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Illusions of a Perfect Marriage by alicia and anne
Chapter 5 : It's Party time
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To say that Amelia was a bag of nerves would be an understatement. Her stomach felt like it was full of bubbles and a feeling of sickness was sweeping over her, not helped by the fact that she had apparated over here with James’s family.

Staring up at the house belonging to James’s Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione made Amelia worry; she just knew that people were going to find out about her and James. She cursed James in her head as she took a deep breath; it was going to be a long night.

She brushed down her dress and made to walk up to the house, when all of a sudden a hand came out of nowhere and brushed her hair out of her face. She reacted without thinking, her arms and elbows flailing around; her elbow caught James in the midriff. She pushed her hair away from her face and glared at him.

“What did I say about touching me?” she growled, pointing at him threateningly. She could hear Albus laughing in the background.

“But you had a hair,” James began holding on to where she elbowed him, “I was just helping...”

“I do not need help from you, thank you very much.” she snapped walking passed him and following Lily. James rushed after her.

“Yeah, but I thought-”

“Well, you thought wrong,” she shoved him away from her, “and stop walking so closely.”

Albus sniggered as he walked next to James and shoved him slightly so he fell into Amelia, who shoved him back,

“Quit it,” she said loudly.

Harry turned around at Amelia's words. “Did someone say Quidditch?”

“Yeah, Amelia did, she loves Quidditch,” Albus remarked. James elbowed him in the side. Or he would have if Albus didn’t move and James got Lily instead, who squared up to him.

“What is your problem, Jimbo?” Lily said, pushing him slightly on the shoulder and raising an eyebrow as though daring him to push her back.

“Stop calling me that. I’m in my twenties, not seven.” James snapped.

“You could have fooled me,” Harry mentioned, looking at Amelia over his glasses with a smile on his face, Amelia smiled back, she did love her father in-law.

Ginny turned around and fixed her husband with a hard look, before turning to look at her children and stopping them from walking.

“Potters,” she told them loudly, “stop it!”

All of the Potters, except Amelia, and including Harry, all hung their heads. “We’re sorry.”

“Now, we are going to behave tonight, and how are we going to do that?” she asked with her hands on her hips.

“By not getting into any fights,” Albus started.

“Or drink more than we should,” James offered.

“And be on our best behaviour,” Harry added, running a hand over his hair.

“And what is this not going to be?” Ginny asked them sternly, Amelia was extremely amused by what was going on and the power Ginny seemed to have over her family.

“Another Christmas dinner fiasco,” James muttered, shuffling on his feet.

“Although that was entirely Lily’s fault,” Albus stated, pointing at Lily.

Lily looked up and glared at him, “You set me on fire.”

“Enough.” Ginny yelled. “Now walk nicely up to your Uncle Ron’s house and if you put another toe out of line, we are going straight back home.”

Harry gave a small smirk at her use of words, that Amelia didn't get the meaning of, as all of the Potter’s trudged up to the house. Amelia tried not to giggle to herself at how obedient they were all being, as Ginny was standing next to her. Sometimes Ginny scared her.

Harry reached his hand forward, once they had got to the door, and rang the doorbell. Two seconds later, Ron had yanked open the door and beamed down at them. He had a bright pink party hat on and a badge saying ‘still sexy at one hundred’.

Harry had to stifle his laughter, “One hundred, eh?” he asked.

“George gave it to me,” Ron grumbled at him, “and it won’t come off.”

“Well, you look good for your age, Uncle Ron,” Albus said, walking up the step and patting his Uncle on the back.

“Ha-ha, very funny. Come in, come in.” he said, beckoning them all in, “How are you all?”

They all walked up the steps and before they could answer, Ron had spotted Amelia, elbowing everyone out of the way he got closer to her.

“Amelia. You finally got time off work.” he took Amelia by the arm and dragged her into the house and out to the kitchen, where Hermione was currently placing cakes onto a plate.

“Hermione, look,” Ron said excitedly, Hermione looked up at him with a scowl.

"Ronald, seriously, there is no need for.... Amelia! I’m so glad that you’ve made it,” Hermione said, wiping her hands on a tea towel before walking forward and hugging Amelia. She pulled away and looked at Amelia a smile on her face.

“How are you?” she asked.

“I’m good thanks, how about you?” Amelia answered, a smile filling her face, still feeling incredibly nervous, if anyone was going to see right through her and James’s facade it would be Hermione Weasley.

“I’m very well,”

There was a cough from the door and they turned around to see James standing at the door.

“Hi there, remember me, your Godson? If it’s not too much trouble can I have my wife back? I kind of need her,” he told them. Hermione rolled her eyes at James as Ron said, “Oh James, didn’t see you there.”

“Yeah, because you elbowed me out of the way.”

Amelia smiled at Ron and Hermione before walking over to James, careful to avoid his outstretched hand, he chose to place it on the small of her back and she glared at him.

“Trying to make it look realistic, love,” James said quietly at her.

“Yeah, well if you go any lower I will cut your hand off,” she said through gritted teeth a smile on her face.

They walked out of the house and into the garden where most of the guests were situated.

The Weasleys all standing near the door all turned to look at them as they entered, smiles filling their faces as they began walking forwards. James beamed wildly moving forward and holding his arms out.

“Yes, yes James is here. Form an orderly queue for hugs,” he watched in horror as they bypassed him, ignoring him completely and going over to Amelia.

“I can’t believe you’ve made it.”

“We were sure James made you up.”

“How could he have made it up? We all went to school together.”

James turned around to face his family, “Hey, what about me?”

“What about you?” Louis Weasley asked, looking over at his cousin; Louis looked very much like his father Bill and was just as good looking as his mother Fleur, “we see you all the time.”

“You haven’t seen me in three months,” he told them hurt, “I’m your blood relative. Blood.”

"James, you should stop saying blood,” Louis said, looking back at Amelia. “You’re going to start freaking people out.”

“Blood,” James sniffed as Amelia was led away by Louis and Roxanne, another one of James’s many, many cousins on the Weasley side.

“Don’t worry, James. I’m sure someone in the family still likes you,” Fred said, walking over to James and patting him on the back, he stood with him for a few seconds before walking over to talk to his father George, leaving James all alone at the door.

James stood dejectedly, staring out, hopefully at his family. A pat on his back made him turn around and he saw that George was looking at him with a smile on his face. James could see Fred standing where his father had been, very confused and yelling after him, “Dad... dad... DAD!”

“One minute, son, I’m with my favourite nephew,” George said back.

“Really?” James said hopefully as his face lit up with joy, “I’m your favourite.”

“Yeah,” George said, moving his arm behind him and seeming to just pull Amelia out of the crowd of Weasley’s that had congregated some sort of shield around her. “Because you married this broad.”

Amelia shot him a glare.

“I apologise, Amelia, we’ve had this talk before and I won’t call you that again. May I buy you a drink?” George asked, removing his arm from James and putting one around Amelia, James looked devastated.

“But they’re all free,” James cried.

“Not at the next party they’re not,” George said with a wink, “the party in my pants.”

Amelia just stared at George and then bit her lip to stop herself from laughing as Georges wife came into view.

“Ahem,” she coughed.

“Oh, hello, Mrs. Weasley,” Amelia said brightly to Angelina who was scowling at her husband.

George jumped out of his skin and turned around, “but... but... it’s a real party I swear. It’s a club. Do you remember I took you on our first date?”

“No, George. I said it was pants, there is a difference. Just like sleeping next to me and in the next room to me. Now, stop hitting on your nephew's wife and get over there to talk to your mother.”

“Oh my, she heard me from all the way over here?” George cried in a fearful tone, before whirling around to look at his mother, who was scowling from across the room.

“I just have to go see.... err.... Bye.” and with that George had run off in the direction of Bill. Angelina shook her head at her husband before walking away a scowl on her face.

“Would you like a drink?” James asked Amelia after Angelina had walked over to Oliver Wood.

“No, I’m okay,” Amelia told him, “Fred, got me one just now,” she indicated the half empty glass in her hand.

“Then I’ll just go get myself one,” James said slowly before walking away from her.

He walked over to where the drinks were situated, next to where Angelina was standing; Ron had appeared next to them a few moments later.

“Hey, Oliver,” Ron said in passing, before he stopped and looked back at Oliver with a frown on his face, Oliver was still talking to Angelina and hadn’t noticed. Ron turned around and scanned the crowd looking at his party guests, pointing at a few in turn. “Lee Jordan... Alicia Spinnet... that guy who stalked Fred and George in the fourth year at Hogwarts; Bob or something like that... Julian from Hufflepuff” Ron stopped and let out a gasp, he had never been friends with anyone from Hufflepuff, something peculiar was going on.

“George.” Ron yelled, storming over to George, who was talking to Bill and trying to hide from his mother at the same time, “Why are all of your friends at my party?” he asked, hands on his hips, his hat had by now fallen to the side of his head, adding a comical effect to the situation.

“Well to be honest, you have no friends,” George said with a shrug, Bill stifled a smirk.

“Harry is my friend.” Ron stated.

“Possibly your only friend,” George stated, before going back to talk to Bill.

“No, he is not. What about Hermione?” Ron said, pulling his brother back around to face him.

“She’s now your wife, therefore no longer your friend.”

“What about Bill from accounting?” Ron suddenly yelled, causing Bill to roll his eyes and start walking away.

“Don’t drag me into this.” he said before going over to talk to Percy.

“Now look what you’ve made me do. I’ve lost a friend.”

“You lost him yourself,” George said. James sighed and decided to leave before Ron tried to bribe him into being one of his friends and not just a family member.

He caught up with Albus at the presents table, shaking one of the larger ones labelled 'fragile'.

“What are you doing?" He asked as he frowned at him.

Without a second thought Albus who was still shaking the present said, “Present control, I don’t want Uncle Ron getting any socks like last year.”

“That was something that you gave him,” James told Albus.

“No,” Albus said, putting the present down and picking another one up, “That’s what dad got him. I got him a funky tie.”

“You are crazy,” James said with a shake of his head as he made to walk away, but at that moment Hermione walked over and saw Albus, who quickly put the present down.

“What a great idea, Albus. We should get Ron to open his presents now,” Hermione said, as she turned around to look for Ron. She spotted him standing near to a scared looking Dominique and Victoire who was trying to escape from Ron, who seemed to have blocked them into a corner and was attempting to teach them a dance move, probably in an attempt to make them his ‘friend’s’ James thought. Arms flailing and legs kicking, the girls backed away from their Uncle. Hermione tutted and rolled her eyes as she quickly rushed forward, muttering about how, ‘she is always the one to save people’.

“Ron, Ron!” Hermione said, causing Ron to stop his dancing and look at his wife; he let out a cheer as he threw his arm around Hermione’s shoulders. Dominique and Victoire looked relieved at having Ron distracted. “How about you come and open some presents?” Hermione suggested with a smile.

“Yeah, okay, let’s go.” he yelled, walking with Hermione over to the table of presents. The rest of the partygoers were still enjoying the party. Some family members, though had broken off from their groups to see what it was that Ron had gotten for his birthday, most of them wondering if they could steal it for themselves.

Ron sat down and pulled Hermione around so she was standing to his side.

“Well, I don’t know about what’s in the pile of present’s but I know Hermione’s present, she’ll be showing me later on in the bedroom,” he said with a wink at Hermione who blushed slightly and hit Ron on the arm. Most of the family made disgusted faces, whilst some exclaimed that they were going to be sick.

“Uncle Ron, please stop, there are children around,” James said, moving to behind Amelia and wrapping his arms around her, she responded by elbowing him in the ribs, he doubled over slightly in pain but kept his grip on her, whispering into her ear that his family are going to notice if they’re not standing near each other. He heard her grumble at him, but let him stay where he was, her arms had stayed folded and she stood straight, not letting herself lean into him.

“Yeah, and some of these people are your own children,” Rose snapped, clearly embarrassed at her father’s behaviour.

“And how do you think you got here? Brought by a Hippogriff?” Ron shot back at her, as he pulled the first parcel towards him.

“No, everyone knows Hippogriffs don't bring babies. Only an idiot would believe that,” Rose mumbled, shaking her head and narrowing her eyes at her father.

“What? Mum,” Albus cried suddenly, a heartbroken look filling his face, he turned to look at his mother who was scowling at him, “you said Hippogriffs brought babies to parents, Is that not true? My whole childhood has been ruined.”

Ginny glared at her son and made a step forward; Harry held her back and put an arm around her to help calm her down. Albus’s heartbroken face quickly broke into a smile. James shook his head at his brother.

“What?” he asked as everyone looked at him, “That was funny.”

Ron coughed slightly before going back to opening his present, completely ignoring the name tag.

“Honey,” Hermione said, picking up the forgotten name tag as Ron pulled a face of revulsion at the jumper in his hand, “you’re meant to read the name tag first so you know who it is from,” she held it out for him and Ron took it reading it quickly.

“Dear Ron, Harry birthday love from Harry, Ginny and the family,” Ron looked up at a beaming Harry, “Harry birthday? Seriously? That wasn’t even funny the first time you wrote it.”

Harry continued beaming at Ron, “oh, you loved it.”

“You got me a jumper?” Ron cried, holding out the jumper and waving it around.

“Ron, stop being ungrateful,” Molly Weasley senior snapped looking at her son reproachfully.

“He’s minted, mum,” Ron said, turning around to face his mother who was staring at him in disbelief that he was acting this way, before turning back to Harry, “for my thirtieth you got me a pair of socks and now this?”

“In my defence, those socks had tiny pictures on them,” Harry told him, his arm still around Ginny. Everyone in the family was watching the conversation like a Quidditch game, all of their heads turning from Ron and Harry.

“They were pictures of you,” Ron snapped shaking his head as he ‘folded’ up the jumper, “but thanks for the jumper, you know. I’ll wear it all the time... blah, blah, blah.” he said before reaching for another present. Harry sighed as he let go of his wife before he walked forward and stopped Ron.

“If you just stop sulking, I can give you your other present.”

“Well, what’s better than a jumper?” Ron asked sarcastically as Harry bent down and picked up a long package. A hopeful look filled Ron’s face at the present as he bounced slightly on his chair. He took it from Harry and began ripping it open. He let out a loud ‘manly’ yell of excitement as he looked down at the newest broom model available, complete with accessories. Everyone looked at the broom in awe, except all of the Potter children who were looking at their father, anger, disbelief and jealousy written all over their faces.

“Hey. James protested removing his arms from Amelia and pointing at the broom, Harry looked at his children calmly, “You can afford to give Uncle Ron this state of the art broom and not your own children?”

“You children get enough from me and your mother,” Harry told them, Ginny nodded along with his statement.

“But, he’s old,” Lily cried, pointing at Ron, who was running his fingers up and down the broom in awe, “what’s he going to do with a new broom? Sweep?”

“Hey,” Hermione scolded, “now that is just rude.”

“Yes, it was. Apologise to your Uncle,” Ginny said sternly, Lily huffed before crossing her arms.

“I’m sorry Uncle Ron that dad prefers you to any of his own children,” she said. Ron looked up at her.

“I’m sorry, did you say something?” he looked around at the people crowding him and smiled, “I got a broom. These are the best presents ever.”

“It's good for you that we have more,” Arthur said, reaching forward and clapping his son on the back.

“Harry has got me more presents?” Ron asked, looking at Harry hopefully.

“Well, there is one more,” Harry said, turning to smile at his wife before looking around at the family members crowding around.

“It’s from all of us,” Arthur told him.

Ron could barely stay still from all of the excitement.

“We have arranged for the entire family to go on a holiday together.”

The family all cheered and Amelia looked around at them, James seemed to stiffen slightly behind her.

“Really? When are we going?” Ron asked, looking around at them all. The pile of presents had now been ignored by them all.

“It starts in the morning,” Charlie cried, barely able to contain his own excitement, “We’re going away for two weeks. The first time in years, the entire family has managed to go on holiday together.”

Amelia looked around at the family stunned, before she realised what this meant. The entire family meant her; she slowly turned around to face James as the family all celebrated with Ron. James was looking into the sky as though there was something very interesting in it, edging away from her slightly.

She slowly walked forward, feeling the anger rise in her.

“James Sirius Potter,” she growled angrily, James was still trying not to look her in the eye.

Before she could reach him, she was pulled into a hug by Lily, who was hugging her tightly.

“This is going to be so fun.” she cried as Amelia glared at James, who had finally looked at her with an apologetic look on his face. She mouthed the words ‘you are so dead’ at him.

A/N: So what did you all think? Good? Bad? Cliche? Were you all expecting that ending? Let me know what you think! :-D <3

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