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Summer Heat by HPsmartone32
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three: Teddy
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kick-arse CI by Drowned @ TDA. love her.


Chapter Three: Teddy


I was lying on my bed staring at the ceiling as I tossed an old quaffle into the air, thinking. Dinner with Victoire’s family had been a tense affair, well at least for Victoire and I. I’d hoped no one else noticed, but Dominique kept looking from me to her sister, the perceptive bugger. Bill looked as if he noticed something was wrong too; maybe it was the way that Victoire and I had sat next to each other, per usual, but hadn’t smiled or laughed with each other or shared that look we always used to share whenever Dominique or Louis would make certain remarks – the look that made it seem as if we could read each other’s minds.


We’d talked it out, though, right? I mean, I told her I was sorry. I’d told her that I still wanted to be mates. Isn’t that what she wanted? Maybe she’d seen through my uncertainty.


After she left I’d walked through my apartment, blindly shoving things in random places, my mind not completely with my body. I hadn’t known (and I still didn’t know) if she was mad or upset or if she thought I’d fucking sexually harassed her! For one of the first times in my life, I had no clue what Victoire Weasley was thinking.


Hell, I didn’t even know what I was thinking!


Did I want to kiss her again? Yes. That much I’d been able to admit to myself after she’d left. I wanted to kiss her; I wanted to feel her body pressed up against mine and her lips moving in sync with mine and I wanted to run my fingers through that soft, silky hair. It was the why I wanted to do all of this that I couldn’t nail down.


All I know was that it was really difficult this evening, standing in her backyard with her still in that tank top and those white shorts, her hair a little more ruffled than it had been when I’d last seen her, her delicate arms crossed over her chest, and not taking her in my arms and snogging the living daylights out of her.


And then it had been confusing as all hell seeing the look on her face as we talked and I tried to do away with that impulse. She looked almost ashamed, maybe. Was she ashamed of kissing me? Was I that repulsive to her? Was I like a brother and kissing me, for her, had been incestuous?


The thought made me cringe. I wouldn’t want that. I wouldn’t want that at all. Victoire thinking of me like a brother was something that made me … upset?


I threw the quaffle against the opposing wall angrily. What the hell was going on in my head? What the fuck was wrong with me today? I rolled over and buried my face in my pillow. Maybe I’d just suffocate myself and then I wouldn’t have to worry about why I was suddenly attracted to my best mate or if she was disgusted by the thought of my lips on her perfect, succulent ones.


Succulent? What the fuck, Teddy? Someone just end me now. It’s for the best.


I rolled off my bed lazily and made my way to the bathroom. Maybe a cold shower would help me think straight; right now, it sure as hell couldn’t make anything worse.




Bzzzzzzzt bzzzzzt bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt. “Damnit, Ted, can’t you fucking buzz me up? I would apparate up there but I know your godfather had an anti-apparation spell put on the whole fucking building because he’s paranoid –” Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt.


I rolled over and hit my hand on the bedside table trying to get the damn alarm to shut off. Why did I even have an alarm set?


“You’re still asleep aren’t you, you lazy arse. WAKE THE FUCK UP!” I finally gained enough consciousness to recognize the voice of my best mate from Hogwarts, Bradley Walker. I sat up, rubbing my eyes, and looked around to see where the fuck the voice was coming from.


“I swear to Merlin, Teddy, if you don’t buzz me up in the next thirty seconds, I’m selling Witch Weekly the story about how you shagged the Minster’s stepdaughter three months ago,” Bradley’s voice was echoing throughout the whole room. My eyes widened – that wouldn’t be good. I jumped out of bed, suddenly remembering what the landlady said about buzzing people into the building, and in record time, hit both the red and black buttons on the box by the door, “I fucking hate you,” I told him.


“Took you long enough,” I heard him say before the speaker clicked off. I shook my head after unlocking my door and made my way back to the bedroom to throw on some clothes.


I located the box with my clothing and pulled a grey t-shirt over my head and slipped into some jeans as I heard the door to my flat open.


“You know it’s ten in the morning, right?” Bradley asked me as I shoved my wand in my back pocket and made my way down the short hallway to meet him in the living room (DAO).


He was standing in the wake of the many boxes that surrounded the little bit of furniture I’d been given from random people. Harry and Ginny’s old couch, George’s old recliner, Hermione and Ron’s old muggle television that sat atop one of Gran’s old side tables.


Bradley was what many girls considered attractive. In school we used to be quite the pair when it came to the ladies, something that never ceased to make Victoire roll her eyes. He had light brown hair that stuck up in a way that looked intentionally messy – like he’d woken up with bedhead but had decided not to do anything about it. Apparently it worked for him; but as I’m a bloke, I don’t really care what my mate’s hair care routine looks like. His eyes were green like the green on the ‘vintage’ camouflage pants Grandpa Arthur used to wear around when I was younger, and he had skin that always looked like he’d been in the sun for hours. I think his Mum’s Mum’s Mum was half Native-American or something, but I wasn’t really listening when he explained it to me.


“Rough night,” I muttered, walking into my kitchen. “Plus that’s not even that late,” I continued, “You used to sleep until two in the afternoon on the weekends at Hogwarts. You want some coffee?”


He shrugged. “Sure.”


I poured the coffee in the filter. “What’re you doing here?” I asked him, tapping the coffee maker with my wand and joining him in the living room.


He collapsed on the couch after pushing the power button on the telly and looked at me sheepishly, “Can I not visit my best mate in the whole entire world without a reason?”


“You snuck out of your own apartment to avoid facing the broad you brought home last night?” I guessed.


He waved his hand at me dismissively, “Little things.”


I laughed, using my wand to flip through the channels, “Who was it this time?”


“I can’t remember her name, but she wasn’t nearly as attractive this morning as I remember,” he told me. I raised my eyebrows at him. “Well I was bloody trashed, wasn’t I?!”


Shaking my head at my friend, I settled for a wizarding channel that was highlighting the scores of recent Quidditch matches. Bradley was always the womanizer of the two of us, mostly because Victoire would kick my ass if I ever tried some of the shit he does. At Hogwarts, the two of us could each have just about any girl we wanted, but while Bradley took advantage of that, I had a bit more class. Or, I like to think so.


He was still my best guy mate though, so I put up with him. He had my back, I had his, and that’s just how it worked.


“What’d you end up doing last night?” he asked me, glancing away from the highlights of the Cannons brutal defeat at me.


“Er –” Fuck. I couldn’t very well tell him I’d spent the night lying on my bed thinking about snogging Victoire. He’d probably go all girly and freak out. He’d known Victoire since she was eleven, what with the way she was always hanging out with me and therefore him by proxy. I reckon he saw her like a little sister with the way we’d always protect her from the boys who tried to get into her pants.


Plus I just didn’t want anyone else to know; it was embarrassing enough that Victoire seemed to be ashamed by it.


“Nothing,” I told him as the coffee maker beeped in the kitchen. I hopped up, grateful for the distraction, and poured two cups.


I handed one to Bradley before sinking back into the recliner.


“Are you doing anything tonight?” he asked suddenly.


I sipped my coffee, looking over at him questioningly, “Don’t think so, why?”


“Trey and Tereasa’s parents are out of the country for a few days so they’re throwing a party at his place tonight,” he told me. “Supposed to be huge – I hear he’d invited most of the people from our year and a few from the year below.”


Trey Garry was another roommate of me and Bradley. He was a pretty cool dude and we spend a lot of time together at school, but he wasn’t on the Quidditch team with Bradley and I so we never got too close to him. His sister, Tereasa, was one of Victoire’s good friends, so I assumed she would be invited too.


It was with the thought of making sure everything was okay with Victoire that I nodded, “Sounds like fun.”


He stayed for about an hour before he deemed it safe to return to his flat, which was just down the road. He didn’t leave without reminding me, again, how annoying it was that you couldn’t apparate in or out of the building. Harry had had that spell put on it when I moved in. ‘You can never be too careful!’ he’d told me, and when Ginny nodded in agreement I knew it was no use to fight it. I love Harry and all, but a teenage life of running from the most evil wizard ever has made him a bit paranoid. I had a fireplace, but I hadn’t connected it to the floo network yet, mainly because I was lazy.


After he left, I made myself a sandwich and munched on crisps while I tried to put up some more of the random shit I had somehow required. At one point I started making a mental list of the weirdest things I found that were supposedly mine. This list includes, but is not limited to: a framed and autographed picture of Gildroy Lockhart (this definitely was not mine), an engraved silver spoon (who the fuck gives someone a spoon with ‘love, Wendall’ engraved into it?), a singing, dancing, fat bearded man that sung muggle Christmas songs when you poked his stomach, and a bag of half Bertie Botts Every Flavor Jelly Beans (and, when I say half, I mean that someone had gone through and literally bitten half of each jelly bean off before putting the other half back into the bag).


I think Victoire was right when she said that my Gran had just given me the stuff she didn’t want anymore. Another working theory was she had confused my packing boxes for rubbish bins.


After way too many hours of cleaning and straightening up, you could finally see most of the floor in my flat. I was pretty damn proud of myself for getting everything in order; I was a bloke and was usually the person who put everything off until it absolutely had to be done, so getting my flat mostly together within three days of moving in was something just short of a miracle.


At seven, I took a shower to try and wash the dust and the exhaustion out of my body and ordered pizza from a muggle place. Bradley was going to stop by and side-along me to Trey’s house at eight because I’d never been there before. Bradley spent time with Trey during the summers, but I’d spent most of my summers either at home with Gran, at the Potter’s, at Shell Cottage, or at Bradley’s house.


I ate half of the large pizza while I watched the Tornadoes destroy Puddlemere, and stashed the rest of it in the fridge for tomorrow. Look at me, being all responsible.


Deciding it was time to put clothes on for the party (one thing I like about living in my own place is I could walk around in varying states of nudity and no one would say anything about it), I walked into my room and pulled on a clean-smelling dark-blue shirt and a different pair of jeans. Looking in the mirror, I made a few minor adjustments to my face, made sure my hair was a shade of blue that somewhat matched my shirt, and was ready to go.


Finally, at eight-fifteen (the bastard was always late), Bradley buzzed my flat, “Come on, we’re running late!”


You’re running late,” I corrected him before I exited the flat, locking the door behind me and shoving my wand in the back pockets of my jeans, where I usually kept it despite the fact that George loved telling all of our generation that storing our wands in our back pockets was investing in an “arse today, gone tomorrow” policy that he’d be more than happy to speed up for us.


I exited the building and saw Bradley leaning against the staircase’s railing in dark jeans and red-pink shirt with “I support the Harpies” written across the front in light pink writing and complete with a picture of a fit girl winking under the writing. “You look like a douche,” I told him.


“What are you talking about, this is the best shirt of all time,” he said, looking down at it.


“I’m almost embarrassed to be seen with you in that.”


“Shut up and give me your arm,” he scowled.


“Whatever you say, mate,” I told him and let him grab my arm before turning on the spot.


When the darkness and suffocation lifted, I opened my eyes to see that the party was already in full swing even though it was still pretty early. We walked up to the front door of the fairly large house and before I could even raise my hand to knock on the door, it swung open.


A pretty girl with dark brown hair and matching eyes grinned at us, “Hi, guys!”


“It’s good to see you,” I grinned easily at her as I hugged Tereasa hello. I released her and looked around while Bradley greeted her the same way.


There were quite a few people at the party already. The room we were standing in had a high ceiling and appeared to be a nice foyer. It led into the living room to my left or down the hall to my right. There was a grand staircase directly in front of me.  I saw that the living room had been cleared and made into a dance floor, the music blaring and filling nearly all of the rooms in the house. There were already about ten people, most of them girls, laughing and dancing there.


I spotted our last two dormmates, Will Donnellson and Stephen Xia, chatting with a girl in our year but not our house – I think she was called Margaret – in the hallway, with butterbeer bottles in their hands. Off to the side of the living room was another room that had been made into the bar. Jordan Truey, a boy in Victoire’s year, was behind the bar, per usual, and was handing drinks to a couple of people standing in front of him.


“Let’s get something to drink,” Bradley clapped me on the back. I nodded and followed him to the bar.


“Truey,” Bradley grasped his hand in greeting. “How are ya?”


“Much better now that I’m not stuck at home with my parents,” he grinned, his white teeth contrasting his dark skin. “What can I get you?”


“Two butterbeers for now,” Bradley told him. The other boy pulled two from below the bar and popped the caps off before handing them to Bradley.


“Thanks,” we both said before turning to look around again.


I scanned the party for that ever-familiar head of white-blonde hair. No luck. “Tereasa says that the whole bottom floor is open for the party,” Bradley said to me over the loud music. “The kitchen is where all the furniture was moved and Trey’s apparently in there with That Girl.”


Bradley and I had gotten into the (bad?) habit of calling Trey’s girlfriend of about a year ‘That Girl.’ He hated it, but she was in Hufflepuff so we found it amusing and she was too nice to say anything about it.


Victoire hit me every time I said it in front of her, though.


… I feel like I’ve been thinking about Victoire a bit more than normal.


Must be because I’ve realized I want to snog her.


But I can’t.


Because she’s just my mate.


My incredibly attractive friend.




I brought my butterbeer bottle to my lips and took a long drink. I needed to find myself a girl I could snog without feeling bad or guilty or … anything, really.


Merlin, I sound like Bradley.


“Hi, guys,” Bradley and I turned around and saw two girls – Ellie and Helen – standing in front of us.


Ellie was a girl I’d always been attracted to with her sandy blonde hair, almost golden eyes, and lips that were just a bit too big. She was in my year, but in Ravenclaw. I knew her only because she was a chaser for their Quidditch team and she was pretty damn good. I’d heard she had taken an offer to be a reserve for Puddlemere.


I looked her over. She was wearing a tight, pink, strapless dress that stopped maybe six inches down her thighs and showed off her athletic body quite well. I gave her my best smile, “Well if it isn’t Puddlemere’s worst reserve, Ellie Grover.”


She scowled playfully and smacked me on the arm, “You wish I was, then maybe you’d have been able to take the quaffle from me when we played each other a few weeks ago.” She replied cheekily, referring to the way Ravenclaw had very narrowly defeated us for the Cup in May. She was singlehandedly responsible for the majority of the points they scored.


“A bit cocky, are we?”


She rolled her eyes, but continued to smile at me. Score one for Teddy.


“How’s your summer been?” I heard Bradley ask Helen.


“It’s going well. I leave for Egypt in a few days, I’m working at the International Wizard Organization there, I’m pretty excited about it –” I tuned her out and turned back to Ellie.


“Have you seen the rest of the house?” I asked her.


She looked to her friend, who my friend was expertly distracting, before answering. “No, let’s explore.” I saw something like mischief light up in her eyes and my stomach jumped. I wondered if kissing her would be anything like kissing Victoire.


And then I promptly shoved the thought of my childhood friend’s lips on mine out of my mind, grabbed a cup of firewhiskey from Truey (I was ready for the real shit), and let Ellie lead me out of the room and down the hall.


I’m not ashamed to admit that watched her arse as it swayed in that tight dress. Quidditch had been good to her. What I felt for this girl was the lust that had been building every time I’d seen her smirk at me on the pitch, every time she bent over my desk to exchange ‘pleasantries’ about the upcoming game, every time she I saw her lying by the river with her athletic body sprawled out.


Victoire would always smack me when she caught me looking at her. She knew that I was only interested in her for the –


Why was I thinking about Victoire when Ellie fucking Grover was showing all the signs of wanting me?


Think of Ellie’s arse, Teddy. Think of her arse.


I smiled and briefly talked to a few people as we made our way down the hallway. But every time the conversation started to get going, Ellie would put her hand on my arm and tug ever so lightly and suddenly I decided I had more important things to do than talk.


She led me through a door and into the kitchen. The kitchen was a room that clearly had one purpose with the way that the lights were dimmed and all of the furniture was there. There were two large couches, three different recliner-like chairs, and then the not-as-useful dinning room table and chairs. The music was still loud in the room and I began to think that the house had the same spell my flat did, only instead of being able to hear whomever was trying to buzz in, the music was able to be heard clearly without speakers.


Trey was definitely there with That Girl, tucked into the corner in one of the recliners. I guess, despite previous stereotypes, Hufflepuffs could be feisty. I looked away and saw that there was only one other couple in there, and they were just sitting on the couch talking – though it looked way more intimate than the way you’d talk to a friend.


Ellie looked at me before walking over (that. arse. is. so. nice.) to the unoccupied couch that was pushed against the kitchen counters. She pulled her wand out (where the fuck was that think hiding in that tight dress? What the fuuuuck?) and waved it so that he couch flipped around so it was facing the counters instead of the door.


I felt something as she smirked at me and raised her eyebrows, and it wasn’t in my heart or my head.


“Let’s have a talk,” she said, grabbing my hand and pulling me over. I smirked my fuck-yeah-I’m-Teddy-Lupin smirk at her and fell onto the couch. I looked over to where I thought she was going to sit, but to my surprise, she promptly straddled me.


That feeling got a bit bigger.


“So,” she said leaning in close. I moved my hands to her waist. “I’m not usually this easy,” she tilted my head to the side and light pressed her lips to the spot right below my ear. “And I feel like a bit of a slag,” she kissed my neck and I sucked in a breath. “But I’ve had my eye on you for a long time.” She kissed her way down my jaw and stopped right before my lips. She pulled back and looked at me.


“Why didn’t you say anything,” I grinned at her, running my hands up her sides and down again, pulling her close.


“I thought you were with Weasley,” she smirked. My chest constricted and I had to work to breathe for a second. “I’ve never been more happy to be wrong, though.” With that, she pulled my face to hers and our lips met. It wasn’t anything special, but it wasn’t bad. I tried not to think about what she’d said, about the girl she’d mentioned, and after a few seconds of snogging I was able to push the thought of how different Ellie’s lips felt to the back of my mind and focus.


I mean, I had a bit of a reputation to keep up.


With one hand in her medium-length hair (stop thinking about how it’s not as smooth as Victoire’s!), and one on her lower back pulling her into me, I kissed her back hard. I ran my tongue along her bottom lip, and she opened her mouth, allowing me access.


Soon after, I pulled away from her mouth and went to placing a trail of kisses down her neck and onto her shoulder and back up again. She tilted her head and sighed as I sucked on that one place just behind the ear that always makes the girls go crazy.


I felt her hands cup my face and she brought it back, catching my mouth with hers. I moved my hands, one now cupping her arse and one on her back and in one practiced move, flipped her so that I was lying on top of her on the couch. I supported my weight with an arm pushed into the cushions and used my other hand to feel the curves of her sides. I ground my hips into hers a bit as I snogged her properly and I heard that sound I love to hear – she moaned. Victory.


I pulled away and looked down at her, her lips red from snogging and her hair all sorts of unkempt, “What a shame we didn’t do this sooner,” I said huskily.


“No talking, just snogging,” she demanded, winding her arms around my neck and pulling me back to her.


This I could live with.




I don’t know what time it was when Ellie and I finally emerged, our clothes straightened but our lips and hair still showing the telltale signs of a good snog session, to find that the house was packed. There were people I didn’t recognize everywhere making moving down the hall significantly more difficult than it had been before.


“I’m going to go find Helen,” Ellie called to me over the music.


I nodded, “I’ll find you later.” I smiled at her and she winked before walking away from me, swinging her hips just a little more than was necessary. Merlin, she’s hot.


I made it to the bar room, my head a bit buzzed from that full cup of firewhiskey earlier, but even that had mostly faded. I requested another from Truey, who smirked at me as if he knew what I’d been up to. After he handed me the drink, I turned to look around for Bradley or, I thought with a twinge in my gut, Victoire.


I don’t know why I felt a twinge of guilt for snogging Ellie. I’d never felt that way before, even if I went straight from a broomcloset to hang out with ‘Toire.


Then again, I’d never snogged someone the day after kissing Victoire.


I ran a hand through my hair and cursed, just for the hell of it. I needed to forget about the silly kiss with Victoire. We’d agreed it was stupid and that it wouldn’t happen again. And, now that I’d snogged the fuck out of Ellie, I didn’t even want to kiss Victoire again so badly.


… Okay, so that might have been a bit of a lie, but telling myself that I just wanted to kiss her because she was there and I needed a snog was better than trying to think of another reason. That didn’t get me anywhere, as evidenced by last night.


I scanned the crowd of people chatting in the bar room and upon not spotting either of my mates, moved onto the dancing floor. Hugging the wall, I looked from couple to couple, all of them moving close together. I spotted what I was sure was the back of Bradley’s head and made my way over to him.


I wasn’t three meters from him when I saw that between his jeaned legs was one in tight black jeans and tall heels. The girl’s other leg was on the other side of Bradley’s right leg and I saw that her arms were draped around his neck as they grinded on each other. His hands were wrapped tightly around her waist, from what I could tell, and his head was dipped low.




I rolled my eyes, deciding not to interrupt, and kept walking past them. Out of curiosity I glanced back and saw Bradley’s arms pulling a girl with long white-blonde hair closer to his body as they moved to the beat of the song. The girl was wearing a light blue top that I knew, even though her hair covered it, tied behind her neck and exposed most of her back.


I knew that it tied there because I had been with this girl when she bought it.


My eyes wide and my heart now beating double time, my eyes slid up just in time to see Bradley leaning down and Victoire tilting her head up, a smile on her face, her eyes fluttering shut as her lips met those of my other best mate.










A/N: I can't really tell if you guys like this story, which makes me kinda nervous (and a bit sad because I enjoy writing it). Things are just kind of starting to get kicked off though. I'm excited. I already have about half of the next chapter of this written, so hopefully it will be updated again soon :) 

Don't worry, though, I'm still working on my other ones, too.

Please, please, please review. I really want to know what you guys think.

Thanks so much,
over and outt.

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Summer Heat: Chapter Three: Teddy


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