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The Flower by Elizabeth Lucia
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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Adi stood in a clump with the fifth years in the common room.  The sixth years had woken them all up minutes before.  Lily was giggling with Rose behind a few others. 

“Alright” said Al.  “Are you all ready for initiation?”  some of the girls giggled and nodded their heads yes, but most just stood silently in anticipation.  Rose stepped forward to give the fifth years their instructions…

                Adi flew through the air on her brand new broom.  She had already broken several school rules just by being outside at this time of night.  And now she was about to break another one.  The fifth years had been told to fly into the forbidden forrest and look for a clearing filled with enchanted golden snitches.  They were then told to grab one snitch and bring it back to Rose so that she would know that they had really completed the task.  Adi always loved flying, but combining that with breaking half the school rules at once was just exhilarating.  She stayed to the back of the pack of fifth years because she didn’t know the grounds as well as the others, but once she found the clearing she stopped short to catch her breath.

                The snitches were suspended in midair, floating above the ground.  The gold caught the moonlight beautifully.  The others were zooming all around, laughing, snatching the tiny golden balls out of the air, doing tricks on their brooms, and then speeding back towards the castle.  Adi jumped back on her broom and snagged a snitch and flew out of the clearing.  She stopped for a moment to look at it, and as she watched, a work was engraved on the surface of the snitch.  Adi.  The snitch had her name on it.

                Adi sped back to the castle alone and made it to her dorm room window just as the sun was rising.  She quickly changed into her new uniform and made her way to breakfast with Rose and Lily. 

“Last year was much worse” said Lily on their way to the Great Hall.  “They made us sneak into Mcgonigals study and steal something, and then we had to leave it somewhere for her to find the next day!”  Rose started laughing when Lily said this. 

“Oh Lily, you silly little girl.  That was so much better than when I was a fifth year.  They just had us all smoke some weed in the room of requirement.  Naturally, James wanted us to do something else, but that could have possibly killed us all” she said. 

“What was James’s idea?” asked Adine. 

“We don’t speak of it” said Rose.

                And so the days rolled by.  Adi attended classes with Lily and soon became accostom to the moving staircases.  As it neared Halloween, their charms teacher, Professor Sefried began giving them more personality effecting charms to perfect.  Lily liked to practice on Adi, especially when she was hung-over.  Not that that happened every day.

                “You’ve got to stop getting wasted with Al and Dan” said Lily on Halloween morning.  Adi, Rose, Collin, and Scorpius had all snuck up to the astronomy tower the night before to drink and smoke and they were officially and entirely hung-over. 

“It wasn’t that bad” Collin protested. 

“Stop screaming everybody, we’re right here, seriousna*” said Adi.  She had the worst of it.  Even after the rest of them had stopped, she kept drinking, hoping maybe she could do something stupid with Al.  Not that she’d ever tell Lily that of course.  He was her brother.  Besides, he was too busy hooking up with Jasmine Martin, the Ravenclaw from the train.  Jasmine was in Adi and Lily’s year, and she was a complete whore.  Nevermind the fact that she dated someone new each semester, but she was always sleeping with boys she wasn’t dating.  She was the kind of girl that would throw herself at any boy who would take her.  She had no self-respect at all.

                Rose and Lily almost missed the owls.  Erl nearly knocked over the stack of muffins while Sofia landed gracefully next to her owner. 

“Rosie look, it’s the Slytherin seal” said Lily.  She leaned over so that Adi could read the letter with her:

In the room of requirement at eight o’clock

For the best party ever, come as someone you’re not

Slytherin House S

                Lily smiled a knowing smile. 

“What?” asked Adi.  She didn’t understand what was going on between the cousins. 

“Come as someone you’re not, it says” said Rose.  “The Slytherins would throw a costume Halloween party…”  The girls laughed and went off to find the rest of the Gryffindore sixth and seventh years.



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The Flower: Chapter 3


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