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Save The Last Kiss by javct
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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Luna hugged her pillow close to her chest, refusing to let the tears fall. Tears had never done her any good before, what good would they do her now? 


It had 6 months since the Great Battle and she had sold the house that she had lived in for her whole life unable to live in it anymore. It held too many memories. Memories of her father who died during the battle and memories of her mother, who died when she was 8. So for now, she lived in a dodgy flat in midtown London, working as a waitress.


“LOVEGOOD!” Luna heard her name being called from downstairs. Slowly, Luna slid her slender legs out from their resting place and began to make her way downstairs. Forgetting her shoes again.

“Yes? My shift doesn’t start for another 3 hours Dan,” Luna said impatiently. Luna had patience with everyone she met, but Dan was the only exception. Dan glared at Luna over the table and threw her a tea-towel.


“Don’t talk to me like that! Don’t forget I pay your rent so if you want to continue living here than you obey by my rules and not your own. NOW GET TO WORK!” Dan bellowed the last four words at Luna. At this point Luna had devised 2 options:


Option 1: She starts working and continues to get verbally abused by her manager until she could get some more money (which wasn’t going to happen anytime soon)




Option 2: She could just refuse to work anymore, pack up her things and try to find another place to stay.


Luna chose the latter, “I QUIT!” She yelled, throwing the dirty and greasy tea-towel on the table. Dan spun around, his blue eyes full of rage.

“Where are you going to go? You have no friends Lovegood.” He taunted. Luna knew he was right, ever since the battle she had excluded herself from everyone she knew, but still Luna raised her chin and stared Dan straight in the eyes.

“I quit Dan and you can’t stop me!” Before Dan could say another word Luna ran up the stairs two at a time, reached her room and locked the door behind her. Through the cracks in the wall she could hear Dan fumbling around with the keys, trying to find the right one to open the door. Luna drastically reached for her wand and waved it quickly. She watched as all her belongings came out of every nook and cranny and flew into her suitcase. Once she had everything packed, she grabbed her suitcase and spun around on the spot. Leaving with a loud pop!






George Weasley looked around the joke store. He hadn’t changed a thing since Fred had died, he even kept the merchandise the same.

“Bye George!” Amy, his assistant, yelled before walking out of the store. Taking a deep breath George began to clean up the mess that had been caused during the day. Normally, George did this by hand, he wasn’t sure why. By the time he had finished his daily clean up he had found: 2 broken love potions, 1 stolen deck of muggle playing cards, 7 crumpled fez’s, 3 broken Peruvian Darkness Powder stones and 8 stolen extendable ears.


Finally finished for the day, George sat down on the couch and began to cry. He cried every night at precisely 7pm, it had almost become apart of his routine.

Fred wouldn’t have wanted this George thought bitterly. He had lost the only thing he had never thought he’d loose. If Fred was here, George thought, he would tell me to get up and do something with my life. 


But I am doing something. I am giving others the gift that I had lost. Laughter.


Suddenly, George heard a loud knock from the door.


“We’re closed!” He yelled, knowing that whoever it was could hear him. Yet, they continued to knock, even louder this time. Getting to his feet George walked to the door, muttering curses under his breath.


“Didn’t you hear me the first time! We’re closed!” He bellowed, flinging the door open.


“Hello George.” The figure said. George knew that voice.


“Luna?” He asked, Luna nodded, “Come inside. You must be freezing!” George exclaimed, allowing Luna to come inside. She was nothing like he remembered. She had grown taller, lost all of her baby fat. Her skin looked frail and pale and her eyes portrayed a sadness that only George could understand.


“Look, I’m sorry to come unannounced,” Luna apologized, stepping inside. George closed the door behind her and locked it again, “I didn’t know who else to go to.”


“It’s fine,” George said, noticing she was carrying a suitcase, “Come on upstairs.”






“So, what’s up?” George said when they made it up to his flat. Luna looked around, noticing all the small things: there was a mouse hole just near the almost empty bookcase, a leak on the roof, the kitchen tap always had a drop of water hanging out of it and it had a musty smell, “Luna? Are you okay?” George asked again, guessing that Luna didn’t hear him.


“I’ve been better.” She stated simply, “You have Wrackspurts in here. They’re everywhere.” George forced a smile onto his face.


“So do you need anything. You can use my owl if you need too.” George said, heading over to the kitchen.

“I’ve got no one to owl.” She stated again, “Everyone is gone.” George could see tears welling up in her eyes but she wouldn’t let them fall. She was too strong for that.


“George, I’m sorry to barge in on you like this. Unannounced and all but could I sleep here tonight? I don’t have anywhere to stay.” Luna said, stuttering slightly on her words. George felt a pang of pity for Luna. He knew that she had lost her father in the battle and that she had to cancel the quibbler because it was costing too much to print but he never knew she was homeless.


“Of course you can stay.” He replied, knowing that he couldn’t just leave Luna to herself.

“It’ll only be for tonight, or until I can find a new place to stay.” Luna promised, running her fingers through her unwashed blond hair. George shook his head and took her suitcase out of her hands.

“You can stay here as long as you like. Come on, the couch is over here. I’m sorry, I promise I’ll get you a bed soon.” George apologized, glancing at the couch. Luna smiled and suddenly wrapped her arms around George’s neck.

“Thank you.” She whispered. George was taken back by the sudden hug but still hugged her back.


“So, do you want some tea?” George asked, allowing Luna to sit down on the couch. Luna grabbed a nearby pillow and began to hug it.

“No thank you, I don’t drink tea. Daddy always used to say that tea was bad for me.” Luna said. George turned away and reached for a cup in the overhead table. When he turned back to glance at Luna she was fast asleep. Her head resting on the pillow and her blonde hair creating a curtain.


George crept silently over to the cupboard and grabbed a blanket. Walking back over to Luna, he threw a blanket over her, knowing just how cold it could get at night. Especially now that the heater had broken several weeks ago.


Forgetting about his tea, George pulled his pajamas on and fell asleep on his bed, falling back into his dream state, which he wished he could live in.


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