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The Weasleys's Game by TheDarkEmpress
Chapter 3 : Poetry in Potions and Laughter at Lunch
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 A/N: Guys, I just want to say Thanks so much for all the nice comments! You readers are what keep me going, and thank you! Also, if there's any dares or truths you'd like to see, tell me, and I might put it in here! Even though I already have a ton of ideas... But again, thanks you all! I appriciate youir dedication and love.

"Misses Granger and Urie, Misters Potter and Weasley, you are late for class. Ten points from Gryffindor," Snape uttered, right as the four student scurried into Potions, thankfully on time.

"But sir! We made it right on time! Look at the clock!" Hermione said, pointing to the clock on the wall.

"No excuses, Miss Granger, for all my other students got here about five minutes before you. Therefore, I must assume you are late. Take your seats, all of you," Snape replied sternly.

They all shuffled off to some of the seats in the back, Quinn and Hermione sitting at the desk behind Ron and Harry.

All of them took out their parchments a soon as they felt a tingle of warmth on their wrists.

Ron, you need to ask someone T or D now! ~George

Fine. Harry, T or D? ~Won-Won

T ~Harry

Come on Harry! Man up! ~Fred

We're in potions right now. I don't want to be forced to do anything horrible. Snape is right up there! ~Harry

Good point… Wait.. Quinn needs to sing her poem for Snape! ~Fred

Yep! Go on Quinn! ~Won-Won

Grrr… Fine. ~Quinn

I'll write down the whole poem for the twins! ~Hermione

Thanks Hermy! ~George

Quinn immediately leapt up from her seat, interrupting Snape's babbling about some sort of root.

"Miss Urie, please take a seat at once," Snape demanded.

"No, Severus, you sit down and listen," She said, grabbing a parchment from her robe pocket with one hand, keeping George's oversized trousers up with her other, "I have written a poem just for you. I will now read it to you, in song form."

The other three players started giggling, while the rest of the students donned confused looks and Quinn started reading from the parchment.

"Severus, oh Severus, how I long for you,

but watching you in Potions is the best I can do.

I want us to be closer, have more fun,

spend a little more time, just one on one.

There is a feeling I can't refuse,

A love here that I won't abuse.

For without you I'm sure the sun wouldn't rise,

Falling for you was such a surprise.

My love for you is as cool as the ocean,

You make me want to slip you a love potion.

I love you Severus, I really do,

But the only question is, do you love me too?"

Quinn took her seat back down again, looking directly at Snape, saying, "Well, Professor, what do you think?"

By now, the entire classroom but Snape and Quinn were either cracking up, or staring at Quinn like she had eight heads and a dragon's tail.

"That was absolutely disgusting. Fifty points from Gryffindor," Snape announced.

"Sir! We only have twenty points left!" Ron yelled at him, "in my pants."

"Well I guess you're put in the negatives then! Snape yelled back, "and I am pretty sure the points were not stored in your trousers, Mister Weasley."

"Sir, I don't think negative points are even possible!" Harry exclaimed.

"Yes they are. They were proven to exist back while I was at Hogwarts. Proven by none other that James Potter and his lunatic friend Sirius," Snape told him, "Oh, I'm sorry Potter, didn't mean to offend you there."

Harry looked as though he was about to hex Snape, but Ron held him back down to his seat.

Quinn looked back down at the parchment, and saw the poem written down and what Fred and George thought of it.

Quinn! Did you really say that to Snape? ~George

That's hilarious! What'd he do? ~Fred

He called it disgusting and took away fifty points from Gryffindor house. ~Hermione

That explains why McGonnagal doesn't look so happy, her own house is in negative points! ~George

She's too disappointed to even teach Transfiguration! ~George

Hey guys… Does anyone remember that Harry still needs to answer his truth! ~Hermione

I still need to come up with it! ~Won-Won

Well hurry up! You know the rules, you have only five minutes and it's been four! ~Fred

Okay… Uh… I know! If you had to date any of the teachers, who would it be and why? ~Won-Won

BORING! ~George

Shut up. You know I'm not good at this. ~Won-Won

Or anything else. ~Fred

Hey! Anyways, Harry, answer! ~Won-Won

Not now, Snape's watching and I don't have to answer until sometime less than an hour after I'm asked. Remember the rules? ~Harry

He's right, you know ~Hermione

Fine. ~Won-Won

For the rest of that period, Snape collected essays and lectured the class on different kinds of roots. It was a very boring hour. After class was dismissed, they all ran to the Great Hall, with the exception of George and Quinn, who one of them kept tripping because his legs were practically wrapped together with the skirt, and the other having to hold up her pants as she went.

"Nice outfit, Quinn," Said Pansy Parkinson as they passed each other in the halls, "Where'd you get it? Was it discounted because of your job at the loser factory?"

"I would think you'd know, considering you run the factory," Quinn responded to a then speechless Pansy.

Quinn received high fives from all her friends, and they arrived in the Great Hall for lunch.

"Boy, am I starving! In my pants," Ron said, as he grabbed two different ham sandwiches and bit into both of them.

Everyone else just took one sandwich each, and took a bite into it, when they all decided to start writing on their parchments.

Well, Harry, you need to answer Won-Won's lame and boring truth! ~Fred

Indeed, you do! Now tell us, which professor would you want to date the most, and why? ~George

I know what the question is. Er… I guess McGonnagal, because she's strict but nice. ~Harry

Wow! That's awkward Harry… But your turn! ~Fred

Ok… Hermione! T or D? ~Harry

"Pick dare! Please? Just once? For fun? For me?" Quinn begged Hermione.

"Fine," Hermione gave in.

D. ~Hermione

"Yes! Finally!" Fred shouted out loud.

George started whispering some ideas into Harry's ear. Although she was sitting next to George, Quinn could only overhear a few of the words being said to Harry. Some of these words included custard, snogging, lick, debate, chocolate sauce, strip, and ketchup. Quinn tried not to think of a disgusting combination of those words, as Harry started writing on the parchment.

I'm going to test out the "would you rather" type dares mentioned in the rules now. ~Harry

Bloody hell Harry, I'd think Hermione would be the one remembering all the rules! ~Won-Won

Ron got a smack in the head, courtesy of Hermione, because of that comment.

Hermione, would you rather… Snog Malfoy or be drizzled with chocolate sauce for the rest of the day, and not be able to wash it off until after dinner? ~Harry

Nice one Harry! ~George

Thank you ~Harry

Be covered in chocolate sauce. Definitely. ~Hermione

"Really?" Quinn asked her.

"Yes! I don't want to get my lips anywhere near that git!" Hermione told her.

"Well, where are we going to get chocolate sauce? It's lunch time!" Quinn complained, "This dare is impossible to do right now!"

Ron pulled a bottle of chocolate sauce from his robe, attracting strange looks from everyone.

"What? Everything is better with chocolate sauce!" He retorted, trying to make it less awkward, but making it even more weird when he added, "in my pants."

"I think the 'in my pants' thing is starting to get really old," Harry remarked, after devouring the last bite of his sandwich.

Everyone agreed with Harry, and George said, "Yeah Hermione, come up with a dare that won't get boring after a while!"

"Like Quinn's dare!" Fred added, "We'll never let her forget the day she confessed her love to good old Snapey-kins!"

Quinn glared at the giggling group, then suggested, "Well, why don't we get Hermione covered in chocolate sauce then?"

"Yes, let's!" The twins said, and they grabbed the chocolate sauce from Ron, then tossed it to Quinn, giving her the honour of covering one of her best friends in chocolate sauce.

Quinn stood up, then sauntered around the table to stand behind Hermione, still grabbing George's trousers to make sure they don't fall. With the bottle of chocolate sauce in one hand, she held it above Hermione's head, then popped open the cap. She squeezed the bottle, and the brown, gooey liquid started pouring all over Hermione. The twins were laughing, Harry joined them, Ron was looking in horror, Hermione was closing her eyes and hoping it wouldn't be so bad, and Quinn was smiling while she obviously enjoyed pouring the sauce all over Hermione.

"Miss Urie! What on earth are you doing to Miss Granger?" Professor McGonnagal yelled at Quinn.

"I'm pouring chocolate sauce all over her. Why?" Quinn retorted.

"That is unacceptable behaviour, Miss Urie!" She said, glaring at the six Gryffindors, "And I know you all are up to something. Detention, Miss Urie, at seven. Mister Weasley, don't forget about yours either. Hermione, go wash off. You are allowed to be late for my Transfiguration class, because I know you will be busy."

"No thank you, Professor," Hermione told her, "I won't be needing to wash off. I will come to class as I am right now."

Professor McGonnagal looked confused, and said to Hermione, "All right then. But all of you remember, I'm watching you."

"Well that was fun!" George announced, "Our, what? Third time getting yelled at today?"

"I believe our fourth. Not to mention that we're also in the negatives for house points and two of us are wearing clothing of the opposite gender, three of us have detention, one of us can't say a proper sentence without adding 'in my pants' at the end, and another one of us is dripping in chocolate sauce," Ron retorted, then added sarcastically, "Fun. In my pants."

"Lighten up, Ron!" Quinn said, as she shuffled back to her seat, practically tripping over the fabric at her ankles from the baggy pants.

"Ron has a point, you know," Hermione replied, wiping a gob of chocolate sauce from her cheek, "This game is getting us in a lot of trouble."

"I think it's pretty fun, I mean, look at you! You're covered in chocolate sauce!" Harry retorted, chuckling at the sight of Hermione doused in chocolate.

Fred, George, and Quinn joined in with his laughter, and later so did Hermione, while Ron just rolled his eyes at them. They all finished their lunch, and went on to their next class, which was Care of Magical Creatures for the twins and Transfiguration for the others.

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The Weasleys's Game: Poetry in Potions and Laughter at Lunch


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