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Pandora's Box by Manga_girl
Chapter 1 : Pandora's Box
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A/N Hello! So, this is a written for a challenge, I had to write a Greek Myth. So, I hope you like it.

Thousands of years ago, the Gods ruled over the many men that were known as mortals. Back in those days the only mortals where men-therefore they often pondered over the thought of the gods; why were they better and more powerful than everyone. Their secret; the gods and goddesses had the ability to use a wand.

The mortals were intrigued by the gods powers; especially the chief god Zeus. He didn’t particularly like these mortals. There were quarrels between those with wands and those without; and Prometheus, the one who had made these men, was trying to stop the quarrels in a way that wouldn’t lead to the mortals finding out about their secrets. If they did, the gods would hold no power, as everyone would have the power to cast spells from a wand.

In the world of mortals, men believed enough sacrifices to Zeus would give them the power to be immortal and all powerful. Prometheus, also having the power to control a wand, separated the bull they were sacrificing into two parts, one bigger than the other. He summoned all the bones into a pile and joined them together. He covered them in a layer of fat and bewitched it to look like there was meat underneath. The other piece of meat was considerably smaller, but the meat was tender, well cut and cooked.

“Zeus, the wandless mortals bring a gift to you. Though their generosity is limited, they say you can only have one half of the sacrificed bull. I present to you the two halves, you may choose which one you prefer,” Prometheus had said to Zeus, who was happy by the fact he had been given a gift. Despite this, he saw the mortals were not as generous as previously thought; they only wanted to give him half a bull.

“Prometheus, give these mortals my thanks for the sacrifice. I will take the second cut of meat,” Zeus said, “Accio meat,” He summoned the second cut. Zeus was wary; he thought Prometheus was in favour of these mortals and was trying to trick him. Therefore he took the fatty meat, thinking there would be lots of tender meat under the fat. Prometheus was clever, Zeus thought he tried to trick him by making the tender meat taste off and old.

“I will do as you wish, though these men from the land of the mortals are greedy and selfish, I hope they are more generous next time,” Prometheus sniggered. He left the room Zeus was in, just hearing Zeus mutter the words ‘Muffilato’ as he did not want Prometheus hear him order Prometheus’ punishment for trying to trick him. Prometheus laughed, he knew Zeus fooled for the trick straight away. He had tricked Zeus, the chief god.

Zeus was furious when he found out; he blamed the mortals as much as Prometheus for the trick they played on him. Prometheus had tricked the mortals into believing that Zeus deserved to be tricked as he would not share his secret of power despite all the gifts they gave him. Therefore, Zeus performed a rather complex spell, making all fire that was created on the island where Prometheus had fled to be put out immediately by a jet of water. This was just the start of his plan to punish the mortals.

Prometheus wanted to prove Zeus was just as foolish as those who didn’t have the power to cast a spell with a wand. He wanted to be powerful over Zeus, have the ability to cast so complex spells. Due to this, he swiftly arrived on the Isle of Lemnos as he knew he could create fire there without it being put out. He brought a flaming torch back, the fire was magical, and possessing a spell which meant it would never be put out. He gave it to the men.

Zeus was angered even more.  He asked Hephaestus, a god with the best talent of creating fire and clay sculptures, to mould a beautiful woman out of clay. Hephaestus did this; he made her even more beautiful than Zeus could have asked for. The clay woman even had a clear and elegant human voice. Athena, a great sorceress and powerful in Transfiguration and Charms, she gave the clay sculpture life.  Athena was the goddess of wisdom, she taught the woman everything she knew and clothed her. Aphrodite, goddess of love, made a love potion so powerful and mixed it with the rain so everyone would love her.

Zeus was also shocked by her beauty and he named her Pandora. But he was clever and never got distracted. Zeus, a powerful Legimens, planted a dream in Prometheus’ brothers’ head, Epimetheus, while he slept about meeting a beautiful maiden such as Pandora. Satisfied, Zeus needed to finish Pandora with one last spell. He gave her the desire to do one thing.

Epimetheus fell I love with Pandora straight away due to the fact that he had drunk the love potion/rain water. Many others did but Aphrodite was clever enough to make sure it only worked for him. The love potion was so powerful it would last forever so they soon got married. Zeus sent Pandora a gift; a beautiful brown box. There was a catch; she was never allowed to open it.

Pandora and Epimetheus spent all their time together. The spell Zeus cast on Pandora was working, she wanted to open the box. Once when she was all alone, Pandora took it out from under her bed. It was beautiful, she had to admit. Nothing bad could be in there, could there? She found a key next to it. Placing the key in the lock with her elegant long fingers, and lifted the lid a fraction.

Zeus had carved the box himself and trapped in it all the sins of the world. Hatred, greed, illness, famine, drought, sickness, death, violence and old age were just some of the evil spirits that flew out of the box. Shocked at what she had done, Pandora shut the box quickly. Despite this, the evil spirits remained in the room.

The world was introduced to all disease and horrible curses but part of Zeus’ plan went wrong. Four unexpected things were also released. One was the ability to use a wand that clung to certain people and wafted in the air, though not many people were given this gift. The other three were unforgivable and the product of greed and violence. Avada Kedavra, Crucio and Imperio.  Those magical folk had to be careful not to let too much of the other evil spirits cling on to them or the unforgivable curses could overpower their magical abilities and turn them into those evil spirits.

With this, Zeus was unhappy.

A/N So, did you like it? I know its based more on the legend than Harry Potter but I hope you like it!

Please leave a review,

Emma xx

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Pandora's Box: Pandora's Box


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