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Keeping the Secret by ob sessed
Chapter 10 : Poor Puffies...
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Disclaimer: As per usual, everything recognisable is JK Rowling's and the rest is mine :) 


Chapter 10 - Poor Puffies...


“Don’t forget that you will be taking a mock exam after the Christmas holidays so I suggest you start studying now,” Professor Binns called out joyfully. Why, oh why, did I choose to take History of Magic? It was, by far, the most boring class in the world! THE WORLD! 


“Can’t you drop out? I want to die,” Aunt Helena murmured. Me bloody too. 


“What’d you say, Deora?” Lily asked me, as we made our way out of the dingy old classroom. We were one of the firsts to leave the classroom since Lily made me sit at the very front with her every single sodding lesson. 


“Nothing, I said nothing,” I yawned, not even bothering to hide it politely. Lily glared at me. She loved this class and hated whenever someone said a bad word about it. Merlin knows why the stupid redhead loved it; I always dozed off every time she rattled on about the merits of taking History of Magic. I only took it because Binns loved me and I was good at memorising useless trivia.


“Oh, well, as I was saying we should start studying for NEWTS,” Lily prattled on. “I really want to get an O on it. I mean I want to get an O in everything, but this…”


See, I told you. I doze off. Lily’s great and all, but she made my ears bleed. I don’t understand how she could love school so much! She should’ve been in Ravenclaw… I don’t know what she was doing in Gryffindor.


“Blimey, Evans, don’t you know that Deora has the attention span of a goldfish?” Sirius sneered, coming out of nowhere. “You’re better off talking to one of the suit of armours!” 


I scowled, and Lily just sighed. “Black, when are you going to leave her alone!”


“When she stops being a bitch, Evans,” he replied, mocking her exasperation.


I was still scowling at him. “Well I’ll stop being a bitch when you stop being a smartarse!” 


“It’s not called being a smartarse when it is blatantly obvious that I am smarter than you,” Sirius retorted, his smirk still in tact. That stupid sodding smirk!


“Oh Merlin, I can’t stand this anymore!” Lily cried out, throwing her arms in the air, as she stalked off down the corridor in a state. 


Sirius and I watched her, waiting for her to round the corner. Once she did, Sirius immediately took hold of my wrist and yanked me into a nearby broom closet. Within five seconds, he had had me pinned up against the wall, my legs wrapped tightly around his waist, and his lips firmly planted on mine. This predicament was becoming more of a usual occurrence than I’d like to admit, but I couldn’t help myself. He was like a drug. I knew he was bad for me yet I couldn’t keep my hands off of him—or more specifically, my lips. 


“How did you know I needed saving from Lily?” I asked in between kisses.


Sirius chuckled against my lips. “I didn’t. You’re just wearing an awfully short skirt today and I couldn’t help myself.”


“You’re a sod!” I smacked him on the arm, but I was grinning nonetheless. 


“Okay fine, you had an extremely dazed look on your face and Evans has a habit of babbling on about that stupid bloody class,” Sirius admitted. “Even I don’t like it that much!” 


“Why are you taking it? None of the other Marauders are and it really is not entirely that interesting,” I wondered out loud. 


Sirius shrugged, a feat all on its own seeing that he was also holding me up. “I grew up listening to a very biased version of the history of this world. I suppose I just enjoy listening to an objective view of it. I remember being surprised that not every event was centered around a hatred for Muggles.”


I looked at him, startled at his honesty and actually how good of a reason that was, that I smacked him once more on the shoulder. “Stop that! We’re bonding! We’re not supposed to be bonding! Say something mean now!”


Sirius looked bewildered but complied. “Your eyes are too big for your face!” 


“You’re a prick! Now kiss me,” I ordered. He didn’t need to be asked twice. Sirius’ lips quickly found their way back onto mine and we soon fell back into our rhythm again. 


I could get used to kissing Sirius, I thought.




“I don’t know about this, Deora,” Simon told me. He was chewing on his bottom lip nervously, and I felt my body react to the small action. Merlin, my hormones were out of whack! He was gorgeous, yes, but he fancied someone else; a someone that I had promised to help set him up with so really, Deora, calm yourself! 


“Trust me, Simon; girls love grand gestures!” I reminded him again for the umpteenth time. He nodded reluctantly and began scribbling neatly onto the piece of parchment I had handed him.


We were sitting in the library, planning out his big confession to Elora; our books and half-written parchments left for another day. This was more important. Well, I was trying to make my peace with it anyhow, because once I thought about it, Simon and Elora would be an adorable couple. Simon was this big broad tall boy while Elora was this dainty little blonde with plaits, and I suppose that’s cute. I’d be cute too… with him, I mean. I’m sorry, but there were only so many eligible guys in this castle so it’s perfectly normal that I’m still a bit gutted that he didn’t fancy me


“So what’s the plan again?” he said, looking up at me with those deep chocolate brown eyes. I swooned, as I always did.


“Err… right…” I stammered. I cleared my throat and looked away from those eyes. “I’m assuming that if we win…”


“When we win,” Simon interrupted.


I frowned at him. “Do you want to do this on your own, Finnegan?” He bowed his head apologetically so I continued. “As I was saying, if we win this match, I’m going to assume that James is going to celebrate his victory to the fullest. So while everyone is partying in the common room, you go set up in the Astronomy Tower. Dress nicely, Simon, because I’ll be making sure Elora does and I’ll make sure she gets your note.”


“And then what!” he cried out. “Merlin, I’m going to muck this up, Deora!” 


“No, you’re not,” I rolled my eyes. For a guy his size, I’d expect some more confidence, but apparently not. He should get some from Sirius. Merlin knows that prat has more than he needs. “Look, you’ll be there with flowers and you’ll tell her how you feel. Don’t write it, it’ll sound forced. Just tell her how you feel. You’ve liked her for how long now?”


“Two years,” he answered abashedly. 


I whistled. That is a bloody long time! I definitely had no chance from the beginning with this boy. Balls!


“Well see, I’m sure you have loads to say anyways! Just stop thinking so much,” I told him while patting his arm lightly. 


“Thank you, Deora,” Simon smiled at me genuinely. “Really. Thank you for this. I know we barely know each other, but I’ve always felt quite connected to you.”


Well, blimey, mate, so did I! But apparently not in the same way… 


“If you ever need anything, just let me know,” he was still grinning, which irked me. It made me want to smack that bloody lopsided grin off of his face. Why must he be so charming! And not fancy me! Bollocks! I always have the shittiest luck with boys. I plastered a smile on my face and told him not to worry about it. 


Merlin, today was going to be a long day and despite my best efforts to push the match to the back of my mind, I couldn’t help feeling the butterflies erupt in the pit of my stomach. I wanted to be cool and collected, and I assumed to everyone else, I looked quite cool and collected, but I wasn’t. I was freaking out inside… I was honest-to-Merlin having a panic attack, and the only people that knew that were Dorcas and Aunt Helena, and Dorcas only knew because I was sick in front of her this morning. It was not a pretty sight. 


I bid my goodbye to Simon, as I piled my things into my bag and headed out of the library. It was nearing noon and the library was beginning to get crowded. I hated when it was crowded. Actually, I hated crowds in general. I was claustrophobic and an excess amount of people around me made me fidgety and nervous. It was why I avoided ever trying out for Quidditch. Quidditch meant you were known, whether you were actually good or not, and well-known people meant admirers, and admirers meant crowds. You see where I’m going with this? 


Merlin, as if I didn’t have enough problems as it is, Keiran and Mum were coming out to see me. Albert was away on his first mission, something that I haven’t been thinking about, because that also made me queasy. The thought of my big brother… just… I can’t. I physically cannot think about it. Yes, I still bloody repress things! A little bit of guilt wasn’t going to make me change my ways that bloody drastically, for Merlin’s sake! I was just… getting better at not snapping at people. Today, I only yelled at two first years (or second years, they were both quite small people). Last week, I yelled at, on average, five or so first years. They were easy targets and they were so flipping small and unbalanced that they almost always run into me!


What was the point of this tirade again?


Oh yeah, the match! I was nervous. I was so bloody nervous! And it was only Hufflepuff… I can’t even imagine how I was going to feel when I play Slytherin—if James doesn’t kick me off the team by then. 


“Hey! Deora! Wait up!” someone came running after me. I was still facing the other direction, too lost in my own thoughts to even bother turning around. 


Jeremy came into my line of vision and I fought the urge to grimace. He looked nervous, his hair was disheveled, and his eyes glanced over my face for a brief second. Those eyes used to make me so warm and giddy inside. He used to make me feel like that. 


“What do you want?” I asked scathingly.


He seemed hurt by my tone. “I just… wanted to wish you good luck today,” he smiled earnestly at me. 


“Thank you,” I responded simply, wanting to end this conversation. As much as I say I’m over him, I’m worried that if I stay long enough in his presence, I would fall for his charms all over again. 


I turned to leave, but Jeremy quickly grasped my wrist, tugging me gently to stay. “Deora, wait. I wanted to say I’m sorry. I am so unbelievably sorry for everything.”


I searched his face for the lying manipulative arse that I had come to hate, but found genuine remorse. “I don’t think you know what you’re actually apologising for, Jeremy.”


“I do,” he insisted, his hand still around my wrist. “I hurt you. I didn’t mean to hurt you! You have to know that… I got scared, Deora.”


“Scared of what!” 


“Scared of us! You were getting so intense and I thought… I thought I needed to be free, needed to be with other people, but now I realised I was wrong,” he murmured. “I know suddenly asking for you to forgive me was wrong, but I want to at least have the chance to earn your trust back.”


I tugged my wrist back from his grasp and stared at him. I could never understand him, even when we were dating. “What made you realise you were such a prick?” 


“The war,” he told me truthfully. “We went away for summer and I realised without the confines of Hogwarts to protect us how real it was. I never want to lose you and not have you know how much I cared.”




Can I hit someone for being a good person?! I know he’s a good person and I hate that! I know he means well and I just wish he was some daft mumbling twit! Because when he is, I can hate him… when he’s like this, I can’t. I can’t hate him… 


“Jeremy, this is too much for me to handle right now,” I sighed slowly. “I have to go… I just have to go.”


“Okay, Deora,” he looked like a lost puppy and I just wanted to hug him, but I was not going down that road. Not today anyhow. 


Merlin, what the bloody hell do people expect from me? Do they not realise I am emotionally inept!? 


I turned on my heels and walked briskly away from Jeremy. I made my way up the stairs and somehow managed to get back into the common room without having hexed anyone. Even when I was upset, I was angry. Anger was such an easy route for me to take; a fault that I know I have, but hell, I don’t see myself changing any time soon. 


I stalked up the girls’ staircase and slammed the door shut behind me. Dorcas jumped from her spot on her bed, flinging her brush against the wall in a flurry of surprise.


“Bloody hell, Deora!” she exclaimed loudly, clutching her heart dramatically.


I rolled my eyes as I jumped onto her bed in a huff. “I hate boys! I HATE BOYS!” 


“Uh oh, who pissed you off this time?” Dorcas said, a knowing look in her eyes. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me to her side. 


“Everyone pisses me off,” I mumbled. “Simon pisses me off for fancying someone else. Sirius pisses me off for existing. James pisses me off for being a controlling freak of a captain. Peter pisses me off for never standing up for himself… and… Remus pisses me off… for being so flipping hard to read!” Dorcas stared down at me, humour evident in her big brown eyes. “Oh, oh, and best of all? Jeremy pisses me off for reeling me in again!”


Dorcas let me go and a scowl replaced her previous half-amused grin. “What?” 


“Jeremy, you know my ex-boyfriend?” 


“Don’t be a smart-arse, Deeds,” she frowned at me. 


I sighed and sat up. “Jeremy stopped me in the corridor coming from the library…” and as I relayed the tale back to her, I watched as Dorcas’ eyes grew larger and larger with every new tidbit of information. I must have looked like that too when Jeremy told me. Merlin knows I was surprised enough. 


“Wow,” Dorcas breathed as I finished. I nodded. “Wow… and this is our Jeremy? The prat that dumped you?”


“Yes, the one and the same,” I grumbled. “Ugh, what am I going to do!” I threw my head back onto her pillow in a fit of annoyance. 


“Well I reckon you have to at least try to be his friend,” Dorcas advised me. “But be very careful. He may seem sincere now, but who knows what his real intentions are!”


“He’s not a bloody super secret spy, Dork,” I retorted.


Dorcas rolled her eyes. “I know that! I’m just saying he’s hurt you once, he has the power to do it again if you’re not careful.”


“Oh, someone fucking kill me, I can’t deal with boys,” I groaned. “I should not be allowed to be around the opposite sex.” 


“Stop being such a Drama Queen,” Dorcas chuckled. “It’s not the end of the world that your prat of an ex-boyfriend suddenly wants to mend things. Most girls would kill for their exes to realise their mistakes.” 


“Yes, but I’m not like most girls! I prefer to be angry and spiteful!” I told her.


“Yeah, don’t I know it,” Dorcas murmured to herself before getting up off the bed to go retrieve her brush, which had made quite a sizable knick in the wall. “Listen, why don’t you vent out your frustration and anger at the world today at the match, huh? I’m sure you’ll enjoy beating the crap out of them Puffies.”


That was true, I realised as I grinned wickedly.




“Merlin! Who the hell pissed off Deora Grunnion? She seems to be out for blood today!” screamed Marcus Edgecombe into the magically enhanced microphone. 


I ignored his commentating and concentrated on the match at hand. We were up by at least a hundred points yet I felt like I haven’t vented enough of my anger on the Puffies yet. I swerved around the outer rim of the pitch and looked for the Bludger. Sirius was on the other side, motioning for me to get ready as his bat made contact with the round jet-black ball. It wove through the throng of players towards me and in the split second before it reached me, I noticed one of the Hufflepuff players heading towards the hoops with a Quaffle in his right hand. I positioned my broom towards the player and swung with all my might, the vexation coursing through my veins. My bat made a ringing sound on contact with the Bludger and the jet-black ball flew away from me at a resounding speed, successfully knocking the Quaffle out of the Hufflepuff’s hand, breaking his wrist in the process. I only knew that because I heard the crack of bones, and my insides squirmed in nausea. 


“Ouch! That looks painful, mate!” Marcus grimaced into the microphone. “Steve Preece has just lost his throwing hand to an injury inflicted on by Gryffindor’s newest Beater, the very angry Deora Grunnion… Let it be known, Hogwarts, never piss her off! She might kill you!” I tossed a scowl towards Marcus, who didn’t seem to notice it at all, as his attention was suddenly diverted by James, who was diving erratically towards the ground. “JAMES POTTER HAS SEEN IT! JAMES POTTER HAS SEEN THE SNITCH! THE SNITCH! THE SNITCH!”


We all stopped momentarily to watch as James dived towards the ground at a worrying speed, never letting up, never losing focus on the glittery ball just within his reach. I gripped onto my broom anxiously as I watched my captain plummet towards his death… Oh Merlin, James! Pull up, you sod! PULL UP! 


“HE’S NOT RELENTING, FOLKS! TAMSIN HAS ALREADY LET UP THE CHASE YET POTTER HAS BARELY EVEN SLOWED DOWN!” Marcus’ screams were barely heard over the shouting of the Gryffindor crowd. Everyone was on their feet, watching as their most beloved captain fly faster and faster towards the ground. I inhaled sharply as he suddenly flew off his broom, catapulting himself towards the Snitch and tucking himself into a ball as he fell with harrowing thud to the ground. 


The crowd went silent. The Gryffindor crowd were too shocked to cheer. We were all watching for signs of movement, but none came from our captain… All of a sudden, there was a loud chorus of jeers from the Slytherin stands and then within seconds, a fight had broken out somewhere in the crowd. My mind was elsewhere though. Normally, I would have enjoyed watching idiots going at it, but my mind was on James. I flew swiftly down to the ground, just as the rest of the team did. Madame Pomfrey came rushing towards the unmoving figure of James Potter with Professor McGonagall in tow. 


“James! Prongs! Bloody hell, you bastard, move!” Sirius cried out, running over to his best mate. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Remus and Peter running towards us as well. 


“Get out of the way! Get, now! Give him some space,” Madame Pomfrey ordered, pushing us aside, as she came to kneel beside him. She touched him gingerly, feeling around for a pulse. She murmured a few incantations under her breath, spells that I didn’t recognise, and moved back.


Within the next second, there was a loud hacking sound and James opened his eyes to stare incredulously at us. He offered us a cheeky grin before feebly raising his arm and showing the world, the Snitch. Once the glittery ball shimmered in the light, the crowd erupted into cheers, everyone elated and euphoric that not only had Gryffindor won the match, but James Potter was alive! 


Not for long, anyhow… I was going to kill him for that bloody stunt!


“Mate, that was the stupidest thing I have ever seen you do in your pathetic life!” Sirius exhaled. I turned to look at him. His black hair had matted to his forehead and his eyes were full of relief. I often pondered over James and Sirius’ curious friendship and today, I felt like I was given a bit more insight into it. They were more than friends, I realised. They were more like brothers, dependent on each other, and I reckoned if James were to have died, Sirius wouldn’t last very long in the world on his own. It was a dynamic different to their friendships with Remus and Peter, even though the four of them were best friends.


“Don’t be a hero next time, okay?” Remus chuckled, ruffling James’ unruly hair as the boy was being levitated onto a stretcher. James tried to smile in return, but the effort seemed to have put him in great pain.


“JAMES POTTER! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!” Lily was running towards us, flanked by Mary and Dorcas, who were grinning amusedly at Lily’s sudden concern. “YOU KNOW YOU’RE NOT INVINCIBLE, RIGHT?”


James moved further back into the stretcher, as if he could run away from Lily Evans’ wrath. Well good luck, mate, you’re immobile and Lily seems to be on a mission to lecture your ear off for that stunt. 


I quickly patted him softly on the head and whispered in his ear, “at least she’s concerned whether you live or die, James.”


James instantly beamed at me and a dreamy expression crossed over his face as Lily followed him back towards the castle, all the while yelling at him. 


“Well that was quite the match, huh?” Dorcas laughed loudly, the tension in the air lifting now, replacing it was an excitement for the victory party. I turned to look at Simon, who was speaking animatedly with Greg, Arthur and Elora, our Chasers, but I noticed his eyes were only on Elora, while the small blonde bounced up and down happily. 


“You were amazing up there,” Peter praised me. I grinned back at him, pulling my friend into a hug. I ruffled his hair as I let him go.


“Thanks, Petey! It felt amazing!” I replied joyfully. 


“You definitely were… err, feisty,” Remus told me, chuckling. “I kept thinking, ‘oh poor Puffies!’” 


“Feisty? More like unbelievably, super ridiculously violent!” Sirius scoffed. “You’re a hothead and way too emotionally-charged.”


I glowered. Don’t ruin this, Sirius Black! 


“I’m not saying you did badly, I’m just saying, Deora, what happens when you’re not angry? What are you going to do? I just think you need more training,” Sirius finished.


“Sirius, she did well, don’t be a jerk to her,” Mary said quietly, standing up for me. We looked at her, astonished that she actually called him a mean name! I mean ‘jerk’ was mild to what I generally called him, but this is Mary, we’re talking about! She never has a mean thing to say about anyone! 


Sirius looked to her then to me. “I wasn’t being a jerk… I was just… Ugh, whatever! I’m going to go check on James.” 


The five of us watched his retreating figure and as soon as he was out of sight, I lunged myself at little Mary MacDonald, hugging her body to mine. “Thank you, Mary!” And in a softer tone, I whispered, “does that mean you’re over him?”


Oh yes, that’s another thing I feel guilty about… I’ve been snogging my friend’s two-year long crush. I’m an awful fucking person! 


She shrugged at me, grinning, while her eyes scouted the gaggle of people absentmindedly. It was the shy Hufflepuff boy! He smiled bashfully back at her before following his friends away from the Quidditch pitch.


“You like someone else?” I asked her, trying to remain as quiet as possible.


“Shh, Deora! No one knows,” Mary quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me away from everyone else. “I haven’t even told Lily or Dorcas yet! Please promise you’ll keep this a secret?”


I made the motion of zipping my lips. “Not a single word! But what happened to Sirius?”


“Oh, I don’t know,” she shuffled her feet, her gaze now towards the floor. “I feel like a… tart. I mean one minute, I fancy Sirius and the next, I can’t stop thinking about another boy! Do you think I’m a tart, Deora?” She looked up at me with wide innocent blue eyes.


I chuckled. Only a girl like Mary would think changing crushes is a slutty thing to do… Merlin, I loved this girl. “No, of course not. My theory is you never really liked Sirius. He was just there, but now you’ve found someone who is more like you, who will probably treat you better.”


She nodded, taking in everything I said. “I hope you’re right, Deora!” 


I gave her a quick hug before we moved back toward our group of friends. Dorcas, Remus, and Peter were now avidly discussing the different ways of playing Exploding Snaps. I interrupted them to tell them that I’d meet them back in the common room as I had to go take a shower. They all congratulated me once more before walking back towards the direction of the main castle. 


Now for that muscle-relaxing, mind-freeing, luxuriously warm shower!




A shower is a place of sanctuary! A BLOODY SANCTUARY! 


NOT a place where one jumps out at another and beg for help… No, that is NOT the way to ask for help!


And Merlin, when the hell was it okay to jump out at a naked girl in a towel? Unless you were: one, a rapist, or two, a rapist. There should be no third option! 


“Simon! I’m going to sodding rip your eyes out!” I screamed, hugging the towel closer to my body. 


Simon covered his eyes and proceeded to back away slowly towards the exit, all the while, mumbling apologies at me. “Deora, I am so sorry! I was just… I don’t… I mean… Elora!” 


“Elora’s not going to matter if you’re dead in the next ten seconds, Finnegan!” I shouted at him. I motioned for him to turn around so I could quickly change into my clothes. 


“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I thought you were done! I didn’t… I wasn’t thinking,” he stammered out. “Oh Merlin!”


I roughly pulled on my skirt and top, a scowl permanently etched on my face; let’s just say any former attraction for Simon has just flew out the window, because right now, I wanted to kill him. “You can turn around now.”


Simon turned back to me timidly. His eyes widened and he became flustered again. “Deora… your… w-wearing a white top!” 


“Yeah, and so?” I arched an eyebrow.


“Your hair’s wet and it’s…” Simon clasped a hand to his mouth before backing out of the exit. “You know what? I forgot why I was here! I’ll see you at the party! Bye!” 


He bolted, leaving me standing in an empty changing room. I looked down at my white top and realised you could see straight through to my red polkadot bra. Bloody brilliant! Seriously, bloody brilliant… I sighed, knowing this was just the beginning of a probably horrible night. I grabbed my belongings and clasped the locket back around my neck. As usual, it hummed and then glowed to life. 


“What’s happened? You seem angry again! I thought you were in a good mood!” Aunt Helena asked me.


I pushed open the door and instantly felt the rushing wind of the Scottish evening. The grounds was quiet and I realised that while I was showering, everyone has probably ate and were now getting ready for the victory party—by everyone, I mean the only people that mattered: Gryffindors. 


“I was in a good mood, but then Simon sodding Finnegan interrupted my much needed shower,” I grumbled in response. 


Aunt Helena chuckled. “I thought that’s exactly what you wanted: you naked with Simon.”


“Not like that!” I cried out indignantly. 


“Or has that changed now? You naked with Sirius, perhaps?” Aunt Helena queried. This must be the one millionth time that I wanted to smack a locket. 


“Sirius and I are nothing more than…”


“Than what?” she persisted mockingly.


“Than people that loathe each other, who also happen to like snogging one another!” I replied. “It does not mean I like… him, as a person.”


“Maybe it’s kids these days, but back when I was alive, if I was snogging someone, it meant that I liked him or was at the very least, attracted to him,” Aunt Helena said. “Are you saying you don’t find him attractive at all?”


I groaned. “Just because he’s fit does not mean he’s a decent human being! He’s an egotistical prat with exceptionally soft lips!”


“I hope you are hearing what you’re saying, because it is utterly ludicrous,” Aunt Helena huffed. Make that the one millionth and one time I wanted to smack a locket. Stupid know-it-all! 


After a couple of minutes of listening to my aunt lecture me, I decided that ignoring my aunt was the best solution, because listening to her moan and complain about my behaviour like that was giving me a headache. I really did not need that on top of having to set up Simon and Elora, and make sure Dorcas doesn’t get drunk and decide to cheat on her boyfriend. I honestly don’t know how or why I allow myself to get into these situations. I sometimes consider having no friends. It would make my life a whole lot simpler and I’d be less annoyed. I mean if I was a loner, I wouldn’t have anyone to get angry with, right? Somehow, I feel like even then, I’d find someone that’d piss me off. Probably Sirius… he’d probably find me and annoying me to death. I suppose at least this way, when I die because of him, I’ll have my friends to kick his arse for me. I smiled at this. I quite like that idea actually. 


Wait… what was my point again? Merlin, I seem to be doing this a lot lately!




Oh, right… I hate my life. And tonight is going to be the longest victory party of my life. Yup, that was the point of this rant. Balls and double balls…


Wooohh!! So glad that the queue was short so I could post Chapter 10 before I went off on holiday! This will be my last chapter till about late September, sorry guys. But I'm sooo excited to write the next few chapters! I have it all planned in my head so don't worry. I won't disappear for 3-4 months again!! Anyway, what do you think so far of everything?? Favourite lines? Characters thus far?? And let me know what you think will happen, because I want to know how many people can guess the future for our lovely Deora ;) Haha. ANYWAY, thanks for reading!!! Much love, xxx. 

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