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*Stars* by LoonyLover1
Chapter 1 : Fred Weasley?
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Hey it's LoonyLover1, I just wanted to say that this is my first story so it might be a bit bad..... but if all goes well and i get some good comments
I might make it longer so its not a one-shot and i can explain a bit more :) don't forget to rate!

P.S- Hermione and Fred are my second favorite paring and this happened to me in real life..... but it was my cousin not Fred..... and i wasn't Hermione..... and we weren't at Hogwarts and we weren't in the Quidditch pitch.... well anyways thanks for reading :)


It's one of those nights were you couldn't enjoy the stars more. But since it was after curfew only prefects were aloud out.

Hermione, being prefect, could easily sneak off and enjoy the stars alone.

" This view is amazing!" Hermione exclaimed out load, she was lying down in the middle of the Quidditch pitch.

"Yeah id have to agree," a voice answered.

Hermione jumped at the sudden company.

"Oh, Hello Fred you scared me!"

There in front of her was none other then Fred Weasley. Hermione had developed a bit of a crush this particular red head this summer. What she didn't notice, was that he wasnt staring at the stars.

Hermione didn't seem to notice this though as she was searching for the big dipper.

"Fred, can you help me find the big dipper?" she asked

" Sure,"

She expected him to lay down beside her but instead she found herself on her feet in front of him with his arm around her waist, pointing to the stars.

She could feel his warm body pressed against hers, and she shivered from the close contact.

He appeared to have misread her shiver, for the next moment he was taking off his jacket and putting around her shoulders.

He pulled her back to himself and started pointing out the stars, along with Orions belt and a few others.

"There beautiful!" she gasped.

" Yeah i know you are" he said as he pulled her closer and kissed her.
She changed her mind, you could enjoy stars more, with a partner.


Detention with Snape was worse then ever tonight, because he wouldn't stop complaining about Hermione and her book-wormy attitude, no one but George knew this but Fred had developed a crush on the bookworm this summer. Fred was heading back to the Gryfindor
common room when he noticed the stars through a window. So he headed back down the stairs and to the Quidditch pitch, where there would be, no doubt, the best view of the stars.

He arrived at the quidditch pitch and noticed it wasn't empty, lying in the middle of the field was Hermione Granger, he could tell from the size and bushy-ness of the girls hair.

He slowly made his way across the field, making no noise, towards Hermione.

He heard her say " This view is amazing"

and couldn't help but to respond.

" yes it really is" but he wasn't looking at the stars, instead he was looking at the beautiful girl in front of him.

He noticed her jump, with fright, because he had just appeared unannounced.

She continued to stare at the stars though.

"Hey Fred can you see the big dipper?" she asked

"Yeah, want me to show you?"


He pulled her up from the ground and stood behind her, his arm around her waist and his arm in the air pointing out the stars, he liked the feeling of her body pressed against his. He felt her shiver, so he removed his jacket and placed it on her.He didn't stop with the big dipper he showed her other stars like Orions belt also.

"there beautiful" she gasped

" i know you are" he replied and he twirled her around and kissed her.


P.S-Reviewing doesn't hurt either :) thanks for reading.

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