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Time by louise_loves_hp
Chapter 1 : Time
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This story is Dedicated to my brother for our birthday and I wish you had got to share it with me and there is so many other things I wanted you to be here for.


I only saw him when I looked into the mirror. It was always him that I saw.

I could see only one difference in the person that looked at me from the mirror, to him, I was missing my ear. We had the same hair and eyes. He was a little taller than me but not enough for anyone except us to notice, we could always see it. I’m not going to be I will be about to catch him now, it’s not like we are going to grow anymore. Maybe only outwards but not in height.

There are so many things that we had shared in our life, but now there are so many more that I will never get to. There are so many things that I want to say, to show him and to share with him.

He should have been here for so many things.

Every time I look in the mirror in the morning, it feels like he is still here, and that we just don't live together anymore. But then I see the mirror and I know. It all just feels like a lie. I know that he is gone, and he will not be coming back.

Time has passed, and I have come to terms with it, but have I ever really come to terms with all of it? Will I ever?

Knowing that he missed Harry killing Voldemort and being able to see that the world was now safe, no more running or hiding.

He missed seeing Ginny grow up in to the wonderful mother that I see right before my eyes, Percy mellowing out a little and Charlie moving back to England. Ron finally telling Hermione how he truly feels, Bill advancing in his career. There were Weddings and Births that made our family grow.

He will never get to see the many nieces and nephews that we share, but there are also my own children that will not get to meet there Uncle Fred, or any of the people in this world that he should have had a chance to meet.

I don’t grieve about him not being here with me anymore, but when there is a big family occasion I do feel that I need to participate more for him then myself. I will always have trouble at times and there will be times when I just want to tell him things but I can’t.

I know that if it was me who had left I would want him to life his life, get married, have children and keep our shop running.

Our shop, it’s not mine nor will it ever be mine, it is ours and one day I will pass it to the next Weasley that has the gift that he and I once shared. We now have more shops, like the one he always wanted at Hogsmeade. That was the first one I had to open by myself, without him.

The thing I miss the most is how he understood me and the jokes that we would tell together.

A/N- I would like to thank StEpH_M for being the beta, but also to Giola for geting me to put this up as its just been siting around for awhile... Thank you


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Time: Time


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