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Her Reason to Stay by kitty_kat9211
Chapter 5 : Slow Dancing to an Upbeat Song
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 As the night progressed on, Hermione Granger was starting to get restless. Throughout the night Hermione had to answer the same questions to everyone who appeared in front of her.

“Where have you been for the past two years?”

“What ever happened to you and Ron, and why is he with Lavender Brown?” and Hermione’s favorite,

“When did you get so hot?” a Ravenclaw asked her. She gave him a weird look and walked up to Harry and Ginny sitting at a table, after finally escaping from Ron and Lavender. As Hermione got closer to the couple, she noticed that Harry had his head down in his arms as Ginny was rubbing his back.

“Is everything alright over here?” Hermione asked once she reached them.

“Not really, it’s Ron.” Harry said putting his head up, his face looking both angry and stressed.

“Ugh, what did Ronald say to piss you off Harry?” Hermione said, pulling up a chair.

“Are you sure you wanna hear this?” Harry said aware of the last time he mentioned anything about Ron.

“Yes, of course. I have spent the whole night answering people’s questions about where I’ve been and trying to avoid boys who think I’m hot.”

“See? I knew you’d be the talk of the party!” Ginny said excited as Hermione blushed a little.

“So what did Ronald do this time?” Ginny asked her attention back to Harry.

“He’s freaked out that you’re here Hermione.” Harry said.

Just breathe. Hermione instantly thought to herself as she heard those words come out of Harry’s mouth.

“What do you mean?” Hermione tried to say as calmly as she could. Of course, both Harry and Ginny noticed the tone in her voice.

“As you know already, Ron was one of the many who thought you died, so seeing you tonight, he doesn’t know what to feel about it.” Ginny answered. Typical Ronald.

“Yeah, and he’s been letting out all his mixed emotions on me for the whole night. I’ve literally had to stop Ron multiple times before he went running to you. I’m telling you he’s like a little school girl.” Harry said rubbing the bridge of his nose.

“And what does Lavender think of this?” Hermione couldn’t help but ask.

“I had to get her away from Ron before she started punching someone, you know how Lavender gets when she’s upset, but I did hear something I thought I never would hear.” Ginny said not only getting the subject away from Ron but also sparking Hermione’s interest.

“And what is that?” as Harry’s head fell back on the table onto his folded arms.

“Lavender told me for whatever reason—I think that she thinks we’re friends or something—that she heard from her friend who heard from a friend who overheard a certain Pansy Parkinson bawling to her friends that Malfoy is engaged. She’s upset cause the one Malfoy really loves is her and he’s really hiding his feelings for her. Typical Pansy right?” Ginny said.

“Wait Malfoy is engaged…to whom?” Hermione asked surprised.

“Astoria Greengrass.”

“Daphne Greengrass’s little sister?”

‘Yeah, that’s who set them up apparently… Malfoy actually got engaged, who would of thought?” Ginny said back to rubbing Harry’s back.

Draco Malfoy…engaged? Hermione knew that would happen sooner or later, and even though Draco was the Golden Trio’s arch enemy throughout their time at Hogwarts, and Hermione would never admit this out loud, but Draco was the most attractive boy in their class. Yes, Ron was cute in a kind of a nerdy way, but Draco was totally different. When Hermione looked at Ron she felt at home and safe—at least she used to—but when she looked at Draco, she felt a sense of thrill when he entered a room. With one look from Draco’s deep silver eyes, Hermione felt instantly embarrassed, and watching how he moved, even when his movements sometimes were to cause pain to Hermione and her friends, made Hermione’s heart to skip a beat. Looking around to see if Draco was here tonight, she instantly found him standing by the food table looking right at her. She turned her head quickly back embarrassed.

Was Malfoy really looking at me? Hermione thought to herself, right away telling herself that he wasn’t. He never did back at Hogwarts, the only time when he called her “mudblood.” What would make him change now?

With thoughts of Draco Malfoy running through her head, someone in a grey suit with a white dress shirt and a grey tie came up to her.

“Hello, Hermione.” A shocked Ginny was staring right at one Blaise Zabini as Harry’s head was now up watching what would happen.

Hermione? Hermione thought to herself. He would have normally called her Granger, if not ignore her unless he was making fun of her.

“Um, hi, Blaise. What brings you over here?” Hermione asked preparing herself for the reason Blaise was standing in front of her.

“I’m over here to talk to you of course. Hi Harry, Ginny. Congrats on your wedding. Draco, Astoria and I will be attending.” Blaise said to Harry and Ginny with a smile, of course shocking them even more.

“Thanks, I’ll see you guys there.” Harry said his guard up. Focusing his attention back on Hermione, Blaise then said something that shocked the group even more,

“I was actually wondering if you wanted to dance.” Hermione couldn’t figure out whether she was more shocked or confused. She looked to where Ron was standing.

He was also in shock, looking from Hermione to Blaise as he stood with Lavender talking to Seamus Finnigan, she quickly got up and said, “Blaise, I would love to dance with you,” as Ginny’s and Harry’s jaws dropped and Blaise let out a grin.

“Great.” Blaise said reaching his hand out to Hermione.

“Hermione, what are you doing?” Ginny asked.

“I really don’t know, but I’ll tell you about it after.” Hermione said not really knowing what she was doing.

“Be careful.” Ginny mouthed as Hermione nodded and took Blaise’s hand to the dance floor moving around the other couples dancing to a calm slow song. Great… a slow song.

“I’m warning you right now that I haven’t set foot on a dance floor since the Yule ball 4th year, so I’m sorry if I step on your toes.” Hermione admitted.

“It’s alright, just follow my lead.” Blaise said confidently, and that’s just what Hermione did tightening her grip in Blaise’s hand.

“Wow Blaise, who knew you could dance? What would your Slytherin friends think?” Hermione said joking.

“I’ve been able to dance way before the Yule Ball; I just never wanted them to find out. But after seeing you enter the hall tonight, I just had to get a chance to dance with you.” Blaise said causing Hermione’s cheeks to flush with embarrassment.

“You, Blaise Zabini, Slytherin and best friend to Draco Malfoy wanted to dance with me?” Hermione asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, I did, and now I am, weird how things work out like that.” Blaise joked which caused Hermione to smile and giggle. Who knew Blaise Zabini had a sense of humor.

“See? Look, you’re smiling. I like your smile.” Blaise said once again causing Hermione’s cheeks to flush.

“So when are you gonna ask the question?” Hermione said trying not to show her embarrassment after that comment.

“I already did, unless in the past couple years the meaning of dancing has changed and I wasn’t aware of it.” Blaise said as Hermione laughed.

“No, I meant where I’ve been for the past two years. Or why Ronald and I never got married.” Hermione said getting the answer she has told everyone who’s asked before.

“Who cares?” Blaise answered.

“Excuse me?” Hermione was confused.

“Who cares if you disappeared for two years, who cares about that stupid Weasley…? No offence, love. You’re here tonight right?” Blaise asked.

“Yeah.” Hermione said still a little confused.

“Well then, that’s all that matters.” Blaise said. Hermione couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Throughout the whole night, she hoped and prayed that someone, out of all the people she talked to, didn’t care about where she was these past two years, and was just glad she came back. Hermione had never thought that it would be Blaise Zabini. Before long, the song ended, and a more upbeat song came up. Before Hermione could pull away and tell him thank you for the dance, Blaise pulled her closer to him.

“I feel like I never got to get to know you when we were at Hogwarts.” Blaise said.

“Well you were too busy making fun of me.” Hermione couldn’t help but say.

“Good point, but that was in the past, and I want to get to know you, everything about you. Tell me like we were friends during our Hogwarts years instead of enemies.”

“But that’s seven years of information; do you know how long that will take?” Hermione asked.

“Well then, it’s a god thing we have all night.” Blaise said as the two continued to slow dance to an upbeat song.

**Wahoo for chapter 5!! This is when it starts to get interesting... what do you guys think of the Hermione/Blaise pairing?? Thank you so much for reading, every review helps. i'll see you guys in chapter 6!!**

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Her Reason to Stay: Slow Dancing to an Upbeat Song


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