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Insanity by EverDiggory
Chapter 1 : Kidding
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 I grumbled to myslef, cursing Wenbolt vividly for not bothering to do the damn work himself. "Thanks Hermione!" he called after me as I strutted out of his office. I quickly apparated to my flat, anxious to be home and relax, even if I did love my job. Harry,Ron and I had all become Aurors a year or so after the war. A second of dizzying rush later, I landed in my flat with a quiet crack. I walked directly to the kitchen, pouring myself a cup of coffee and kicking off my heels. I untucked my white button up shirt and took a sip of the steaming beverage. I started towards the bedroom and I shared with Ron, dropping my black pencil skirt to the floor. When I got in the room I noticed the bed was unmade,and our bathroom door was closed. I could easily make out the sound of the shower runnning and I sighed in longing. 


I started to unbutton my shirt when Ron stumbled into the room. "Hi love" I said, and he smiled. I kissed him quickly, then leaned back. I sniffed him, and scrunched my nose. "New cologne...Don't like it?" he laughed uneasily. "It's very feminine. More of a perfume honestly. Do you mind if I hop in the shower before you? I've had a terribly long day." I said opening the bathroom door. "No!" Ron hollered. Skimpy lingerie was laying next to the sink and I looked up to see Lavender wrapped in a towel.


"Lavender"I growled. Hatred spread throughout my body like fire. I immediatley started to see red. I spun to see Ron staring in disbelief, as though he absolutely could not believe what he was seeing. That made two of us. Before I could yell at him I was shaking with rage. After all these years, he betrays me! And with Lavender of all the people in the world he could shag... "Get out" I said, the fury in my voice even scaring myself. He opened his mouth as if to speak, but no words came out of his mouth. "Ronald Weasley I said get out of my house!" I yelled. Then with a crack he was gone. Lavender grabbed her clothes and quickly followed after him. 


With a flick of my wand Ronald's stuff was all in a box, and I put it outside my apartment's door. When I closed the door my tears finally broke free. I angrily grabbed a picture of the two of us looking as happy as could be, and threw it at the wall. The shattering sound of the glass was extremely satisfying, so I destroyed every picture he was in. When I was through, my chest was heaving from sobbing,screaming and destroying pictures. I sank down the wallfeeling the worst I had ever felt in my 21 years. I wallowed in self pity for what felt like an eternity, but decided I better try and pull it together. "Get it together Granger. You're a confident,strong,beautiful woman who's glad to be rid of an unfaithful git like him." I told myself in the strongest voice I could manage, which was undeniably weak. I sat silently for a moment then continued sobbing. 


"Who am I kidding?" I cried.



All right so this is the first story I've decided to post, so reviewing in that little magical box down there, would make my day. Next chappie will be up soon!Hugs and kisses,



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Insanity: Kidding


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