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Different life by Cyra23
Chapter 5 : Buffys home!!!!
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Children PoV

"Harry throw the quaffle over here" replied Dillon. Harry and Dillon were one team while Cyra and Mia were another. The score was tied and right when Harry was about to throw the quaffle to Dillon everyone hears "ok guys it's 11 start getting ready for lunch and for when your mother arrives" said snape from the ground by the small quidditch field they were playing at in the backyard. "ok!" replied everyone. The backyard consisted of a small quidditch field, a forest that apparently led to the fairy realm and a small waterfall that fell into a small pool. The water was crystalline blue and the pool was only 7 ft deep and the bottom was sand. It was very beautiful especially how the pool was surrounded by stones.

Everyone landed and started heading inside the house. Snape had decided since Buffy was coming home to change the house the way she liked it. Just one floor with lots of room. And on the outside it looks like a cottage. It was spectacular to Harry who though has been living with magic for four years still is awed and amazed by it. And so everyone marched inside to clean up and get ready. Apparently the girls were going to take awhile getting ready so the boys showered first and then wen into the dining room which was next to the kitchen. It was a wonderful dining room. It had a huge table in the middle that could be expanded to fit as many people as you wanted but today it would seat only 7. A small chandelier in the middle and the room was painted a soft green mixed with red and gold. It was simply beautiful. Dillon and Harry went and stood next to the table and started talking a little bit about quidditch and the World Cup coming up. By 11:45 everyone was in the dining room waiting for Buffy and her mother. Though Harry had heard about Buffys mother they didn't really talk much about her either. When Snape walked it he told Harry the weasleys flooed and said they would be delighted to come and so would Hermione. She will be coming with them.

Harry was happy everyone was coming to meet his new family. (Wait when did he start thinking of them as family? Maybe it was because they treated him as well as the weasleys had and they don't treat him as a Hero or anything.) Also h was feeling a bit odd when he heard Hermione was coming to. He felt butterflies in his stomach. Why was that? O well time enough later to think about it. The teens each got out their wands and affront decorating the dining room with welcome home mom and gallons and all other party things. Apparently being part of the fairy realm the house was enchanted to not be noticed if they do magic underage. Once they were all done and got they gifts out except Harry, it was one minute to go. You could feel the excitement and nervousness in the room.

Then the clock struck 12 and a loud thunder was heard followed by a purple cloud. From within the cloud emerged the most beautiful woman Harry had ever seen. He could see where Cyra and Mia got the beauty from but their mother was simply gorgeous. She had long full black hair, her skin was a soft golden color, her eyes such emerald eyes they sparkled, and even with the ears and tail of a wolf she was breathtaking. What Harry didn't understand was why she looked to be only 18 years old? And the woman next to her seemed more her sister than mother. She looked to be about 25 with the same looks as Buffy yet different. She didn't have the ears or tail for one thing and her hair was a golden color and her features were sharp while Buffys was soft. Yet she did have the same eyes as Buffy to. But even with those differences both were beautiful.

Snape PoV

As soon as I saw my wife I ran to her and kissed her passionately not caring about the audience. I stopped once I heard the children groaning about wait til we are alone. I laughed loudly glad my wife was home to stay and in no more pain. I looked down at Buffy and she had a huge dazzling smile on her face I knew she was glad to be back. I smiled and then turned to her mother and took her hand and kissed it bowing. "Your Majesty, mother, I'm so thankful you brought her back in full health. I know you did it because she is your daughter but nevertheless I'm thankful and grateful and I their is ever anything you require I will help."

Buffy mother laughed " oh dear Sev you haven't changed. And don't worry about it at all. Just live your life fully now with her and your children and be happy." smiled Buffy mother. "I will" replied Snape still hugging Buffy to his side.

Harry PoV

*wait a minute Buffys mother is the queen of the fairies?!?!?*

Buffy PoV

"Sev I'm so happy to be home too and I've missed you dearly but may I have a chance to greet the children now." laughed Buffy. Snape looked guilty and replied "o ofcourse dear sorry." Buffy just laughed and went to greet the children. She hugged Mia first and then Cyra and Dillon, telling each of them how much she missed them and loved them. Also how she couldn't wait to have fun with them. And finally she got to Harry. While she hugged Harry her mother hugged her grandchildren. Buffy looked Harry over and sighed internally. How would she tell him everything? She shook her head and hugged him tightly saying "I am so glad you are living with us now Harry. I know it will take some time to get used to it all and we have many things to catch up on. Also I have a surprise for you but that's for after lunch." She felt Harry nod.

Buffy stood back and told Harry "I saw your surprise earlier when Sev greeted my mother. No one told you this I'm guessing but my mother is the Queen of the fairies by birth not marriage. So yes that makes me a princess and no I don't inherit the throne." laughed Buffy.

"oh ok well that answers that." said Harry. "I can't wait for you to tell me stories of my mother and father and you didn't need to get me anything."

"nonsense Harry I didn't even pay for it, it's something that's been here awhile but I told everyone I wanted to be the one to show you." replied Buffy. "oh that's ok then." said Harry.

"well then let's get this lunch out of the way then shall we?" said Snape.

Harry PoV

Everyone sat down and enjoyed the wonderful meal cooked by Snape. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely and Harry was told he would visit the fairy realm later in the summer before school started.

Once lunch was done Buffys mother hugged everyone and said she would see them all another day and with a thunder clap and purple smoke was gone. Snape turned to everyone and said "ok kids how about you all help me out cleaning up while mom shows Harry the surprise?" all the teens agreed.

And so Buffy with Harry by her side walked out of the dining room and down the hall. They walked into a room full of portraits. All four walls was full of them. On the far side was one particular portrait that was full length. Buffy told Harry to go see that one. And so he did as he was told.

As Harry walked to the portrait he saw that the room painted was that of a den with bookcases and sofas, just like the den in the house. And then two people walked into the portrait. Two people he had only regular pictures o that didn't talk to him. But this one did. Harry stood there and looked at his parents. They were smiling at him. Harry then said "mom? Dad?" "yes Harry it's us this is real." replied his father. Harry just broke down and cried. He couldn't believe he would be able to speak to his parents. Yes he knew it wasn't the same as being able to touch and hug them but he was just happy he could talk to them and see them. Harrys mother looked at Harry crying also and said "baby don't cry we can finally talk to one another and help you if you need it."

Harry turned and ran to hug Buffy. Buffy was glad and hugged him back tightly. "I'm going to leave you three alone for awhile. I'm going to help everyone set up for your birthday dinner ok? And so you know Harry all the questions you have for me will be answered tomorrow ok? Today is a day of celebration." "Ok"said Harry.

And so Buffy walked out and Harry turned back to speak to his parents. When he turned he saw a nice comfy chair in front of the portrait. He laughed thanking Buffy in his head. Harry sat down and talked to his parents for the next few hours until he was called by Buffy to get ready for his dinner party. Harry and his parents caught up a lot but one thing they didn't talk about was what he had to learn from Buffy. About why Voldemort never killed her.

And so Harry left telling his parents he would come by every day if he had time or every other day. Harry walked to his room and changed into other clothes that apparently Buffy took the liberty of buying. He wore nice jeans that fit him comfortably and a nice long sleeved green shirt with the first two buttons open. He put on cologne and went back into the dining room from when they all got together for lunch. Everyone was looking dressed up waiting for the weasleys and Hermione to arrive in 5 min. Harry could hardly wait for the small party to catch up with everyone and also wanting to hear what Buffy has to say.

Well readers there you go another chapter. I know I said I would reveal why Voldemort didn't kill Buffy in this chapter but I thought that story could wait for the next one since it will bring a shock to Harry and yourself. ;) please please review!!!!

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