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What ever happened to Dudley Dursley? by Ms_D_Longbottom
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3 The Call
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Chapter 3: the call


Today’s the day Big D! Now just pick up the phone and call her.....1...2...2 and a half...... oh I can’t do it! What the hell was I thinking? A girl like Penny is never going to want a guy like me. She’s...... amazingly beautiful and I’m..... An overweight prat.

And to think I even clean the flat to make this call. I mean who cleans a flat to make it look good when she’s not going to see it? I’m such an idiot! A bloody idiot!

But then if I don’t call her she’ll think I’m one hell of a prat.... bloody hell I’m going to have to do it. Right on the count of three; 1....2....3!


“Hi Penny, is that you? It’s Dudley; the guy from the pet store.....”

“Dudley! Hi!” She squeals. I nervously shuffle my feet; come on Big D you can do this!

“Hey... hey Penny.... I was wondering.... wouldyouliketogooutwithmesometime”

“I’m sorry.... I didn’t quite catch that” I take a deep breath.

“Would you like to go out...with me....sometime” I held my breath, waiting for her to laugh, reject me and hang up.

“I’d love too! Is tonight good for you?” What!? Oh hell I hadn’t planned for this

“Err...yea. I’ll pick you up at seven”


“Oh....and Penny?”


“Where do you live?”


“And how exactly do you plan to get a muggle to Hogwarts?” Hermione asks sceptically, she’s holding Ron’s hand and staring at him but the question’s directed at me.

“I was thinking about talking to Kingsley and....”

“Harry! Kingsley has enough on his plate! He’s just been made temporary minister for magic you can’t just ask him for little favours when you want them!”

“Let the man finish ‘mione” Ron said loving patting her hand. Even now it’s still weird watching them, I’ve always known they’d liked each other but I hadn’t expected.....this.

“Thanks mate. I was thinking I’d ask him for advice Hermione. The best way to get Dudley into the school. I mean you can’t apparate into Hogwarts and I could always floo him in through McGonagall’s fireplace but I don’t know if he has one in his flat.”

“Hmmm.... Your best bet is to apperate him into the hogs head and floo to McGonagall’s fireplace.”

“Why don’t you just go through Ariana’s portrait?” Ron asked and Hermione blushed. Clearly she’d forgotten about the secret passage way into the room of requirement, to be honest I had too.

“Would the room of requirement still be intact?” I ask sparing Hermione further embarrassment.

“We can always find out” He shrugged. Hermione nodded.

We walked past the room three times asking for it to appear and at last it did. Carefully we opened the door. The room was completely fine, no sign of the Fiendfyre ever being there.

“It must have just been that one room, the one with all the hidden objects.” Hermione said in awe.

“Well that’s settled then, just bring him in through Ariana’s portrait” Ron commented.

“I think I’d better clear it up with Aberforth first. I’m not too sure he’s going to appreciate me wanting to bring my muggle cousin into his pub.” I say.

“Let’s go see him then” He replies and heads for the door.


I dress smartly for my date with Penny, my best (Well... cleanest and best fitting) jeans and shirt. I’m so nervous I can feel sweat mounting on my brow but there’s nothing I can do about it. I don’t know what I was thinking when I said ‘I’ll pick you up at seven’ pick her up in what? I don’t own a car, I can’t even drive. She’s going to think I’m a right prat asking her to walk everywhere.

I knock on her front door and wait patiently. It’s opened by a tall man with greying hair; I’m guessing it’s her father.

“Err... Hello Sir... My name’s Dudley.....I’m here for Penny?” I stutter nervously. He raises his eye brows.

“Little over weight aren’t you lad? Penny never mentioned that. Ah well, come in. She’ll be down stairs in a few; you can wait in the hall.”

Her house is huge, there are paintings all over the walls and her floors are marble, or at least they look like marble. She (or at least her family) must be loaded.

“I see you like Penny’s paintings, quite an artist my girl” Her father says proudly, puffing out his chest.

“She painted these? They’re fantastic”

“Glad you like them” Penny said coming down the stairs. She too is wearing jeans although they look much better on her than me and a light blue top.

“See you later Daddy” she says kissing her father’s cheek. I follow her out the door, I wait for her to look around for my car but she doesn’t.

“I told my dad your environment friendly, he was impressed. Says there are too many young people driving these days, I like walking anyway” She says. I breathe a sigh of relief; I’d forgotten she thinks I’m some kind of nature loving chap. I must remember to thank Hedge for that later.

“Yea... that and I don’t own a car or a licence” I mutter.

“Neither do I” she laughs. I smile, I like her laugh it’s....cute.

“Well I was thinking we could go for a little walk, maybe have dinner?”

“Sounds great..... Strolling in the moonlight how romantic” She says kissing my cheek and taking my hand. I feel my cheeks turning red and my heart skips a beat.

My date with Penny couldn’t have gone more perfect; she laughed and smiled the entire time! We walked pretty much nowhere for an hour just talking to one another and then we ate fish and chips on a bench in the park and talked some more and then I walked her home. I wasn’t expecting her to ask for a second date or for her to kiss me but boy was I glad.

“So... same time again tomorrow?” She said in-between kisses, I was ready and roaring to say yes when I remembered about Hogwarts.

“I’m sorry.... I can’t I already have plans. I’m going to visit my cousin, Harry. He’s been travelling around Europe for the past year and wants to meet up with me; I don’t know how long I’ll be gone.” Technically it wasn’t lying was it? She frowned slightly.

“Oh. Oh ok, well call me okay?” She pleaded. As much as I wanted to say yes I can’t.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to. He lives out in the country, he hasn’t got a home phone and there’s no reception out there. He contacted me while he was in London.... he’d just landed in Heathrow airport.” I hated lying to her but she’d think I was crazy if I told her Harry was a wizard and I’d be going to a wizard school.

A tear formed in her eye and her voice wavered.

“Promise you’re not going to just forget about me. I really like you Dudley.... there’s something magical about you” You have no idea.

“I could never forget you” I say kissing her lips.

“I love you” I whisper before I can stop myself.

“I love you too” she whispers back.



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