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The Flower by Elizabeth Lucia
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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Since Rose and Lily had both inherited the Weasley family red hair, they needed only to exchange a few pieces of clothing and could go to the party as each other!  Lily had decided to steal Rose’s signature combat boots, and Rose had taken Lily’s favorite wide belt around her blouse.  Then, Rose straightened her hair and Lily curled hers and they wore name tags with each other’s names on them.   Adi, however, was a different story. 

                “I’ll just go as a ghost or something” said Adi while Rose and Lily contemplated about what she should wear to the party.  Rose wanted her to go as a death eater.  Not only would it grab attention right away, but she was sure that no other person would dare go as one of the “dark lord’s” followers.  Lily, on the other hand, wanted her to go as someone from America.  A costume from America would make her the center of attention. 

                Just as the cousin’s heated argument was about to explode in the form of jinxses and curses flying about the room, Jasmine stormed into their dorm room.  Adi was taken aback.  She didn’t even know people from other houses could get into Griffindore tower. 

“Oh” said Jasmine.  “I thought this was the boys dormitory.”  She didn’t look well at all.  Her face was rather pale and her hair was flying around her face as if she hadn’t bothered to put it up, but it looked more like she was too tired to do it. 

“Jasmine, you look awful” said Rose in a concerned voice. 

“No shit I look awful.  I feel terrible!  Madam Reynor says I’m not ill enough to have to stay in the hospital wing, but I’m too ill to leave my dormitory or common room for the next few days.  I came to tell Albus that I can’t go to the party tonight, oh of course you all know about that, but I need to tell Albus!  We were planning on going as people from each other’s houses, you know he would wear Ravenclaw colors and I would wear Griffindore…”  as Jasmine babbled on about the costume she had planned and how upset she was that she was too ill to go to the party, Adi came up with the perfect costume idea. 

“Jasmine” she interrupted “You should get back to bed.  I’ll tell Al that you can’t make it.”  Jasmine looked taken aback, but agreed that it was the best idea. 

                Jasmine and Adi looked similar enough that with a few magical enhancements they could be almost identical.  And once she had used one of the personality spells from charms class, Al wouldn’t be able to tell them apart once he was drunk.  She told Rose and Lily that it was just to play a prank on Jasmine and Al…

                At eight o’clock sharp, Lily, Rose, and Adi stood in the doorway to the room of requirement. It was decked out in green and silver and people were dancing on tables, their drinks sloshing everywhere. 

“Jasmine, darling, won’t you come join the party?” said Al in a slurred tone as he staggered over to the girls.  Scorpius and Collin were standing by a table with Dan, one of Al and Collin’s roommates.  Dan Thomas was Al’s best friend who had joined the Potter-Weasley family for Christmas every year since he was eleven. 

                As the night wore on, Adi drank more and more.  The more she drank, the more fuzzy things appeared, and the more she felt queasy about playing the role of Jasmine.  That feeling mostly came from how Al would grope at her and try to make out with her.  It was what she wanted right?  That was shy she had come as jasmine, wasn’t it?  When it came one o’clock, Al tried to pull Adi out of the room. 

“Let’s go find a new bed to break in, shall we?” he said.  Adi couldn’t do it any longer. 

“Al, I’m not Jasmine”

“Come on love, up to my dorm”

“Al stop it!”

“Jasmi – “

“No no no! I’m Adi!”

“ – ne I love you!” and with that he kissed her with so much passion that all protests were lost on her lips, replaced with his. 

                Perhaps dressing up as each other wasn’t the best idea, Lily and Rose thought.  It had started out alright, but Scorpious and Collin had dressed as each other too, and as the night wore on it became harder and harder to tell which witch was which and what wizard was who.  Rose couldn’t tell them apart, and the more she tried to decide which one was Scorpious the harder it became.  There came a point in time when one of the boys kissed her, and she decided that it must be Scorpius.  His name tag said Scorpius after all.  And after a while, following him into bed seemed like the best idea she had ever had.

                Lily couldn’t even stand up straight, let alone tell Scorpius and Collin apart.  She couldn’t even read their name tags, but when one of them kissed Rose, she clung to the other, deciding that that must be Collin.  Collin would never kiss Rose.  He would never invite her into his bed either.  But Scorpius would.  And now that they were alone at the party (Dan had gone off to pass out somewhere) Lily decided to express her true feelings for Collin by giving him the greatest gift she could…Waking up in the wrong room the next morning was definitely not what she had expected.


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