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Salt Rocks by javct
Chapter 13 : The Stand Off
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Hermione moaned in her sleep, tossing and turning. Draco put his hand on her arm; trying to console the sleeping witch. It was entertaining watching Hermione sleep; occasionally muttering something under her breath. The wedding - “if you could call it that,” Draco muttered - had apparently been an utter disaster when Hermione left, yet, The Daily Prophet, the next day had a picture of Lavender and Ron standing under mistletoe kissing. Disgusted, Draco had thrown the paper on the ground and burnt it until it resembled nothing of what it used to be.

“Is she okay?” Draco turned his head and saw Dorian standing the doorway, a worried look plastered across his face.

'I didn’t hear him come in' Draco thought to himself. Shrugging his shoulders he replied, “I’m sure she’ll be fine.” Dorian pushed himself off the doorframe and walked over to the sleeping Hermione. His hand slid out his pocket and was quickly pressed against Hermione’s forehead.

“She doesn’t have a fever.” Dorian stated. Anger ran through his veins, He didn’t even know what happened Hermione! Dorian, however, seemed oblivious to Draco’s sudden mood change.

“I know that, I’ve been with her since she collapsed.” Draco spat.

“So what happened?” Dorian asked, sitting down in Draco’s chair and placing his hands in his lap.

Arrogant Git!

“I don’t know. I walked down into the forest and found Hermione lying down in the dirt.” Draco lied smoothly. Being a Malfoy had it’s perk; one of them being his ability to lie easily. Dorian looked up Draco and nodded. Hermione suddenly let out a muffled scream and both men running to her side.

Bugger off Austen! Draco though spitefully, reaching for Hermione’s hand.
“Look Dorian. As soon as Hermione I’ll tell you. Now please leave me alone,” Draco snapped. Dorian took a step away from Hermione’s bed.

“Take care of her then.” Dorian simply said before leaving the room and shutting the door behind him.


“She’s onto me.”

“And how do you know that Magus Ignis?” Ciara asked, smiling through the mirror. Dorian shot Ciara an evil glare and pulled out a book from his bag. Ciara let out a shrill gasp and Dorian nodded; his lips pursed together.

“Here!” Dorian snarled, shoving the book close to the mirror. Ciara shriveled back, but being in a mirror; she couldn’t go far, “I found this book in the library were the Lamia was sitting.”

“Magus Ignis get that witchcraft out of my face right now!” Ciara half ordered, half pleaded.

“That is why she is onto to me! And now she’s practically radiating with magic! We need to do something to stop the Veneficus getting too close to her again! We need to get the Lamia away from him and back to the Dominus,” Dorian said, a large evil smile creeping onto his face. Ciara crept forward again; her long black dress matching her strides.

“And how exactly are you going to do that? She onto you Magus Ignis and if she finds out what you are then you don’t have a chance in hell of her going anywhere with you!” Ciara screamed, her black hair flying everywhere. Dorian swore under his breath several times before walking to the mirror. Dorian placed his hand firmly on the mirror he began to mutter words that were unknown to the English language. Then suddenly Dorian fell through the mirror with Ciara by her side. He felt as though he was flying, the wind ran through his hair and his fingers felt as though they could touch the sky.

Suddenly, Dorian’s body was jerked backwards as though someone had grabbed his collar and held him back. Dorian swore loudly as he got whiplashed and an evil laugh eoched through the air, as though, he was laughing at Dorian’s pain.

“Magus Ignis!” Dorian closed his eyes and soon he felt the familiar stone cold floor beneath him.

At least I had a safe landing Dorian thought to himself as he hoisted himself to his feet; keeping his gaze lowered. You were never allowed to look the Dominus in they eye unless you wanted to die.

“How have you been going?” The Dominus asked, his fake metal fingernails drumming lightly on his armrest. Dorian kept his gaze lowered, he took a deep breath.
“Dominus, things have been not been going... Quite.... As we planned them too.” Dorian gulped; preparing himself for the wrath of his master.

“What ever could you mean Dorian?” Dominus asked, standing up from his chair and began to pace around Dorian. Dorian ducked his head even lower so all he could see was Dominus’s shoes and black robes.

“Uh, well, the task has been proving harder than we originally thought. She is smart and clever; smarter than any other Lamia of her age and the Veneficus is following the Lamia like a lost puppy. If we could find someway to separate them then I’m sure it would be easier.” Dorian stuttered.

“Dorian. I gave you one simple task. Kill the witch.” Dorian closed his eyes, preparing himself for the cruel and merciless beating. “And you couldn’t even do that for me.” Dominus suddenly stopped pacing and turned his shoes so he faced Dorian.

“I am sorry-,”

“I DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOU EXCUSES!” Dominus roared, striking Dorian clean across the face. Dorian raised his hand to his face and felt sickly, red blood on his cheek, “YOU WILL KILL THE WITCH OR YOU WON’T COME BACK HERE DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!” Dorian nodded, flinching as Dominus yelled at him.

“Yes I understand you Dominus.” Dorian whimpered. Dominus spun around on his heels and began to walk back up to his throne.

“Good. Now leave my sight.” Dominus ordered. Dorian bowed to Dominus, several drops of blood falling on the ground. Dominus clicked his finger and then Dorian felt the familiar rushing sensation. After the rushing sensation had vanished Dorian opened his eyes and saw the familiar four walls and the four poster bedroom.
Sitting up in his bed, Dorian’s eyes flashed a mysterious gold. Then a large, creepy smile crept onto his face.

Killing this witch will be as easy as breaking a toothpick.

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Salt Rocks: The Stand Off


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