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For The First Time by weasleytwins123
Chapter 2 : September 1st, 2021
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September 1st, 2021

"Bye sweetheart. Have a lovely Christmas with the Potters" my mother kissed my forehead and stroked my hair, the usual signs of affection, before she deemed it fit to send me off to Hogwarts.

I still find it bizarre how she feels the need to prove to everyone that we are a close family, when practically the whole wizarding world knows I've spent every Christmas with the Potter's and the Weasley's since first year.

My mother's kidding herself if she doesn't realise that everybody knows our family haven't spent a Christmas together since I was nine years old. In fact, I don't think we've been together properly as a family for a day since that Christmas. I'm whining though, because I know they love me and I'm fairly spoilt, we're just a bit of an odd family. I think that's why the Potter's took pity on me in the first place. Honestly, it's a relief not to have to listen to my parents arguing all holidays anyway.

Because I'm a clumsy bugger I'd been too busy thinking to properly notice what I'd been doing with my feet, thus colliding my toe against the steel frame and nearly falling to my doom on the track. Luckily, Edward, Mum's new assistant who I actually love, was there to catch me and prop me back up.

"I'll see you soon Anneliese" Edward winked at me.

Did I mention how much I loved this guy? He seems to have spent the whole summer catching me when I fell, tripped, and was generally clumsy. For a small person, I'm extremely unco-ordinated. I think that's why I've never really mastered Quidditch (much to James' disappointment). With a wave at Edward and my mother despite knowing my mother would have already disappeared,I set off in search of my friends.

Edward, being the absolute babe that he is, had already stashed my trunk away so I didn't have to drag it along and cause myself pain. Did I mention I may have a minuscule crush on him? After all, he's pretty damn easy on the eye, and he's closer to my age than my mothers by a mile. He's actually only three years older than me, so it wouldn't be weird if we got married and made a family together... okay, maybe it's a little bit more than a crush. Perhaps infatuation is a better word... 

"Oi! Titch!" I duck as something hard is aimed at my head. A Quaffle... really? A huge, muscular figure charges towards me and pulls me in for a bone-crushing hug. "I've missed you little girly!"

"Hey Fred!" I squeeze him back and remove my arms from his waist. 

"Come on, the guys can't wait to see you... Oh by the way I saw the Witch Weekly your Mum was in" Fred began to chatter away as he dragged me along the train.

I raised an eyebrow at Fred, disturbed. "You read Witch Weekly?!" 

"Wha-? No!" Fred looks disgruntled as I seem to have dented his his masculinity somewhat. Witch Weekly is, and always will be, known for being a magazine that witches read.. "Lily showed it to James and I."

"Sure..." I teased Fred. He growled at me, frightening a pair of first years out of their wits. If you knew him, it was blindingly obvious how soft he really was, but thanks to his Beater muscles he could look pretty scary. It was the same with James really, the pair of them seemed to be adored by the majority of the girls in school, making them a pair of dirty womanisers, but if the girls knew what a pair of pansies they secretly were at heart, they'd probably run a mile. 

"Well, I was just gonna say that your Mum's rack looked spectacular in the pictures- OW! What was that for?!" Fred squealed as I hit him. See: evidence of his girlish tendencies. 

"What've you done now Fredster?" James smirked as he held open the door of the compartment my friends had found for us. 

"He said that my Mum had a nice rack in the Witch Weekly interview pictures!" 

Drew, Bea and James burst out laughing whilst Alice looked a bit scandalised. 

"In fairness to him Lise, your Mum does have an excellent pair." 

So, I then proceeded to hit James, who squealed in the same way Fred had. What is it with me having to resort to violence towards two of my best friends in the first five minutes of being on the bloody train?!

"Do you know," Freddy announced with a look of revelation on his face as he looked at me from his seat beside Drew, his feet on Bea's lap and his arms behind his head. "I think that Lise inherited her breasts from her mother."

Bea snorted and Alice turned to see my reaction, while I just stood in the door with my mouth ajar, amazed at Fred's confidence. And ridiculously pleased with the compliment I had just received. (Can you blame a girl for taking a compliment?)

"Merlins balls!" James exclaimed, his hand flipping to grasp at his chest.

"What, James?" Bea rolled her eyes.

"I've just realised that... that Lise is a girl!"

Well, now I'm just feeling quite hurt. In fairness to me, I'm quite girly, I mean, I seem to satisfy Alice's girly-chat needs, and I'm not a Quidditch player... although I am interested in it. But seriously, James has been my best friend for well, six years today, and he's only just realised I'm a girl? My self esteem has literally just hopped out of the window like a bad Chocolate Frog.

"James! That's a really horrible thing to say!" Alice exclaimed, pulling me into the seat beside her and rubbing my arm. I'm already felt loved again, Alice is good at that sort of thing.

James looks a bit embarrassed when he notices that he's pissed me off,  which is a bit surprising. Usually he doesn't give a shit.

"Sorry Lise, I just meant that, well..." James flopped down into the seat opposite. "You have boobs! Like really nice boobs! And you're actually..." his face crumpled into a picture of confusion. "... You're actually really hot."

I blushed, James had never said anything like that before to me, and I was feeling strangely happy that he had. Why do I feel so weird?

"I've always known" Drew said smugly as he shuffled up beside me and threw an arm around my shoulders. 

"Known what?" Alice threw him a look. Alice and Drew had always had this weird rivalry going on, they were best friends, but I don't think Alice has really gotten over the fact that Drew used to pull on her pigtails for twelve years (they were family friends and had known each other practically since birth). Anyway, the pigtail-pulling used to piss Alice off no end, so she's always on Drew's case about something or other. 

"That Lise is hot" Drew throws a wink my way. I snort. Honestly, Drew spends his life flirting away with me, not to mention Bea and Alice, just because he appears to find terrorising his girl best friends with his endless flirtatious remarks fun

"Sounds like Fred and James have finally realised why they're always fighting the boys off you Lise" Nick grinned from the doorway, having just appeared, but had heard enough to decipher the conversation topic.

I loved Nick, he was a complete sweetheart... the sort of person that was always there to help you sort out your problems and listen without ever judging you. He's a Flint, as in the son of Marcus Flint, so he's always in constant battle with his father who deems him a complete failure, simply as he's a nice person and he's in Gryffindor.

His father, who I've met once and instantly detested, is the ugliest man I have ever seen in my life and is also very Slytherin-proud. So, to have his only son in the house he hated most, and be the complete opposite of him, pisses him off.

See, Nick's kind and extremely handsome (the girls adore him) and is best friends with a Potter and a Weasley. I know, how foul. Please note my sarcasm here.

But seriously, Mr Flint thinks like that. The only thing Nick and Mr Flint have in common is that they're both Chasers for their house team, however Mr Flint dismisses this as its for the 'wrong house'. So, anyway, the point of the matter is, Nick and I easily relate in the way of family, as he never spends Christmas with his father (his mother passed when he was little) and instead spends it Drew's.

"I cannot believe it has taken you two so long to realise how utterly gorgeous your best friend is" Bea scoffed, rolling her eyes at James and Fred who were still recovering from their shocking realisation. 

"Yeah, by the way, I was kind of hoping I could have at least one decent relationship with someone this year?" I looked at the boys meaningfully. "So I'd appreciate if you'd lay off any guys that come my way, unless I ask you otherwise?"

"I can't reign in my jealousy though..." Drew complained and I stuck my tongue out at him.

"But, what if you get messed around?" Bless, James actually looks genuinely worried about the state of my emotional well-being.

"I'm sure I can look after myself."

"But there are so many boys around that are only looking for one thing!" Fred tried to explain.

"What? Boys like you lot? You can't really be hypocritical and attempt to blame other boys for the crimes you commit?" I smirked, and Alice clicked her tongue at the boys to convey her distaste for the way they behaved with girls.

"Not really a crime though is it?" James protested. "A bit of harmless flirting-"

"... And sex in the broom cupboard with Annabelle Finch" Fred finished his cousins sentence with a cheeky grin.

"Hey! It wasn't full blown sex actually! We just messed around a bit... no sex..."

"Translation... despite all the rumours, Annabelle Finch doesn't actually put out" Nick smirked. James pouted, realising that there was no way he could try and say he wasn't a man whore. 

"Nick Flint, you can hardly tease James! You've had a few moments like that" Fred pointed out as Nick stopped grinning. 

"So have you!" Nick said childishly. 

Fred shrugged. "I know I have. I don't care. Guarantee Drew doesn't either."

"Too right brother!" Drew and Fred high-fived.

"You two are so idiotic" Bea nudged Fred's feet from her lap.

"Ahh, little Miss Delaney, now you really aren't one to judge either..." Fred smirked, placing his feet back on Bea's lap and ignoring her protests as he wagged a finger in her direction. "How many one night stands have you had?"

"Not many."

"What about that day in summer you told Lise and I about? You wouldn't tell us who it was with though?" Alice said, before shoving her hand in front of her mouth as she glanced apologetically in Bea's direction.

 I rolled my eyes. Alice was good with feelings and stuff but sometimes she spoke before she thought... big mistake. Especially seeing as we both know Bea's summer romance is a sore spot, she didn't seem keen to tell us who it was.

Bea blushed a bit and stubbornly looked everyone in the eye, excluding Nick who was diagonal in her vision, which I found a bit bizarre. Actually, come to think of it, Nick was looking a bit shifty as he looked anywhere but at Bea. James seemed to have noticed the same thing as I had, as we shared a confused yet suspicious look. Surely it couldn't be...?

"I was with Daniel" Bea blurted out.

Alice gasped. "As in Daniel Burns, Daniel?!"

I rolled my eyes again (I swear I roll my eyes so much they'll fall out one day). Honestly, Alice was such a drama queen when it came to gossip. 

"Yeah, I just wanted some... um... closure after everything."

"You wanted closure so you shagged him?" Fred scoffed. "I don't know much about relationships and that shit Bea, but that really doesn't sound like it was a good idea."

"Yeah well, it wasn't. The whole night was one stupid drunken mistake" Bea snapped, flicking her gaze up to catch Nick's, who she proceeded to glare at. Oddly enough, Nick glared back, which caused my suspicion to alight again. It was normal for Bea to glare at somebody random after she got a bit snappy, but Nick never glared at somebody unless there was something going on. Actually, I don't think I'd ever seen Nick glare at anybody. 

James cleared his throat and I jumped slightly. The compartment was silent, and you could cut the tension with a knife. I glanced at James in desperation, hoping he'd say something to break the tension like normal.

"So..." James announced. "Lise why don't you take your top off so we can evaluate your boobs."

I smacked him as everyone else errupted into laughter. Nick and Bea relaxed, although they were still shooting each other funny looks. James grinned cheekily at me and ruffled the back of his hair with an arrogant wink.

Remind me why I'm best friends with him again? 

16/07/12 - Ok, so I realised that I messed up a few key details that are later a big feature, so I fixed those up for you all! Sorry :)

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For The First Time: September 1st, 2021


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