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The Woes of Roxanne Weasley by imaginary lines
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Merlin, someone was going to die. And whoever this person was, they were going to die a slow and painful death, and Roxanne Weasley would be the creator of this painful death.

It had to be one of her professors. It just had to be. There was no way her mum would have sent in a piece of her writing to the Daily Prophet in hopes her daughter would become a successful journalist. Oh, but wait, that did make sense. Mum and dad had always been ones to take what people saw off their family personal. After all, that was why her dad and the rest of his family hadn’t talked for years before the Great War.

Rox sighed as she walked into the elevator, two coffees in hand. She was early, but in order to get onto the editor’s good side, she needed to bring coffee. Sucking up was something Rox was a pro at. That was what happened when she was one of many Wealsey’s; in order not to get lost, one must suck up profusely.

It all started when an owl delivered a rather harshly written letter…

Roxanne Weasley,

You are hereby summoned to report to the office of the Dailey Prophet on the fifth of July to intern for Ms. Rita Skeeter. If you do not show up, she will find you and she will make sure that you report to the Prophet as her intern.

Ursula P. Whetherfly

One tended not to argue with a letter like that.

“You new?”

The redhead turned to look at the man next to her, suddenly pulled out of her thoughts. He looked to be about her age, perhaps a little older, and a genuine smile was on his face.

“Me?” she asked dumbly. He let out a chuckle.

“Yes. You have that nervous look. Meeting Ms. Skeeter today?”

She nodded. He chuckled once more.

“I remember that. Scared the living day light out of me. I’m Evan Jaminson, assistant to Ms. Rita Skeeter. You are?”

“Roxanne Weasley, intern to Ms. Skeeter and the biggest suck up of the century. Pleasure.”

Evan blinked a couple of times. “You’re interning with her?” She nodded.  “Good luck. Not many people can last that long.”

That was not a good start, and with a startling bing, the two walked off the elevator and into the office. Dozens of paper airplanes were zooming around the office, some making it into the elevator, going to deliver notes to workers. A shrill voice echoed through the office and everyone stopped moving.


Evan nudged her forward and Rox sprinted through the office, careful not to spill any of the coffee onto anyone. Oh god, she couldn’t be late on her first day; that was a horrible impression! She could hear her mother scolding her in her mind and she sighed internally as she opened the doors to the legendary office.

“So sorry I’m late, Ms. Skeeter. I have a coffee for you.” Rox said in a big breath and the chair swiveled, revealing a slightly aged Rita Skeeter. Her blond hair was curled and her blue eyes shined through the glasses she was wearing. A Quick Quote Quill was perched on her desk, ready to write when given the cue.

A grunt came out of Rita’s lips as she accepted her coffee and Rox smiled. “We are going to Diagon Alley today to interview Luna Lovegood, who just came out with a book called ‘Noticing Nargles’. Should be entertaining. Rule one; any slightly entertaining story can be entertaining with the right writing.”

With that, Rita Skeeter stood up and walked out of the office, Rox following her like a lost puppy. She almost ran into her mentor when the blond stopped. She never turned around when saying “Never call me Ms. Skeeter; it reminds me of my mother” and then continued to the busy offices.

People parted the walkway when Rita walked by, always mumbling ‘sorry’ and other words that apparently did not faze Rita. Rox, on the other hand, had to dodge flying paper airplanes, quills, papers and even a muffin to keep up with the pace.

“Rita, I just wanted to say that it is an honor to be working for you and I just cannot thank you enough for giving me this opportunity,” Rox said quickly in the elevator “And I won’t disappoint, I won’t. My family succeeds at everything they do and this will not be an exception. I have always wanted to be a journalist, and I-“ she was cut off with a sigh.

“You don’t get out much, do you?” Rita didn’t wait for Rox to answer “Well, that’s obvious by your outfit. And you’re writing; ‘Wizard Chess; Violent and Vindictive? ‘ or ‘Hogsmead Hopping Hits’. None of those are things people have not written about. In fact, I wrote a book about the creation of Hogsmead and honestly, Wizard Chess is such a bland topic.

“Rule two; be creative. Don’t do something that sounds like it has been done. Do something no one has done, even if you have to make things up.”

Rox blinked, not believing what she was hearing; make things up? Wasn’t the point of a journalist supposed to be finding the truth? But maybe the Prophet did things differently. She made a mental note of what rule two was and made sure to write everything down when given a moment.

Rita and Rox walked out of the elevator and into the busy streets of London, and Rox had to jog to keep up with Rita. Obviously they were heading to the Leaky Caldron to head into Diagon Alley, but couldn’t Rita walk slightly slower?

Finally the two reached the Leaky Caldron and Rita walked in, breezing by Tom the barman. Rox gave him a wave before continuing into the back room, where the streets of Diagon Alley were already visible. Rita turned around and frowned.

“Weasley, get me another coffee and a peacock Quick Quill from the quill shop down the street. Be at the entrance of Flourish and Blotts in ten minutes.” With that, Rita Skeeter turned and headed into the direction of Flourish and Blotts.

The redhead blinked a couple of times before scurrying to the         quill shop, passing the second location of the Daily Prophet. She had read in the Daily Prophet months (she had a daily subscription) that because the newspaper was becoming bigger and much more popular than ever before, the office needed to be expanded to another location. Personally, Rox adored the location in Diagon Alley; it was close to everything except the Ministry, and the London location was not much closer.

Eleven minutes later, Rox was scurrying up to Rita Skeeter, out of breath. She suddenly had goosebumps when she caught the look Rita was giving her. “You’re late. Third rule of being a good journalist; always be on time. Never early and never later. Right on time.”

Merlin, this woman was annoying. She finally understood why people didn’t like her; she was demanding, but in order for Rox to become a true journalist, she needed to be whipped into shape.

While she wasn’t thrilled that someone sent her work to the editor in chief, her life before today had been rather boring and repetitive. She would wake up, eat the same type and amount of cereal every day, clean her house, go visit her mother and father and then have a part time job at one of the local muggle shops.

And then she received the letter. Honestly, Rox never thought she was good enough to be a professional journalist. Sure, it was a secret want, a dream, but she never thought it would be possible. But it was an amazing opportunity and she would never ever not take it. Rejecting the opportunity meant that Rita Skeeter would hunt her down and she would regret not taking the opportunity for the rest of her life.

The two entered the bookstore and took the reserved seats in the front row. Butterflies bloomed in Rox’s stomach as she watched Luna Lovegood enter the store, her unusual outfit capturing everyone’s attention. The blond had a small smile on her face and she nodded, allowing people to know that asking questions was now permitted.

As fate would have it, Rita Skeeter was chosen to ask the first question, her Quick Quill already posed above the notepad. “Is it true that Nargles only live in warm climates?”

The question seemed simple enough. “Of course not. Rainy cold climates are where they are found, which is why they prosper in London” Luna said dreamily. Rox glanced at the notes that Quill was taking.

Her voice blooming with anger, Ms. Lovegood, who has recently suffered the devastating yet surprising death of her husband, she yells at the beautiful Ms. Skeeter for such a stupid question. “Of course not, everyone who actually read the book would know that they live in London.” Rita Skeeter bows her head in embarrassment.

Rox’s eyebrows shot up. Obviously she hadn’t been around for the snotty attitude that Luna had given Rita. And for the rest of the interview, she could see Luna’s reputation going down the tube. Had Rox always bought the lies Rita wrote about? The answer was yes and she couldn’t believe that.

When she and Rita returned to the Prophet building in London, Rox summoned whatever courage was in her and turned to the blond. “Why does your Quick Quill lie?”

Rita rolled her eyes as though she had been expecting a question like that. “Because the truth is never interesting, which leads you to rule number four; lies are always better than the truth.”

“Well then I don’t want to be a reporter.”

Rita blinked. “What?”

“If I have to lie, then becoming a journalist is stupid. I would rather have my dull job as a muggle reported then create rumors about everyone else.” Rox said with more confidence then she really had.

And then it surprised her; Rita Skeeter blessed her with a rare smile. “Spark. That was why I hired you. You have spark. Of course, you better not give me anymore attitude after this conversation with that spark, but spark is good. Rule number five is never let anyone crush that spark.

“Your spark is part of who you are as a writer, don’t ever change that. ”

Rox blinked. “What?” Too much to absorb at once. Too much.

“You didn’t think I hated your writing, did you? I have a subscription for the Hogwarts Paper to find potential writers. And you happened to have talent.”

With that, Rita left Roxanne Weasley in the middle of the Daily Prophet headquarters. Moments later, Rox could hear the crack of her Apperating out of the building.

The redhead trudged to the elevator, wondering what would be on her desk. Once up in the office, she came across the same young man she had met hours before.

“You survived?” Evan asked, his eyes surprised. Rox smirked.

“Weasley’s aren’t quitters, and I am no exception,” she explained, grabbing her bag off of her desk and was making her way towards the elevator.

“Dinner tonight?” Evan asked, and Rox stopped. The old Roxanne Weasley would have said no and gone home, ready to start a new routine.

The new Roxanne Weasley was up to her to create and she turned towards the handsome brunette, the answer already on the tip of her tongue. “If you’re paying.”

Oh, the woes of Roxanne Weasley weren’t really woes; they were just part of her life.

Cute little one-shot, don't ya think? Please leave a review because it'll make my day (:

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