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There's So Many Bitter, We'll Have to be Believers by StrictlyRude
Chapter 2 : Right Before the World's Awake
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I rose the next day to the earliest signs of morning. Quiet chirping could be heard from the birds outside, and the sun was barely starting to peak over the skyline. This was my time. I always woke up as early as I could manage on weekends. I loved the sunrise. I loved the dew on the grass. I loved the peace and the stillness.

It was the only time I could manage to feel completely alone but yet contentedly accepted. I stretched and rolled out of bed, slipping into clean clothes. I made my way down to the common room, through the castle, and headed to one of the exits. Once outside I was free to roam, to sit, to think, to be. I was free to simply exist without any expectations or judgments from others. The chattering birds flew about, paying me no mind. The leaves on the ground rolled through the grass like dancers in the wind.

I found my favorite tree and sank in to the grass beneath it, leaning upon its trunk like an old comfy chair that has been worn in perfectly to fit one's body. I breathed in deeply, savoring every scent the morning had to offer. Gazing off into the horizon, the sun had now almost risen from it completely, and I took the remaining time I had left to think.

My thoughts wandered. Fred immediately came to mind, but was quickly pushed out by the guilt that had manifested itself into my conscious. I needed to talk to Dom today, no excuses. Sean, Greg, and Hailey were next to enter my mind. I often wondered how my three younger siblings were doing, but I knew my father would have a fit if an owl carrying a letter ever arrived at his house. I would just have to wait until Christmas to find out. Christmas led to thoughts of presents, and presents to thoughts of my birthday which was growing ever closer. I just hoped Mel wouldn't insist upon making a deal out of it. I then mentally ran over all of my assignments that would soon be due, most of which I had already finished. I would have some free time this week, time that could hopefully be spent with Fred.

Fred. What was it about that kid? I'd never felt so strongly pulled toward a guy, ever. Usually I dated them more as a formality, a way to keep Mel from constantly trying to hook me up with someone. I would make time to see them and we'd snog and then within a month I would break it off. I just didn't trust any of them, even the cute ones. And though Fred might have seemed mysterious and fun now, he was doomed to suffer the same fate. Besides, I'd already convinced myself it was just that damn smirk of his.

The sun was fully in the sky now, and I could see a few others beginning to roam the grounds. This was my cue to head back into the castle. I'd head back up to the dormitory and wake Mel, with whom I would eventually make my way down to the Great Hall in order to eat breakfast. This of course wouldn't happen before Mel spent three quarters of an hour getting ready.

I smiled to myself, soaking in the last seconds of my peace before standing up to start the day.

Over an hour later, Mel and I had finally made it down to the Great Hall where we sat with our fellow Ravenclaws enjoying the delicious breakfast that was always present.

"So when are you going to do it?" Mel asked casually.

"Huh?" I asked, realizing that I'd been staring at the same piece of toast for a few minutes.

"When are you going to break it off with Tom?" she asked, not bothering to look up from the Daily Prophet she was reading.

"You mean Dom," I said with a soft groan. "I'm doing it today. I just gotta find him. I figure after breakfast maybe..." My thoughts trailed off as I saw Fred enter the Great Hall with his brother George, the pair of them laughing maniacally. Fred's eyes met mine, and we offered up mutual smiles before both returning to our own conversations. "You haven't seen him, have you Mel?" I asked, referring to Dom.

"Nope," she said, eyes still moving back and forth as she read an article. I craned my neck around looking for any sight of Dom, and when I finally found him at the Hufflepuff table, I discovered he was sitting quietly, withdrawn from the conversations around him. Eventually he looked up to find me staring at him, and when he did, he almost choked, spitting the pumpkin juice he had just sipped all over his plate. He then snatched up his belongings and bolted from the table so fast I was sure he'd seen You-Know-Who in the flesh. This was odd, especially coming from Dom, who was about the most average guy you'll ever meet.

I was concerned by his behavior, but didn't have time to mull it over as an owl had just arrived in from of me offering up a letter. No one ever sent me mail. Confused, I took the letter, offering a small piece of bacon to the large barn owl as a thanks, and watched him fly away as quickly as he'd come. The envelope was a plain white one, and before opening it I flipped it over to inspect the writing on the front. As I did, my heart leapt. I knew the hand writing, but it was impossible. Then again, who else could it have been?

I ran my fingers over the writing. 'Finn' was all it said. Those four letters overwhelmed me. An oppressive mixture of joy, confusion, longing, and calamity enveloped me, and I felt as though I might implode. My stomach turned itself inside out as my heart raced. Feeling the sudden urge to cry, I quickly stifled my tears. "Hey, Mel, I'm gonna go back to the common room. I'll see ya later."

"Mhmm," she replied through a mouthful of porridge, still engrossed in her article.

When I arrived in my dormitory, I flopped onto the bed, staring at the writing, 'Finn,'' still teasing me. I knew the writing. There wasn't a doubt in my mind, but how could it be? Why would it be? My mother's.

A/N: Sooo this story has placed my academic life in peril. I can't stop writing bits and pieces of it when I clearly have work to be doing. Therefore, reviews are very much appreciated because my grades won't be reflecting any sort of accomplishment. Thank youu!

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There's So Many Bitter, We'll Have to be Believers: Right Before the World's Awake


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