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Playing the Field by siriusloveforwriting
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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A/N: Disclaimer: All Harry Potter-related characters, names, places, objects, spells, etc. belong to J.K. Rowling. I only own the original characters and the plot.


          That evening we have Quidditch practice. James has the Chasers practice just throwing the Quaffle back and forth, trying to score on Lucas. But it is a little hard to focus when the defender is so damn attractive.

          James passes to me, I pass to Kimmy, she passes back to me, and I take a shot. Lucas dives, and misses.

          “Nice shot,” he calls. He offers a cute boyish smile as he says this. I shrug and toss my hair like it’s no big deal.

          We continue practicing until nightfall. “Alright, team,” calls James. “You’re free to go.”

          I dismount from my broom and Lucas does the same right next to me. “Hey,” he said. “You’re pretty good.”

          “Thanks,” I say. “So are you.” He really is; he saved a lot of my shots.

          “Well, I’ll see you around, Maddie,” he says, flipping his long golden hair. What is it with me and hair?

          Back in our dormitory, I brush out my long brown curls and then pull them back into a ponytail. “Hey, Lils, do you know the new Keeper?”

          “Lucas Grey? Isn’t he a sixth year?”

          “Yes, but who cares? He’s gorgeous,” I say, thinking back to our hardly-a-conversation from earlier. “Besides, I’m not seventeen yet.”

          Lily nods. “Maddie, maybe this time you could try to actually get to know him before you go snogging him.”

          I pause and think about this. “But he’s so cute,” I whine. “Can’t I just snog him, and then do that ‘getting-to-know-him’ thing with some other bloke?”

          Lily laughs. “Suit yourself. I just think that this might be a good idea with him. You see him a lot, since you play together. It would be easy to get to know him.”

          “I’ll think about it,” I tell her.

          The next evening’s practice goes even better than the first.

          “Okay team, tonight was a good practice,” says James, in a satisfied tone. “So you can have the weekend off.”

          I laugh to myself. There was no way James would’ve made us practice when there was a Hogsmeade trip scheduled; of course he’ll want to ask Lily.

          As we begin flying back towards the castle, Lucas flies up beside me. “Hey, Maddie,” he calls, “race ya!”

          “Catch me if you can,” I call back, and begin to fly as fast as I can.

          We race back to the castle. We’re pretty evenly matched and we get there at the same time.

          “Nice job,” I say, panting, climbing off of my broom.

          He smiles at me. “Same to you. So, since we have the weekend off, do you want to go to Hogsmeade?” He just looks at me. “With me,” he clarifies, and there’s that adorable smile again.

          I think for a second. I don’t usually like dates. But maybe Lily’s right, maybe he’s different.

          “Sure, Lucas,” I say. “I would like that.”

          “Great,” he says with a grin. “I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”

          I nod and smile back.

          “Oh, and one more thing,” he says. “Call me Luke.”

          I return happily to my dorm. “Lily, guess what!” I exclaim.

          “What?” she asks, looking up from the essay she’s writing.

          “Luke asked me to go to Hogsmeade with him,” I say with a smile.

          “That’s great! And you said yes?” she asks, surprised.

          I nod. “I know, it’s weird, I actually want to go on a date.”

          Lily looks at me knowingly. “Maybe it’s because you actually fancy him.”

          “Maybe,” I say. “Maybe.”

          The next day is Saturday, the day of the Hogsmeade trip. I wake up excited and spend the next hour and a half getting ready. I shower and do my hair (long and curly as usual), put on my make-up, and then inspect myself in the mirror.

          “Relax, sweetie, you look great,” says Alice, who is excited to be spending the entire day with Frank. “No need to be nervous.”

          “Nervous? I’m not nervous,” I say. Madison Lane doesn’t get nervous around guys. That’s not how it works.

          “Oh, okay,” says Alice, smiling at Lily when she thinks I’m not looking.

          We head downstairs to the Entrance Hall. “Hey, Lils,” I say. “What did you say when James asked you to go to Hogsmeade with him this time?”

          “Nothing,” she says.

          “What? You ignored him? Lily, that’s worse than saying no.”

          “No, I mean I didn’t say anything because…. he didn’t ask,” she replies.

          I stop in my tracks. “James didn’t ask you,” I repeat. “For the first time since third year.”

          “He’s never passed up a chance to ask you to Hogsmeade,” Alice says.

          “I know,” Lily replies. “Strange, isn’t it?”

          “Speaking of James,” I say. “How have rounds been going?” If Lily had been upset when she found out James had been made Head Boy, it was nothing compared to how she’d reacted when she’d realized they were going to have to do nightly rounds together. We’d managed to calm her down, and she hasn’t mentioned them since.

          Lily shrugs. “Fine, actually,” she says. “He hasn’t been such a prat lately.”

          We reach the front doors where Luke is waiting.

          “Hey,” he says to me with a smile. “You look great.”

          “Thanks,” I say, “you don’t look so bad yourself.” Okay, he looks gorgeous. He always looks gorgeous.

          “Shall we go?” he asks. I nod and wave good-bye to Lily and Alice.


           Moony, Prongs, and I walked down the stairs to the Entrance Hall, without Peter because he’d fallen behind in his classes (again), and needed to stay behind to do some work.

          “Hey,” James says to me, “is Maddie going to Hogsmeade with Lucas?”

          “How would I know?” I ask. “But out of curiosity, why do you ask?”

          “Well, just because I see them together over there, and it kind of looks like they’re going together,” he replies.

          I look. He’s right.

          “Maybe Maddie’s finally trying something new,” says Moony. “Speaking of which, Prongs, have you had a change of heart? Not asking Lily to Hogsmeade, I mean.”

          James shrugs. “Maybe it will help,” he says. “I mean, she took pretty well to the name thing. So maybe acting more…non-interested, it will make her interested.” He pauses, trying to figure out if that’s come out the way he intended. “Anyway, at this point, I’ve got nothing to lose.”

          We meet up with Lily, who’s standing by herself since Alice has gone off with Frank.

          “Hey,” she says. “I just kind of realized…I’m on my own today. Can I tag along with you guys?” she asks uncertainly, and although she’s mostly directing the question to Moony, whom she actually gets along very well with, it’s James who answers.

          “Of course you can!” he says enthusiastically, looking as though he’s just won a thousand Galleons. Lily gives him a small smile.

          “Everything’s changing,” I mutter to Moony as we walk out. “Mads is going on a date, and Lily just smiled at Prongs.”

          Moony just laughs.


          Luke and I are walking along the street, just talking. At one point he reaches for my hand, and I let him take it. This is nice. Just talking to a guy is nice.

          That doesn’t mean I don’t want to snog him, because I definitely do.

          It’s pretty cold out, so when we pass by the Three Broomsticks, Luke asks, “Do you want to get a Butterbeer?”

          “Sure,” I say.

          We walk inside and find a table. “You sit, I’ll go get them,” he says with a smile.

          I go find a table. I haven’t been sitting for more than thirty seconds, when two people are suddenly sitting on either side of me.

          “You’re on a date,” says James accusingly.

          “Now who’s getting easily attached?” says Sirius tauntingly.

          “Why didn’t you tell me?” James demands.

          “He really is dreamy, Mads,” Sirius says in a girly voice.

          “Both of you, shut up and go away,” I say irritably. “He’s going to be back soon.”

          They leave, thank goodness. Luke returns with two Butterbeers.

          “So, Maddie,” says Luke. “I know this is a little weird to ask but…is there anything going on with you and Black?”

          “What?” I ask, taken totally off guard. “Me and Black? Whatever would give you that idea?”

          “Well I’d ask if there’s anything going on between you and Potter, but everyone knows that he fancies Lily Evans,” Luke explains. “But you hang around with Potter and his friends an awful lot, so I don’t know…” he says, somewhat uncomfortably, sounding as though he wished he hadn’t brought this up at all. “When it’s a girl as pretty as you,” he tries again, “hanging out with guys like them all the time, I just wondered-”

          I cut him off by giving him a long kiss on the lips.

          “Does that answer your question?” I ask.

          He doesn’t answer, just brings his lips to mine again.


          “Whoa,” says James. “I do not need to see that.”

          I follow his gaze, and for the second time this year see Maddie snogging. With some added touching.

          “Someone should remind them that this is a public place,” James continues.

          “What’s with you?” asks Lily. “Aren’t you happy for her?”

          “Sure, but I mean, it’s okay to know Maddie does that stuff,” James says, “but it’s another thing to see it. Maddie is like my sister.”

          “I don’t think anyone wants to see that,” I add.

          Moony shakes his head. “You’re one to talk, Padfoot.”

          “Hey,” I say defensively. “I always do my snogging in private places no one could ever come across!”

          “Oh no, not unless the person is borrowing a school broom, looking for an empty classroom, or turning a corner,” Remus says, shaking his head.

          “Look, Moony, it’s not my fault you’ve done all those things and just happened to find me in compromising positions!”

          We laugh and change the subject.


          Luke and I leave the Three Broomsticks. I feel a little light-headed, which is strange. I’ve never felt that way after snogging before.

          We spend the rest of the day together, exploring the shops. He buys me a heart-shaped lollipop from Honeyduke’s. We stop and kiss a couple of times.

          When we return to the castle, he pulls me aside and kisses me again.

          “I had a great time today,” I tell him.

          “Me too,” he says.

          I smile and say good-bye. I head up to my dormitory. When I enter, Lily and Alice practically pounce on me.

          “Tell us everything!” (Alice.)

          “Did you have a good time?” (Lily.)

          “What did you do?” (Alice.)

          “We saw you snogging in The Three Broomsticks!” (Lily.)

          “One question at a time!” (Me.)

          I fill them in on the date. “It was great,” I say happily. “I actually didn’t mind the romantic stuff for once. We held hands, we kissed…” I trail off.

          “Oh my Merlin, you fancy him!” Lily squeals.

          I lie back on my bed. I actually do. I can’t believe it.

A/N: Hey, guys! Thank you for everyone who returned to read this chapter, and thank you to new readers for deciding to give this story a chance! (I know some of you might be a little confused after this part, but don't worry, it is a Sirius/OC fic. ;) )Thanks again for reading, I'll try to keep the updates coming as soon as I can. Leave a review and let me know what you thought!

Sabrina :)


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