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The Mask by _Keeper_
Chapter 31 : Love
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I heard a moan from somewhere and it took me a while to figure out it had come from me. I opened my eyes, or at least I thought I had. It was just as dark with my eyes open as if they were closed. Or were they open?


I sat up and pain shot through my spin.


'Huhumm...' Someone laughed a bit, 'Finally up? Didn't know Apparation could affect someone so much. Well, maybe it was being thrown onto the concrete floor right when we got here....'


The woman Draco had called Bellatrix stepped out of the shadows. Her face evil and sinister, her eyes hooded and menacing. Arms crossed and head held high in triumph.


Panic shot through me and I was up and moving across the floor, adrenalin masking the pain.


'So you saved Draco, my dear, but you are far from safe my dear...but, come to think of it, Draco isn't very safe now is he? Hum?' She said, her eyes playing with me, 'He will come after you eventually and I will have to take care of him.'


I shook my head, the tears burning my eyes a bit, 'You have me. Leave him alone.'


The woman laughed, 'As if it could simply be that easy! What a naïve girl you really are...'


The dungeon door opened and in walked a very scruffy looking man.


Bellatrix crossed her arms, 'Meet my husband, Rodolphus.'


I looked from the man to the woman. They weren't in love. Why were they married then?


I looked up to her, my head tilted, 'When all you want to do is take care of someone that is Love.'


The woman looked down at me, trying to make herself seem higher as she looked down from her long nose, 'And why is that important?'


'Because Love conquers all. Evil will never win.' I shook my head and stood up, dusting my dress off. My confidence was coming back and the darkness couldn't touch me, I was at peace, 'Do you have something for me to change into? I'd rather not ruin my dress.'


Bellatrix rolled her eyes and scoffed, nodding for her husband to do something.


He tossed a bundle in front of me and left, giving his wife a slight look before slamming the door shut.


'You can change. I'll be back for you in a while.' She stated very crossly and left.


I reached over and pulled the bag open. I hummed a bit to myself as I pulled out the jumper and jeans. They looked to be a bit to big but they would do.


Quickly I changed and carefully hung my dress up on the wall, running my hands down the sides as I tried to dust off the dirt and smooth the beginnings of wrinkles.


I sighed and looked out the window. The heaven's were bright, despite the situation I was in.


But that was how life always was.


The world went on while my personal part of it seemed to be dimming.


But that didn't matter as long as Draco stayed away, as long as he stayed safe.


I looked down at my finger as the stone caught the moonlight. The corner of my mouth turned up in a smile and my eyes darted up to the sky once more.


The stars sparkled and winked as I just sighed, gripping the bar of the window firmly in my hand.


'It will all be alright,' I whispered leaning my head against the bar, 'do whatever you want to me. Just...just keep Draco safe. Let him find another love if I don't get out of here. Don't let him seclude himself again. Let him be happy.' It hurt to say, because I knew that I wanted to be with Draco. To have a life with him and everything...but I knew it would be right for him to move on if I couldn't get out of here.


I closed my eyes wishing and praying all at the same time. Tears escaping through my eyelids.


I opened my eyes and sighed, the peace and confidence returning once more.


And somewhere out there, I knew I had been heard.


I knew that everything would be alright.


'I hope they have pudding here.'




Harry landed and waited for Draco to get off before he dismounted himself.


Draco stood up taller, adrenalin coursing through him, 'What is your plan, Potter?'


Harry looked to the Slytherin, 'My plan? To save Luna. That is my plan.' The Boy-Who-Had-Lived-Died-And-Lived-Yet-Again pulled at his hair nervously like he was a First Year again.


Draco pulled his wand out, 'Let's go then.' Draco started to take off but Harry grabbed his cloaks sleeve.


Draco looked to the boy, a mixture of confusion and anger in his eyes, 'She won't have long.'


'We need to wait for the others Draco.' Harry said. Theodore touched ground as the two locked eyes. Angry grey mixed with the determined emerald.


The second Slytherin stood back, leaning against his propped up broom, smirking.


'When all you want to do is take care of someone, to protect them from everything and make them safe and happy, then you know you are in Love.' Draco hissed, pulling himself up to his full height. He was being vulnerable to someone he didn't particularly care for but having Luna so far away, and in danger, was tearing him apart. It felt like he couldn't hold himself together without her there anymore.


No one else would ever come close to his Luna, he didn't want them too because he just wanted Luna with him. Now.


'I thought you were on my side, Potter.' Draco said, his shoulders slumping a bit and eyes dropping. His old, arrogant self fighting with the part of him that ached to have Luna closer. The latter was winning.


'I am, but I'd rather plan then mess up.' Harry explained, his eyes begging the Slytherin to listen just this once, 'Luna means a lot to me as well.'


Draco pulled his arm away from the Gryffindor and sighed, closing his eyes. He knew he was right but he just wanted Luna back.


'Calm down mates, here they come now.' Theodore nodded to the sky as everyone else appeared. Each landed and dismounted quickly and quietly.


'Oy, so Potter, what is the plan?' Theodore said, turning to Harry who looked to Draco.


The archenemies just turned to each other, ignoring Theodore.


'We find her and fight.' Harry finally said, looking out to everyone who was gathered.


Everyone agreed and followed Harry. Theodore stayed back until everyone was gone. Draco stood, his eyes wide and his shoulders set.


His friend walked up to him and placed his hand on Draco's shoulder, 'We'll find her mate. Promise.'


Draco nodded and started off, Theodore close behind.



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The Mask: Love


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