the mirror. He had scratches across his chest and down his back. The steam started to cloud the mirror, but Ron kept staring at his refection in it barely recognizing the man he saw looking back at him. Much has changed within him in the last few months. He now had a hard time even remembering how he got to this place. How he became this man that was looking back at him. He hung his head low as he got into the shower hoping that the water would help wash away his sins; so he could face his wife again.  






            Draco woke up, got dress and started his walk to the coffee shop hoping to see her. This became his routine since that day a few weeks ago. He would go down to that manky coffee shop where he saw for the first time; have his breakfast and depending on the day either go into London to the ministry or go to the cemetery. This day he chose the latter, to go to the cemetery.




            After, he finished his food and read what was worth reading in the Prophet he left the shop not waiting to see her and aparated to the cemetery. The cemetery that he went to was not in London, but in Paris. It was one of the oldest in France with huge willows and oak trees that dotted along paths that were lined with statues and grave stones. He walked his normal route with his head hung low and avoiding the eyes of the other people who were there visiting their loved ones. He counted the rows till he found the one he was looking for. He made his turn and stood in front of a massive grave stone with two angels on it; one big with open wings and holding a little one. The tomb stone was inscribed with the words




Beloved Mother and child




 He magically produces three white lilies’ and set them on the grave. before speaking aloud to it as if it could hear every word that he said.




“I know it’s been a little bit since I have been here….” Draco stopped momentarly for a young couple to walk by.




“You would think that since you have been dead for over five years life would have become easier; but it hasn’t. I might be even more confused now, than when you guys first died. You know how much I still love you. How I wish things didn’t happened like this. I wish we could have had the life we dreamt of.”




Draco rubbed his eyes to rid himself of his unshed tears
“I miss you; I don’t know what to do; what am I supposed to do? You’re gone; it’s been so long and now I maybe…. I’m having feeling for another person. “you would never have guessed who.” Draco couldn’t help, but to chuckle to himself when the words came out of his mouth.


 “ Luckily, you probably already know, because you are watching from heaven, looking down and laughing at me. Right? I have to be crazy?” He wiped a lone tear that slipped out from his eye and aparated away not waiting for his silent reply.


I know it's a short chapter, but the next one makes up for it big time. Thanks for reading it, you all rock. Please leave a review so, I can make the story even better. Thanks again, ~ S

6/12 I think I fixed all the pov change and most of the grammar mistakes. Thank you for choosing my fic when there are so many awesome ones to choose from.

Lot's of love to you all.

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