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The Dream Barrier by Kirsty Weasley
Chapter 21 : Quidditch Practice
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I know it has been far too long! But here is the next chapter, still in summer! As promised








“Kirsty, get up.” The voice at the side of my bed demanded. It was a Saturday morning, I didn’t need to get up. I was not going to get up.


“Kirst, James will kill us if we’re late again.” The voice persisted. I was not getting out of my bed. It was cold out there.

“Mmmnrge!” I grumbled in outrage as the covers that were keeping me warm were ripped out of my grasp. “Damn it Sirius, give me back my covers! It’s 5am on a Saturday morning! Tell James to make practice at a more reasonable hour if he wants people to get up for it!”

Sirius just laughed and picked me up out of the bed. I was not impressed. It had been a month since we had found out the truth about Leigh, and while a lot had changed with us all, at the same time everything was still exactly the same. Sirius and I were closer again. He had followed through on his promise of dragging my ass out of bed to go to Quidditch practice whenever I slept through my alarm. We were back to where we were before we got together. Stuck as friends. Friends with far too much underlying sexual tension in their relationship. But it was better, better than fighting and hating each other. Leigh and Remus were stronger than ever, in a lot of ways Remus was her everything. Leigh’s entire family had been ripped away from in the space of a few months. Leigh very rarely slept in the girls dorm any more.

“Okay, I’m up! I’m up!” I yelled as Sirius lifted me out of the bed. He knew my weakness, I hated getting picked up. It was uncomfortable, unstable and I had absolutely no control over myself.

“Knew that would work!” Sirius grinned triumphantly as he picked up the bag sitting on the end of my bed, sitting on my trunk. I stood up and huffed at him. He was a dick.

“You’re a dick.” I voiced my thoughts. He just smiled smugly and grabbed me by the hand dragging me to Quidditch practice.

“Come on, we’re already late as it is. James is gonna kill us.” Sirius informed me breaking into a run down to the pitch, dragging me with him!

And through the whole debacle in the dorm Alice didn’t even turn over in her sleep. That girl was such a heavy sleeper it was unreal.

It was pitch black outside and there was frost coating the grass. My breath frosted before my eyes and I shivered in my pyjama’s. A pair of James’ old grey jogging trousers and a strappy top. Not exactly November outdoor wear.

“Sirius couldn’t you at least have let me grab a robe?” I whined, it was cold and I was tired. I already wasn’t much of a morning person so all in all I was not a happy bunny.

“I’ve got one in your Quidditch bag.” He told me, not slowing down. “We’re almost there, hold on.”

We arrived at the Quidditch locker rooms, a little out of breath and freezing. I vowed never again would I forget to dawn a robe before leaving the castle in winter!

“You’re mean.” I told him, sticking out my tongue and snatching the robe out of my bag. It was cold from being left out and did very little to warm me up. Winter this year was quickly becoming brutal, worse than any I could remember before it. Bloody Scotland. Bloody Sirius for not letting me grab my robe.

“Here,” Sirius wrapped his arms around me rubbing my arms and blowing on my fingers. I consciously stopped myself from relaxing back into him. Sirius and I were friends now. Only friends, no need to take things too far, no need to breach the unspoken comfort lines they had created.

“Thanks,” I smiled at him. James was glaring at the pair of us.

“Are you quite done?” He snapped, his hair sticking up at all angles, worse than normally since he had just got up. And it was still the middle of the bloody night!

Sirius and I both nodded, not wanting to piss James off too much. He could be a whiney baby all practice if you let him get away with it.

“Right.” James said, signifying the practice was starting. The team assembled around him, Sirius and I took our seats on the benches. We were the teams beaters, James was seeker. There was a fifth year boy Scott Young who played keeper, he was nice enough, new to the team this year, still a little terrified of us all. There were three new chasers this year, what with our amazing trio of seekers finishing Hogwarts the year before. They had been best friends, Marlene, Mary and Jake. They had been amazing set of chasers, but all good things come to an end and they left, Jake joining the Chudley Cannons and Marlene and Mary off to look for ‘a real profession’ as they put it when teasing Jake. The three new chasers consisted of a sixth year, Andy Goss, who seemed pretty confident in his chasing abilities, a fifth year Melissa Goodheart who looked nervous but excited and a third year, Nancy Davis who was looking at Sirius and I with a look of knowing that was far beyond her years. Yet the second I glanced at her she looked down at her feet.
It was as though she knew something I didn’t, but she wasn’t telling and she didn’t want me to know she knew. She knew something, but she knew that it wasn’t her place to say she knew it.

I stared at her curiously, it was a strange feeling she gave me, then I realised that Sirius had his arm around my shoulder. As much as I knew that I couldn’t let him do that, I didn’t want to remove his arm, remove the memory of what it had been like.

James let out a spiel about how we were the by far the best team in Hogwarts this year. We had the cup in the bag so long at we worked hard and all attended every practice- his eyes darted to me and glared. Okay, okay, James! I get it, sorry I missed a few practices at the start of the year! I was a bit busy being miserable and having a broken heart.

He really is quite unreasonable. Imagine if he and Lily got together and then broke up? It’s the same bloody principle! James eventually finished his rant about how we were going to win the Quidditch cup this year!

He then proceeded to drag us out into the freezing cold. I decided that I did not like the cold. It was evil. I swear that it should never be this cold. Even in Scotland it should not be this cold.

James yelled something which got caught in the wind and I never heard, so I just followed my instincts and got on my broom and kicked off, flying laps around the pitch like everyone else. I had missed it, the freedom that flying brought with it. Being at one with the wind and air, the sky- as cheesy as it sounded that was how I felt. I was grateful that James hadn’t made us run the laps. He had tried that last year, deciding to try and up our fitness levels. It was the worst thing that he had ever done to me. I was pretty sure that the only reason that James let us fly the laps this year was because of the hassle Sirius and I gave him every Quidditch practice the previous year. We kicked up a fuss, yelled, demanded to be allowed to fly and generally made a nuisance of ourselves. Sirius and I would plan whose turn it was to get to annoy James over practice in advance. It provided great entertainment for the rest of the team. When James found out that Sirius and I had been plotting against him- and mostly for entertainment purposes, he went mental. Didn’t speak to either of us for two days- something which Sirius said would never be allowed to happen again. It was made a new marauder rule.

I spent the next five hours doing laps, hitting bludgers and attempting not to let my fingers and toes fall off from cold. There was a seven minute break in the middle where James fed us breakfast and let us drink some hot tea/coffee. When we crawled into my bath after the practice, covered in mud and sweat I wondered why on earth anyone had ever thought it was a good idea to join the Quidditch team.


We were all sitting in the heads common room fire up full blast. It was getting late and I was exhausted after Quidditch practice- I swear I will never forgive James for the pain he put us through in each and every practice! I was curled up on the love seat with Alice, she was gushing to me about the latest letter that Frank has sent her. Apparently he was getting on well in auror training; his boss had taken a bit of a shine to him. He was doing really well, other than missing Alice of course. I couldn’t help but smile at that. They really were in love Frank and Alice, you could see it. How else would they survive long distance? I don’t think I would be able to do it. It was the light that flickered brightly in her eyes whenever he was mentioned, or whenever she talked about him. It was refreshing to see such love. It was pure. It almost hurt to think that they were once only backing characters to me. In a life I used to live.

A life that I didn’t really remember, when I slept I still lived that life. Kirsty, the other me, was moving out of her parents’ house. Leaving for University, she was leaving a small town for the big city. I enjoyed watching her, but it wasn’t like she was me anymore. She had given up Harry Potter- she had given up that childish part of herself. She was leaving behind her childhood and moving to a big city to study English, read classic’s and put her childish love in the past. She was terrified, it was strange. The me in another world was going through almost exactly what my eleven year old self in this world did. She was leaving home. That Kirsty wouldn’t give a thought to Alice and Frank. Not anymore. She wouldn’t realise that it was possible that I would lose one of my best friends in a few years. To torture and insanity, for such an unneeded cause. I pushed those thoughts out of my head and tried to focus on the story that Alice was telling me, she was moaning about Frank’s mother. She really was a piece of work in Alice’s book. She thought that Alice wasn’t nearly good enough for her Frank.

“You should have seen her, Kirst,” Alice told me, her head rested on her hand, her blonde hair splayed down over her hand and shoulder. “Had on all her airs and graces, trying catch me out and make me slip up. Frank was so angry! Told her that if she didn’t accept me as the woman that he loved then he would walk right out of her life!” I made appropriate gasping noises. In all honesty I had heard this story about ten times already. Alice loved talking about her relationship with Frank. She liked to think it was something of a fairytale. Her being the princess, Frank the prince and there was a different villain in every tale.

I glanced around the room, taking in the relaxed atmosphere, zoning out Alice’s love stories. I glanced at Sirius and Peter who were sitting on the two seater sofa with Remus on an arm chair close by, Leigh on his knee. Those two seemed unable to go ten minutes without physical contact these days. It was both cute and damn off-putting. They were in love and all each other had- we got it, they didn’t need to ram it in everybody’s faces all the time! Damn coupley cuteness. The couple both looked relaxed and at ease, they were absentmindedly playing with each others fingers. It was like Alice’s love stories personified, because there was love right before my eyes. Though I doubted it was quite as strong as Alice and Frank’s love. Alice and Frank knew everything about each other. They had spent years getting to know each other in depth. Remus and Leigh her moving fast, like a high speed train, I knew that they didn’t know all there was to know about each other. I knew Remus too well. He would be too afraid to tell her the truth. The truth about his furry little secret.

James and Lily were the one strange thing about the room, they were sitting together, both quiet, on the sofa that they had claimed as their own. Lily was sitting there, her hair tied back loosely in a bobble, she was wearing one of James big old Quidditch jumpers that he had given her one night when she was cold and a pair of comfy black leggings. Lily’s head was resting on James’ shoulder, he had his arm around her, and the strangest part about it was that no one seemed to notice. I wasn’t about to bring up the pair that were sitting on the sofa, both just staring into the flames, wrapped up in their own little world. I couldn’t help but wonder how many nights they spent like this. How long they had been on such good terms? I had known that they two were becoming closer, everyone did, it was common knowledge. But I hadn’t known that they were like this. If I didn’t know better I would say that they actually liked one another. That Lily actually liked James.

The room was in such a relaxed atmosphere, everyone doing there own thing, me ‘listening’ to Alice. Alice was telling me about Frank. Remus and Leigh were in their own little world. Sirius and Peter were discussing some Quidditch match or other. And then there was James and Lily, just sitting together, unaware of everyone else. They were unaware of me watching them.

“Hey Lily,” I heard James whisper, straining my ears. The girl lifted her head from his shoulder and looked into his eyes.

“Hmm?” She asked, her green eyes wondering why he had disturbed their shalom.

“Be my girlfriend?” He asked, for the first time that year. It wasn’t asked arrogantly, or boastfully. It was asked hopefully, with a hint of fear behind the voice.

“Sure,” Lily said, casually. She laid her head back down on his shoulder. Moving back into the comfortable silence they had been in before. The only difference was that James and intertwined his fingers with Lily’s. I heard him think that their fingers matched perfectly, I jumped slightly, surprised that our twin telepathy was working at a time when neither of us were in immediate danger.

James looked up and across at where I was sitting, our eyes connected. I smiled softly at him, letting him know that I was happy for him. That he had finally gotten what he wanted. Then I blocked out his thoughts, giving him privacy. There was only so much he would want his ‘baby sister’ to know.

Alice sighed longingly and I snapped my attention back to her.

“I can’t wait to leave this school,” Alice said quietly shocking me, I thought that she loved it here. “To move in with Frank and actually start my life, with him I mean. It’ll be amazing, don’t you think?” Alice asked me.

I wasn’t sure how to react, I loved Hogwarts, and it wasn’t like I had anything after it.

“I’m still in love with Hogwarts,” I smiled. “I’m not quite ready to let it go yet, I don’t mind being a kid for a bit longer.”

It was at that point Sirius stood up and stretched, glancing at the clock. It was around an hour after curfew, we should probably have been getting back to Gryffindor Tower. It was just that that had been the first time that we had all been together to hang out in such a long time. James and Lily were so busy with Heads duties and James planning out Quidditch. Remus was studying hard trying to made up for the time that he kept missing once a month or he and Leigh were trying to get in some ‘alone time’. And Peter was always twitchy when he was around, making excuses to leave. Alice, Sirius and I were spending more time as a trio. Something I never would have predicted. It felt sad to leave when we all got so little time together.

“Come on kids,” Sirius joked. “Time for us to head back.”

He walked across to the love seat Alice and I were curled up on, he reached out to help Alice up. She stretched and yawned before moving away to say goodbye to James and Lily. Sirius reached his hand out to help me up, I smiled at him and accepted it. Sirius pulled me up to my feet and the grabbed me into a big hug. In my relaxed state a leaned in against him, rubbing my face against his shoulder. I was tired, damn James. Bloody Quidditch Nazi. I yawned and pulled away from Sirius, giving him a smile. He kept his hands on my arms, giving them a rub. I just smiled and walked away to say goodbye to James and Lily. I didn’t want all this contact. He ended it and I was moving on. None of this.

I walked over and gave James a big hug.

“Night Jimmy,” I yawned. “And I saw that, by the way,” I whispered so no one else would hear. “Congrats.”

James pulled away and smiled smugly down at me.

“Had to happen someday, she always wanted me,” He said so only I could hear.

“Goodnight, James.” I laughed, pretending I hadn’t heard the last part. Lily would have killed him if she heard it.

I walked over and gave Lily a hug, saying that I’d see her in advanced potions the next day before wandering out into the hall with everyone else. It was quite surreal, it felt as though we were adults, living in our own homes, hanging out til late and then wandering home. Sirius was walking beside me, I lifted my hand to cover my mouth as I yawned. As I lowered it again, I felt Sirius’ hand brush mine. A jolt spread through my body, one that I knew really shouldn’t have. I glanced at Sirius and saw that he was looking at me too.

Later that night as I was lying in bed, I couldn’t help but wish that Sirius and I were in James and Lily’s situation. They were so happy now.

Even with the upcoming war they were happy. Darkness was looming, but in this one night, everything was okay.








A/N okay, hey guys! I'm sorry that this took so long to get out- again! But its been a busy summer! And I move into my halls at uni in 8 days! 8 days! Its soooo soon! So i've been really busy getting ready and packing for that. That abd my friends have been dragging me out to the pub for drinks/ out for cocktails! (Cough Natasha) But anyway, I will update when I can, I'm working on it guys. And honestly i've got a bit of writers block at the moment, i'm trying to get to where I want to be but it's quite hard! Thanks for sticking with me you guys! And please leave me a review, they make me want to write more! - Kirsty xxx

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