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Muggle Studies by Lillith Saphire
Chapter 1 : Repeating a year.
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This is the first time I've ever written something with Malfoy, so please bare with me -.-


"Will you just bog off Malfoy" I huffed collapsing onto the leather sofa

The Slytherin common room wasn't the most bright and cheery of places, perhaps it was the cold stone walls and the cold people that congregated within, I was never proud to be sorted into Slytherin but hey that's just how life works out sometimes.

I'm Aurora Rose Harris, People tend to call me Rory, my name seems to be a bit difficult for them to grasp. I'm 19 and I'm repeating my 7th year at Hogwarts, it's a bit of a raw deal but I guess one must do these kind of things to succeed in life so I'll take it in my stride.

Now you may be wondering a little more about me eh? well to tell you the truth, I'm that type of girl who sits in the back of class minding her own business, chewing on the end of her quill in her own little world.

I'm known for pointless random comments and strange quirkiness, people would say I'm weird, but in all honesty who cares, people love a sarcastic weird girl, I'm me and I have the best friend anyone could ask for, he's just as weird and fantastic as I am, but more about him later.

You may be wondering what I look like? well of course you are, I know as well as the entire world does that looks are the most important thing people judge others on.

I guess I lucked out to be quite blunt, I'm your typical looking girl, dark eyes and dark red hair, a few scattered freckles on my pale face, your average height and build, yes I think I'm pretty, I'm pretty far up my own arse, perhaps that's why I landed in Slytherin?

What else do you need to know? Well I'm a half-blood, I know a half-blood slytherin what on earth. My life is pretty standard, I have my parents and an older brother, My dad and brother work in the ministry I'm not too sure what they do, My mum is a muggle and she stays at home, now I know what you're thinking, I'm in slytherin and my mums a muggle how does that work? Honestly my mum is the most amazing woman on the planet and in my opinion muggle or not she can do no wrong. When my dad and brother were in Hogwarts they were both in Ravenclaw they are both very clever people, Merlin knows how they got a dimwit like me, I'm your total average student.

So back to where our story begins, like I said it's 7th year and well seeing how you-know-who is no longer around everyone just wants to catch up on their studies, but there are a few problems.

Some complete idiot thought it would be a truly fabulous idea for all prefects to have separate dorms from the other students, something to do with helping younger students find help quicker, now I don't mean boy's and girls share a bedroom, how stupid would that be? but off of each houses common room is a secret portrait hole that leads to another common room, where the prefects of each house have to share, they each have their own bedroom but only a shared bathroom.

For most houses this is probably not a problem (I aim that to Ron and Hermione in Gryffindor, but that's a completely different story) but for me and my male counterpart it is a problem, I and that blonde idiot Malfoy are the Slytherin prefects, and Merlin only knows how much longer I can endure him.

So this is where my story almost begins, it's nearly Christmas and I have been putting up with that arrogant toerag since September and to be quite honest I'm on the cusp of cursing him into next millennium.

Draco Malfoy in the eyes of every other Slytherin girl is like the messiah.

Now I'm not an idiot, I can appreciate his stupid good looks, I can see his perfect toned body, his perfect face and sparkling silver eyes not to mention his smooth charming voice, but under all that beauty and rugged handsomeness is nothing more than an irritating, bathroom hogging, arrogant, conceited, moron that I'd like nothing more than to kick in a place where the sun will never shine.

So now I've got you all clued up I'll finally begin my story.

"You know Harris you need to start making more effort" smirked Malfoy, I glared at him and strode away from the portrait hole

"Will you just bog off Malfoy" I huffed collapsing onto the leather sofa

It was truly annoying that this prefects common room was the spitting image of the public common room large and cold with stone walls a small fireplace by two large black leather sofas, a door either side of the fireplace was one of the only differences.

Sometimes it would be nice to escape and speaking of escaping I needed to get away from that blonde idiot.

"I was only going to say if you made more effort boys may actually find you attractive Rory" cooed Malfoy  stressing the "Rory" part and seating himself on the leather sofa opposite, I frowned at him
"Maybe if you did make an effort you'd even get a compliment from me" he added with a wink, this action slightly took me back

"I'd rather get a compliment from a blast-ended skrewt" I huffed pulling myself up from the sofa
"I honestly wish you would just bog off and leave me alone for 5 minutes" I muttered walking away towards the door to the right of the fireplace, I pulled open the door and took a fleeting look to the arrogant idiot that really knew how to press my button

"You know most girls would kill to get a compliment from me sweety" came Malfoys arrogant drawl, I glared at him as he lifted his feet onto the sofa and rested his head on his arms in such a lazy, careless way

I opened and closed my mouth for a moment but the only thing that came out was an annoyed scream as I stormed into my bedroom slamming the door behind me and at that moment I was certain I heard him laugh.

Ugh, that stupid boy pissed me off in every possible way, he is the most arrogant and annoying idiot, he thinks everyone loves him, well I don't I just want to grab a very large hardback version of a Hogwarts a History and beat him over the head until he passes out! With a sigh I threw my school bag across the room and it landed with a thud by my unmade bed.

I looked over my room, this was the only safe place for me, he wouldn't ever dare step into my bedroom, this was my haven.

This room was much better than the common room, it wasn't big or fancy, it had a nice king size four poster bed opposite the door with beautiful emerald satin sheets that were strewn over the bed and danging onto the floor, a large wardrobe near the bed which stored all my clothing but the doors were open and cloths were falling out onto the hard wood floor and a little dressing table on the other side with make up perfume and hair potions laying all over the surface.

To the left of my room was another door this led onto the shared bathroom which was very annoying, I had to make sure I always locked his door so I didn't acquire an unwanted visitor during my showers.

I stomped towards my bed and flung myself onto it, I could just see my face in the reflection of the large mirror by the door to the common room, I really didn't look too great after my long day, but right now all I could think about was going to sleep.


I hope you liked it :)

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Muggle Studies: Repeating a year.


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