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Dismantle the Sun by _Kirsty
Chapter 3 : Chapter Two
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‘You are not studying Number Two’ came a voice from behind the nearest book shelf.

‘Yeah well neither are you Mr Black’ replied Lola.

‘I’m hurt at the very accusation!’ he exclaimed, feigning being offended. ‘I’ll have you know I was merely looking for a new book.’

‘Whatever Sirius. I really don’t think it matters. I mean, what? I’m going to fail all my OWLs and you’re not going to pass any NEWTs? We all know that’s not happening.’

‘S’pose you’re right’ he said, sitting down on the bench next to her.

‘Always am dear. Always am.’ Now that they both had company they no longer had to keep up with the studying pretence.

‘So’ Sirius began. ‘There’s a Hogsmeade trip the week after we get back. I was wondering whether you fancied meeting up ?’ He asked this in a way which made it perfectly clear he was no stranger to the asking girls out lark.

‘Yeah that’d be nice’ replied Lola with a smile. She knew fine well he did this on a regular basis and didn’t even care. She was sixteen for goodness sake. She was hardly looking for a serious relationship. Besides, as pretty much every girl (and a definite number of guys) could attest to, Sirius Black was hot.

‘So you going home for Easter then?’ asked Sirius.

‘I’ve got to’ replied Lola with a sigh.

‘Is that a note of resentment I hear?’

‘No not really. It’s just…It’s complicated.’ She expanded.

‘Complicated? I’ve got the monopoly on complicated.’ Said Sirius ruefully.

‘Okay well my sister Nell just got a promotion at work. She’s now the youngest department head healer they’ve ever had. So of course the whole family’s coming round for a meal. Which always ends up the same way. Everyone goes on about how clever she is. ‘You’re all so bright! Such intelligent girls.’ And then that, of course, becomes a discussion about houses. ‘Funny how little Lola’s the only one in Ravenclaw isn’t it? When they’re all so clever. Guess she’s just not got that special streak like the rest of them.’ And then I need to smile even though they’ve basically said that they’ve got everything I’ve got and more.’ Lola’s voice cracked as she finished off.

‘Are you crying Number Two?’ asked Sirius with a mixture of disbelief and a little bit of fear. How the heck did you deal with crying girls? This was definitely not something any of the professors had told them.

‘No I’m not’ she replied sounding incredibly nasal. This was not good thought Sirius. There were definite tears here.

‘Em. Uh. Eh don’t cry.’ He nervously patted her arm in what he liked to think was a reassuring way.

‘I told you! I’m not crying.’ She most definitely was. And the arm patting had not helped.  Sirius slid along the bench so he was closer to her and wrapped his arm round her waist. At first she tensed up. Oh  bugger. He’d not done the right thing. She was creeped out. And was probably going to punch him. But after the initial shock she relaxed and lent her head on his shoulder with a little smile on her face.

‘Got it McKinnon. Don’t know why I even thought it.’

‘Test me on the  theory behind summoning charms?’ Lola aksed, still not sounding quite like her usual self.

‘Where the hell did you get to?’ Remus demanded. ‘You went to get that book for me on human transfiguration about an hour ago! The library’s not even a two minute walk away!’

'Sorry.' I got a bit distracted' he replied with a knowing smile.


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