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Get Back In My Life by prongslittleflower
Chapter 1 : Part One
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Disclaimer: I don’t know the song lyrics (those are Maroon 5’s) nor do I own the stuff you know (that’s J.K. Rowlings).

Author’s Note: So this is part one of a two part one-shot (jeez, say that three times fast) called Get Back in My Life based on the life and times of Piper Bell and Sirius Black. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it enough to leave a review or some feedback. Part two should be up soon! Thanks for reading. And Enjoy!

Part One:

You are relentless; I am defenseless.
Why did you knock me down tonight?
You beat me senseless; I just don’t get this.
How many times do I have to try?

It was an ordinary day in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as I walked through the doors to the Charms classroom. Sitting my stuff down on the table and pushing my long blonde hair out of my eyes, I pulled out a quill, my inkpot, and a piece of parchment ready to begin my first tutoring session with a new student. It was odd to have a student come in during the beginning of the year after Flitwick had already assigned me my first years, but I had accepted it as I did everything else. By mocking him relentlessly in my head and smiling like the good little Ravenclaw that I was.

As I sat quietly with my head down, hoping upon hope that no one would recognize me or even try to notice me, I heard a rustling at the door. Quickly pushing my bangs out of my eyes, I snuck a peek at the door that was just starting to open. I saw a flash of short black hair and another flash of brown before I turned and prayed.

Steeling my breath, I bit my lip hoping that the new intruder was either lost or they were just a rowdy first year. The laughter, however, set me up to know that it most definitely was not what I was hoping upon hope for. “Well, well, what do we have here?” The intruder said and I involuntarily let out a gasp as the chair in front of me was pulled out, spun around, and straddled so my new ‘student’ was sitting directly in front of me.

Finally pulling my head up, I met the steely grey eyes of the worst person on earth, my own personal demon. “Hullo, Sirius.” I muttered before beginning to pack up my things as hastily as I could. “If this is another one of your jokes to get me back for whatever it was that I ruined the other night, I already said I was sorry and I don’t wan to cause you anymore trouble, so I’ll just be going.” Finally taking a breath after my hasty monologue, I stopped suddenly when I felt his cool fingers wrap around my wrist.

“Now, come, you wouldn’t leave a failing student to ruin when you were assigned as a tutor, would you?” Staring intently at the contrast between his tanner hand and my pale arm, I shook myself. So what? He was attractive sure but he was also one of the sneakiest, snarkiest, meanest people that I had ever set eyes upon. And he was out for my blood.

Well, figuratively of course.

Unless, Sirius Black is a vampire.

Which could be true. I’ve seen the necks of some of his ‘victims,’ as I like to call them, and he definitely has sharp looking canines.

“Bell, you alive over there?” The hand that had released my wrist was now waving in front of my face and I rolled my eyes while scooting my chair out quickly and standing up. As I turned on my heel and began to walk for the door, Sirius was up out of his chair and standing in front of me. Sighing, I glared up at him (Merlin, I had height issues) and tried my best to remain calm.

After a few seconds of staring, Sirius got a look in his eyes that I definitely was not okay with. “Remember the other night when you apprehended the main part of what was supposed to be our best prank of the whole 7th year?”

“That was my cat, Black! I didn’t know you were going to use Lizard as part of whatever evil plan you were going to undergo.” Taking my hand back, which had been poking him in the chest as I spoke without my knowledge, I crossed my arms over my chest. “It was wandering aimlessly through the castle, abandoned, I might add. We were just having a bit of fun.” He said and I pouted as he raised an eyebrow.

Rolling his eyes at me, Sirius steered me away from the door and back to the desk I had been occupying. Jumping up on the desk, I let my legs swing around me while I looked at the black haired boy in front of me. As much as I had been terrified of him and whatever prank he was going to play on me this week, I couldn’t help but be attracted to him. Ever since my third year, when I had accidently said his eyelashes made him look like a girl, he had been out to get me. A different prank every school year.

When I had accidently stolen my cat back from the Marauders at the beginning of September, the pranks had increased to once a week. Now, in the third week of October, I was going crazy. Especially since the Hogsmeade trip was only a few days away and he would totally get a new shipment of things from Zonko’s. I’m shuddering on the inside, I tell you.

“Because you are a year younger and therefore, none-the-wiser, I am coming to you for an apology and to tell you that if you promise to help the Marauders in their next prank, we lovely Seventh year Gryffindors will lay off you for the rest of the year until we graduate.” He said with a large gesture that made him look like more an idiot than he already did.

“You do know that you were going to get tutoring from a girl that is in the year below you, correct?” He rolled his eyes and I gritted my teeth, trying not to get too upset with how he was acting. “And, besides, I’m sixteen and a half. That’s not that much younger than you.”

“Nonetheless, we will take pity upon you if you can help us out. So, what’s it going to be, P.B. and J.?” My face flamed as he used the nickname my loving brother had bestowed upon me. Seeing as he was a Gryffindor fifth year and would probably idolize the seventh years, ergo the Marauders, he had probably told them all my secrets and the things that annoyed me to no end.

Next time he deemed it worthy to speak to me, I was going to rip into him. I didn’t even care if he told mum and dad that my only friend was my lovable but extremely moody cat. “That is not my name.” I said quietly, curious as to what the Marauders could possibly need my help with.

“Well, Piper I am going to take that as your yes. You shall need to follow me. And since it is past curfew and you are not a prefect, you can’t deny me this one time.” Black said and I was too focused on the slight thrill I got from my name coming from his perfect lips that I followed him blindly as we excited the classroom into the dark corridors. Cor, how did I not realize it had gotten so late?

Glaring at the back of his head, I followed the older boy as he walked at perfect ease and had just opened my mouth to speak when he stopped abruptly and I had to come to a less than graceful stop before I slammed into his back. Holding up a finger to silence me, he stopped breathing and took a deep breath before cocking his head to the side. “Damn.”

And that was all I heard before I, Piper Bell sixth year Ravenclaw half-brain, was swept behind a rather large statue and pushed up against the wall by one Sirius Black. Now, in my wildest dreams this would have been the part where we stared longingly into each other’s eyes before he told me how much he wanted me. In reality, this is where I squirmed and struggled, protesting at the awkwardness that was my life until he slapped a hand over my mouth and hissed at me to be quiet.

Seeing as I couldn’t really fight the older, broader, and much more muscular seventh year boy pressed against me, I ceased my fighting to watch his eyes search the corridor that was visible on the side of the statue. We weren’t waiting more than 30 seconds when Filch turned the corner into the spot where we had just been standing. I tensed and stopped breathing while he muttered to himself and continued to walk around as if he was going to catch someone out of bed.

Who in their right mind would be out this late anyway? Frowning, I realized we were the ones he was looking for. Idiot. While he walked around and continued his search until he rounded the other corner, we remained in silence until I realized that Sirius’ hand was still on my mouth. Pursing my lips, I waited until he turned around and smirked at me.

“You know, I rather like you in this position.” He said while sending his smoldering eyes down on me. I would have wet myself in excitement had I only had one brain cell, but lucky for everyone in their right mind, I was powering on all cylinders today. If a brain had cylinders, that is. Which I don’t think they have, because cylinders are muggle contraptions. Wait, what were we talking about?

Trying to speak, all that came out were muffled mumbles and Sirius’ smirk deepened before he put his other hand up to stroke an imaginary beard. “Well, now that I have you like this, I might as well explain while you can’t speak.” He was looking rather pleased with himself, whereas I was pretty chuffed at being treated like a child. Merlin, I was only half a year younger in age then this bigheaded prick.

Suddenly, I had an idea and as I smirked beneath his hand, I knew my eyes were lighting up with excitement. Sirius, seeing this, almost immediately understood what I was going to do. Right as he opened up his mouth to speak, my tongue darted out and I licked his hand.

That’s right. I. Licked. Sirius. Black.

And not in the sexual way everyone dreams of.

While I’ll admit this plan was flawed, stupid, immature, etc. at the time it was all I had and as Sirius pulled his hand back in disgust, I squirmed out from his hold and stepped into the corridor. “Well, Mr. Black, I’m sorry to say I shan’t be interested in your plan. I bid you adieu.” And with an imaginary tip of my hat I scurried down the hall, hearing his quick steps behind me.

“Piper!” He called and I quickened my paces, knowing if he caught me I’d be dead. And just when I thought I was homefree, I tripped over some raggedy looking creature and skidded to a stop at the Caretaker’s feet just as Black rounded the corner after me.

“What’s this, Mrs. Norris? Students out of bed at night? And Mr. Black with a little birdie, ay?” Pulling myself into a sitting position, I let my eyes roam over the situation until they landed on a pair of green, unsettling eyes. So that creature was bloody Mrs. Norris. Trickster. “I believe Saturday detention is in order.” He said and with that he left us to stew in our own misery.

“Perfect, Bell, now I get to spend Hogsmeade with you.” Sirius said in a dejected voice while rolling his eyes at me and leaving me to sit in the floor just a turn away from the Ravenclaw tower.

“Charmed!” I called after him while falling back to stare at the ceiling. “Bloody peachy.”

Your whisper so clear, the world disappears,
I’ve fallen to the darkness.
It’s impossible to forget how good it feels,
I’m wrapped up; I’m sealed so tight I’ll never be free.
Oh, I don’t fight the feeling.

Saturday morning, bright and early I sat staring at the blue hanging curtains of my four-poster and tried hard not to dwell on the hell that was going to be detention later this morning with Black. As Lizard, my large black cat, sat on my chest and purred softly, I tried to think of the plus sides of this detention. One, I got to look at Black’s face and imagine ways to maul it during the three hour detention. Two, I got to look at Black’s face. Three, he couldn’t buy joke products at Zonko’s thus getting me back for licking his hand (still hiding my face in shame here, people).

Downsides: he could easily get me back for licking him and he could definitely catch me staring.

There was really no way today was going to be anything but horrible. Sighing and placing my cat to the side, I swung my legs over the four-poster and pulled my long hair off of my face with the twister around my wrist. Glancing at the clock on my bedside, I groaned when I realized it was only 8 in the morning and no one would be up for at least another hour.

Not that any of the girls in my dorm would have any clue what I was lamenting about, as they were all grossly in love with the Marauders. Grabbing my towel and robe from my armoire, I walked into the shower room to get ready for the day. After a quick lather, rinse, repeat session, I was standing in front of the mirror with a toothbrush sticking out of my mouth as I tried to brush my teeth with one hand and drag a brush through my horribly tangled hair with the other.

Pulling on a rather harsh looking knot in my elbow-length hair, I spit into the sink and rinsed my toothbrush before giving up on my hair and turning my attention to the matter of my makeup. Hastily, I walked out of the bathroom into the bedroom and grabbed my make-up bag while making sure no one had awoken yet. After I rubbed moisturizer onto my pale face, I put on a bit of concealer (stress was not my friend, it appeared) and then lined my eyes lightly in a brown liner and then put a coat of mascara on my lashes.

Deeming myself acceptable (or as good as it was going to get unless I was suddenly charmed into a beauty queen that could do fancy make-up without poking her eyes out) I exited the bathroom and went in search of clothes. Pulling out a pair of worn down flared jeans and a navy sweater, I slipped on my knickers and outfit quickly before slipping on my socks and a pair of short black converse trainers.

Next, I dried my hair with my wand, allowing my natural curls to adorn my head and parted it down the middle in what the girls in my dorm called, the latest style. Then, gathering my things and stowing my wand in my pocket, I left the dorm and trudged my way to the Great Hall for breakfast where I killed time until detention.

I was leaning against the wall in the hall down by the trophy room where Filch had told us to meet him when the clock struck ten, signaling that it was time to go into the dreaded room. As if on cue, Filch rounded the corner with his blasted cat following close on his heels. A curt nod was all the greeting I got and he looked around the corridor with his beady little eyes before determining what I had ages ago. Black wasn’t coming.

Holding in my sigh of relief, we entered the trophy room and Filch tossed down a mop bucket and a rather raggedy looking mop before handing me the handle. “You’re to mop both floors of the trophy room and report back to me when you are finished. If it’s to my liking, which it probably won’t be, then you’ll be able to leave.” With that, he turned to leave as Mrs. Norris meowed at me in a mangled way.

Fighting back shivers, I thought about the wand tucked into my pocket and how easy it was going to be to just kill time in here after I had done a quick cleaning spell. However, as per usual, fate was not on my side. “And one more thing, hand over the wand. This is muggle cleaning only.” Biting back my groan of protest, I wordlessly handed the filthy old man my only prized possession and he left the room.

“This is going to take forever,” I mumbled to myself before jumping out of my skin as I heard a chuckle from the doorway. Turning quickly, I brandished the mop in front of me like a sword, only to find the flinty gray eyes staring back at me looking slightly amused. “Where were you four minutes ago when you were supposed to be here?” I questioned harshly while huffing in annoyance.

I’m a right peach in the morning, aren’t I?

Walking around me, Sirius took the mop from my hand before dipping it in the bucket next to me. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” He questioned back and I put my hand on the mop, keeping it in the bucket before he could remove it and begin to work.

“Yes, actually, I would. Because if Filch doesn’t know you’re here he’s going to assign us both another detention and I really don’t fancy sitting around the trophy room for the next few Saturdays. Merlin knows how it gets so dirty in the first place.” As he raised his eyebrows suggestively, I pointed my finger in his face. “Don’t even go there.”

As his hand slid down the mop handle to where my own was holding tightly, I tried to look anywhere but his darkening eyes, as my face flamed red. “But you’d like me to go there, wouldn’t you Bell? Don’t you love the way my hair falls so haphazardly into my eyes? And how my eyes are framed perfectly by thick, dark lashes?” Gulping, I tried in vain to figure out why all these words sounded so familiar, and utterly ridiculous, coming from his mouth.

Oh. Gods.

“When did you steal my diary, you bastard?” I yelled while stepping back and trying not to feel the emotions that were threatening to spill over my eyes. How the hell had he even made it to the Ravenclaw common room? Had someone told him where I kept my diary? He smirked heavily and leaned casually against the mop handle and I had the sudden urge to kick the bucket away and send him sprawling to the floor.

“The logistics don’t matter now, do they, love? I’ve got all the information I need from a little purple book with curly-q lettering on the inside reading ‘The Diary of Piper Bell.’” He said in an obnoxiously high voice. As I fumed, I crossed my arms and gritted my teeth together.

“One: I sound nothing like that. And two: that was almost two years ago. None of it’s even true anymore!” Well, that was almost a blatant lie, he had just gotten more attractive over the past two year, but I wasn’t sure that I had a crush on him anymore. Merlin, this was going to hell in a hand basket, wasn’t it?

Dropping the mop handle and getting quite an evil look in his eye, Sirius began to advance forward towards me with a jaw-dropping smirk and lowered his eyes so my breath caught just a little. “So what you’re saying is that you no longer harbor love for your tormentor? There’s no chance for us to fall madly, deeply in love? You the tortured but lovely victim, me the handsome but oh so bad predator?” He had cornered up against the shelves in the middle of the room, and a few trophies tinkled as my back hit the shelf and I ran out of places to go.

“Let’s just drop this subject and get to work, shall we?” I breathed out, my voice breathy and as Sirius realized this and used it to his advantage, I berated myself mentally for becoming such a harlot. What was wrong with me today?!

As he bent down, quite a bit really since I was unbearably short, I felt goose bumps spread on my arms as I felt his breath and nose skim up the side of my neck while his other hand played at the hem of my sweater, lightly caressing my waist through the material. “That wasn’t really an answer, now was it?” He asked as he continued to tease my skin with his lips lightly touching my pulse point.

“Just one time wouldn’t be the bad, right? I could live a perfectly normal life after this, couldn’t I?” I tried to reason out loud as I heard Sirius mutter an mhmm below my ear. Merlin, I couldn’t believe what was wrong with me. “And after this, we can both go back to ignoring each other. It could be like, payment, for messing up your prank?” I asked breathily while I fisted his shirt in one of my hands and tried not to become completely breathless as he continued to work his way under my shirt.

“I think after this we could be perfectly normal.” He said, his breathing not ragged at all as I felt him smile against me skin. Nodding my head slightly, I caught his eyes as he lifted his head back to meet my stare. I closed my eyes, waiting for his lips to hit mine, when all of a sudden, he stepped back and all of his body heat left mine. Like some kind of bitchy little girl, all of my weight sagged slightly before I opened my eyes and saw him flicking his wand (how had he kept that again? Oh, right, Filch didn’t know he was here) at the mop to make it do the work.

As he surveyed his work, I stared at him incredulously, trying to figure out what the hell had just happened. Had I imagined all of that? Should I just play it off as whatever and go about my daily business? Should I pretend I didn’t know him at all?

“Oh, what’re you doing here?” I asked politely, trying to pretend that nothing at all had happened. At his boisterous laugh, I knew that I had just made an even larger fool of myself. All right, Piper, you can do this. Just act normal. “Are you gay or what?”

Yes, that was directly normal.

“I love watching you squirm, Bell, puts a nice little warmth in my black heart.” He said with a smirk and I felt my anger from before beginning to rise inside of me again. “You know, I came here today, with your diary, mind you, all ready to destroy you for messing up our prank, licking my hand, and getting me detention, but I really do think you’re much to insane to destroy.”

“I’m not sure what’s going on here, but you’re seriously fucking with my mind right now, Sirius.” I stated bluntly with no inflection as I watched the boy with wary eyes. Sighing and taking a step forward from where he was standing, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into him. Splaying my palms on his chest to keep from toppling over, I looked up at him with wide eyes, not sure what the hell was going on.

“I’ll take my payment, now.” Was all he said before capturing my lips with his in a movement I hadn’t expected? Now, I had been on dates with boys before, flirted, albeit not very professionally, and had even had a kiss or two in my day. But nothing, and I mean nothing; compared to whatever magic Sirius Black was working on me at the present moment.

Pushing me against the wall as his lips left mine, I stared up at him wide eyed as he advanced forward. When he was close enough, I let my hormones take over and sent my mind on vacation by pulling him towards me and locking our lips together again. Raking my fingers through his styled hair, I let my hands rest on the back of his neck as he took his time to slide his open fists from my sides to settle at my hips where his fingers dug in and pulled me closer.

Our lower bodies melded together and I gasped as his tongue snaked through my lips and into my mouth. It was passionate, frenzied, and I was enjoying myself way more than I ever thought would be remotely possible as we kissed and pulled at each other.

After a pretty substantial amount of time, our lips separated and I breathed in a ragged manner as he slowly kissed my jaw-line and sucked on a spot on my neck that made me let out an involuntary moan. Once more, he smirked against my skin before I pulled my hands from his hair and he let go of me while taking a step back and running his own hands through his hair in an effort to fix it’s rather disheveled state.

My eyes, much like his, were probably dark with lust and I blushed and looked away from his swollen lips as my heart rate and breathing returned to normal. Unfortunately, as I turned to look at him once more, I felt my body somewhat come alive (in the most cliché manner possible, as I said, kill me) when we locked eyes. Knowing that after this we probably wouldn’t have anything else to do with each other, I bit my lip and though about what I was going to say.

“You know, there’s still the matter of getting you detention that we haven’t settled.” I spoke somewhat quietly and timidly, trying not to sound too forward but really, really wanting to kiss him again. Smiling with that slightly evil look in his eyes, Sirius stepped forward causing me to meld back into the wall. “Good, because I have a few more trick to show you.” He said before fusing our lips together again.

Get back in my life, come knock on my door.
What I’m looking for, I think you should know.
You started a fire; burn me to the floor,
Please don’t resist anymore, I’ll never leave you alone.

Ever since what I had deemed as the ‘Detention Mind Fuck,’ I had ignored Sirius with the whole of my being. I did not, would not, and could not kiss him again. And I wasn’t thinking about it. Honestly. I didn’t care how soft his full red lips were, or how good the pressure of his hands had felt on my waist, in my hair, on my hip. And I most certainly was not thinking about the rather large hickey on my neck that had taken just about the whole week to fade.

What Sirius Black did was fine with me and I wasn’t worried about it. I had classes, my cat, and apparently the Head Girl had taken me on as a charity case so I was set (I also wasn’t thinking about Lily Evans taking an interest in me after the Marauders had just started to leave me alone, although she did get my diary back for me, so that was appreciated). And everything was going to be fine, if it wasn’t for what happened the next week.

Part Two coming soon! Review?


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