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Elisabeth Finnigan and the Curse of James Potter by moony_elisabeth_harry
Chapter 1 : Chapter One: back to hogwarts
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  “Alright lets go” my father said I quickly pushed my trolley towards the barrier between platforms nine and ten. A rush of relief hit me as I saw the scarlet steam engine. I was going back for my sixth year, my name is Elisabeth Finnigan. I was the daughter of lavender and Seamus Finnigan. I started to search for my friends but I didn’t have to wait long. “LIZZY!!” I shrill voice yelled I turned in time to see Leah longbottom running towards me. “I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!” she yelled pulling me into a huge hug.


“Give it a rest Leah can’t you see you’re suffocating her” a voice said that could belong to none other than rose Weasley.

“I missed you guys too!” I said once Leah let go of me.

“Leah” we all spun around to see Leah’s mom Luna standing beside her daughters trunk.

“I’ll be back gotta say bye” Leah said walking towards her mom blonde hair flowing down her back.

“Yeah I better say bye too” rose skipped towards her parents Hermione and Ron. Her brother Hugo saw me and waved i waved back.

 Suddenly someone else came into view “ALBUS!!!!!!!!” I shouted running towards him, his dark hair had gotten a bit shaggier but his green eyes had stayed the same. He gave me a huge hug; Albus was yet another one of my best mates and was in slytherin with me and Leah.


“Oh look its lizard” I looked up to see Albus’ older brother James and his cousin Fred. James had messy black hair but it look good, as if it had been styled that way. He had dark brown eyes and was really tall. Fred had tan skin with red hair though not as bright as the other Weasley’s with green eyes.

 I watched my hair turn black it usually did whenever someone called me lizard. “Leave the girl alone James” Ginny said giving me a smile.

“Elisabeth! How are you?” harry asked me

“I’m good Mr. Potter how about you?”

“Elisabeth how many time have I told you call me harry” I laughed


“sorry” I loved being part of this Weasley and potter family not that I was actually related to them. So if I wanted to I could date albus or James… not that I would of course. Lilly (Al’s younger sister) gave me an evil look, her and I had never gotten along because harry liked me so much. He treated me like his own and often said I had the personality of Nymphadora Tonks and the talent of Ginny Weasley. I was a lot like Tonks not just because I could morph but because I was also very clumsy.


“bye Beth” my mom said giving me a kiss on the cheek “take care of your sister for me”

“don’t worry I will bye mum bye dad love you” I said before grabbing my trunk and turning to albus

“let’s go find Scorpius”



“oh wait Mandy!” I called out to my sister she turned her blonde curly hair bounced she seemed nervous. “You will be fine why don’t you go find a car with Lilly” she agreed before leaving. “All right NOW we will go find Scorp” I caught my dad’s eye I knew how much he hated the Malfoy’s but that didn’t stop me.


Me and Al searched the cars and platform for Scorp but I couldn’t find him. Instead I spotted his dad

“excuse me Mr. Malfoy”” I said catching myself on his arm as I tripped and almost fell flat on my face. Draco Malfoy smiled at me and waited until I was steady to speak


“please Elisabeth how long have you known me? I think it’s ok if you call me Draco” he said I guess I had to much respect for parents.

“Ok-er-Draco do you know where Scorpius is?”

“Yes he’s already on the train” he said pointing to a train car further down the platform.

“Thanks-er-Draco” I said walking away Al on my tail. We levitated out trunks onto the car Draco had pointed out to us. I frowned

“do you see him?” I asked Al


“that’s because he’s behind you” I spun on my heel and saw Scorpius standing there

“SCORP!!” I shrieked  throwing my arms around his neck almost toppling him over.

 “Hey Liz I missed you too” Scorp laughed

“merlin you almost fell on us Scorpius!” I released Scorp and saw Leah and Rose standing behind him.

“Let’s go get a compartment” Al said he was now levitating my trunk as well as his.

When we found an empty compartment we put our trunks away and settled in. Me beside Scorp, and Leah in the middle of Rose and Al. I looked at each of them I could see details now that I couldn’t see on the platform. Al’s hair had a bit of a red tinge and he had grown a bit, Leah’s long blonde hair was even longer, her blue eyes still shone with excitement every time you looked at them. Her creamy skin was still flawless except for the few freckles splashed across her nose. Rose on the other hand was covered in freckles she looked identical to her dad when he was our age same red hair same eyes and everything the only diffrence was she was a girl. Looking to my right I examined Scorpius he had dirty blonde shaggy hair and a tall muscular figure but of all his features I loved his eyes best. They were a pale grey/green colour and always lightened up when they met my (usually purple) eyes. Damn my boyfriend was hot I certainly knew how to pick them. I sighed and curled up against him he smiled and wrapped his arm around me.

 We didn’t talk much Al, Rose, and Leah played exploding snap for a while. We all laughed when Al nearly burnt off his left eye brow. Around noon the trolley came we all got ourselves lunch well more like sweets but still. After we were all too full to eat anymore Rose left to go say hi to her friends from Gryffindor.



“You have some chocolate on you face” Scorp said

“oh were?” I asked reaching up to wipe my chin

“no on your cheek”

“here?” I asked wiping my right cheek


“no here” Scorp said reaching up and wiping my left cheek with his thumb his eyes locked with mine. I felt a blush creeping up on me. My hair turned red as he leaned down and kissed me, my hands locked on the back of his neck. His lips moved softly against mine, I leaned forward the kiss was intensifying. I was vaguely aware that Leah was laughing at us.


 “Having a nice Snogg?” I jumped as someone put there arm around me I looked up into the dark eyes of James potter

“get off!” I growled

“no thanks I think I will stay” he said not removing his arm. Fred was laughing I elbowed James in the stomach and reached for my wand. before I could reaach my wand I found myself hanging upside down by my ankle.

“LET ME DOWN!” I yelled James and Fred were laughing.


“Let her down” Scorpius said coolly I looked down and saw his face I hated this side of him. This was his different side when his eyes were no longer happy but were hardened when his face looked scary. This was his slytherin side this was his Malfoy side. James looked genuinely scared

“woah calm down Malfoy just playing’”

“put her down” Scorp said even more coolly than the first time. With a flick of James’ wand I felt myself falling.

“aresto-momentum” Leah said I hit the floor with a small thud. Standing quickly I raised my wand and shot a bat-bogie hex at James.I guess I did have Ginnys talent. Everyone in the room was laughing even James. Fred did the reverse spell, everyone in the room was happy except for Scorpius.

“I’ll win next time” James said exiting the compartment with Fred. I sighed you rarely saw this side of me anymore.

  “Are you ok?” Scorpius asked his face still rigid

“Scorp I’m fine it’s alright” he was staring into nothing his hands were clenched in fists.

“Scorp?” I said touching his arm I wanted him to come back to be the Scorpius I knew again he tucked a piece of my stray hair behind my ear

“purple? Nice” he smiled I felt relieved. After we all sat back down I noticed that it was dark and the train was slowing.

“We should change” Leah said looking out the windows. As soon as we were dressed in our robes a voice echoed though the train

“We will be reaching Hogwarts in five minutes' time. Please leave your luggage on the train; it will be taken to the school separately"


  We exited into the cramped corridor we pushed our way onto the small Hosmeade platform "firs’ years firs’ years!" I head a familiar voice call through the cold night I stood on my tippy toe`s trying to find my sister.


“Lizzy! Come on we need to get a carriage” Leah’s voice intercepted my thoughts. Scorp held my hand as we walked I looked at my feet.“Liz?” I looked up but instantly regretted it because I was staring into the white eyes of a Thestral.

Disclaimer: everything recognisable belongs to the amazing J.K. Rowling 


I dedicate this story to beccalovesbiebsandpotter  ily!! Review

heres a little bit of the next chapter enjoy:


I sat up eagerly in bed as I saw Collins patronus (an eagle) form beside my bed. Him Fred and James had learned how to concur one in their third year because that’s when harry learned. Collin promised to teach me next year.

“Meet us by the front doors bring your wand and cloak” the eagle said.  I jumped out of bed grabbed my cloak and wand. I quickly made my way down to the front doors I was careful not to get caught. Collin, James and Fred were already there. We all exited the castle and walked across the grounds. The stars made Collins brown hair shine, in the darkness you couldn’t see the freckles splashed across his nose but you could still see His blue eyes shining with excitement and laughter as always. I had morphed myself to look like Collins twin sister long brown hair, blue eyes and freckles. Collin always though it was cool that I could copy his looks so I did this most of the time. We all stared into the dark trees as we stood at the edge of the forest

 “you know dad and Uncle Ron once fought a spider the size of a house in there and you know what McGonagall said about centaurs they will kill us...” James started

 “they won’t kill us they just kill the oldest in the group” Collin said he was the oldest because he was in his fourth year.

“Good maybe I’ll trick filch to come in here with me” I said trying to lighten the mood it worked the boys laughed.


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