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Seven Things by Shannedo
Chapter 1 : You're Vain, Your Games, You're Insecure
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“Oi! Evans!”

I groan upon hearing that awful voice again. Don’t get me wrong, the voice sounds… nice… but it’s the owner that pisses me off.

I'm on the Grand Staircase, second floor, and on my way to Charms and I can’t afford to be late because of this idiot. So I keep walking.

“Evans! Wait up!” James Potter called.

I wrinkle my nose in distaste and quicken my pace. I was two yards away from the door when…

“Lily, please.” James whispered in my ear, his hands resting on my hips, sending shivers up my spine. The musky scent of his cologne filled my nose, making me queasy.

That’s it.

I pirouette round and, before James has time to react, slap him from cheek to cheek.

“Bugger off, asshole!” I yelled at him as he staggered back, straight into Sirius Black.

From here I could see the tall form of Remus Lupin over his shoulder. He looks very sick, his shabby robe hanging loosely on his shoulders, prefect badge glinting in the candlelight. He's staring at me with an odd look in his eyes, something like sympathy or sadness. To Remus’s left is Peter Pettigrew, who was almost getting pulled away in the crowds. Little weakling.

I turn on my heel and strut the last few steps to Charms Class. Suddenly, the bell rang and the corridor was almost empty, bar us five.

“You don’t know what you’re missing.” He sneered.

I paused at the door. “As if I give a shit.” I barked back.

“Go out with me Evans.” He says in a voice that sounds like he was ordering me.

I turn around yet again (getting dizzy) to face him.

“I’ve had enough of your games, Potter. I wouldn’t go out with you if you were the last guy on earth!” I jeer.

James’ eyes widen for a second, he looks very taken aback.

I turn to go. “Insecure, are we?” I jibe.

“Forget it Evans, your obviously in to Snivellus.” He snorts.

I whip back around. (This is worse than waltzers) “WHAT did you just say?” I growl.

“Ooooh, Lily has a soft spot for Snivelly Snape!” James scoffs.

“James, leave it.” Remus warns. “Or it’s thirty points from Gryffindor.”

“Snape's prejudiced scum and you know it!” I hiss.

James continued as if we hadn’t talked. “Ooooh, Lily’s going to end up a Death Eater’s wife!”

“Oh, it’s go time!” I say and whip out my wand. James follows suit, pointing his at just above my heart.

“ENOUGH!” Remus bellows. He steps in between us, angrier than I've ever seen him. “Sirius! Take James.”

Sirius began to protest until he saw the scary glint in Remus’ eye. He steps forward and pulls James by the scruff of the neck, out of the corridor and up the stairs, Pettigrew scampering along behind them.

A small stupid tear escapes from the corner of my eye.

Suddenly, Remus is in front of me. He brushes the tear away with his thumb and crouches down to look into my eyes.

“Are you ok, Lily?” he asked softly.

“Yeh.” I said feebly, my voice cracking.

Remus pulls me into a big hug. “Ignore the bastard.” He whispered in my ear, making me giggle. He cuddles me for a while longer before pulling away and meeting my eye. “Ok? Well, you’ve got to get to class. See you later.” And with one last smile, he walks along the corridor and up the stairs. I watch until he's out of sight.

Remus is a good friend.


Later on, after tea, I come back into the dormitory and slump onto my bed, Mary McDonald, my best friend, gathers up some parchment, ink and a quill and goes back downstairs to finish her homework.

It was a cold February night and a full moon glinted in the sky. My homework was neatly piled on my trunk at the end of my bed and a scarlet clock with the Hogwarts Express printed onto its face sat neatly on my bedside table, next to my wand. The hangings on my four-poster were cerise red, more feminine than the boys’ plain crimson ones. On the roof of my bed, the part I stare at at night, are photos. Lots of them. Still muggle ones of family and moving magical ones of my time at Hogwarts. My favourites are one of Mum, Tuney and me on the beach in Brighton one year and another one of Mary and Sev paddling in the black lake. That one was taken in first year. Mary fell out with Severus long before I did; maybe she’s a better judge of character than I am.

Dinner was lovely. Massive sharing Prawn Cocktails for starters and Roast Chicken and Yorkshire Pudding for the main course. Then, Treacle Tart and Strawberry Cheesecake for desert. I’m so full I think I might blow.

I go over to the window and look up into the clear black night, illuminated by the dazzling moon and his twinkling companions. I hear a yell, like that of a wolf.

I sit on the ledge and pull my knees up to my chest, cradling them with my arms, never breaking my gaze at the moon.

Thinking back on the day, why had those things James said to me hit so hard? He’d never, ever reduced me to tears. Remus was really nice to me too. We weren’t close but we’d bonded over those long nights of Prefect Duty.

James had never been able to get to me. I’d never been able to get to him. When he throws himself at me I say no and he moves on… for an hour or so. I’d said no today and suddenly he’s throwing insults at me. And that look on his face when I said it. What was that all about?

And I’d been particularly irritated. Normally, when he asks me out I say no. I normally don’t throw insults and my whole vocabulary of profanity at him. He just really got under my skin today. I don’t know why or how but he did.

Things I hate about James Potter.

He’s vain.

His games.

He’s insecure.








A/N Do you have any idea what, or who, was howling? Why did James and Lily annoy each other more often than normal? Does Remus fancy Lily? Please leave ideas in your reviews! This is my first Fanfic so please excuse me if it wasn’t that good :P

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Seven Things: You're Vain, Your Games, You're Insecure


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