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Kitchen dancing by KittyLuna
Chapter 1 : Dancing queen
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 “Come on Rosie Posey open wide for Mummy,” I heard as I floo into the living room. Hermione was in the kitchen feeding our 10 month old daughter. The smell of roasted chicken and potatoes permeated our little house as was the old radio playing jazz music, Hermione’s favorite.

“Your poise! Your pose! That cute fantastic nose! You're mighty like a knock-out, You're mighty like a rose! I'm sold, I'm hooked! The well known goose is cooked! You got me little Rosie, I'm sunk! I'm gone! I'm hooked!”

I knew before I even entered the kitchen that Hermione was dancing around singing and feeding Rose. Rose’s high pitch giggles reached me as I reached the door. There I saw the most amazing sight. My little wife, hair in a high bun a pen stuck in it. My old Canons’ shirt stretched out and hanging over her shoulder, and baggy sweat pants rolled just under the small baby bump that had started to show recently. She was beautiful. Rose was giggling at her Mum’s dancing, silly hip twist and turns, her red hair in a little barrette, creamed carrots smeared on her face and bib and hands. The start of her front teeth showing as she laughed.

“You couldn’t be cuter, Plus that you couldn't be smarter. It’s true. Hello beautiful,” I sung as I grabbed Hermione by the waist and gave her a small lift, spinning her around.

“Ron,” she gasped and gave me a small kiss. “I didn’t hear you come in.” I placed her down, but didn’t let her go.

 “Now Rosie, this how a man loves a woman,” I laughed as I danced around the kitchen with my gorgeous wife, Rosie squealing with joy in her high chair. “How are you feeling,” I asked as I stopped dancing opening the oven to check on the chicken.

“Well, better then yesterday but just like with Rose, I am eating everything and anything again. Your children are the death of my figure Mr. Weasley,” she laughed.

“But I like you with meat on your bones,” I hugged her from behind. Rose was squealing happily as she saw her Mummy and Daddy laughing and dancing around the kitchen.



The house was large but you could hear Rose’s giggles from the large fireplace three rooms away. You could hear music playing and the faint smell of the grill on the deck. I grabbed Hermione’s hand and walked toward the kitchen. We stopped at the doorway as we saw the scene before us. Our little Rose, all grown up now, dancing and singing in a baby spoon as her son Alexander, blonde hair and brown eyed, a perfect mix of his parents, squealed of happiness. Scorpius Malfoy, Rose’s husband, had just came into the kitchen with a plate of steaks smiling at the scene, not noticing Hermione and I in the door way. He picked up their newborn daughter, Carina into his arms and pulled Rose into a slow dance.

“Looks mighty familiar,” Hermione whispered as I hugged her close.

“At least she listened to her Dad for once.”

“Oh and the ten years of you throwing a hissy fit about them dating was all an act,” Hermione laughed.

“Oh hush up woman,” I laughed and kissed her frizzy graying hair.

“I love you too Ron.”


Lyrics of "Couldn't be Cuter" by Ella Fitzgerald.

I can so see this happening with them. My Dad would do this to my Mom when I was little. Now my boyfriend, who I am getting married to(it's complicated), does this sometimes. This one shot just proves the theory that girls marry men that remind them of their fathers. :D 

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