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Beyond the Slytherin Dungeons by NymphadoraLupin
Chapter 3 : Harry, Hermione and Hangovers
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That night I tossed and turned so many times I lost count. I had nightmares that chilled me to the bone.
I was sitting at the park near the house, all alone. I was about five at the time; there was no breeze, no anything. Then all of a sudden he came. He who must not be named. Lord Voldemort. He smirked at me and sat down on the swing next to me, his red eyes glistening with amusement. I felt my eyes change colour in fear, he obviously noticed
“Haven, there is no need to fear me,” I nodded and mustered an
“Okay,” he smirked sickly before he said
“You’re very pretty. You look so much like your mother. I enjoyed killing her. As I will you, but don’t fear me, Haven, not yet, I won’t kill you yet,” he cackled before he walked to the edge of the park with a swish of his wand he laughed before disappearing. I felt wetness on my stomach so I pressed my hand to my clothes for a couple of seconds and pulled them away to see blood. I was bleeding profusely from my stomach.

I woke up screaming. I didn’t feel safe. Thank Merlin everyone in Hermione’s room were heavy sleepers or I would have been in a crap load of trouble. I crawled out of bed and walked as quietly as I could downstairs and towards the boy’s dorms when I found Harry and Ron’s room I opened the door silently and found Harry’s sleeping body
“Harry” I poked him, he stirred but didn’t wake up

“Harry” I pulled the pillow out from under his head he jolted right up and reached to his bedside table for his glasses he put them on and turned to me

“Huh? Haven? Nightmare?”

“Uh-huh,” I said with tears in my eyes he pulled up his blanket and I slid in next to him, he snaked his arms around my wait and said

“Haven, it’s gonna be okay, everything’s alright now. He will never hurt you I promise,” and with that I dozed off into sleep knowing I was safe.

I woke up with Harry’s arm still encircled around my waist. I would have snuggled back down and fell asleep again but I felt horrible and I bolted to the bathroom, lent over the toilet and vomited. I heard the door open and felt someone pull my hair away from my face
“I knew you shouldn’t of drank that much,” Harry chuckled. He kept talking to me while I vomited. Once I had finished he walked me back to the common room, luckily it was early in the morning and a Saturday. The first day of school landed on a Friday this year. I was wearing one of Harry’s tops with my tights from last night. I muttered the password and walked inside the portrait into the common room. I thanked Harry and waited for him to leave before hurrying to my dorm. When I reached my room I saw Pansy Parkinson sitting on Daphne Greengrasses bed. When I entered the room Pansy turned to glare at me
“Hello Snape, what are you doing here?” she snarled

“Well Parkinson, it is my room,” I snarled back. Thank Merlin, that shut her up. I jumped in the shower and tried to wash the hangover away. I got dressed, dried my hair and did my makeup. I grabbed my bag and walked out of the room giving Pansy a glare before leaving for Hermione’s dorm so we could leave for Hogsmede.
I walked to the portrait hole of the Gryffindor tower and said the password. Once I was in the common room I saw harry and Ron sitting on the couch together waiting for Hermione to come downstairs
“Hey guys,” I said plonking down next to them

“Hey Haven, how did you like the party, I was planned by yours truly!” Ron said with smug satisfaction

“I loved it; it was a great pick me up,”

“What did your roommates say this morning when you didn’t come back last night?” Harry said absent mindedly

“Probably just assumed she was off with the ferret or something,” Ron said with a disgusted look on his face

“Why would they think that?” I asked questionably

“Well, hate to break it to you Haven, but you were having a snogging session with him on that arm chair over there,” he pointed to a leather chair in the corner of the room

“I WHAT?!” I yelled

“no way, there is no way in hell would I ever make out with DRACO MALFOY!’

“Sorry to have to break it to you Haven, but you kind of did,” Harry said

“Oh no. My father’s gonna kill me,” I thought about it, the nights events came flooding back. As far as I could tell though we didn’t sleep together. Hermione came downstairs and said
“Ready to go? Haven by the way you might want to stop yelling, I could hear you from upstairs,” and with that we went out of the common room and departed for Hogsmede. We were halfway there when I turned to Hermione to say
“Did I really snog Draco?”

“Sorry, Haven but you did, luckily I broke it off before anything serious could happen,”

“Thank you so much Hermione, you saved me,”

“I guess so, but haven tell me something,’

“Anything, you’re my best friend,”

“Do you like him? I mean you both seemed to be enjoying it but that may have just been due to an alcoholic stupor,”

“First off, remember what we decided ‘Mione, when I am hung over use small words. Secondly, I’m not sure if I like him, I mean sure he’s attractive and smart and…” I trailed off earing a look from Hermione
“Oh who am I kidding? I am absolutely in love with Draco Malfoy!” I said

“I knew it! I knew it!” by this time we were in the centre of Hogsmede. I needed to stock up on sugar quills so we decided to head to Honeydukes and then to The Three Broomsticks for a Butterbeer. We were walking into the shop when I saw his platinum blonde hair sticking out from the top of the crowd, Draco Malfoy was in Honeydukes and he was coming this way…

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